i drew on paper today

Kinda realised I didn’t post any kind of art minus super sketchy MS Paint stuff recently…


here’s Omni and PJ as kids (which this is a noncanon pic but still a fun thing to design due to Omni never really being a ‘kid’)

Omni © CereusBlue

The cycle
  • Me: hm I have a lot of assignments due next Tuesday I guess I'll work on them over the weekend
  • Me, over the weekend: ..............
  • Me, Sunday night: I hate myself lmao
  • Me, Monday: *doing all the assignments, begging for death*
Yellow Lilies Wrapped in Honey

a/n: ***dan and phil’s son is autistic and there is a scene with a large crowd of ppl (which makes him panic) in it and if u are v uncomfortable w/ crowds i added an astrid * so u can skip over that part !!

Summary: Basically just short snippets about the life of married Dan and Phil along with their two children; from Winnie who’s favorite food is tofu and garlic bread and Charlie who would rather wear yellow skirts and watch the stars all night long. (ft. their shiba inu who is ironically named Susan).

Words: 1.9k

Warnings: Mild panic attack; other than that lots of fluff that will make ur teeth ache

“Papa,” Winnie announced, climbing onto the sofa armchair to slide into Phil’s warm lap comfortably. “Look what I drew at school today.”

She shoved a crumpled paper drawing under Phil’s glasses. He chuckled. “Sweetie I can’t see it when you hold it so close to my face,” He took the drawing in his hand and held it at a distance.

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“Yevgeny, your turn. Why don’t you come up front and show the class what you’ve brought for show and tell.” Mrs. Cooper said with a small smile, dreading what the Milkovich child could have possibly brought. She had had all of the Milkovich’s so another offspring was bound to drive her up a wall. The little boy shuffled out of his chair, his sneakers squeaking on the tiled floor as he came up to the front of the class. He had his father’s eyes, an icy blue that was sure to turn you to stone if you got on his bad side, but he had his mother’s pointed face. He was young but his nose was sharp and cheek bones high, he was a very good looking child. Well, for a six year old.

“You know what to do.” the teacher advised as he stood there with a piece of paper, “Tell the class your name, age, and show them what you have.” He took a small breath, shooting a teacher a look for rushing him.

“My name is Yevgeny Milkovich. Jus’ call me Yevy cause no one says it right ‘nyways.” he stated flatly, a smirk quirking up on his little lips. It was undeniable who his father was, “And I’m six.” his head ducked a bit and he turned the paper around, “I drew my family for show n’ tell today…”

Mrs. Cooper lifted a brow curiously at the drawing, “Oh my, that’s a lot of people…Why don’t you tell us-”

“Mrs. C I’m gettin’ to it.” He snapped with a small huff, he didn’t like when she did that. She always talked over him, “Okay…So this is my family 'nd it’s really big. I have two mommies and two daddies. Papa and Daddy Ian. mama and Mama Nika. Papa is in love with Daddy and Mama loves Mama Nika. Some people give us looks but Papa beats em up sometimes so it’s okay.” he said nonchalantly, bouncing on his toes as he continued.

“Papa is really nice to me now, he takes me to work sometimes all the ladies are really nice and stuff. They give me candy and Mama gets mad cause I’m hyper. They all smell like flowers. It’s cool.”  he continued on, ignoring the strange look he was receiving from his teacher, “Daddy Ian is sick, but Papa and I keep him happy. He’s doin’ a lot better now though. He doesn’t have to stay at the hospital no more so I don’t have to see Papa cry. He doesn’t know I saw but I did. I see e'rything.”

“My aunties are all really nice. Auntie Mandy is the best, she showed me how to get a weapon 'way from someone. It’s cool, she says I’m definietly a Milkovich which makes me smile. Auntie Fi and Debs are also really nice. They make me snacks sometimes when they visit, they gave me lots of clothes too.” he tugged at his sweater, “Like this.”

