i drew some shit

sooo this is from a drawpile doodle session i did w/ @kumquatstar back on 12/3/16… full of OCs n some mp100… hopefully u can tell who drew what lmao cuz our styles r pretty different.. anyway this was fun and i hope we can do it again sometime ;w;


my art was all over the place this year ugh ugh ugh

tbf, i started a new job in january that quadrupled my workload and stress levels so i had a lot less time/creative motivation to draw this year

better luck next year


As much as I miss the old gang, the next generation really wormed its way into my heart <3


I can’t get over the height difference thing.

I don’t like drawing myself, I almost did this a year ago when it was popular bc someone tagged me to do one but i didn’t. I’m a lot more confident in my skills now, so heres me art deco style

i might make an nsfw account and not tell any of u guys about it cuz i just drew some shit and it looks so good but…its..cursed,