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The Lonely Tree (Part 11)

Word Count: 1332

Summary: Campus security sends out a crime alert during your late night at the library.

Warnings: Language probably

A/N: This happened to me except I definitely wasn’t this calm, and I definitely did not have a Steve. Lame, right?

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The incessant buzzing of your phone against the wood beside your face drew you reluctantly from your much-needed sleep. You were disoriented at first, noting the old lamps, polished tables, and endless shelves of the library and a few of your fellow students squirming agitatedly in their chairs as they studied. Eyeing the distressingly thick packet of papers you still had to read through tonight with distaste, you hardly noticed when your phone stopped vibrating. It started up again almost immediately, and you let out a grumpy sigh and snatched it up from the table.

“Hello,” you mumbled through a yawn.

“Y/N? Finally! Why haven’t you been answering your phone? Where are you? Are you okay? Please tell me you’re not still at the library.”

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I know I have left you guys hanging for a while.

So I was originally supposed to be in the hospital for five days. I left the hospital after five days and that night my girlfriend and I noticed something was off. I had severe bruising on my penis. We sent the doctor a picture and he didn’t seem too concerned, he said to come to his office at 1pm that day (4 hours and 45 minutes after sending him the picture). When we arrived at his office he told us we needed to head to the ER immediately and the microsurgery team would be rushing me into the OR because they thought I had a blood clot. I was absolutely terrified. I got to the hospital and they were talking about blood transfusions and all the risks, blood clot complications, I literally thought I might die on that table. I didn’t want to leave Aubrey’s side. I cried all the way to the operating room. The surgeons began cutting me open before I was even asleep, I could see what they were doing in the reflection on the big lamp overhead. Upon waking up I found out I had a five inch blood clot in my penis that they successfully removed. When you have a blood clot anywhere, the tissue beyond that has a risk of dying due to lack of oxygen. The surgeons were convinced I was going to lose half of my penis. They tried absolutely everything they could to help my odds. I was on IV blood thinners for 16 days. The first week and a half they drew my blood every six hours from one arm due to the other having been used for surgery. It was excruciating having them stick the needle in the same spots over and over. Many times they would miss and dig around under my skin. They also used a cream that is used for heart attach patients. It opens up the blood vessels and allows blood to flow in, the only downside was the pounding headaches it caused. I went back into surgery last Monday (March 21, 2016) for a debridement of the tissue. They ended up only removing 5% which was absolutely incredible, the surgeons called it a miracle. Now I have a few wounds that must be wet packed. Thank goodness for Aubrey because she has been my saving grace. She packs my wounds without a single complaint. I couldn’t do this without her. During the surgery to remove the blood clot they created a fistula in my vein to allow the blood to flow faster from the artery to the vein. I will need to come back to have that fistula closed in another month or so. They also expected my entire urethra to die. Dr. Chen scoped my urethra during the debridement and only 5% of that too had died!! Through all of the heartache and difficulty, I was still so lucky. I feel like I turned a corner yesterday. We went to the movies, lunch, and the beach. It was so nice to be out of the hospital. Thank you all for reading this if you made it this far. I know it’s a lot.

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regarding IICF, maybe something about his gf??? like she doesn't like everything that comes with dating him bc she's not in the industry. Idk man I just love that song and would love something about it

Anon #2:

Tbh if you do an if I could fly blurb, you should do it about his gf not about his family just so we can all cry and love it and pretend that it’s us he wrote it about ya feel?

Got this one twice.  Here ya go ladies.  Enjoy.

Harry had insisted on driving you blindfolded to wherever he was taking you.  You were a little scared at the idea but knew him well enough to know he wasn’t taking you anywhere that wouldn’t be completely safe.

You felt the car roll to a stop.  He unlatched his seat belt,

“You ready, Love?”

You nodded, turning your head in the direction you thought he might be since you couldn’t see anything,

“Yes.  But where are we?”

“It’s a surprise.”  He said, emphasizing the word surprise.

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