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Summary: You and Jungkook were classmates, but he was also your bully. He acts like a complete asshole to you and when he sees how much he hurts you, he promises to make up for it. One thing that comes along with that, he falls in love with you.

Warnings: Angst, depression, self-harming, cursing.

Word Count: 1.3K

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Dance with devils, vol.4 Natsumezaka Shiki.

Finally I did it! It’s a hard time for me at the school now, so it took me forever.

This tracks were provided by @violet-sin. Thanks to her I heard Shiki’s sweet voice again~

Yet I want to say sorry. I translated 5 and 6 tracks while having a temperature. The 5 is fine but 6 I need to search for mistakes. I hope it will be readable.

Track 1. The miracle in it’s bad display

How was this tea? Good? *you nod* Is that so? I’m very glad to hear it. I finally understood how to make tea. But it’s still a new feeling to me, because it’s different from the time when I was fallen angel. I getting shocked everytime while trying human food. I have The same body as a human, the same ability (means he has no ability like an ordinary human), the same life, the same heart. Everyday is full of happiness because I got to love you. I lived alone, without a place I can call “home”. Yet now I live with you at the same place. I don’t have wings to fly to the sky nor the devil’s power, but I’m happy that I chose to live with you. Haha, it’s good that you have the same feeling as I do. I really became a human, right. I chose the path where we can walk together. But…Hey, if I didn’t become human, what would you do? If I would be like the fallen angel, breaking everything, making you suffer, even this me…would you loved me like this too? *nod* Really? I could have broken you. In the most terrifying way. Even like that? No, I just wanted to ask. It’s late now. You have to go to sleep. I’ll wash the tea set. Yeah, go ahead. I’ll have a little walk outside. Yes, Good night.


The wind feels good. But it can’t brighten my mood up. Even though I’m so happy… I wonder why. Something deep inside my chest is not right. I don’t have to worry about anything. Why? Ha… The God after this clouds probably knows the answer? Hey, why am I feeling so uneasy? What will calm this feeling down?…just joking. There is no way I could hear an answer. *ding* Hm? The sky is lighting up! Ha? This is…!


*Shiki comes closer to you while you’re sleeping*

(A.N. I think I need to say that in the previous dialogs his voice was sweet and caring. In this it’s his usual voice)

Hey, wake up! It’s morning. If you won’t wake up, should I strangle you? *instant wake up* Uh, it’s such a pity that you woke up… Hey, I wanted to see your face when you run out of the oxygen. Mm? Your lips are parted. It seems that you have something to say. I can see fear and confusion in your eyes. It makes me excited! Last night didn’t you notice? Dazzling bright light had fallen. I was taken with this light. And when I opened my eyes, my state had returned. Yes, my wings and magic didn’t come back, but you’re right. I returned to the self I was before. It’s goood, your desperate voice in the morning… So good! Hey, can I break you? Don’t worry, I’ll break you very gently. You’re my precious lover after all. Hm, I can’t? That’s a problem. It’s the display of my love~ It will be bad if you don’t accept it. Not you, but me… Are you interested? It became interesting. When I was swept away by the light, I heard a voice. “It’s your curse”. Yes, it’s all God’s doing. It’s the curse when if I won’t be loved, I die. In other words, if you love me, I will live. So no matter what happens, no matter what I will do to you, love me properly. If you won’t do it, I’ll die~ Right?

Track 2. Interesting afterschool time

I was excited because of the curse, but nothing happened since yesterday. Eeh? This is soooo boring. Instead of turning down the curse let’s enjoy our current situation. Ahh, I wonder how the curse feels. Is it so painful that I can’t breath? Or is it a pain like my body being cut? Just imagining that makes me excited! Yet it’s kinda disappointing that nothing changed. It’s so boring to wait… If here was Lowen (Roen) I could have tainted him~ It could be so fun to hear his desperate voice~ Aah, making fun of Mage and being hit by him after must me pleasant too~ Oh, I know! In my current state the holy water can harm me! Maybe I should try and make your older brother angry~? Hm, “I can’t do it”? But making fun of your brother is so interesting~ Well, I think it’s better to do something more interesting. Your lesson is starting soon, right? So, see you after it then~ *walks away*