Yevy took a deep breath as he continued as if all the talking was exhausting, “And that’s my Uncle Carl, Lip, and Liam. Well…Liam is my best friend not my uncle. I don’t call him uncle. He’s only a little older than me and I can already beat him up so-” the child shook his head, “Uncle Carl got arrested last night for somethin’ but Papa said not to worry cause Gallagher’s never stay away too long, but Uncle Lip is away too. He is a scientist or somethin’. He’s workin’ on an awesome robot!”

He held the paper to his chest, biting his lower lip, “That’s my family.” he said with a nod and though Mrs. Cooper would have to disapprove with some on the things he said, Yevy didn’t seem to be the same as the previous Milkovich’s, maybe a new era was coming about.

“You can’t have two daddies and two mommies! My daddy said that’s against the bible or somethin’!” a particularly ugly child in the front row called out, and just like that. Yevy’s face went stone cold, his icy gaze burrowing into the other student.

He smirked a bit, in a way a child shouldn’t be able to do, “Your daddy is Mr. Henson, right? I think he owes my Papa money…I saw them talking a few days ago…it’d be bad if I reminded him.”

        Or maybe not.

She’s His Little Lady

I Have Loved You Since Series: She’s His Little Lady


To the moon and back was how it always was since the very first day she was born. His pride and joy, his heart, his love. She was everything; she was the spitting image of you and she was sweet, kind, and caring and anyone who met her, fell in love instantly. Darcy found the best in everybody and everything; it didn’t take much to make her smile and surely it didn’t take long for Harry to make her laugh. She was Daddy’s little girl and maybe she didn’t know it now and maybe in a few years, she’ll complain to you about how Harry was being unfair, or how he loved the other kid more than he loved her, but no matter what, no matter when or where, it will always be “I love you to the moon and back”.

With the start of your second trimester for your second baby, you could feel his arms and legs move, shift, and kick parts in your belly that should never be kicked. Going to the bathroom every ten minutes wasn’t ideal either but it was happening and you could hardly let yourself out of the house without wearing an adult diaper. Something Harry seemed to be quite fond of when you jokingly suggested it.  

December in London wasn’t different than any other month in London; it was the same breezy, cloudy weather that loitered all year round. The house was big, maybe even a little too big for three, now four, but it was warm and it smelt of vanilla candles, coffee, and Harry. His jumper made it a bit more bearable now that most of your wardrobe has been thrown aside due to your growing belly. He didn’t mind though; he found it quite amusing to watch you snuggle into one of his sweats and jumpers. He’d always remark about it as well but not very deep down, he truly adored it.

The couch in the den shifted as his body slumped down beside you, his presence bringing a whole new level of warmth onto your skin as he rested his chin on your shoulder, pressing a soft kiss to your ear.

“Hi,” you giggled, wriggling to his touch.

“Hi,” he mumbled, pressing another kiss to your jaw. “I’m headed out to pick up Darcy. Do you need anything from the store?”

“No, I think I’m good.”

“Okay,” he kissed your lips.

You could feel his smile pressed against yours as he lingered along your bottom lip, kissing you like he had went to the moon and came back with a handful of stars. His eyes were dreamy when he parted from your lips; green with a hint of blue and glitter. He was in one of his sappy moods again. Although lately, he’s been in his sappy mood 24/7. With the new baby along in a few months, he was gentle and thorough with you; anything you needed or wanted would be with you in minutes if Harry had anything to do with it. 

“You’re in a mood,” you snickered.

He chuckled and shook his head. “I just like kissing you,” he smiled. “You’ve got an awfully kissable mouth.”

You laughed, your hand reaching for his jaw to pull him in for another peck. “You as well, my love. Now go get our daughter before she cries because she thought we forgot her again.”


Harry was leaning against the wall in the tiny hallway of Darcy’s preschool while scrolling through his turned-off phone in attempt to avoid the stares and whispers from the mothers waiting across from him. It’s been four months of driving back and forth between dropping off and picking up Darcy from school and in those four months, he had endured flirty waves and smiles by the married women who waited along with him. Sometimes, they’d just stare at him.

