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Revised edition

Quick report on Kubo and Yamamoto’s attendance to Concomics Guadalajara. I was in line for 9 hours plus two more for their short Q&A and am objectively dying, sorry for typos 

ETA: When I wrote this it didn’t occur to me that it would get hundreds of reblogs before I ever got to fix it, now my half-deceased incompetent typing will live on forever *sobs*

  • I arrived at 6:30 am and there were already people in line jeeesus (lots were coming to see a youtuber though)
  • Gonna spare you the deets on the awful people in my surroundings thank @yuurinikiforov cos I screamed at her for hours

ETA: I just realized this sounds like it was Ally making me scream but in fact i tumblr-screamed at her to prevent from unleashing my frustrations on the gross fujos that surrounded me. Thank Ally because she got to read all that nervous-wreck garbage and y’all get to be spared

  • I had a two-day ticket so I was allowed in half an hour earlier and if not for that, I probably would’ve missed on the autograph line. They had space for 50 people (plus 200ish that had bought the express pass which was super expensive). I was #45. It took less than three minutes since getting inside for all 50 spots to be taken

(this was the line after three minutes. I was too lazy to take pics of it later, but it got to be around 5 times this at some point.)

ETA: According to Con staff, since the lines were very well organized, they actually got to sign quite a bit more people than the originally allotted 50. The Queens are so kind. 

  • No photos, video or sound recording of The Queens allowed, except for this one taken by Con staff. They were giving away those postcards for the filthy casuals people who didn’t bring any official merch for the sign

i’m mostly kidding about the filthy casual thing bc I hate fandom elitism but there were a lot of people bringing FANART PRINTS and I wanted to gut them

  • Kubo would quick sketch a character of your choice. I chose Victor bc I love how she draws his huge heart mouth
  • I was able to tell Sayokan how grateful I am from the bottom of my heart and that I’m looking forward to the movie and she said thank you and that they’re workinng hard. I died. ETA: I wanted to say so much more but I was so nervous my Japanese came out really garbled and we didn’t have much time. And I didn’t get to say anything to Kubo because I didn’t want to distract her from drawing ;—;
  • Sayokan has a beautiful smile and I love her

ETA: She also had an aura like Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada, twenty years younger: A STRONG woman who takes no prisoners and is fabulous af. I love her with all my soul.

After the autographs, The Queens had a short stage appearance

  • There was a cosplay contest and the winners would get to sit in the front row for The Queens’ presentation. I didn’t take any pics but the standout for me apart from a flood of gorgeous girls doing Eros Yuuri, was a pair of girls doing Lilia and Yakov. The announcer clearly didn’t watch the show and botched Lilia’s last name, but the cosplayer had the attitude 100% on point.
  • Something I hate is people who say Yurio stressing the u, it sounds so wrong and a lot of people today were doing it and driving me mad
  • The stage was packed af
  • Kubo drew quick sketch of Victor while she and Sayo answered a couple of questions. They will post the video later today

ETA: Here’s the video

  • Audience Questions logistics wasn’t very well prepared and even Kubo asked how it was gonna work. I was embarrassed for the lack of planning. In the end those that were lucky to be close to the stage got to ask the questions. Lia was praying for no stupid questions pls.

Q&A (translation partially mine partially from the interpreter)

1. What were your expectations about Mexico and have those expectations changed now

Kubo: I haven’t gone sightseeing yet but it’s my first time in Mexico and I didn’t expect so many people. [The people/audience] feels four or five times warmer than japan (make of that what you may, Japanese people say that about us a lot) Sayokan didn’t answer

2. Dumb question that has already been answerred in interviews about whether Yurio was planned to win from the start. As we know, yes, pretty sure both of them have said it before.

Sayokan added that his character development wasn’t completely planned though, and he evolved a lot during writing.

3. Which word do you think of when you thibk of Yuuri and Victor 

Sayokan: Love (愛) 

Kubo: She didn’t talk to the mic and people were still screaming about 愛  so Ididn’t hear what she said but the interpreter said she said Friendship. My queens get your story sraight pls

HUGELY IMPORTANT ETA: Other people that were there have confirmed that Kubo gave a long answer that included 断ち切れない絆 “an unbreakable bond” and didn’t say anything about friendship. There was a telephone game going on because there was a JP-ENG interpreter and then an ENG-SPA interpreter and I don’t know how or why the latter got “friendship” but please take this into account, I don’t want people to hate on Kubo because I wasn’t close enough to hear her answer and the Spanish interpreter botched it.

Not important ETA: A girl close to me was yelling “Victuri” like she hoped they’d answer that and I was facepalming hard

Kubo also asked (in Japanese) if anyone understood Japanese, it wasn’t translated and a good dozen of hands shot up. She was surprised. Some folks screamed abd she said 落ち着け. One or two continued screaming so obviously they didn’t understand Japanese lol

4. Stupid question about whether they plan to develop Otabek and Yurio’s relationship. 

Sayokan said they hadn’t fully decided on how everything’s gonna end in the movie so can’t say yet but look forward to the bonus on V6 (the interpreter said V3 and I wanted to gut him). Hoes I like Otayuri but stop trying to shove it on The queens’ faces pls

5. Do you have plans for a special chapter about the Lady skaters? 

Sayokan said it’s definitely something they’d love to do but right now their focus is on the boys abnd finishing their story. Best answer for me tbh besides Sayokan’s 愛 cos I wanna see Mila skate soooo bad.

ETA: Forgot to mention this but a lot of people were chanting “Boda! Boda!” (wedding). Kubo asked what it was that people were chanting and the interpreter told them. Someoene else is reporting that Sayokan chuckled. There were two tall dudes in front of me so my vision was very obstructed and can’t confirm, but neither said anything out loud in response to it

  • Sayokan threw some gifts at the audience but My Queen is no pitcher and I was too far back so didn’t get anything *sobs*. Some were prints or maybe postcards but no idea of what exactly.

And that’s it! Theyll be signing more autographs and have another stage appearancw tomorrow but I can’t stay so someone else will have to report it whilst I die.

TL;DR I love them and my calebdar looks even more beautiful and I never thought that was possible and I’ll cry about this day for the rest of my life.

PS I’ll fix those typos when I’m not utterly destroyed
PPs: I have no shame so I wanna plug my cute Victuri Tangled AU it’s really cute and it doesnt have typos promise, please read it  http://archiveofourown.org/works/10529547/chapters/23245557

Beautiful Girl

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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “Hi! Mah I request a Jeff Atkins domestic fluff pls? :)”

Words: 1.052

A/N: Here’s another Jeff imagine, because he really deserved better! I am writing many imagines in these days and I can’t wait for you to read them. I am still finishing my previous requests, but soon I finish them, I will post a prompt list for 13 reasons why characters.
Hope you keep on reading my stuffs, because your nice messages keep me motivated. Thank you.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

Being sick was one of the things that you hated the most. Your clogged nose was killing you slowly and you couldn’t bear with your sore throat, luckily your boyfriend Jeff skipped school to spend the day with you at your home and to take care of you, also to spoil you.

“Good evening, sleepy head.” Your boyfriend greeted you as he gave you a warm kiss on your temple. You weren’t feeling well the whole day and you spent your afternoon cuddling, sleeping and resting on Jeff’s chest. “How was your sleep?”

“It sucked,” You looked up to him and you caught his sad gaze. He didn’t want to see you in that way. “my throat is killing me.”

“That’s awful.” He sighed as he drew small circles on your arm, feeling your soft and smooth skin. “Can you wait while I make a cup of tea for you?” He knew that it would make you feel better.

“With a little bit of honey?” You smiled widely, since you adored using honey as your sugar substitute.

“Of course, lovely.” He chuckled as he thought of how cute you were. You slowly got up from his chest and you fixed yourself on the bed. “I’ll be back soon, okay?”

“Alright, my love.” He smiled widely and he gave you a quick peck on your lips, not caring of your sickness.

“Jeff Atkins!” You restrained him from kissing you because you didn’t want him to catch colds or to ruin his voice with a sore throat, even though it would be just temporarily. You slapped his muscular arm playfully and he ran towards the door to avoid other slaps.

“Sorry, not sorry.” He stuck his tongue out and you just shook your head for your boyfriend’s childish actions. You let him go downstairs and prepare some tea, probably he would prepare it for the whole family too, being an altruist as he was. Your family loved Jeff for that, he was really a thoughtful kid.

You and Jeff have been together for months and you were really happy whenever you were with him. You knew him after one of his baseball games, when he approached you because he saw how you cheered for your school’s team. He thought that you were pretty good at cheering, but he never convinced you to join your school’s cheerleading team.

You loved Jeff so much and he was different to any other jocks that you’ve dated. Jeff was the nicest of them all, he knew how to treat a girl right and he was a gentleman. The thing that you liked in him the most was that he wouldn’t do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable or would hurt you.

As you thought of your boyfriend, a wide smile escaped from your mouth and you thought that you were so lucky to have him in your life. It was your turn to find a decent guy, finally.

“Hot Chamomile tea with honey for my beautiful girlfriend.” Jeff calmly said as he put the cup of tea on your bedside table, together with your handkerchief, thermometer, nasal inhaler sticks and medicines.

“Shut up, you bluffer!” You both let out a loud laugh and he kissed you on your forehead once again.

“But I think that you are beautiful!” Jeff debated as he wanted to convince you that you really were. He wasn’t calling you in that way just to please you, but he really thought that he had the prettiest girlfriend in the world.

