i drew stuff yay

First drawing on the new tablet! This thing is crazy responsive. It’s going to take some getting used to.

Pressure sensitivity is also not what I’m used to. I did this in Sketchbook Pro because the Wacom Creative Canvas software doesn’t feel very intuitive (I can’t figure out how to do most of the things.

Anyway, have some Owen for you all.


Based on a true story also late valentine’s post ftw

Another YuGiOh bday prez for another student~*°

Presenting Dart, my new Pathfinder character.

My previous character, a Stormborn sorcerer, got killed last session. Sadface. We’re high enough level (10) that I probably could have arranged a resurrection, but I decided to make a new character anyway. That guy was starting to get a little boring.

Now I have this fine fellow. He’s a tiefling spellslinger. A spellslinger is a kind of wizard who uses guns. He can cast spells like a normal wizard, and he can shoot guns like a normal gunslinger. But he can also combine the two! He can expend magical energy to enchant his gun or he can fire spells through the gun!

I haven’t gotten to do much with him yet but since he’s a Wizard, he gets to be the team’s smart guy. He has at least one rank in every Knowledge and he’s a pretty decent shot (for a wizard). His preferred weapon is a rifle, but he has a revolver he can use in a pinch. 

I decided to go with the more standardized 4th Edition tiefling look. Part of this was laziness, and part was a desire to make him more immediately recognizable as a tiefling. So dusky red skin, a pair of forehead horns… I decided piercings were appropriate since we’re doing a pirate campaign. So I went all out, including snakebites. I will probably give him tattoos if and when I do a full body drawing.

Perhaps I should offer colored portraits like this as commissions. It’s the right size that it would probably fit in the portrait area for many digital character sheet portraits.

FINISHED the Skittles Brigade picture! These are the six guys from my upcoming online graphic novel, Djinnborn. My good friend CJ suggested I make a Taste the Rainbow picture because she affectionately names them the Skittles Brigade.

From left to right we have Mevar (the playboy), Naskos (the bodyguard), Osoron (the prince), Kollan (the smart guy), and Cyricus (the soldier). And in the back we have the Guide. 

Enjoy! I will consider removing the underpants for you all at some point.