i drew it hhhhhh

Jin and his cozy little beanie

these concept photos fucked me up to no end so you can expect more of these little doots in the next week

Out of all the actually S-supportable ships to completely fall for i pick these two nerds. I don’t really know why but something about their supports makes me love them so much??? He really tries?? And he’s not mean?? And despite her hating Nohrians she also tries to get along and both just… want to get along? It’s super nice. Also they’re two of my favourite Fates characters so that helps, too.


Ok so Boris and I got bored after the asks paused for a bit
And we made this with twelve lovely talented people
(Okay ahhh I’m going to have a heart attack this is scary hhhhhh)
(I hope you guys don’t mind I drew you oh jeeze)

The twelve people are the following: @asksilentbendy
@radbendy @ask-sassy-bendy @dry-ink @askdaddybendy @ask-mary-the-ink-demon @xstarthechameleon @askskymagic @inkingdevil @asksomecolouredink @neonblitzcrazy and last but certainly not least @askthelittledevildarling

(I’m gonna shimmy shammy my way out ahhhh)

(I would have drawn others but I ran out of space and it’s super hard to draw some people’s styles)