i drew these to calm myself down

You really thought a pathetic little gun wound would hurt me?! How hilarious!

So I had an angry “fit” and drew some classic psycho Joker to calm myself down. Who would have though anger can be such a good inspiration

originally i wasn’t going to draw daniel but my hands kept shaking and i knew this was the way to calm myself down.

this wasn’t an easy thing to draw as i drew it my hands were unbelievably shaking and tears were running down my face.I hope mark.matt, ryan and daniel’s friends and family are ok.

rest in peace daniel.  

sept 1

he told me he didn’t love me.

i went on a roller coaster for
the first time.
i taught myself how to play piano
and i sucked at it.
i tried again. and slammed the keys
til middle C cracked. the
universe has better gifts for me anyways.

everyone knows Mary Had A Little Lamb,
so that’s all that matters. i think i’m okay.

i think i’m okay. yeah. i wrote a poem
to calm me down.
and then i

read jane eyre. and i cried when
she drew the portraits. mr rochester.

mr rochester. me and her are the same, you know.
two peas in a lonely pod.

she loves you so painfully, she’s
drawn until her hands went numb.
and i’ve written
a whole book of hollow words he’ll
never notice and he doesn’t even
care and no one else gives a damn either

jane. jane. i wish you could hear me.
he said he didn’t love me. i don’t know
how to draw, jane. and i don’t have a psychic

at my door. asking me about my heart.
jane. what would you do, jane?
if plain stands before beauty and beauty
doesn’t appreciate the bravery, what

can plain do, jane?

will be in my book Red Mouth, in 2017. 


Some Undertale doodles.

Underfell Sans because I was very stress and needed to draw an angry character to calm myself down. I drew Gaster!Sans in December and forgot to post it. The Gaster Blaster sketches I drew as a practice for a speedpaint I’m currently making

Undertale © Toby Fox, Gaster!Sans @borurou

Please do not repost or use without permission or delete artist’s comment


So GUYS!! I finally was awarded the opportunity to meet the AMAZING Melissa McBride at Walker Stalker Con Chicago last month! I can’t even describe how happy I was at that moment when I finally met her oh my gosh. I had drew a picture for her and put it in a frame and I was so nervous because they said she might not be taking gifts and what not, so I was really super scared they weren’t going to let me give it to her! I was not giving in though because I had spent forever working on that drawing and NO ONE was going to tell me I couldn’t give it to my awe inspiring idol!

I was in line for the photo op and I was so nervous and I was literally shaking! I couldn’t calm myself down! I told myself that I wasn’t going to cry when I met her, but I kind of knew deep down that me not crying was going to be almost impossible, mostly because I love Melissa SO much, and I’ve looked up to her for so long! 

When it was finally almost my turn to go into the photo op room the lady asked me,
“are you going to be showing that to Melissa?” (***showing***) *wink-wink*
And I just shook my head because I was speechless! 

I peeked around the corner of the curtain of the photo op room and she was RIGHT THERE! LIKE TEN FEET AWAY FROM ME! 

and everything just kind of sunk in! 

I started shaking even more and I could feel myself starting to get really emotional and knew that I was going to start crying– there was literally no stopping it haha. 

When she was done taking the picture with the person in front of me she looked at me and they had to physically push me forward because I couldn’t move my feet! I was so starstruck it was insane! And she was looking at me! at meeee!!!! Melissa McBride was looking at ME!! WHAT??!!

Right when I took a step forward tears just automatically started pouring out of my eyes! I couldn’t stop either! I was so happy and excited to be there and to be in her presence.

Right when she realized I was crying (lol how embarrassing i know) she pouted her lips and went, “awwwww”

she said,

M: “We don’t cry in pictures!!(**cutest, most adorable and heartfelt smile ever**)

All I could say was,

C: "I am seriously your biggest fan in the world I love you so much!”

and she seen my picture and she took it right away and said

M: “Did you draw this?!”

C: *nod*

M: “It’s for me?!”

C: *nod* (lol! I was seriously speechless!)

M: “This is amazing! It’s so beautiful! Thank you so much sweetie!”



I was like wiping my tears away (trying to be fast bc i didn’t want the photo op ppl to get mad bc photo ops are supposed to be rlly quick) 

And we took the picture and she kept asking the guy for another picture because she didn’t want there to be like tears all over my face in the pic Hah! But the one picture turned out! which is LE PIC :-) <3 

She gave me one last hug and asked me,

M: “are you sure you’re okay?!”

C: *nod and smile whilst wiping my tears bc MELISSA MCBRIDE*

(I really wanted to be like NoooOo lemme stay witchu gurl! but i didn’t hahah)

and she said, 

M: “Thank you so much for coming sweetie! It was good seeing you!”

And I was like 

C: “you too!!!”


If you were to see like the hard copy of the picture you can see one single tear like streaming down my right cheek hahahahahah xD

But that was the best experience I could have ever had and AGH! I LOVE HER! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I went with my bff though! and we took some pictures with Shumpert, Glenn, Tdogg, and Martinez!! :)