“Daddy!” Darcy’s high-pitched voice screamed as her teacher, Miss Collier, opened the door to her classroom. He smiled, squatting down with his arms wide opened to meet her hug. Her tiny hands could barely meet as she wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her head under his chin.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he grinned, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “How are ya?”

“Good,” she giggled, holding up a piece of paper to show Harry. “Look what I drew today. Look!”

Harry took the piece of paper before he brought it close to his face and humorously squinted his eyes to observe it, making Darcy giggle. “Hmm,” he hummed. “You’re quite talented, aren’t you, my love? I can see you’re going very strong with the lines for the potato.”

“That’s not a potato, Daddy,” she whined, poking her head over the piece of paper. “That’s Noah!”

Harry’s eyes enlarged while his lips pulled back to his ears, showing every single one of his teeth in embarrassment before Darcy snatched the paper from his hand and brought it to her chest. She scrunched her nose and stuck out her tongue, making Harry laugh as he stood to his feet to greet her teacher. “Darce, you wanna say goodbye to Miss Collier?” He looked down at her, watching her tiny hand wave swiftly at her teacher.

“Bye, Miss Collier,” she chirped.

“Goodbye, Darcy. I’ll see you tomorrow,” the petite lady smiled, waving back.

Harry took Darcy’s hand and the two of them began to walk down the hall towards the exit before he heard a small voice call out. “Bye, Darcy!” Hers and Harry’s head whipped around to her name before they were met with a small, blonde haired boy around Darcy’s age, maybe a year older, standing by his mother as he smiled and waved.

Harry was shocked to see how bright Darcy’s face had gleamed when she saw who it was, instantly throwing up her other hand and waving back to him with a toothy smile. “Bye, Cameron.”

Harry opened the car door and lifted Darcy in the air to sit her in her car seat, buckling each button, and making sure she was comfortable before walking around to the driver’s seat. He stuck the key in the ignition, quickly tugging the side of his beanie to cover his ears before promptly driving off school property. “Was that one of your classmates,” he asked, keeping one hand on the wheel, the other under his chin as he drove.

He looked up at the rearview mirror, watching her nod happily while staring back at him with the same toothy smile. “Cameron shared his color crayons with me today, Daddy.”

“Did he?” Harry amused. “Well I’m glad you’re making friends. He seems nice.”

“He is,” she marveled. “He told me I was pretty.”

Harry’s eyebrows cocked up into place before his lips fell into an awkward frown. “Did he now?”

She nodded, “Yep!”

“I take that back then! He doesn’t seem very nice,” Harry scoffed, with his lips parted ever-so slightly. His eyebrows furrowed in concern as she went on and continued to talk about Cameron and he nearly jumped in his skin when she slipped out the word boyfriend casually. His eyes were wide and his tongue was tied as he anxiously shifted around in his seat. He cleared his throat before flaccidly cutting off Darcy and changing the topic to something less cringe worth. “Alright, alright, we’ll talk more about this with Mumma when we get home. Let’s just get that tummy of yours filled.”


Harry and Darcy shuffled through the front doors, hastily wiping their feet on the mat laid in the foyer before dropping his keys in the bowl. “Babe? We’re home,” he shouted, shivering in his own skin, happy to be home where there was a burning fire in the den.

Darcy spotted you at the top of the stairs, a tired smile on your face as you slowly made your way down to meet them. “Mumma,” she squealed, running up the steps to meet you halfway and wrapping her arms around your legs, pushing her head gently against your bump. Her cold hands were not minded as she shoved the hem of your shirt up passed your belly to give a small kiss to your bump. “Hi, Noah!”

You giggled, leaning down to give her a kiss before taking her hand and walking down the rest of the steps. “Hi, baby. How was school?”

“I’m gonna get dinner started,” Harry huffed as you followed him towards the kitchen, taking a seat by the island and watching Darcy climb onto a stool beside you.

“It was so much fun, Mumma. Miss Collier taught me how to count with my fingers and I think I’ve got a new boyfriend as well,” she giggled. You couldn’t help but laugh as you heard the words tumble out from her lips, watching her eyes gleam brighter than usual at the talk of her new boyfriend. Her small hand tugged on yours, motioning you to lean closer before she pushed your hair behind your ear and brought her lips to your skin. “Don’t tell Daddy though,” she whispered. “I don’t think he’s too happy about it.”