“Babe, I have the messiest hair and I look like a scavenger at this exact moment.” You rolled your eyes as you carefully took the cup from the bedside table. “How can you say that I am beautiful?”

“Because you really are.” He sat beside you and he caressed your red and hot tempered cheeks. “I don’t care if you have a messy hair, deep black eye bags or pimples, you will always be beautiful in my eyes.” He explained to you and you smiled widely as you cooled down your tea by blowing on it.

“Do you really think that?” You bit your lip and he honestly nodded. “That’s the sweetest thing ever, babe.” You slowly sipped from the cup and you loved Jeff even more, because he was great at making tea too.

“I’m just stating the truth.” He kissed the tip of your nose, being careful not to bump your arm and not to spill your hot relaxing tea.

You carefully put the teacup back on its place. “I love you so much, Atkins!” You faced him as you sweetly caressed his cheek with your hand.

“I surely love you more, (Y/L/N).” He replied as he grabbed your chin and kissed you on your lips quickly.

“I said that I am sick and I don’t want for you to be infected!” You frowned as you scolded him for his actions.

“I don’t care!” Jeff wasn’t really a hard-headed guy, except when you contradict his opinions. He would always have his thoughts and he wouldn’t abandon them to make you happy, mostly when it was about complimenting you. “I wouldn’t give up on kissing you, just because you don’t want for me to get your virus.”

“Mulish!” You exclaimed but he just shrugged it off and he just pulled you in a tight hug. You laughed at his actions and he peppered you with his kisses, while lying on the bed.

Lazy and sick evenings with your boyfriend were one of the things that you looked up to. It didn’t matter if Jeff was stubborn and wouldn’t stop kissing you, even if you said so. You honestly loved that he didn’t care for your sickness and he didn’t give up on anything.

He would never give up on anything whenever it came to you, to your relationship. He would always kiss you or he would always think that you were beautiful nevertheless your sickness.

He wouldn’t be tired to repeat the same things, because he knew how insecure you were. He loved to express the truth to cheer you up and to improve your self-esteem, your messy hair didn’t matter to him, neither when you could be compared to a scavenger.

You were his beautiful girl and you would always be.

Constant | Part I

Vernon x Reader

2484 words

Synopsis: When Vernon puts up an ad online for finding a roommate for university, the last person he expects to answer it is you. When you reply, Vernon is conflicted about how to share a house with you when he can barely think straight around you.

A/N: I’m finally back with a series! Inspired by Seventeen’s comeback and the fact that I think being Vernon’s roommate would be super chill.

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Summery: Spencer falls down the slippery slope of being in love with someone he shouldn’t be. 

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It was about 3 am when Spencer turned to the left side of his bed to check the clock. It was torturous trying to go sleep, he had tried everything, but alas here he was unable to close his eyes long enough to doze off. As he lay on his back he blankly stared at the white ceiling in his dark bedroom, he knew what was keeping him up. It was you.

For weeks now Spencer had been hung up on you, on every detail about you, but most importantly his feelings for you. It hadn’t started out that way, not even close. Spencer could still clearly remember when he first met you; it was quick as there wasn’t much time for introductions. The team was being thrown into another whirlwind of a case, another killer, and another city.

The introduction was brief, quick and to the point. “Hi, my name is Y/N, you must be Spencer?” you said with a smile on your face. “Yes, nice to meet you.”

There was nothing different about that day, or the next, or the day after. But it was after you had been on the team for a couple of weeks; you walked into the office in a hurry setting your stuff down quickly. It wasn’t long before Derek noticed something on your finger, “Oh, oh are you actually going to settle down” he said pointing to your left hand.

“It’s already done, tied the knot yesterday” you said happily. “Well then congratulations to you” Derek said.

Spencer couldn’t help but notice you that day, your hair, your smile, and your silly loud laugh. Every little thing you did drew his attention, but still he let it go.

But after that day there were times he caught him self always looking towards you, noticing some of your little habits, finding them endearing. It was as if there was this light glowing around you at all times and Spencer couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. It felt like nonsense, so once again he decided it was best to let it go. 

Then you began talking to him, small conversations at first, which led to finding similarities, which led even more conversations. Small detail, after detail soon he had come to know about you than anyone else on the team. It was hard for him to not be happy around you, he felt as if your smile was contagious. The way you threw your head back laughing or rolled your eyes playfully. 

Time did not exist with you around; there was never enough of it. That’s when he could no longer deny it; there was something there.

 But suddenly it hit him; he could never be with you regardless of how he felt for you. You were off limits. You belonged to some one else, you always would. How could he think you would ever look at him in any other way? You we’re married, there was no changing that. Even after realizing that Spencer still felt the same way he couldn’t let it go.

It was wrong, there was no question about that Spencer felt guilty just thinking about you. But it was as if you were haunting him, which is how he ended up here at 3 am sleeplessly thinking about you. 

In the last couple of week you had become closer, and closer till it was obvious boundaries and lines we’re being blurred. It was hard to act normal around you when Spencer’s heart was beating out of his chest and his mind was racing with a million different things he wanted to tell you but couldn’t.

Even with knowing how wrong it was, how he shouldn’t get even closer, still he wasn’t able to back off. It was little things, like getting far to close or holding your hands, looking into your eyes a little longer than most times, staying up talking to you. 

Even though Spencer knew about him, you never mentioned him, not once. There was never any reference him, it was as if he didn’t exist you made it feel that way for Spencer. Which made it easier to forget, to get closer and closer to you as if there was nothing stopping him from doing so.  

It didn’t take long for everyone else to notice the way you acted around each other, it drew everyone’s attention. No one wanted to bring it up, the way you both we’re so playful around each other. Constantly making everyone around you feel like the third wheel or as if they didn’t belong between the both of you.

“Spence, you have to do something this can’t go on forever” JJ finally said confronting Spencer, “Tell her, get it over with.” Those words continued to echo in his mind get it over with, he had too for his own sanity.

 So one day as you both carried on a normal conversation Spencer took a deep breathe and finally said it, “Y/N, I can’t do this anymore. I’m crazy about you and this is hard enough on me, my feelings have gotten out of control.”

And they had grown out of his control, there was no way to stop them no way to be sure he could act rational around you. “Spence, I’m married….”

 “Then maybe it’s time we stopped this, Y/N” Spencer wanted you to say no, to disagree to finally admit how you felt about him so he waited but that answer never came so he had no choice but to walk away.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, yes, hi, I recently found your art and account and I love what you do. I'm turning 14 in April and I've asked for a drawing pad, but I have no idea how to use one as of yet. Have you got any tips or anything? Because I've wanted to try digital art for a while and your art makes me want to even more lmao. Thanks! - B.A.


(I’m not sure what kind of comp you’re going to be using, so I’ll list for both.)

FIRST: Drawing Programs; the free and the great.

-Firealpaca: Lightweight drawing program. I draw Recovery using this! It’s easy on the RAM if you have a weak comp/are paranoid about yours like I am, it is mainly for basic comic making, and has all the basic brushes you need (pen/pencil/airbrush/symmetry/etc). You can add your own brushes as well but they’re p basic settings. Has basic Animation/Gif making as well using Onion Mode! Layout is a piece of cake. Please note that If you leave it open for a week it’ll crash on you, even if you haven’t anything on it at the moment, and sometimes the brush sensitivity just stops working so you just have to close and then open it again. (Also I have no idea how to update it aside from deleting it completely and just downloading the new version from scratch, so thats a thing.) Mac/Windows

-MedibangPaint: This is basically FireAlpaca But Better. Has tons of screen tones, brush patterns, and tools. I don’t use it much because I’m used to FA’s layout and get confused with the the placement of tools in here, so if you can I highly suggest just going with this first. Also has basic animation/gif making! Has storage for the website as well, and you can upload more preset brushes. It’s v anime. This program has waaay more in terms of basically everything, so it just takes more RAM. NBD, you don’t have to have every brush downloaded from the storage ^u^. Mac/Windows

-Clip Studio Paint: Okay this one isn’t free, it’s a pricey one, HOWEVER once a year they take the price way fuckin down by at least 75%. Sign up for the email list and it’ll let you know when that precious day comes. It’s how I got it @u@, around christmastime? This program is basically MedibangPaint On Steroids. I do all of my digital-yet-tradition-style-painting on here! The brushes all have some neat af settings to play with, you can make your own brushes, has tons of screen tones, pre-made panels, and settings. You can save projects as basically anything you need, is a hardy program that almost never crashes, and It’ll take a nice chunk of space on your comp depending on how much memory you have but hey, its worth it. It’s much more complex layout-wise than the other two here, but you get used to it after playing around and watching tutorials haha.

-Mischief: It’s a 25$ app, has like four brushes and five layers only but is vector-based with an endless canvas. Not really worth having unless you like the vector thing. UP TO YOU. I spent forever with this one doing all that homestuck stuff, so it’s not really bad so much as it is a basic bitch. Mac

-MyPaint: I used this a bunch when I still did digital art on my windows laptop before I upgraded to a Mac. It’s easy on the comp and has plenty of brushes and settings. You can also get brush packages if you don’t feel like you have enough that comes with the program! Also has endless canvas; pretty sure you can just select an area and then export as is. I barely remember the rest but It’s pretty great. Windows/MacPorts(which I hate)

-GIMP: I hate this thing. I cannot figure it out for the life of me. It’s got loads of shit though, can handle layers, has plenty of brushes, and can do basic animation/gifs if you ever figure it out. Windows/mac

I’ve heard good things from paint tool SAI and Krita as well, but have never used them myself.

