i drew this at 2 am in the morning don

I am so fucking PISSED at Disney.

The season 2 premiere of SVTFOE (which they hyped up massively) only drew 0.6 million viewers.

Not even a million.

This is caused by them dumping all of their good shows on a satellite network that not very many people get, and also because of the EARLY ASS PREMIERE TIME.

I had to get up early in the morning just so I wouldn’t miss it.

I don’t care if it’s summer, air new episodes later on. Kids sleep in in the summertime.

It also doesn’t help that they put new episodes up on their app before the premiere. I’v heard rumors about how watching the show on the app beforehand counts as a view, but I don’t think that’s true.

As much hype as SVTFOE gets online, it should be drawing more views. This is fucking SAD.

All the time I go through the tags seeing people ask about streams/episode links because they don’t have Disney XD.

Personally, they shouldn’t even have a second channel. In my opinion, they should push aside their shitty, low-budget sitcoms and put the things that PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE on their main network. This is fucking DISNEY channel. Not Shitty Sitcom Network.

Shame on you Disney. I thought you’d treat your animated shows better than this. WOY getting pulled, Penn Zero and The 7D also getting pulled…those shows would’ve been recognized and watched more if you didn’t DUMP THEM ON A SECONDARY NETWORK.

I thought you were better than this guys cmon. Don’t fuck up the only things that people are actually watching.