i drew this for you amu


Hey guys! So I really wanted to share my improvements with my digital art over the years! I really needed to looked back at some old art and realize how much I’ve improved. I also wanted to share that it’s crazy how a few year and a drawing tablet can do wonders for your art. 

The first piece is from 2012! :O I dig this old peice of a very old oc from my old deviantart account. I drew this when I got my very first laptop and when I got photoshop. This is really fucking ugly, but man back in the day I thought it was the best thing I’ve ever done. You know this is an older piece of mine because the pupil is black instead of white. 

these next drawings, Rose and Amu are from early 2016. These where about a month from each other. I was still using photoshop, and I kept trying to find a style that I liked. They’re both really messy :(

This one my last peices that was on photoshop. It’s from around December  of 2016. I really like this one. 

The Maka drawing was one of my first art piece done with my new wacom tablet and with a program that came with it. This was done around January of 2017. 

Now my latest piece! I finished this one up yesterday [April 23, 2017] (and have been posting it everywhere because I love it so much tbh). I’m now using paint tool sai and I love it so much. <3