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BTS Request: Taehyung Defends You at Disneyland

Anon:  Tae’s partner is pregnant and they go out, and Tae’s really protective of her but also wants to show off her belly. 

Here I am, releasing my baby trash into the ARMYverse for better or for worse. Thanks for the request! Send us more!

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Holding hands, Taehyung wildly swung your arms as you walked together under Aurora’s castle into Fantasyland. A giant grin spread over your face to match his. When he started to skip, you laughed and put your free hand to your belly for balance as he drew you forward. Taehyung gasped and flipped his head to you.

“Look Y/N! It’s Mickey Mouse! Let’s get in line for a picture.” He pulled you along without waiting for a response.

“Slow down, Tae!” You giggled, but really all the quick walking had become a bit uncomfortable. You still had about thirteen weeks to go in your pregnancy, but already your precious cargo swelled out enough to strain your back and give you tired feet by the end of the day. Taehyung had joked about surprise twins a few times, and you weren’t sure if three Kim Taehyungs running around would be more fun or terrifying.

You saw your love turn around doing aegyo in retaliation, but when his eyes danced down to your stomach he stood up straight and marched back to your side.

“Do not worry, uri adeul, little Tae, I will take good care of your mother here” He said to your belly with a little bow. You hardly had time to shake your head at him before he took hold of your hand again to lead the way to Mickey, this time with a slower pace, his body right before yours.

“…and after we ride Peter Pan—oh, we should get you one of those tiaras, and one for me too of course…” You zoned out of Taehyung’s rambling planning when you caught a little boy of about four staring up at you. You smiled at him, but the boy just raised his hand and pointed at your stomach.

“Why are you so fat?” The boy asked, loudly. You felt yourself flush. Taehyung, who was gazing out another way, stopped and opened his mouth at the boy. He crouched down and patted your stomach.

“Y/N isn’t fat.”

“She isn’t?”

“Oh, no! She’s gonna be a mommy soon, just like your mommy.” The little boy exaggerated an open mouth, and Taehyung copied until the boy started to laugh. When Taehyung stood back up, grinning cheekily at you, the boy asked,

“Can I touch your belly too?” His little hand lifted without permission. You felt a little uncomfortable, but you pushed out a laugh to try and go along. Taehyung, though, was ready to slap this kid fifty feet from you.

“No, no, no!” Tae spoke for you, but just then the child’s mother had found her son anyway. After her apologies, she left with her son, and you sighed and smiled at Tae. His focus, however, went right back to the line.

“Look, Y/N, we’re almost to Mickey! We should both stand to the sides so we can compare bellies with Mickey in the middle…” You loosely intertwined your fingers with his but didn’t say anything. You couldn’t help but feel like Taehyung spoke over you, even though it was an encounter of such minor consequence. You pushed a hand against your lower back. Only three more groups in front of you. Then you felt something tug at your pants.

“Are you pregnant?” This time a small child with long brown hair in pigtails was whispering to you. Taehyung was still rambling on without you, so you whispered back.

“Yes, I am.” This four-year-old gasped too, doe eyes widening in fascination.

“May I touch your tummy?” You smiled, but looked around for her parents. You pointed at the couple directly behind the girl and asked her. She nodded her head. With a deep breath of deliberation, you didn’t see the harm.

“Go ahead.” You winked at her. The little girl stomped her feet enthusiastically, and then slowly approached you as if you were glass. Angelic giggles flowed from her. Then she called out for someone, and two more little people appeared. 

They all chattered, “Touch the tummy! Woah! There’s a baby in there!” and little fingers brushed all over your stomach. You nearly fell over from their excitement, and couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“Wha? Y/N, what are you doing?!” Taehyung finally noticed that you hadn’t been responding. But when you just smiled at him and then looked back at the kids, he sighed. So he jumped next to you and beamed cheek to cheek to talk with the kids. 

“I know right! Y/N is so cool! What a belly! But go back to your parents now, okay?”

Each child withdrew their hand, and although you allowed it you were relieved nonetheless. One of the girl’s companions, however, crossed his arms. 

“You can’t tell me what to do!”

“I could talk to your parents.” Tae retorted. The boy stuck out his tongue. Tae copied him. An epic battle. Tension hung in the air. Who would give? Oh, the humanity!

The little boy sighed and went back to his group. Taehyung stood back up triumphantly, stepped forward in line, and spun back around to beckon you. You place your hand on your chest, sarcastically aghast.

“My good sir, how valiantly you have fought for my honor today!” You offered him your other hand and walked forward to meet him. Taehyung took and kissed the back of your hand.

“You’re mine,” then, bowing to your middle,” and you’re mine, and no one else’s.” 


“Y/N, it’s our turn! MICKEY!!”

Heartbeat (10/?)

Title: Heartbeat
Fandom: SHINee
Pairings: (eventual) Jongtae; Minkey; OnKai
Chapter Wordcount: ~3.5k
Overall Rating: R (Some chapters will be NC-17; these will be marked.)

Chapter Warnings: discussion of mental illness,
Summary: In which not every problem needs to be fixed and not every person needs to be saved; sometimes you just need support.

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 7.5 , 8 , 9


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