***You can always pay through the nose/use a student discount for the photoshop series and pay that shit monthly, those fuckers have literally everything, but I am a cheap college kid making minimum wage with a car payment; I’d rather just pay once/not at all.

TABLETS: treat that shit like a newborn babe 24/7

-I have literally only ever owned a Wacom Intuos4. It has lasted me six years, and at least five moves across many miles. I broke one of the cord ports the day I opened it by holding it wrong, have one left, and now treat it like it’s going to die if the cord moves badly. Please be aware that if you break both ports, you better either sodder it back together yourself or upgrade to smth else because it costs about as much as the tablet itself was bought at to be fixed. Good news, though, it comes with at least six extra pen nibs, has programable buttons on the side (that I have never bothered to use) and a scroll bar in case you’re too lazy to use the keyboard (…I don’t really use that either unless I’m just scrolling through tumblr LMFAO).

-I would die for a Cintiq.

HOT TIPS: its useful.

-most of the programs listed use the same keyboard shortcuts. MEMORIZE THEM. It’s pretty easy, since you’ll use em a lot. [cntrl/cmmd+T] lets you resize what you just drew on that layer, and [cntrl/cmmd+z] is undo. I use those the most, for obvious reasons.

-vector-based programs are pretty great because when you resize an image it looks prefect. You can’t do that with a program that isn’t, so I just resize the base roughdraft and draw the lineart again on the layer above so I don’t get weird JPEG quality lines.

-You can use a ruler with your tablet, just slap it on and go, but honestly most programs have settings for that. just use those.

-You can also trace stuff on your tablet, so long as the paper isn’t too thick. I just scan/take a photo and then open it up in the program, though. much easier.

-SAVE CONSTANTLY. Art programs like to crash on you, even when they’re hardy and you have a good comp. make it a habit to quick save your work.

-Use a desk and have good posture. You’ll be able to draw a hell of a lot longer if you do. I personally keep fucking up my knees by sitting on my legs as I work out of habit, and don’t actually have a desk chair. Keep your screen at eye level and at a fair distance to prevent eyestrain and also neck-strain haha

-Chances are you won’t be used to the tablet right away. Most places you buy from say it’ll take a couple of months to get used to how weird it is to draw while not looking at your own hand, so don’t be frustrated If your drawings look a bit off at first.

-if you draw at least one thing every day, by the end of the year you’ll have improved exponentially. I literally made this blog to make myself draw once a day.

-don’t be afraid to check out speedpaints and tutorials. It’s always good to get more familiar with the program you’re using and new techniques previously unconsidered.

-get familiar with clipping layers. They are insanely useful; you clip one layer to the one below and then when you draw it only shows up on the drawing of that layer below. Shit is a godsend if you’re bad at coloring in the lines/lazy. The bucket tool is also really useful, and you can adjust the expansion by pixel so you don’t miss anything between the lines.

-experiment with your brushes, shit be fun af

-warmup your wrists before and after drawing. prevent swollen veins and such. dont want hand pain/numbness, its reaaaaally bad.

—basically if your hands hurt stop for the day.

-PNGS are for internet, JPEGS are for printing/fucking with quality (cough hack homestuck)

-resolution doesn’t have to be much more than 350 dpi if its just going to be on a webpage. Maximize that shit if you’re going to be printing, though. Especially if you put stuff on redbubble.

-DeviantArt has this thing called Sta.sh where you can dump art, keep it in perfect quality and just share it with certain people with a link instead of all of the website. Great for storing commission pieces, its the only reason I have DA in the first place.

-you get a different audience depending on what site you use for posting art, so keep that in mind for the kind of feedback you want.

-after awhile of drawing using a tablet, you may lose patience/forget that in traditional art there isn’t an undo button lmfao It’s cool; you don’t have to choose one over the other or anything.

-Honestly you can work around almost anything. You just invent new ways and techniques for yourself and you’ll do just fine.

Aaaaand that’s all I got for today! Thanks for sticking around <3

The Chris Evans Mini-Series (One Shots)

Imagine you and Chris getting Sebastian to babysit your children.

A/N: I just really needed this in my life, I dunno. 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️

New York was where you and Chris had to spend your week due to production meetings and talk show interviews. The original plan was for you and Chris to leave Jack and Lola with your parents so they wouldn’t miss any school, but after days of them bugging the two of you and nights of discussion and planning- you decided they could afford to miss a week of second and third grade. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d missed school to travel with you and Chris, so a plan had been devised. You and Chris would meet with their teachers before you left, gathering the materials they needed to keep up with their classes. So far, so good; their grades remained high and their school remained happy despite their absence in class.

The only problem you had with taking them along was finding someone to look after them while you and Chris were out and about. Usually your meetings were at different timings; you went while Chris stayed and took care of them, and vice versa. But some days you and Chris were due at the same time, at the same place. It left you with the decision to either bring them along or leave them in the care of your contacts in New York. They were good children, so they knew they had to behave in certain scenes which made it easy for you and Chris to take them anywhere- even to a professional meeting with an important casting director. But at the end of the day, they were still children who would get bored after an hour of sitting quietly.

Today was one of the days where you and Chris were both needed, and the meeting was said to last at least three and a half hours. Chris, as always, was optimistic that they could pull through if ice-cream was offered at the end. You, on the other hand, weren’t pessimistic, but you didn’t want to overreach either. You and Chris sat your kids down and offered your propositions: a stuffy office where they could have ice-cream after three and a half hours, or three and a half hours with Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo where they could have all the ice-cream they want. It was needless to say they went with your choice, the obvious and smarter choice. Chris argued that you cheated because you’d lied about having all the ice-cream they wanted. But you reminded him that they were out of your hair and you could now get through the meeting without them politely knocking on the door, asking “are you done yet?”

“Ah hah!” Sebastian grinned excitedly upon opening the door for his two favorite kids.

“Uncle Sebba!” Your children cheered at the sight of him, pouncing to hug his legs. You and Chris smiled because even though Sebastian wasn’t a dad himself, he was great with your kids. If the two of you hadn’t felt obligated to give the title of godparents to your own siblings, Sebastian would’ve definitely made the cut. “We’ve got the whole day with you!” Lola informed him, looking up at him with the same excited grin he had.

“No, you’ve got three and a half hours,” you corrected her. Both Jack and Lola’s faces dropped and they pouted, giving you and Chris puppy dog eyes. “We don’t want to take up Uncle Sebba’s and Aunt Margo’s whole day.” You and Chris waved at Margo over Sebastian’s shoulder as she made her way to the front door. “Three and a half hours, we’ll be back to pick you up.”

“Oh, hush. They are our plans for the day,” Margo told you, resting her hand on top of Lola’s head when Lola hugged her. “We’re more than happy to have them, you two go to your meeting then have a date night after. We’ll babysit, we don’t mind. You know how much we love these two, we’d steal them if we could.”

“Date night sounds amazing,” Chris whispered into your ear and you smiled, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. “Are you guys sure? I mean- that is a very sweet offer,” he tried not to smile when he lowered his gaze onto his children, “to look after our two little monsters.” Jack and Lola made a face at their dad, drawing laughter from the adults. “Look at those little monster faces. Honestly, keep ‘em if you want.”

“No, Daddy!” Lola detached herself from Margo and ran over to her dad, throwing her tiny arms around his leg. Chris chuckled, lifting her into his arms to hug her; her arms wrapped around and her head buried into the crook of his neck. “I just want to spend the day here, I want to come home to you and Mama.”

“You are going to come home to me and Mama,” Chris kissed her head. “I was just kidding, sweetheart.” She pulled away and leaned back in his arms. “You know I wouldn’t let anyone take you away from me.” She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. “Aw, don’t be like that. You know I love you, baby.” He booped her nose and she cracked a smile, which turned into giggles when Chris tickled her.

“Okay, we should go.” You told Chris when you felt your phone buzz in your back pocket. Chris nodded and kissed Lola’s cheek before lowering her onto her feet. “We’ll call after the meeting, and if you guys are still okay with having them- we’ll go have dinner first.” Sebastian and Margo nodded, smiling. “Thank you so much, we really appreciate it.” You descended to your knees in front of your children and opened your arms; they quickly enfolded themselves in your love. “Be good, okay? Listen to everything Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo tells you to do.”

“Okay, Mama.”

“Are we okay posting photos on Instagram?” Margo asked, knowing how much you and Chris liked staying away from the limelight. “I say photos but I meant just one, a cute little group shot.” You looked over at Chris, who nodded, and you nodded. “Awesome, I can’t wait to see the reactions. It’s going to blow up the internet, you know how much the world loves your children.”

“We are adorable, aren’t we?” Lola looked over her shoulder at Margo, grinning. Margo nodded, chuckling. “I like being famous, Mama. Everyone is really nice.” You all smiled, trying not to sigh at the innocence of a child. “I want to be an actor when I grow up too, like Daddy and Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo.”

“Do you?” Chris winked because he already knew that. The two of them were always having their own little chats, one of them being about her becoming an actress. It happened when you weren’t home because Chris knew it wasn’t a topic up for discussion until she was much, much older. You loved the industry you were in, but you weren’t a hundred percent about having her in the same limelight you and Chris were constantly in.

“We’ll talk about it when you grow up.” You kissed her cheek then Jack’s, releasing them as you got to your feet. “Alright, we’re going to go.” You slipped your hand in Chris’ and you both headed for the elevator. “See you later.” You called as you both waved, entering the elevator.

“Now that the parentals have gone,” Sebastian smirked. “Let’s go eat ice-cream!” He announced in a deep, monster-like growl making Jack and Lola giggle. “Ice-cream for lunch!” He cheered, catching each child under his arm and carrying them towards the kitchen.