“I don’t think he’s too happy about it either, my love,” you chuckled, looking over to Harry who looked like he had no interest in this conversation whatsoever. “What’s his name, Darce?”

“Cameron Wilkes,” she lisped.

“Well, I hope he’s very nice to you, sweets. If he isn’t, I’m not going to be happy with him,” you pouted.

“He’s very nice to me, Mumma. He shared his crayons with me!” She added, making you laugh again.

“I share crayons with you,” Harry mumbled, beginning to mix the macaroni together with Darcy’s favorite cheese.

“Well, you’re my daddy,” Darcy pointed out. “You’re meant to share crayons with me.”

Harry groaned and continued to mix the macaroni and cheese together, feeling a little sick to his stomach. It didn’t take long for you to notice how tensed Harry actually was; one look and you could see it written all over his face.

“Darce, why don’t you watch the telly for a bit while Mumma helps Daddy with dinner?” You suggested.

She nodded, “Okay.” She hopped off the stool and stumbled down to the den, disappearing in the hallway in seconds before you found yourself on two feet as well.

You crept around the counter and your bump met Harry’s back as you wrapped your arms around his waist, pressing your lips to his nape. “Hey, handsome,” you purred, snuggling up closer to him. You could feel his belly relaxing in your arms as the room grew silent for a few seconds. His breathing was steady and the two of you just stood there in each other’s presence. It was not minded but very much appreciated as you wouldn’t even let Harry stand without knowing he was loved. “You okay?”

“No,” he grumbled. You might have been standing behind him but even then, you saw his pout.

“What’s wrong,” you almost whispered, your hands resting politely on his hips as you shifted him towards you, his stomach now meeting your bump. He moped for a few seconds but you didn’t rush anything. Your finger pushed aside the lock of hair that fell into his eye before his cheek nestled itself into your palm, eyes drifting off into some kind of an abyss.

“She’s got a boyfriend,” he groaned, lips frowning and eyes sad. You laughed, watching him whine like a baby who left the store without a toy before you brought your hand to his cheek and pulled him close.

“Oh, baby,” you chuckled, swiping your thumb at the corner of his lip. “It’s just a crush. She’s not even old enough to understand the idea of a boyfriend yet.”

“It’s just the beginning,” he scoffed. “He’ll hurt her. She’s my little lady, my little girl and he’ll hurt her. He’ll plant one on her when she’s not ready and one day, she’ll come home crying and I’m going to have to kick some kid’s ass.”

He was quick to shut him up when you pressed your lips against his. You could feel him easing to your touch as he leaned forward, almost leaving all of his weight on you. His hand lifted from his side and came running along your jaw, creeping behind your hair before he held your neck, pulling you closer and deeper into a needed kiss.

You pulled back, looking into his lusty eyes and giggling against his soft lips, “You’re cute when you’re babbly.”

“Maybe I should be babbly more often if you’re going to kiss me like that every time.”


“Hey, finish your vegetables,” you warned, watching Darcy about to hop off her chair with an empty bowl of macaroni and cheese and a full plate of broccoli and beans.

“But I’m full, Mumma,” she whined, slowly sitting herself back onto the chair.

“Should have thought about that when you decided to steal Daddy’s macaroni,” you smiled, standing to your feet and pressing a kiss on the top of her head before grabbing Harry’s empty plate and yours to the sink.

“Daddy,” she whimpered, hoping he’d allow her to leave the table.

“Don’t look at me, darling,” he held his hands up with a grin. “You heard Mumma.”

“Vegetables are disgusting,” she countered, continuing to pick at the greens with her fork. “They’re green and funny looking.”

“Hey! I love green,” Harry grumbled.

“I like pink,” she chirped.

“Would you like some pink veggies, my love?” Harry suggested, folding his arms and leaning in towards Darcy on the table, watching her eyes widen to the idea.

