i drew stuff yay


prompt was ‘sterek with de-aged pack climbing all over them’ and i went with S2 weres because i miss them dearly

also taking photos of evidence is a perfectly logical thing to do when faced with derek hale and babies ok:’)

sorry for the lateness and art fail;; i hope this is alright;-; ily<333

*sweats nervously* Um yeah ignore that last bit of dialogue.

Decided that the next intro page for the Behind the Scenes Crew would be Dr. Brent Carver, the medical staff and team dad of the crew.

Basically Dr. Carver is sick of everyone’s crap (even mine apparently). He still does his job and does it well, but he’s a massive grump. I think the only time he’d be sweet would be around his daughter, Piper. And very rarely to Dr. Flug and 5.0.5. Demencia annoys him too much. He and Black Hat are grump buddies.

I do want to say that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the Behind the  Scenes crew ships Paperhat, even Dr. Carver.


Based on a true story also late valentine’s post ftw


I am no longer sick! Have some happy butterflies to celebrate this achievement of not having a cold!

Speedpaint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSKBerb01To&feature=youtu.be


Another YuGiOh bday prez for another student~*°


Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Merman!AU Comic: Treasure Page 12-13


Took longer to sort than intended due to having to spend a long time yesterday attempting to sort out our router after it shorted out and broke in the middle of a lightning storm.

Fun times, but yeah. I drew more fluffy stuff for this release~ ^-^

more generic attendants yay


Hello! Guine here (but my other blog doesn’t have safe content so NEW BLOG! dedicated to my Neopets stuff) and here’s my Skeith I drew. Yay! She was a pound pet and I got her because I loved her name. My friend gave me a Royal PB and I’m sooo happy thank you ;w;!!!!!! <3

She loves plushies and swords.

I looooooooooooooooooove chubby gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ;w;!!!!!!