i drew a thing that makes me happy

idk why i just remembered this but all throughout kindergarten and first grade i used to draw a lil snail in the corner of every paper i had to turn in because it was a happy snail so i thought it would make my teachers happy when they were grading papers because i was a pure and simple child but in 2nd grade my teacher would take off 2 points if i drew it on my homework and 5 points if i drew it on a quiz or test so i stopped but like
it was so harmless it was just a lil shitty doodle of a smiling snail it wasn’t distracting me or anything from the task at hand
so i’d like to say to mrs whoeverthefuck that snail was supposed to be a happy thing u bitch


Hidashi Titanic AU part 3 (END)

- so many people request the scene “draw me like a french girl” so finally , I decided to drew it 

- “Sorry, sir what’s your name?” “Hamada….Hiro…Hamada”
In this AU ,For the first time Hiro’s surname isn’t “Hamada” , He use Tadashi Surname after Tadashi was gone

- Finally they together forever♥♥♥


Thank you to follow this AU , I’m very enjoy drew it so much

and the most  important thing that I see everyone love this AU , it’s make me very happy. :D 

Wikipedia tells me the finale was a year ago today. I hope it was a good year for everyone! It was a weird one for me—but ultimately a good one, I think—full of new challenges and adjustments, and plenty of decompressing from the five intense years of making Korra. Thanks to everyone for the continued support of our/my work, old and new. Here is a sneak peek of a thing I drew for a thing. I hope you all have a safe and happy end of the year!

Love, Bryan


I was listening to the song “Oh It Is Love” by Hellogoodbye while I drew this AND I JUST. IT’S SO CUTE AND HAPPY ////////. Also! Somebody made a Connverse mix on 8tracks, WHICH MAKES ME FEEL SO HAPPY AND MELTY INSIDE, pls listen to it, it’s rly cute. (✿ ◕ᗜ◕)━♫.*・。゚

Edit: I uploaded a slightly smaller version to replace the original size one, tumblr made it look super shitty, hopefully this makes it look a little better?

drew this simple picture for my brother’s funeral, i didnt want to make it a time for me to *boast* but i wanted it to be special too. i thought a more simple, and sketchy style would fit with the illustrations in the book.
my mom told me he watched the 2015 Little Prince movie on repeat when he was in the hospital recovering from his heart surgery, but unfortunately things just didnt work out. im happy he can rest now.



May you have a fun and memorable day today and here’s to more birthdays to come! Be happy, stay healthy and enjoy each day of your life with your love ones.

This gif set basically showcases the two things that made me love you. First is your natural onstage charisma which drew me in the first time I saw you perform which was during the first Pentagon Maker Battle with your Sorry cover. Second is how you are such a cute and adorable dork off stage who never fails to make everyone around you happy or laugh at your antics. You seem like someone who could brighten anyone’s day since that’s what I feel whenever I watch you in any Pentagon video. 😊

Have a great day ahead of you ~

ASDF IT’S TECHNICALLY NOT THE 2ND YET BUT…I WANTED TO WISH MY FRIEND @anartsfarts A VERY HAPPY (LITTLE EARLY) BIRTHDAY!! <3 <3 <3 I love you so much my bud - you’ve helped me get through some rough days and all, and you’re just overall a fantastic and a wonderful human being! <3 You make wonderful art and have such a unique style. <3 Keep being you my lovely friend - I hope this thing I drew was decent xD (I know how much you like Ford and Mabel too, heh). 

Hope you have a fantastic day! :D <3 <3

2016 End of the Year Roundup

I do this every year, but this year it’s needed more than ever. Gonna try to focus on all the positive things that happened for me.

So, this year was my first full year without a day job. I decided I needed to be more hardcore about it, and quit Super Happy Funtime Burlesque because the touring schedule was interfering with making comics, and if this is gonna be my job, I should be dedicated to it more fully. No longer touring with the burlesque meant I was free to attend TCAF, CAKE, SPX, and MICE, as well as a few other smaller functions.

This year I drew 178 pages of comics, down slightly from my average of around 200 a year, but I thought I was barely scraping 100, so I feel good about it. But only about 30 pages were public, with the rest being for pay sites, print books, and a ~secret unannounced project~ that’ll be debuting in 2017. This is a very new direction for me, and while it’s cool, it does mean that I get a lot less reader feedback these days, so it was extra nice going to all these conventions and meeting fans face to face. You guys don’t know how much life force that gives me. It seriously means the world.

I did a successful kickstarter for Eat Me and finished The Lady Eudora Henley. I figured out how to run my patreon better in every way. I found a group of local comic artists to meet with regularly. I took art classes.

I still did a few shows, but 7 is way down from my average of 50. But considering I was having a tricky time navigating the scene as a freshly independent performer and was thinking of quitting altogether, I chalk this up to a restructuring year, and already have things booked for next year. I’ve been doing a lot of modeling this year, which has been pretty fun.