Ahh~ You came! You knew that I will be in the Art club’s room. Yes, I was drawing this painting all morning. Artist club has no lessons today, so I was here alone. Come here, I’ll show you my piece~ This is the painting I have drawn. It’s the self-portrait. Fufu, it’s not bad being praised~ I think I draw it good too. Especially this black wings! I like them~ But…it’s not finished yet. Now I can finish it! *takes out knife* My past self had returned and the scratching in my chest can’t disappear. I want to break something, I want to be broken, I can’t do anything about it! Only with this feeling I drew this painting. I’ll finish this painting by cutting it with this knife! *you stopped him* Oooh? You’re stopping me now? But you might be surprised seeing me cutting this painting~ Haaaa~ I was scolded~ It seems that you can’t love my this self? I knew it… *tu-dam in Shiki’s chest* Grhh! *falls down* Haa…ha… Hahaha… So this is the curse, huh? The curse is activated, it’s like my insides are being taken out. It’s so painful that I can’t breath~ Ha..ha.. Your pale face is so good~ I’m enjoying my situation in which I don’t know if I would live or die…This is the best thing ever! What? You want to save me? Then I want you to finish this painting instead of me, because if you will love me, the curse calm down. You’ll help me, right? Ha…ha… Huh? What? I wanted you to cut this canvas… And you are going to draw… Well, this is for the best. Your back while you’re drawing isn’t bad… Moreover, here, if I do this we can draw together. I will hold your hand, let’s draw together like this. Ha… Don’t be embarrassed. Just by touching your hand I can feel the pain inside me calming down. Let me cuddle you like this. *he is hugging you* Haha, even your ears are red now. Good color~ Oh, right! Color me in the painting red too. It’s okay~ It’s a pleasure for me to be broken by you. You have been resisting for a long time already. Finally my pain gone but you want me to struggle again? Hm…Then I’ll leave it to you. Draw a thing that I will love. Of course I can hug you until you’re finished, right? No, I won’t let you go. Here, you better move your hands~ *you start drawing* Heee~ You use gentle color~ It doesn’t suite me at all. But… This is you love’s color. Fufu, not bad~ Hm? What’s up? You can’t stop drawing despite what I’m doing to you. *kissed your ear* Haa, cute voice! You can’t run away from me. You’re poor thing, but you’re so cute~ Even you’re neck is red now. Hey, show me your face. You’re eyes are wet~ I’ll comfort you. *kissed your eye* You are exciting me when you are embarrassed. Just looking in your eyes makes my chest burn. I don’t care about the painting anymore, I just want to break YOU now~ He? You already finished? What a pity. Hm? This is… You gave a bouquet of light flowers to the black fallen angel. It’s in your habit. Well, it’s good. It looks like the curse is down~ Yes~ I guess it’s because your embarrassed self helped me. Is that so? When the curse is killing me, the best way to take it down is to see you all red! I see~ This is going to be interesting. Help me next time, okay? Fufu~

Track 3. Blinded on the street

We bought goods for the house, so now our shopping is over. You’re not leaving my side even on the weekend. You’re so worried about me getting into the troubles? Is that so~ I’m so happy to always have you by my side~ Bu~ut I can’t help but wonder now… What will happen if I disappear from your sight? Will you desperately search for me? Running all over the town, struggling for air, eyes wet~ It can be good, too. Fufu, scary face~ I won’t do anything strange, don’t worry. But, there is no point in blaming only me. If i won’t feel your love, I die. You’ll prove that you love me, right? Hmmm, what shall I do? Yees, well, first of all….


Ahh, you’ve done changing? It suits you so much! This cat’s ears and a tail. This shop is inserting, right. There even were devil’s wings, do you want to try it on? Why, you ask? That’s obvious, isn’t it? I want to enjoy myself by looking at your embarrassed face. They fit you so well. Let’s walk like this through the city~ Ah, there’s even a chain! Should I wear it on your neck? Fufu~ You’re resisting.


Here, say “Aaah” Hm, you won’t eat? I bought this huge parfait, you must it it~ I can’t eat it alone. Unfortunately everything became as it was before. I don’t think human’s food tasty anymore, so only you can eat it. Moreover, you can feel love through it, right? Here, make your choice. Aaah~ Fufu, your cheeks are red. If you eat it all, what happens?


