i drew this a while ago


So uh,,, I drew this a while ago bc I saw someone mention a band au for bmc where Jeremy is keyboard + lead vocals, Christine is drums and Michael is guitar and,,, I love it. Michael is hardcore pining for jer and when Michael hears him sing for the first time he nearly dies

I never noticed this before but while I casually came across these pages just minutes ago 

I was sudenly reminded of another scene from the FB arc

the reason I was reminded of this was actually pretty stupid, seeing Ru/kia jumping the wall reminded me of In/oue jumping out of the window, so I went and cheked if I remembered correctly and I actually noticed that there are more similar things in both scene. 

Chad is missing and probably in some kind of danger and the guys are worried for him. Of course the differences are what drew my attention, while in the Ich/igo and Ru/kia scene, Ichi/go has no problem of being open, showng his worry and actually talks with Ru/kia and comes up with a plan, in the Ich/igo and Ino/ue scene, there is nothing of that, Ichi/go closes up, doesn’t really interact with Ino/ue and doesn’t come up with a plan to search for Chad but actually refuses to go with Ino/ue to search for him together. In both scenes we also see a panel of Ichi/go’s back but while in the Ino/ue’s case she sees his back because he turns her down and shuts her out, in the Ru/kia scene we see his back because he is leading the way for her to follow. 

Just felt like sharing this with you guys, I think I never saw someone point that out, I know there are many scene in the FB arc that parallel the early chapters but I never noticed this one. Aaaaaand that’s exactly why I still didn’t reread the manga or rewatch the anime, because I know I am going to see all over again how good and well developed ichiruki were/is and I just askdhksfshkto