“I am surrounded by children,” Margo laughed softly, closing the front door before she followed.

• • • • • • • •

You’d called Sebastian’s phone after the meeting like you’d promised to check in with them as well as their state of mind. Children were exhausting, and if they were ready to call it a day- you and Chris could head over to pick them up. But they were fine, Sebastian and Margo were more than happy to continue to have them while you and Chris had a date night. Sebastian even told you- after Lola picked up and passed him his phone that “we’re in the middle of baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Margo and I would be lost without their help, so we’re going to have to ask for another few hours.” You were about to argue that chocolate chip cookies didn’t take that long when you remembered you could have date night with your husband. You quickly thanked them and hung up, calling your favorite restaurant in New York for a last minute reservation. It just so happened that the restaurant was only ten minutes away from Sebastian’s apartment.

“We should come to New York more often,” you joked, clinking wine glasses with Chris. “Or maybe we should buy Sebastian and Margo a house in Boston.” Chris laughed, nodding in agreement. “That way we can actually have date nights instead of planning it, only to cancel last minute and stay home.”

“I know, right?” He chuckled, lowering to glass to reach for your hand. “I’m sorry we’ve missed so many date nights, I know it sucks having our plates so full.” You turned your palm up in his hand, interlocking fingers. “I guess it’s the price we have to pay for being so good at our jobs.” He winked and you smiled. “But I promise, more effort.”

“It’s okay,” you shook your head. “I mean- it doesn’t really have to be a night out for us to call it a date night. We’ve had some pretty awesome date nights at home too,” you reminded him with a flirtatious smirk and he chuckled. “I’m just happy as long as I get to spend time with you.”

“The feeling’s mutual, sweetheart,” he drew your hand to his lips and pressed a tender kiss on your knuckles. “Okay, so what are we going to order?” You both pulled your hands away from each other and looked at your menus. “I’m thinking we get something different each and share, so we can at least try something new. We have to-” Before he could finish, his phone rang. He sighed then narrowed his eyes when he saw that it was his publicist, Susan. “Do you mind?” He asked and you shook your head, you both knew Susan didn’t call unless it was important.

“Hey Susan, could you make it quick? I’m just about to have-” He cut himself off, responding accordingly. “I’m not surprised. Yeah, Y/N and I left them with Sebastian and Margo for the day. She asked if she could post a picture on her Instagram and we said yes. Wait-” his brows furrowed. “What do you mean there’s more than one? The photos are circulating everywhere? It looks like- Okay, let me just- I’ll call you back.”

“There’s more than one photo circulating?”

“There are at least a dozen photos on Sebastian’s Instagram, documenting the day they’re having.”  He told you and you narrowed your eyes in confusion; Sebastian and Margo would never, and had never done anything to breach that trust you and Chris gave them when it came to your children. There was no way they would’ve posted more than the one photo you agreed to. “It’s not Seb and Margo who posted them.” He explained. “The photos look like they were taken by a child, the child being Lola.”

“Oh,” was all you could say before you both started to laugh. “Okay, well- we should probably call and give them a heads up. I’d say delete them, but they’re already circulating the web so there’s no point. Should we just-” you beckoned your thumb at the exit and Chris sighed, nodding. “We’ll grab some burgers on our way there.”

• • • • • • • •

You’d texted Margo instead of Sebastian because you had a feeling Lola was still using his phone from the photos being posted on his Instagram. As soon as Margo saw the text, she told Sebastian and he rushed out of the kitchen to look for Lola who was sitting on the couch happily taking selfies. He’d realized it was Margo’s mistake showing her how Instagram worked, but the selfie taking- she learned that from her mom.

“Sweetheart,” Sebastian walked over and Lola looked up, grinning. “Can I have my phone back?” He held out his hand and Lola pouted, hugging the phone to her chest. “Please?” She sighed and held it out for him to take. As you all suspected, Lola had been flooding Sebastian’s Instagram with photos. They were surprisingly good shots for a six year old, but it was definitely going to take a while for the internet to calm down. “Oh God,” he pressed his lips together, turning his wifi off altogether so he’d stop getting notifications.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, sweetheart. Not really,” Sebastian placed his phone down on the coffee table then sat down next to Lola. “You just posted photos you weren’t meant to post.” She looked confused and he chuckled softly, taking her hand in his. “Do you remember when Aunt Margo asked your mom and dad if she could post a photo of all of us on her Instagram?”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “Am I in trouble because I didn’t ask Mama and Daddy?”

“You’re not in trouble, but you should ask because you post anything online. Especially at this age, okay?” She still look confused so he gave her hand a gentle squeeze as he continued to explain, “you see, your mom and dad, and Aunt Margo and I- we’re all celebrities. People want to know what’s going on in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to share everything. Some moments are better off kept to ourselves, that’s how we keep the magic of the moment. Do you understand?”

“I think so.” She scrambled onto Sebastian’s lap and hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry, Uncle Sebba.” He smiled and hugged her back, kissing her head. “I didn’t mean to, I just thought because Aunt Margo did it- I should do it too. Are you mad at me?” Sebastian shook his head when she pulled away to look at him. “Will Mama and Daddy be mad at me?”

The doorbell rang and Sebastian winced, “we’ll just have to see. C'mon.” He popped her on her feet and took her hand, leading her to the front door where he knew you and Chris were waiting patiently on the other side. “That was my bad, I wasn’t watching my phone and-”

“You are a menace,” Chris teased Lola, scooping her into his arms. She giggled and hugged her dad, knowing from his tone she wasn’t in trouble. “I know when you become an actress you’re going to get lots of attention, but how about we keep you from that attention until then?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“I’m sorry did you say ‘when’?” You raised a brow at Chris and Lola, who had the same sheepish look on their faces. “When did it become a 'when’? I thought we said we’re tabling it until she’s older, like- high school older.”

“Mmmm! I smell chocolate chip cookies,” Chris quickly changed the subject and hurried off with Lola. You scoffed and Sebastian tried not to laugh, beckoning you in with his head so he could close the door behind you. “Do you know who loves cookies?” You could hear Chris with your children and you smiled. “Cookie Monster, om nom nom nom.” He mimicked the popular Sesame Street character’s voice, making Jack and Lola howl with laughter.

“I married a kid,” you chuckled with a shake of your head.

“Funny,” Sebastian wrapped an arm around you and led you to the kitchen, “that’s what Margo says to me.”

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Post-Its Are Romantic

Authors Note: So here is my first attempt at Bucky fanfiction. No pressure… Sweet and fluffy. And I would be lying if I said that this is not based off of myself. (Because post-its are the most magical inventions ever and I love them because I am an anxious nerd and they are super low-pressure)
So, how’d I do?


You leave post-its everywhere.

[Door knob sticks. Turn left and pull hard.] on your bedroom door.
[Garbage comes Sunday. Trash out Saturday night.] over the garbage can and by the back door.
[Wash face. Take iron supplement.] on the bathroom mirror.

The walls of your bedroom were covered in post-its with ideas for stories, doodles, inspirational quotes and sigils for serenity, energy and deep sleep.
The first day Bucky met you, you were standing on a small stool with a pen and a wodge of post-its, scribbling away and slapping them up on the wall. Your door was open, and you sensed him pause in the hall outside. Hopping down off the stool, you walked over and stuck out her hand.
“And you are…”
“Cool name. Welcome aboard.”
“Quick warning, if you see sticky notes, they are mine. I tend to forget things so I leave them everywhere. Alzheimer’s runs in my family.”
“Feel free to add your own, by the way. Here.” You handed him a full pack from your pocket and turned back to the wall of post its. “Cool arm by the way.”
Bucky just kind of stared at you for a minute and continued on to the lounge, flipping the post-its from hand to hand.
His first one went on the fridge later that week.

[Buy plums please?]

The next day, there was a reply:

[Aye, aye, Sergeant!]

and a bag of fresh plums in the crisper. Bucky cracked a small smile, bit into a plum and scribbled away.

[Sergeants are Army not Navy. Who taught you ranks?]
[Clearly not you, Mr. Know-It-All.]

You started writing him notes about the weather the next week.

[Take an umbrella. It will rain today.]
[Chilly tomorrow- jacket weather probably.]

Bucky started saving the post-its. You were sassy and funny and liked to draw things for him. Like the time Natasha got sick of Clint skulking around in the rafters and sliced one of his anchor cables. The next day, there was a post-it, sticking to his door, with a picture of a grumpy stick-figure Hawkeye hanging upside down with a stick Black Widow rolling on the ground laughing. Or the time Tony ate the last piece of blueberry pie and Bruce almost Hulked out, you drew a bearded Tony with a round belly and blue smudges on his mouth and hands; the Hulk towering behind him with fists raised. That one made it into his arm maintenance tool box. He also liked the fact that someone else had trouble remembering things just like he did. It made him feel less isolated.

As time went on, the post-its grew flirtier and flirtier, and the other Avengers started to notice more and more. So you and Bucky started hiding them, making it into an elaborate game. You hid them in cabinets, behind the cushions on the couch, even in Bucky’s favorite cereal box. Almost a year after you and Bucky first met, the once innocent messages had gotten downright obscene.

