i drew on a small canvas again


The moment you met your OTP in real life and gave your works to them = BLAST.

*cries at the corner*

Alright, and this might be just my small rants here anyway. Gonna do it before I pass out. Both of Tom and Chris are the most genuine, heart-warming actors for real! Tom was the first one who recognized the characters I drew on the canvas, and then he grabbed it to show to Chris, saying with cheerful voice “Look at this!”. Yes, Chris just laugh, but lovely laugh!

By the time I’ve met them again for autograph session (I’ve made each canvas for both of them). They seemed to remember and love my works *pinch myself really hard*.

I. ALMOST. CRIED (not yet, but almost).

It’s worth all the wait after very long tedious hours. Thanks again Tom and Chris!!!