i drew it on my phone lmao

I spent like 3 hours on this.

doing it for them tho *wipes tear*

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Can you do Bad Boy Au version Star and Marco cherry coke?

SO. MUCH. PINK!!!!!!! Anyway sorry for taking so long to draw this. I was pretty busy with school (and still am) And sorry about the bumpy lines. I drew this on paper and scanned it because I have no time to draw on my phone because the teachers are watching me so I drew it on paper!!!! (I might consider on coloring it fully without the use of a color palette tho *coughsalreadyonprocesscoughs*)

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And why do I keep getting pink palette requests???

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Fun story: I finished my math paper early and was told I could go on my phone. I went through your art and got really inspired to draw Jamilton. Me being me, I drew on my paper in PEN because I didn't know it was being collected. When I handed it in to my teacher he looked so shocked that me- the quiet girl- drew two dudes kissing and cuddling. Thanks, ily

THIS IS THE BEST STORY EVEN thank you for blessing me with this


I did a thing with art (I guess?????)
+ a close up of my Theron drawing because I am proud. (It started as a stupid meme reaction to me actually drawing a quality pineapple but then it descended into madness because Theron’s mouth is hard to draw. Well all mouths are hard to draw it’s just drawing his wrong makes it 10x harder to look at the photo)


‘Mark is a pen…’
‘Jack is a highlighter.’

Part 1 of 2

Based off the quote ‘Mark is a pen
Jack is a highlighter
Mark drew the world
And Jack made it brighter’

This is my first proper photo edit that’s required more than just pratting about with effects so they’re probably kinda crap lmao 😅
But anyway, I like how they’ve turned out for a first attempt, and they were done with just my fingers on a mobile phone app so all things considered, I think they’re okay (I hope).

@marielgum hope you like it (obviously I’m the edit anon lol) I love your edits and hopefully soon I’ll be able to edit videos too, but they’ll be nowhere near as good as yours, but you inspired me to try this so, thank you.

I would love it if @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier would see this (they probably won’t) be if yous do, I’m fairly new to the communities and it’s possibly the nicest groups of people I’ve ever seen in fandoms, both to themselves and other communities, and no matter how much you guys play it off in your videos as that being down to us, it was you two who brought us all together, and thank you so much for that because I finally feel like I’ve found a group of people that I belong with.

Anyway, sorry for a really long post it’s probably pissed off a few people lmao but this was just a couple of things I really wanted to say even if no one sees them.

this is reeeaaally crappy as I drew it on the smallest notebook in the world and sloppy edited/colored it on my phone, but I thought it would was funny enough to post. For context, yesterday I had to have a wisdom tooth removed and of course as a result I can’t eat any solid food for about week.
So I drew this to express my frustration with the whole ordeal lmao. KC represents my sister dragging me to restaurants while she rubs in my face that she can eat delicious food while I struggle to eat soup and Ninjara represents my mom giving me nothing but jello and pudding to eat.
I want real foooood!! ;-;