[You should think about cutting your hair; it’s easier to see your smile. And your smile makes me think… fun things.]
[I really appreciate that sweater you wore the other day. I dreamed about it all night.]
[Leather or lace for the party tonight, do you think?]
[Oh hell, doll. Please tell me I get to see it, whatever you pick.]
[Maybe… In your dreams.]
[You do not play fair.]
[I never did.]
[That’s the best part about you.]
[Sergeant, are you trying to flatter me?]
[Call me Sergeant more. It feels good. And, I might be flattering, is it working?]
[Why don’t you try and find out… Sergeant?]
[I would, but that wouldn’t be exactly gentlemanly.]
[Gentlemanliness has its’ place, but so do other things. Want to try something new?]

You tore the tower apart looking for the reply to your latest post-it. You may have gone a little overboard in hindsight, and now you felt a little guilty for pushing him. You searched everywhere: behind the toilet tank, in the basement chest freezer, even in the fuse box. Natasha found you digging through Tony’s DVD collection later that day.

“You know that there is a package outside your door right?”
The next second, Nat was staring at your back as you left a pile of DVD’s on the floor and sprinted to the elevators. She left the lounge right after because she sure as hell wasn’t cleaning up that mess.
When you got to your door, there was a small brown box outside her door.

“FRIDAY, this isn’t Tony’s idea of a joke is it?”
“The package is not from Mr. Stark.”
“So no glitter bombs. Good. That was an April Fools to remember. Who is it from?”
“The deliverer asked me not to tell you who it was from.”
“Right. Thanks, FRIDAY.”

You took the box into your room and sat on the bed as you pulled the flaps open. On top of about forty new pads of sticky notes, and a new pack of colored pencils, was a note.

[Could we maybe start with gentleman and go from there? It’s not so bad, you know.]

You grinned and dumped the box on your bed. On the bottom was taped a post it with a rough sketch of Bucky, but with short hair. A blush was drawn on his cartoony cheeks and he held a bunch of flowers. Under the picture was written:

[Check the door.]

You opened the door to your room, and there was the real Bucky, short hair and all, with a bouquet in his hands.
“Did you see the post-its?”
“I did! Thank you! And the picture of you was so cute.”
“Didn’t you see the other one under it?”
“Oops, I didn’t. Hang on.”
Peeling the first note off carefully, you read the second post-it.

[I think I love you.]

You looked up at him and then paused.
“Can I hug you?”
Bucky just opened his arms and you ran into them, the bouquet hitting you in the back of the head, as he hugged you tightly to him.
“I think I love you too, Bucky.” You mumbled into his chest. He grinned so widely, his face hurt, and he kissed the top of your head.
“So my flattering really did work.”
“Oh, shut up and kiss me properly, you idiot.”
“With pleasure.”

pastry prince | wen junhui

sorry for the lack of activity from me because I’ve been writing but not posting it ?? oh well I’m really into the prince AU and I’m gonna post a soulmate AU soon which I’m excited for. If you guys do like the prince AU’s could you leave something in our ask box for a member you want next? That would be great.

- cheonsa


Wen Junhui, a fairly well known prince across the lands. With his charm, good looks, and his ability to run a kingdom makes all the men and women swoon over him. Like any other prince in the nearby kingdoms he can be quite oblivious about people and his surroundings, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. As it drew closer to his coronation day for when he becomes the king he has been stressed with his duties he must fulfill. At times he is perceived as harsh and cold only because of his feeling of being overwhelmed.

As a child and even now he enjoys either being outside, resting, or eating to feel less overwhelmed. Often times he would ask the bakers in the royal kitchen to make him pastries and they comply because even the staff doesn’t like seeing Jun overwhelmed and it was also their job to do so.

He sat at a desk in one of the empty rooms and his hand started to ache after countless hours of writing. Prince Jun rested an elbow in the desk as he leaned his hand on his palm. A loud sigh escaped his mouth as his head slipped from his palm and hit the desk with his forehead.

“Are you alright, Your Highness?” Startled from the sudden voice he quickly stood to his feet and looked at the door way.

You stood there with a concerned look as you held proper posture. By the way you were heavily breathing he assumed you ran to him, which was what you did. Jun’s eyes grew unnoticeably wide as he saw your figure. He had never seen you around the palace before and and this was your first encounter with the prince. You slightly bow and return to your normal posture. “Is there anything I could help you with, Your Highness?” You asked a second time.

At this moment he had a million thoughts that rushed to his head that all pertained to you. He was curious to who you were, why he hadn’t seen you before, and how could one being be so stunning. “W-what’s your name?” Jun blurted out without answering your question.

“Y/N. My name is Y/N.” You replied in a proper tone. He takes a few quick seconds to scan your figure to understand what was your occupation in the palace. The first thing he assumed was that you were one of the bakers that worked in the royal kitchen. Jun sat in his chair and turned his attention to his work.

“Prepare a batch of muffins and bring them to me once finished.” He commanded in a lower tone than the tone that asked you for your name. You raised your eyebrows and blinked your eyes multiple times.

“Pardon me, sir?” You responded. Jun realized the harshness of his command and turns to face you.

“I didn’t mean to sound like a brat. You’re one of the royal bakers and usually different foods help with relieving stress so I wanted to ask if you could please make-” You interrupted him mid-sentence with a bow.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll make them now.” You escorted yourself out of the room, but his eyes followed you with each step you took. To simply put it; he was mesmerized. With each word that you spoke to the way you had proper etiquette made you stand out from other royal staff members and even other men and women in the kingdom. Jun continued to stare at the doorway awaiting your arrival and neglecting his work.

As for you, your feet were walking at a quick pace towards the kitchen and ordered the chefs to make what the prince requested. Without a moment to spare the other bakers in the kitchen prepared and made at a rapid pace. Once finished you returned to where Jun was and entered the room. His eyes averted their gaze as you entered the room, once again focusing on the work he had.

Everyday after that encounter he always asked for you to bake him something whether it be small pastries for when he’s working on something stressful or a small plate of cookies when he tends to his private garden. Jun would use it as an excuse to see you as often as he could. Whenever you walked in the doors his mood would immediately brighten and you could see it, but never questioned it.

Jun would try to convince you to stay with him and enjoy the cakes or cookies you would bring. Many times you’re too busy with other duties in the castle, but the times you did stay with him made Jun the happiest. The two of you, without other staff members knowing, would just talk for hours about the smallest things. He would say the most funniest and weirdest things just to see you laugh and for you to stay a bit longer.

This lasted everyday for weeks, even months and it made him the happiest person in the world. Then out of the blue you stopped coming. You didn’t bring him the pastries he wanted and he could see the face that made his day better. Everyday he wondered where you could have gone.

‘Did Y/N get fired?’

‘Is Y/N just busy baking for the castle?’

‘Does Y/N not want to see me anymore?’

A million thoughts ran through his head. He was worried that you didn’t like him and didn’t want to see him or that you were kicked out of the castle. So many scenarios came to his head throughout the day to the point where it was affecting how he slept. He couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go search for you.

The handsome prince ran to each room searching high and low for any trace of you. He looked in the library and the private gardens where the two of you would talk for hours. As he sprinted down the hallway he ran into one of the chefs of the castle who was startled at first.

“You know all the people who work in the kitchen, right?” Jun asked the chef feeling out of breath.

The chef nodded his head. “Yes I do, your majesty.”

Jun sighed in relief. “Then do you know Y/N, one of the bakers?” The chef tilted his head in confusion. Jun described everything about you; the way you dress, your physical appearance, and your wonderful personality. He would ramble on about you and the chef found it amusing yet charming.

“I think you are mistaken.” The chef interrupted him. The prince stared at him in a confused way because of his bold statement. “Y/N isn’t a baker here in the castle. Try near the armory.”

The prince stared at the chef blankly and processed what he heard. He bowed slightly and sprinted to where he suggested; the armory. Jun ran out of the front of the castle and slowed down his pace as he approached the armory. The sound of grunting and swords clashing together was all around. He turned the corner and his eyes widened.

The first thing he laid his eyes was you. The image of you with messy hair and dirt covered pants was all he saw, as well as the silver sword that was in your hand. You were practicing sword techniques with one of the other royal guards in preparation for a battle.

A smiled appeared on his face when he finally saw you after months without contact. The prince approached you, but kept his head down so not many others would recognize him. Your practice session ended and he quickly made his way to you. Just as you were about to leave he reached out to your arm and pulled you away.

You were confused to who was dragging you until you realized it was the prince. You followed his quick pace around the corner of the armory where no one else saw the two of you. Once he let go of your arm you were about to ask what was wrong with him, but you didn’t have the chance.

Your thoughts were interrupted by Jun cupping your face with his hands and kissed you softly on the lips. You stayed neutral, though inside you felt like melting where you stood. You kissed him back slightly enjoying this brief, but sweet moment.

Jun pulled away and grabbed a hold of both of your shoulders, looking you in the eye. “Where the hell have you been, Y/N?” He asked worryingly. “Out of the blue you stopped showing up and I couldn’t find you anywhere. I thought you were fired, or you just didn’t want to see me.”

You sighed and looked down. “I’m sorry that I left without saying anything. I had other duties that I needed to focus on-”

“And why did you lie about being a baker?” You stood there frozen for a moment and tried to avoid eye contact. “I know that you aren’t a baker. Who are you?”

You sighed and look back at Jun. “Yes, you are right. I’m not one of the royal bakers, but I was surprised that you didn’t know who I was.” Jun tilted his head in confusion and blinked his eyes a couple times. “I’m one of the two marshals in your kingdom’s military.” Jun’s eyes grew wide as he stared at you confused.

“So why didnt you tell me? Why did you come everyday with pastries even if you weren’t a baker?”

