i drew them as whales because whales are cute

Today I decided To play with my art , Cause I keep on staring at e-vay Art work (Art style) And I can’t help but Adore it , CAUSE ITS SO GOSH DARN AMAZING, So I attempted to Draw like her Because She is a artist who Said something I tell myself everyday cause To me Its funny but meaningful “Draw Til your fingers bleed” >w< I know Its funny but I say it 1,000 times a day and Well I like how she drew aurora with a mark piler Mustache So I drew my Mark Piler/Famous Youtuber balenaproductions and I know he Likes killer whales ;u; And well To be honest I Can DRAW A GIANT WHALE ON AMY XD so I used his Icon Because I love it •-• Steve Is my Inspiration, Because He is always working to his fullest to make great things! and I hope both E-Vay & Steve see MY WEIRD STRANGE LOVE FOR THEM BOTH :3