Ah~ It was fun! Are you tired? You look exhausted. Fufu~ You don’t have to push yourself. You really care about me, huh… *hugs you* It’s okay. Even if someone looking at us, feeling others attention is so pleasant. Hey, kiss me now. Mm, it’s not hard. You should just kiss me. I suddenly didn’t feel your love. What happened? Why did you stop? We are lovers, you don’t have to hold back. Well, in this situation you’re so embarrassed that you can’t do it, huh. *tu-dam in Shiki’s chest* Grh! Again! Again my body is being cut inside! Hhufgt! Ha.. You don’t have to worry. It’s just I don’t have much of your love. But I will die at this rate… Huh? You finally decided? Even though it would be better to just dump me… Do you really kiss me? Fufu~ You’re red. Your body is trembling. Is it so embarrassing? Grh… Just looking at you makes me feel good. You should do it faster, in that case, it won’t bother you so much. Staying like this makes other people look at us suspiciously. *you kiss him* Ha.. You did a good job. It seems that thanks to that I feel much better than before. But it’s not enough. You don’t have to move, just let me do what I want. No, don’t push me away. I can lose my life in that case. Stay still. You’re cheeks are hot. Your neck too, ears are hot too. At this rate other people will not understand us, so I can steal some of your warm. *kissed your cheek* Here too *kissed your ear* Fufu~ Probably it was the opposite~ We’re dating so it’s nothing strange. Moreover, isn’t it yours bad for ignoring me? Ha…This disgraced face makes me so excited! And, even now you aren’t leaving me, huh. Mm? Yes, the curse calmed down. The power of love surely is something. What? You’re feeling down? I got everything what I wanted from you, so we can now head back home. Hm? Who are you? Do you want something from us? Ah, I see. These men saw us all lovey-dovey with each other and now they are angry~ Stalking others is not good~ *someone hit the wall* Wow, fufu~ it’s not a good use for you legs~ Hit wall, you poor thing~ So, if you want to hit something, I want you to hit me~ * Shiki no!* Buut I will receive a punch in the human form for the first time! What will happen to me? Ha.. Just thinking about it makes me excited! Will it leave a scar like the holy water did? Or I will be tied up, hit by others, cut by them~ Everything is good! *men are scared* Oh, what happened? Where are you going? Don’t leave, do it! You’re pissed of me, right? Here, hit me! Make me feel pain with all your strength! Come! Come!! *men scared af and running away* What? They ran away with pale faces… I thought they would do something bad to me. Kinda disappointing. Mm? What happened? Why are you sitting on the ground? If you are so tired, should I carry you? Don’t hold out~ Fufu~            

Track 4. I can’t be saved by my savior

Today you are hanging out with me again~ No matter where I go, I can spot you. But you’re tired of doing it everyday, right? Didn’t you get tired of me already? You’re strange. I’m making you do things you don’t want to, but even so you don’t leave my side. Yes, if the curse win, I loose my life~ Only your love can save me. But even so, don’t you want to dump and leave me? Is that so… As I thought you are strange because even now you love me.


Grhh! *you run to help him* Huuuh! Ha…ha.. It’s..you.. As always your head is good. You quickly understood that I’m in the Art club’s room. Ha…ha… Your breath is unstable.. Don’t tell me you were afraid of not seeing me beside you and ran through the city to find me.. Haha… I’m glad you came. It was my fault. I didn’t expect the curse to be activated here. Hey, come closer. Let me hug you. *hugs you* Ha…ha…It became less painful. You don’t have to do anything now. Just stay like this for a while. Haha, don’t be so surprised. I receive your love in this situation as well. Ha… Your embarrassed face and wet eyes are good, but now I’m not in the right mood. I didn’t think that you would come. I didn’t disappear on purpose. I just didn’t know that I would be taken down by the curse. I couldn’t breath, it was painful. All I though was “I will die soon” Alone, in the big Art club’s room, my strength would leave me… Yeah, you came. You always with me, but.. Hey, I’m so happy that you came..the pain in ,y chest…I wonder why it still there. Even before the curse I couldn’t clear my feelings. Even though I’m loved so much, as much I’m feeling the happiness, the anxiety inside is growing up. The more you do for me, the more I’m drowning in this feeling. What have I done? I’m fine now. Pain is gone. It’s okay now. Hm…I’m sorry I just disappeared. I wanted to see this painting so bad. The face of this fallen angel I drew, we saw it together, right. Back then when I was fallen angel I drew here often. When I reborn as a human I didn’t see it. But I wanted to. Angles with pure white wings..and only one drawing, fallen angel. An angel with black wings. With no place for him, not being loved from anybody, but someone who loved that fallen angel appeared. She gave his black wings light colors, she was kind. It was a lucky day for him. It’s right, but… Ha.. Hey, let’s go on a date? There is a place I want to visit with you. Will you come with me?