Your sad expression quickly turned to a soft smile. “You assumed I was one the first time I met you and I was going to correct you, but you looked so stressed that I just followed along. I saw how happy you were every time I brought a muffin or cookies or a small cake, and it made me happy as well.” The prince looked at you with a soft expression.

Jun stared at you for another moment and pulled you close to his chest. “You don’t understand, Y/N. I was so worried. I was concerned if you were fired. I was nervous that you were purposefully avoiding me. Don’t go again, please.”

You nodded again and wrapped your arms around the prince. “I promise. I’m not going to leave you.”

Showers and Roomates

request: hey if you don’t mind, could i request a thomas sangster imagine?? where you guys are getting it on in the shower early in the morning and your roommate kayla wakes up and starts asking a million questions (doing her daily routine) while thomas is touching you so you have to answer like nothing unholy is happening, sry but I’ve had this in my head all day and lately I have tommy feels oh & I’m in love with your blog!!!

warnings: smut


  You woke up to the sound of the shower turning on. Your room was dimly lit, the light filtered through your grey curtains. Groggily, you sat up and noticed Thomas’ cellphone on the bedside table, reminding you of the night before. You smiled cheekily and hopped off the bed, quietly making your way into the bathroom. You got out of Thomas’ shirt – yes, you slept in his shirt – and the pair of underwear you had on.

  As you reached to pull back the shower curtain, you were startled when it was suddenly opened for you. Standing under the water of the shower, Thomas grinned at you and offered you his hand. Biting your lip, you took it and slipped into the shower with him, closing the curtain as you did so.

  “Good morning, love,” Thomas smiled and took you into his arms, kissing you sweetly. The shower felt nice, and you turned to face the water, gasping when you felt Thomas press his body against you. Immediately you could feel Thomas hardening against you.

  You moved under the water of the shower as you felt Thomas’ hands roaming lightly over your stomach, moving higher so that he could fondle with your breasts. He took one in each hand, squeezing them lightly. You moaned quietly and tilted your head, giving Thomas access to your neck. His lips were attached to your neck in an instant, sucking a line of dark marks into your skin.

  Thomas took one of his hands away from your breasts, moving it further down. He walked his fingers down your stomach slowly, making you laugh as he smirked against your neck. You drew in a sharp breath when Thomas reached your clit, biting your lip as he rubbed his fingers over it.

  Your head fell back into Thomas’ chest, and you whimpered quietly as he added more pressure, his other hand still around your breast. You closed your eyes as he continued teasing you, doing your best not to moan just yet.

  When he decided he’d teased you enough, you could feel his fingers trail down to your folds, sliding his fingers over them slightly. You tilted your head to one side and felt Thomas’ lips on your neck as he moved his fingers against your folds.

  You were about to beg him for more when you heard someone’s voice echoing in the bathroom.

  “Morning, Y/N.”

  Shit. You had totally forgotten about your roommate Kayla.

  “Oh hey, Kayla,” you replied shakily, quickly pushing Thomas off of you, being sure not to make too much noise as you did so. You turned your head slightly and saw Thomas standing there with a giant smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes at him and turned around as you felt him press his body against yours again quickly.

     “What time did you get back last night?” she asked casually, knowing you had went out with Thomas the previous night.

  “Pretty late,” you answered nervously, trying to focus while Thomas’ hands moved lightly down your body again.

  “What did you guys do?” she continued the conversation, rummaging through the many hygienic products that the two of you had in your bathroom.

  “The usual,” you got out quickly, almost choking on your words when you felt Thomas’ fingers dancing closer to your core. “Went out to eat, sat up on the rooftop, you know,” you said in one breath. You took a deep breath, trying to remain calm as Thomas toyed with your slit.

  “Oh, that’s cute. Hey, do you know where I put my morning face wash?” Kayla asked.

  “Yeah, it’s right by-” you were cut off by your own moan as Thomas slipped a finger into you.

  “Uhh, you okay Y/N?” she asked curiously.

  “Uh-huh,” you reassured her. “It’s, uh, on the shelf by the sink,” you quickly told her. You dug your teeth into your bottom lip, trying to stop your moans from coming out as Thomas pumped his finger slowly inside of you. You shut your eyes, leaning back into his chest like you did the last time.

  The little devil wanted nothing more than to make you moan out, and his tactics were smart: put you through the torture of his slow pumping; get you to moan, beg, whine for him to do more. He decided to kick it up a notch, adding another finger and continuing his slow pumps. You shook your head, knowing that this could only lead to trouble, and yet you didn’t do anything to stop him.

  “You know, you should really start using my face wash,” Kayla was still in the bathroom. “It works really well and my skin is soft as hell.”

  “Really?” your eyes flew open, trying your best to act casual. It was almost impossible, though, with Thomas thrusting his fingers into you all the while. You were thinking about pushing him away, but your thoughts were interrupted when Thomas pumped his fingers faster, harder, making you squeal.

  “Y/N?” your roommate asked, concerned. “Y/N, what was that?”

  “N-Nothing,” you huffed, “It was nothing.” You tilted your head up to see Thomas smirking, knowing he almost got you in trouble. But that’s exactly what he wanted, and without warning, he curled his fingers in you. You gasped at his sudden action, slamming your eyes shut once more. Immediately your hands were over your mouth, stopping you from moaning as Thomas thrusted his fingers into you faster. Your high was nearing and you knew that once it hit, Kayla would know. Your breathing was jagged, and

  “Moan for me,” Thomas leant down to whisper in your ear. You shook your head rapidly, catching your bottom lip between your teeth. He continued pleasuring you, shoving his fingers inside of you at a pace that would have you crying out if only Kayla wasn’t there. Still, you held your moans back.

  The bathroom sink turned on, signalling that Kayla was almost done in the bathroom.

  The ache for release only grew as Thomas continued working you. He kept his fast pace, curling his fingers again and again, which allowed him to hit spots you really didn’t need him hitting. It was bad enough that he was fingering you in the first place, but feeling him hard against your ass only made it worse. You let out a soft whimper through clenched teeth, with every quick pump of his fingers you were brought closer and closer to your high.

  “Come on, Y/N,” Thomas whispered once more. He rammed his fingers into you deeper and leaned down to nip at your neck lightly. You were over the top with pleasure and all it took was a final curve of his fingers and you came undone. Wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over you as Thomas helped elongate out your high. You groaned loudly, your mind clear of everything but the pleasure you were feeling right then and there. You were just about to say something to Thomas when..

  “Y/N? What the hell is going on in there?” you had been so caught up in your pleasure that you didn’t even notice that the sink was turned off and Kayla was still in the bathroom.

  “KAYLA, OH MY GOSH,” you exclaimed, out of breath. “Uhm, nothing. Just.. I’m fine.” you looked up at Thomas and rolled your eyes at the smile on his face.

  “Uh, alrighty then,” Kaylay replied unsurely. “I’m gonna go start on breakfast, then.”

  “Can you just get me a bowl of cereal, please?” you asked innocently.

  “Sure. Anything for you, Thomas?” Kayla asked and you could hear the sass in her voice.

  “What?” you and Thomas asked in unison.

  “Oh, please, don’t act like I couldn’t hear what was going on behind that shower curtain,” and with that Kayla left the room, leaving you and Thomas giggling under the hot water of the shower.


wow how long’s it been since i  last posted? jesus, i’ve missed you guys so much and i’m sorry for being so inconsistent with everything. i think i’m gonna stop my whole “write four billion imagines at once and post them all at the same time” crap and move onto the “finish an imagine and post the damn thing right then and there” thing. i love you guys, thank you for being so patient with me.

Upside Down (part 7)

Intro: Just a little extra scene for your enjoyment - I hope you liked the series!

I am astonished and so grateful for the response on this fic.  It was so fun to write and I am now much deeper (if possible) in the Scotty trashcan than before.  I love writing him and there will definitely not be a lack of Scotty fics in the near future.  I will be doing some Scotty character analysis for a certain follower milestone, but I will be posting that after I finish writing all my drabbles (I have about 5 left).  

I will also be posting the full fic, from beginning to end, later tonight, as well as updating my masterlist (I hope).

You guys are amazing, thank you so much.  :D

Pairing: Scotty x reader (and best friend!Jim Kirk)

Word Count: 801

Warnings: totally 100% fake engineering everything, (I was too lazy to actually come up with proper terms so I just made up words), eventual injury, swears.

Summary: So basically the starting point for this fic was Scotty x reader who loves engineering as much as he does.  So that’s where I went with this fic.  You are second-in-command engineer and Scotty one day ends up being in charge, much to your chagrin.  You butt heads.  Scotty gets hurt.  Feelings get hurt (mostly my own).  Welcome to my trashcan


All crew to report to the mess hall. 

“Lassie, we really should… mhm.. go.” Scotty said across your lips, and you pulled him tighter against you, digging your hands into his hair. 

“You really want to go, now?” You raised your eyebrow and pulled back, Scotty’s lips barely an inch from yours, both breathing hard, his eyes filled with longing. 

As a response, he covered your mouth with his firmly, pressing your back against the wall, drawing you deeper into an electric kiss.  

All crew to report to the mess hall. 

“Damnit.” You grumbled and broke the kiss, heat curling over your body, sparks spreading over your skin where Scotty dragged his hands along your sides.  

Scotty, the usually composed one, looked as dizzy as you felt from that kiss, and he kept you pressed against the wall. 

“As much as I would love to stay here and continue our… activities… we better go.” You pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth, and he tried to chase your lips with his.  

“No, no, Mr. Scott, duty calls.” You pressed a finger to his lips and he shook his head at you, giving your sides a squeeze. 