“Yes,” she shrieked, nodding her head swiftly making Harry laugh even harder.


“Darce!” Harry called out, trying his best to keep his voice low just in case you had already fallen asleep as Darcy escaped his grip from wiping down her wet self. “Get over here. You’re getting the floor all wet.” He could hear her giggling near her bedroom from where he stood in the bathroom. “Darcy Gem, don’t make me come and get you.”

Baths were always his favorite; he enjoyed watching his little one laugh and giggle to soap and bubbles floating around the tub. He didn’t mind the small conversations about pointless things that meant absolutely everything to him. Her little bunny tummy, soft skin; he enjoyed every moment of it and was always the one to volunteer for bath duty.

“Come get me, Daddy,” she giggled, poking her head out from her bedroom.

Harry grinned, shaking his head before he quickly raced out of the bathroom and chased his daughter down the hall, trying his best not to trip on his own two feet. He was quite a tall person, one who did not know how to control his balance much and he usually ended up falling on his face out of nowhere. He shut the door behind him, leaving no escape for Darcy while she ran from one corner of her room to another, giggling tremendously as if she was the most clever one out there.

“I’ll bet you can’t catch me,” she snickered, holding her hands at her bare bottom. Her wet hair continued to drip onto the floor as she stood drenched, waiting for Harry to catch her.

He dashed for the corner and Darcy squealed long before he made it halfway across the room. He picked her up and lifted her into his arms, throwing her in midair before swiftly catching her again. Her squeals could be heard from outside as laughter spilled from her pretty lips.

“You think you’re so clever, don’t you?” Harry grinned, walking over to her closet, watching her giggle on his shoulder. “Let’s see,” he pulled opened her closet door. “What do you want to wear tonight?”

“I want to wear that nighty Nana got me,” she pushed her wet hair out of her face, resting her head on Harry’s shoulder. She was beginning to get tired and Harry knew.

“Alright,” he hummed, quickly pulling out the pink night gown Anne had gotten her when she was off on holiday with Robin. “Let’s get you dried up and dressed.” He set her down on the table before grabbing a new towel from her dresser and wiping her dry, making sure she wouldn’t get a cold from being wet and cold. He squeezed some Johnson’s baby lotion onto his hand before gently smearing her arms and legs with the scented cream. “You tired, baby?”

“Yeah,” Darcy rubbed her droopy eyes as a yawn slipped out, giving Harry the cue to change her into her pajamas promptly. The gown fit seamlessly although it’s been months since she’s asked to wear it but Harry didn’t question it. He lifted her into his arms again and made his way over to the edge of her tiny bed before leisurely lying her under the sheets and tucking her in. “Will you cuddle with me tonight?”

His heart swelled whenever she asked for cuddles. It wouldn’t be long before she didn’t need them anymore so he took every chance he got for some warm snuggles with his little one. He nodded with a heartfelt smile before climbing in beside her, her cheek pressed against his side and arms resting across his belly.

“I want a butterfly colored on my face, Daddy,” Darcy whispered. Her hand lingered across his stomach, outlining the shape of the butterfly like how you normally would if you and Harry were cuddling.

“Do you?” Harry snorted. “Why is that?”

She stayed quiet for a few seconds, “Because you and Mumma have a butterfly. I wanna be just like you guys.”

She was a butterfly, a beautiful one as well. One Harry wanted to keep and stay young forever so he could cuddle with her every night like he did tonight. “Okay,” Harry bubbled. “Why on your face then?”

“So everybody could see,” she said. “Why? Would you not like it?”

Harry smiled as Darcy’s head shifted to look up at him. “I’d love it. You’d look gorgeous, gorgeous!”

Darcy giggled lightly, “I love you, gorgeous. You’re the bestest daddy ever.”

“I love you too, baby,” Harry beamed, pulling her closer and hugging her tighter. “Always.”

“To the moon, Daddy?”

“And back, my love,” he pressed a kiss to the top of her head before he heard her giggle and grumble.

“You’re squishing me, Daddy!”

“I can’t help myself, gorgeous.”


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