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hi, I just wanted to say.. your mlm artwork means so much. and it's beautifully drawn too. you have such talent.. I hope you know that. I hope you never feel discouraged from doing what you do. known that it's brilliant and that there are people who gaze at it and admire it and no one can take that away from you. this goes for all your artwork honestly. thank you so much for sharing your masterpieces with us. I hope you have a wonderful week. --an admirer

Ah, but… ;____; I doubt myself ALL the time and I discourage myself too ;____; I tend to really dislike what I draw. You guys have probably noticed I’m a really quiet and shy person and that’s also because I’m like… unable to feel confident about something I made or drew. I constantly need to convince myself that my art is worth something. 

And then sometimes someone says something nice about it and I tell myself “hey, contributing to my beloved fandoms is a GOOD thing, remember that!”

So this message was truly overwhelming, if you know what I mean. It’s kinda hard to belive you actually mean MY art. Still, I wanted to let you know I got it and that I appreciate it. A lot. Thank you ♥


“Keeping up with the Blacks”

happy birthday to a special bean!

Art prompt: Zimbits at a themed dance party. Pick your favourite era/decade :)

stultiloquentia I’m not sure this was 100% what you had in mind, but indulge me.