“I told you not to call me that.” Scotty growled, low and gravely, eliciting another shot of heat low in your belly. 

“What’re you gonna do?  Punish me?” You smirked playfully, drawing your tongue over your teeth, and Scotty shook his head and suddenly snapped your hands up and pinned them against the wall, before diving into another heated kiss. 

Last Call: All crew report to the mess hall.

“Alright, we better go.” Scotty breathed along your cheek, and released your hands. 

“To be continued.” You pressed a quick kiss to his lips and took his hand, leading him towards the mess hall. 

“Did we miss anything?” You whispered as you drew up next to Jim, Scotty following close behind, hand still connected to yours.   

“Nah, he’s just going on about some new medical procedure.”  Jim whispered and you rolled your eyes, “Should I reprimand you for being late?”

“Probably.” You winked and turned to Dr. McCoy, who stood at the front of the room, already deep into some speech, and you quickly zoned out.  

This was your usual posture during meetings, hands connected, paying some or a little attention to what was being said, mostly happy just to be next to each other. 

“Hey.” You hissed, and pulled on your connected hands, Scotty tilting his head down so his head was closer to yours, “I think we forgot to turn off the fragment generator." 

"I turned it off, dontcha worry, darling.” Scotty smirked and pulled his head away. 

After a few seconds, you pulled on Scotty’s hand again. 

“What can I help ya with now, lass.” Scotty said, amusement making the corner of his lips turn up. 

“Can we replicate some pizza later?  I’m feeling pizza for dinner.”


“And can we watch a movie?  I’ll let you pick this time.” You batted your eyelashes up at him. 

“You always say that, yet it never happens, now shush.” Scotty teased, tucking your conjoined hands into his pocket, which made you smile. 

“You guys make me want to vomit." 

You turned, raising your eyebrow curiously to see Jim standing just behind you, a look of disgust on his face. 

"You wish you were us.” You teased and Jim huffed, dropping his eyes, but you caught the smile that crept onto his lips. 

“… lead by our two best engineers, Scotty and Y/N.  Nice of you to join us.”

You snapped your head forward, locking eyes with Dr. McCoy and pretty much everyone else on the crew who had turned to look at you and Scotty. 

“You do agree with the premise of the project, don’t you?” Dr. McCoy looked very unamused. 

“Of course, Doc, we’re all for it.” You called and threw up a thumbs up, which elicited a few giggles throughout the crowd. 

“Great, so I will see you two in my office after this meeting and we can discuss details.” Dr. McCoy nodded and turned back to the rest of the crew, continuing his speech. 

“We are in so much trouble.” You giggled, pressing your cheek into Scotty’s shoulder. 

“Yeah, well at least we’re in trouble together.” Scotty squeezed your hand. 

You turned back to Dr. McCoy’s speech, resting your head on Scotty’s shoulder, knowing that whatever crazy adventure was ahead of you, you could count on Scotty to be by your side. 

-Thanks for reading!  I hope you liked it!- 

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Reality   By: Y. Black

New tale I’m sharing as a sample let me know what you think.

I swear on everything, how many times do I need to put my information in, just to confirm I want to do this trip? I’ve only saved the last 3 and a half years. I’ve dreamed of this for so long. Ever since the first time I watched the infomercial that highlighted the perks and destinations that this incredible voyage would venture and offer. I was ready for this journey right now, but confirming my info and payment with my retina, I still had 18 months to pack.

As soon as the payment was confirmed, my inbox chimed and I accessed the confirmation number that was promised to me. I clicked the new message titled Moonlight Mariner. I spun my chair around and gazed upon the hologram that was centered in the room. My excitement was overflowing as I watched the translucent picture come to life before my eyes.

“Hello Justice Cooper, I am Cynthia. I will be your personal host as we prepare to embark on your amazing journey aboard the Moonlight Mariner. First, I would like to thank you for choosing Moonlight. We specialize in making your travel dreams a reality. Based on the questionnaire that you filled out, as well as a quick scan of your interest in your histories, in addition to your frequent spending habits; I was able to comprise a catalogue of several excursions that I am sure you will love.”

“Wow.” I was completely elated.

“Wow, indeed Mr. Cooper. Or do you prefer Justice?

“Oh, ummm… well Justice is fine, I suppose.” I was astounded, I mean I had heard about interactive holograms, but never had I encountered one. I was utterly in awe, to say the least. “Your name is Crystal correct?”

“No sir, my name is Cynthia.”

“Apologies, I’m not very good with names.”

“No worries Justice, I am sure we will become well acquainted over the next several months.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant, but she had piqued my interest considerably. At this point, my excitement was palpable. I mean I knew what I had signed up for but I never imagined I would have my own personal hologram delivered right here in my very own living quarters. Desmond wouldn’t believe me if I told him. Hell, he’d probably shun me. He thought I was completely crazy for even wanting to take the voyage. But guess who gave zero fucks about what Desmond thought of my desire to take the trip? That’s right, Me. I wasn’t going to share my experience with him, and the last thing I needed was a Debbie Downer trying to rain on my parade.

Cynthia downloaded a countdown/preparation calendar into my pod, that she posted on the wall just outside the kitchen. Our interaction left a gigantic smile on my face, a bit of uncertainty in my stomach, and a million questions I wasn’t sure I could or was even ready to ask. Being a realist with optimistic ways and an expert dreamer, I just let the blocks land as they may.

That night I kept having thoughts of this Cynthia character. Was she a real person? How did she get that job if she was? Would I actually get to meet her in person? I wonder if she will be onboard the journey?  My thoughts gradually became more unfiltered and unhinged. After pondering for what felt like hours, I decided to turn in before I questioned myself into an aneurism.

Upon entry of my sleep chamber I was presented with several dream options.

Desmond bullying in childhood

Mom’s funeral

Revenge on Desmond

The Moonlight Mariner


I wanted to choose the Moonlight but curiosity was said to kill the most curious of cats and Cynthia had more than stirred the interest within me. I donned my breathing mask and was out before my eyelids had a chance to properly shut. My mind was a very vivid place, so it only heightened with my chamber’s direction. Contrarily, Desmond still slept the traditional way. He wasn’t a dreamer like I was. He and I shared DNA, but that was about as much as we had in common. But he was my brother and though we rarely saw eye to eye, he was all I had, and I loved him for it.


I stood at the foyer of my pod complex. I had just exited my Uber Xtreme and as it whisked away my gaze summoned at the sound of my name. There she stood. She had a shimmering caramel skin tone, and dark locks that fell just below her shoulders. Her eyes shined like the fullest moon on the dimmest night. She was dressed in active wear as though she had just returned from working out at the gym. Everything in my immediate vicinity became still, virtually lifeless. I could feel my cheeks give way to a fleeting smile of adoration. As she drew nearer I extended my hand but was knocked for six as she leapt into my arms.

“Justice, I’ve missed you so.”, she said as she nestled into my neck. The familiarity she exuded was one I couldn’t quite put my finger on, she continued, “I knew you were going to be gone but those extra two days really did a number on me. Were you able to accomplish everything that you needed?”

“Yes, I was.  Desmond needed my help with the farm. It also gave me some much needed time with my niece and nephews.” I went back home about three times a year. I had been in Upper Miami for almost a decade now. I left there not much longer after I had graduated. Desmond was a traditionalist like I mentioned. He took after Pops in that regard. Mom was the one who had dared me to dream and be great. He despised the wave of new. But I often joked about his beach farm in Orlando. Global warming had the real Miami disappear well over two centuries ago. There were modern day Atlantis like cities that littered the globe these days. If you should ever have the time you should visit, they are amazing. Upper Miami was created along with many other Upper’s to combat the inevitable rising tides of the world’s oceans. It was located 6 miles above the earth’s crust. It was quite a genius idea at the time it was created. It provided relief to humanities most imminent threats outside of the Ice Age. Most times I used the Upper Community Transit, or UTC to get back and forth to the farm.  Well, UTC to the crust, then four hours on a vessel then another hour by electric motor vehicle. In total the trip was about 8 and half hours.

“I’m sure they missed you so much.”

“As I have missed them. They are growing so fast these days.” I was ready to have kids of my own but my dating life had been a recurring epic failure. Desmond often tried to make my dating life a topic of discussion. He never was open enough to explore how I had and frankly, I had no desire to try and enlighten him. “What did you miss of me?” I probed Cynthia. More for myself and information as to our interaction rather than truly wanting to know. It was as if I was trying to piece together an unsolved mystery at this point.  

“Well Mr. Cooper, I missed seeing your smile, and waking you up in the morning, in the special way you like” She raised an eyebrow and pursed her lips while gaving me a sassy smirk. As we made eye contact, I felt my groin tighten. She continued, “I missed asking how your day was and inviting you over for dinner.” I was beginning to get a picture of what this was. “You know, you are my favorite human right?”

I was thrown a bit. I was almost certain Cynthia was the real thing. Yet she was a droid. I guess it only made sense as she was too perfect. From her glamourous looks that allured me, to the way she knew my comforts. Never had a soul come close to that nor had they ever shown this much interest in me. “Well Cynthia, you are my favorite too.” I kissed her on the check and my dream concluded.

I woke up refreshed as I always did but I was filled with many questions that pleaded for answers. I knew that I’d be plagued for hours on end. The most pressing of those questions was whether she was like me or if she was truly a droid. As I worked that day, I couldn’t help but wonder who was who at Horizons Water facility. In an effort to smooth integration, the company had within the last year hired 150 new employees, but hadn’t stated if the new employees were droid or humanoid. I kept my distance though, as I’d recently been disappointed by a droid, to say the least.