Track 5. I’m begging for separation

The wind is strong~ It’s so hard to walk in darkness. We can fall from here if we don’t be careful~ It’s a good date place, isn’t it? The tip outside the Tokyo Tower~ Usually it’s very dangerous to go outside, but yet I opened it~ Don’t be so scared, I won’t be able to hold myself. And the true entertainment begins now~ Let’s feel the thrill together. There is no any fence, so if you don’t balance it will be your end. Haha~ It’s only starting~ Hey, it’s so cool! The car’s lights are like bean pies! (A.N. Not quite sure what he said) If I do one more step backwards, I die. Let’s try? You come here too. What happened? This is our date, so it’s not interesting If we don’t do it together. Come here to me~ Plus, if you push me… *pain in his chest again* Grh! Look, it began. I can feel the pain of the curse. No, don’t hurry, you might fall. Come here carefully. *you do* Yes, good girl. Here, let me hug you. Hey, it became okay as I touched you. Your heart is racing. I can understand it, cause if you miss your step, we will die. Your body is trembling too. Fufu~ My chest is becoming warm. Even in this situation you’re trying for my sake. Hey, let’s fall together like this? But don’t you think it will be the best thrill you can ever experience? It’s the thing I couldn’t try when I had my wings. *wind blows* Haha, but we can’t stay still because of the strong wind. My foot can slip~ Fufu~ Your trembling became worse. Poor thing~ Its because you followed someone like me. Do you regret your choice? I love your restraining self, but you can’t lie to your true self. It doesn’t matter what humans say, their hearts are what matters. I know because I saw it when I was fallen angel. It’s alright. If you can’t stand me, you can tell me. Moreover, it would be very pleasant. You really are stubborn. Making fun of you, making you do things you don’t want to, you don’t leave me. You’re very kind. But you know, this is the reason I’m getting scared. Loving someone is really scary. When I think about the time I lose you, I become irritated. I love feeling thrilled, but this one is terrifying, painful, it’s becoming painful to live. No matter how you loved me, the irritation in my heart didn’t calm down. So that night I called God. “Why can’t I get rid of my anxiety?” Of course, I wasn’t waiting for an answer. But my voice reached the sky. And then I was swiped away. In that bright light was a voice “Why don’t you test it?” Until you believe in love, I will test you. But I did my bad testing you. My punishment for that I will accept it, if it is the rules. So I returned to when I was fallen angel. Didn’t know what love is, the form, when I didn’t know anything other than breaking things. If in my that state I believe in your feelings, I thought that this anxiety will disappear. Yes, that’s right. The curse was a lie. I just receiving a punishment for testing you. The pain that cut my whole body. Me in the past would be happy to receive it, but deep in my heart I can’t enjoy this. The happiness and anxiety from being loved, because of them making me suffer. No matter how I test, no matter how you accept me, the anxiety isn’t gone. But, since you have appeared in the Art’s club room I thought that I want to test you one more time. Last thing I want to try. *hold you closer* Hey, this is the last wish. Will you fall with me? Hm, I see. It’s okay. I thought you will reject it. No, I wanted you to reject it. I wanted you to reject it. (A.N. Sentences are close in their meaning) Why, I wonder. It could have been better to accept it. Thinking of being hated. I understand. I’m not hated. You rejected it, because you wanted me to live. I know. I knew it. You are strange and too kind. Only you are caring for someone like me. But, I’m sorry, because I tested you with such a cruel thing like death. *he came to the edge* I need to receive my punishment. *thunder in the background* The sky’s judgement. *something hit Shiki* Aaaargh! Ha.. *was about to fall dawn but you hold his hand* I thought that I would fell like this. No, let my hand go. *Shiki no* At this rate you too will fall. Haaa, in this situation who the hell will say “I won’t let you go even if I fall with you”. I’m so sorry for being happy in this situation. I always was scared, when I supposed to be happy, that someday you will leave me. When I thought about it, I became so scared. So I thought it would be better to become hated by you. You have never left me. Why? Was it so hard to believe? Hah? This is the human? I see… If you are human, it’s an obvious thing. This is an evidence that I lived as a human. *strong wind blows* Aaarg! No! This wind… Let my hand go! You will fall with me! Aaarg! *you are falling together* Hold on to me! I won’t let you go, I promise. God, I understand now, this girl loves me. She is by my side no matter what happened. I believe now! There is no meaning in testing her! So, so save her, please! *The curse will disappear now* Hah? This light? Eh? Wings? I fly now… Hah, hold me tighter. *they are on the ground and his wings disappeared* Hah… Disappeared… Were we save? Is that so.. We are save! *hugs you* I’m very glad. I’m glad I didn’t hurt you. I’m sorry for dragging you in this. I’m sorry for doubting your feelings. Yes, thank you. This light and white wings… We were saved by God. I’m not scared anymore. This anxiety in me is gone now. I felt bad when I loved you and you loved me back. But this is living like a human, right? And I believe that you loved me always. Yes, me too, I will never leave you. I won’t doubt you. I’m going to love you always. Sorry for doing this to you and thank you. 

Track 6 is coming tomorrow.

I hope you will enjoy it ><

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