At Horizon, I worked in the lab. It was here where I would test the Ph and salinity content of water extracted from the clouds below. I only associated with a handful of people who were tenured at this point. Phil and I had grown close as we had gone through orientation together, and here it was, five years in and counting. He worked on the other side of the plant where he did purification of the samples extracted.  Resources have become an even hotter commodity and new ways to produce more with less have been the latest trend. Being somewhat on the cutting edge suited me well. I was always conscious of my footprint, even as a youngin’ I was keen on recycling. Even more so, how I could help with the issues that the plagued the world.

Albeit all my pushing Cynthia to the back burner did nothing, she consumed every vacant moment that my mind had. My commute was consumed of her prancing through the innards of my mind. The Uber ride home was monotonous as my chamber had an uncanny ability to tie my dreams into my reality. That being said, part of me was anxious. Having that blurred line of recalling her presence upon my arrival, I couldn’t help but pause. It was almost as if I was waiting to hear my name called in the lovely tone that only her melodic voice could hum.

Frame & Focus

Fandom: BTS
Pairings: Suga | Min YoongixReader
Genres: Angst, fluff, photographer AU with a side of New Yorker Min Yoongi
Rating: PG
Words: 7.6k

Preview: Everything about her presence was so beautifully captured by the lens of his camera. No matter the situation nor her placement, every element of the shot focused back onto her. Everything about her screamed that she belonged on camera and in his life. In the mess of moments that made up Yoongi’s life, she was the frame and focus that made sense of everything.

Originally posted by nann-6

A/N: Thanks to Jas / @jeons-jalebi for helping me with some of the photography bits here. It was a huge help! 

Very loosely inspired by this LIGHTS song

AO3 link

I listened to this playlist and this mix a lot while I was working on it.

The tall Victorian bell tower of the church dwarfed the already short stature of Min Yoongi as he stood by the doors, checking his watch every minute while he waited. The agonizing heat of June was already starting to choke him, making the black blazer of the suit he wore even more unbearable. The cashier at Men’s Wearhouse recommended the style for his smaller frame, said it made his shoulders and chest look wider. He cursed himself for letting her talk him into buying the cheaper polyester suit over the more expensive yet breathable cotton suit he had his eye on.

He woke up early for this day so he could be ready for the job without any complications, and he even went so far as to order double espresso shots in his coffee so he could be awake for this day. He’d arrived five hours early, hoping he could get some time to scope out the cathedral before anyone else arrived – for the best lighting, best angle, and best background. But she was late, and every minute that ticked by made him more anxious. He would normally give her a hard time for her tardiness, but this time he wouldn’t simply because she was now a customer. Not a well paying one, granted, but it was another opportunity to show others his work and a chance for free food.

No artist can resist free food.

The sound of her voice echoed in his head as he admired the stained glass of the church doors, temporarily forgetting about the discomfort of glaringly hot sun overhead.

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The Butterfly Test

(Post-Teru fight. No spoilers for anime-only watchers)

Winning seven straight rounds of virtual solitaire had been, on the whole, unrewarding. After the eighth round, Reigen had grown numb to the 8-bit victory music. After nine, he lost all interest. He closed the tab, tapped off the monitor’s power, and stared at his own blank reflection.

Reigen was bored.

“Hey, Mob, what are you up to?”

Mob startled at the address. He tapped his fingers against the desk, investigating the open, blank notebook page in front of him. “…Not much, I don’t think.”


Reigen set his chin in his palm. He glanced out the window and, finding nothing, shifted his attention to the closed office door. The violent séance guy was probably still lying in the hallway, out cold. Reigen had dragged him out by the feet, head knocking against a few chair legs along the way. It was only with some thoughtful intervention from Mob, a twitch of his finger, that the guy’s unconscious body had lifted from the ground and floated nicely out the door.

Reigen kind of wished Mob hadn’t seen him punch the guy. Something about his self-defense explanation sat uncomfortably in his chest. Or, perhaps not the explanation, but Mob’s reaction.

I wish I didn’t have these powers.

Yeah, that didn’t make Reigen feel good. He eyed Mob, who sat at his own desk, staring unfocused across the room. Something was off about Mob, something that Reigen’s “don’t suppress yourself” speech hadn’t fixed.

“Hey Mob.”

Mob startled again. “Yes, Shishou?”

“Are you feeling okay?”

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Halloween: Part 1 of 2

“Oh, honey you looks so cute!”

Lexa rolled her eyes as her mother approached, camera in hand, ready to capture every moment of the awkward humiliation she’d agreed to suffer through.

“Mom… Please, don’t.”

It was too late.  Her mother was already snapping pictures as Aden danced around, overjoyed to be out of school and in costume, free to fully inhabit the role of a tiny Darth Vader.

“Lexa! Lexa! Look at me!”

He pranced around, nearly bouncing off the walls with frantic energy, his nervous excitement palpable as he run up and down the hallway, wielding his red lightsaber wildly.

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mr. neighbour || 06

Genre: Neighbour!Jungkook AU; fluff; attempted angst (very slightly)
Word Count: 1, 317
Notes: I tried my hand at a bit of angst and I’m still a little rusty. I think things might be picking up between these two ~ 
Series: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 7

You weren’t at all surprised to find yourself awake before Jungkook the next morning. The early morning sunlight peeked through his tasteful curtains and you gathered that it couldn’t have been more than eight in the morning. He was still soundly asleep and one glance over confirmed that he was shirtless because of that odd sleeping habit he had. This time though, you weren’t at all stunned or kicking him out of bed. Flustered, yes, but calmer

He was the first thing you woke up to, his peaceful sleeping face coming in through the haziness of waking up. Once your vision became clear, you couldn’t help but admire the view displayed next to you. From his perfectly groomed eyebrows, the length of his eyelashes kissing the tops of his cheeks, the soft curve of his nose, and the relaxed line of those soft looking lips that probably should be considered one of the Seven Wonders.

You flushed at your own thoughts.

This was crazy. Your thoughts were crazy. You were crazy.

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Only Human - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: Stiles Stilinski. Surrounded by a world of supernatural and strange, it’s hard to keep a hold of things, especially ones mind and with something new terrorizing the streets of Beacon Hills the unexpected happens, causing Stiles to react in the only way possible. He is only human after all.

Warnings: Language. Dark. Talk of death. Death of main characters. AU!Stiles

Word Count: 5,004

A/N: Okay, this is deep and dark. I needed a little break form the fluff and got inspired to write this. It’s a little different than what I am use to posting and I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is always welcomed. 

Originally posted by trickthekick

They had made fun of him before. Knuckles turning white as he gripped the metal bat with such anger. How could Stiles carry around a bat as all his friends around him were filled with supernatural energy? What could a strong swing do compare to fangs and sharp nails of a werewolf, or the screeching scream of a banshee? Enough. It could do enough. Beads of sweat collected on his forehead, confused eyes were staring at him as if she didn’t know. “Stiles.” Her voice was breathless, shallow and he could hear the hope. Lydia Martin. The girl he had been so in love with since before the two understood what love was. He never thought he would be stalking towards her, only one idea in mind. He use to have happy thoughts, images on them kissing dancing in his head, ideas of holding her hand and telling her how much she really meant to him, how amazing she was and how she had such a beautiful mind even if she didn’t like to show it that often. But now, now he just wanted to see that beautiful mind painting one of the school walls. One by one, they were going to pay, and he was going to be okay with it.

“Scotty! Scott-o! Movie night, just us bros!” Stiles was excited. Although he enjoyed the idea of being needed around Beacon Hills, there hadn’t been any supernatural sightings for a while and he was liking the idea of having his normal life back. Him and Scott were spending a lot more time together like they did before, stuffing their faces with countless junk foods and lounging in their pajamas, just being comfortable with each other. However, when he looked at his best friend, his smile on his face immediately dropped. Scott was all uneven jaw and apologetic eyes, his lips pursed together. Stiles was starting to think he was gaining some weird wolf powers by association, like he could hear Scott’s heart beat through his chest. “Oh damn.” He sighed. “I’ll go put some real pants on.” Stiles hiked his way up his stairs so he could get ready for whatever was to come. He knew it was a little too good to be true. There was never a true break in this town. He was starting to wonder why he wasn’t being paid for this yet. Grabbing the keys to Roscoe before heading out, Scott patted him on the back as they exited the house and made their way to the clinic.

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Kiss me you animal

Summary: (Vampire!phil, hybrid!dan(werewolf and vampire aye) AU)

Like, they both act like they hated each other’s guts, when in honesty they are basically the sappiest couple in school.

Genre: floof

Warning: swearing whats new

Words: 1,964

A/N: this was originally meant to be kirsten’s bday fic but then i thought it wont make her cry s o hehehe. what u mean i used an mcr title. what u mean im an emo fuck. i also wanted to write an au like this since the beginning of time but i never had an idea for a plot but holla here we are. 

“Honestly, go suck on a garlic.” Dan sneers at the pale man seated across him, by means of complexion as a human or not.

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Summary: Everything was in the right place right now. With the pattering of the rain, the scent of dew in the air, the sight of a colorful apron in front of him, this sensation in his hand felt like something that he’s been waiting for through lifetimes.
Info: Caesar/Joseph, artist!Caesar, writer!Joseph, one shot, unedited, i wrote this in like an hour because i was slapped in the face with inspiration/motivation when i saw an old art that joy drew for me please be gentle with me
Notes:  왜 살짝 내 손을 잡고
귓속말을 건네는 걸까
Why are you softly holding my hand
And whispering to me?


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