Health-wise, my wrist no longer bothers me much these days, and therapy got my mental health back to my version of normal. I also quit smoking weed, which just wasn’t good for me personally. After reading that it may interrupt REM sleep, I realized I hadn’t had more than 1 dream each month on over a year, and as you can probably guess, dreams are very important to me. Within a couple days of quitting, my wacky dreams were back, and I’ve been sleeping like a rock, which makes me a lot more productive. (No shade to stoners; everybody is different. This just wasn’t good for me.)

I made a lot of new friends. I did a lot of new things. I went a lot of new places. A lot of bad stuff happened, too, some of the worst stuff I’ve ever dealt with, but focusing on the positive right now is giving me strength for the shit show that is going to be 2017.

My goals for the next year are…

  • Kickstart the mermaid coloring book
  • Kickstart the Lady Eudora print book
  • Release 2 mini comics
  • Debut ~secret project~
  • Take more screen printing classes
  • Attend more conventions
  • Perform more shows
  • Learn how to say “no” better
  • Convert more people into homosexuality

Okay, I’m off to stockpile canned goods for the nuclear war that’s going to interrupt all of my plans!

I actually drew something I said I would draw? What is this madness!

Episode 100 was the best thing to happen to me all year and I just had to do some cecilos wedding art. Forgive the fact that I have no earthly clue how to draw kisses.

Mather, I am sick and tired, so I drew this, it’s not the best thing I drew, but I hope it pleases you.

I want to thank you and @klubbhead for making me and others smile and for making these uplifting posts in the “sad tag zone”. As tumblr becomes more toxic and darker everyday you are the light for the stray sheep.

You might not have won the u.s. election, but the election of our hearts. Please do continue.

I wish you, your family and your many sons a happy life. And thank you for reading this.

This is beautiful, son, and so, so thoughtful of you. Thank you. @klubbhead

Honestly, it makes me so happy that whenever a new Fairy Tail movie is in the works, one of the very first things Mashima thinks of is Natsu and Lucy. 

In the 1st movie, Natsu and Lucy’s hug was the first visual that surfaced into his mind. He thought of and drew it even before thinking of any story, and everything was handled in a way that could lead to that scene!

And now, one of the very first things we learn about FT’s up-coming movie is this:

So Idk about you guys, but I’m fairly confident about this pair ;’)

“You don’t know anything about geography just because you know geopolitics.” 

Collage from a trip I made around Colombia, from Medellín to Popayán, it was also the cover of my field work notebook. We made the exact same route as people did in the XVII century and we learned all the history of Colombia from that period. We slept in so many cities, drank, sang and drew so much. It was one of the best experiences of my life, I learned geography, the way in which you read the landscape to know the history behind it and, one of the most shocking components, I saw with my own eyes the fact that time it’s never a linear thing. Sorry for the long text, it’s just that this specific collage makes me very very happy.

How the bidders are when they cry

a/n: This idea just popped in my head a few hours ago, so I decided to get on it ASAP :D! I feel like this headcanon needed a visual aid to help explain things better, so I drew them myself haha. Lol it’s been a long time since I drew anything, so I hope I did them justice! I can’t use a tablet for shit tho, so I settled with traditional, haha. Hopefully, this counts as fanart ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Eisuke: Vulnerable.            

“I’m not as great as you think I am…”    

Soryu: Helpless.

“… I…did this to you…?”

Baba: Resigned.

“If that’s what’ll make you happy, then… I’m all right with it.”

Ota: Broken.

“I thought you promised you wouldn’t leave me?”

Mamoru: Remorseful.

“I… I fucked everything up again, didn’t I?”

Bonus (because the MC’s such a babe):

MC: Self-deprecating.

“Why can’t I do anything right?”


i hve a migraine nd my limbs hurt but!! i drew some of the robots from this dream i had

the triangle one is a girl robot and the other one has glowy eyes and theyre jsut happy to be a bot

@the-cream-machine900 and @quackadero were there too except everone looked like wx and we rated the robots

they were all 10/10

You just think about the life you’ll have together after the war

And then you do it for her

crazytwirlcurls  asked:

Went to go read your fic after I saw your comment on the SU/BNHA art I made and OH MY GOODNESS!! I see what you mean on some of the similarities! You did an excellent job in keeping it more in character! Makes me wonder how your first version would have looked like with the more angst route ahh Great Job! :'D

Aaaaah, I’m glad you liked it! Makes me really happy to hear that! Thank you very much! =D

Well, I didn’t think the original through from beginning to end, but I did have a few scenarios planned out already. Most important of all is the fact that in the end, Izuku would have pretty much done what you drew so wonderfully there: He would have accused Toshinori of not only keeping things close to himself as he claimed once, but also lying to Izuku in a way. (Which is why your picture hit me so hard there, since I was like “Oh my gosh, someone else thought exactly the same!”) Izuku then would have walked away and left Toshinori standing there just like that.

But I felt that I couldn’t really write that. It wasn’t what I wanted to see, most likely because I’m a sucker for happy endings and Dad Might happy endings especially. So I discarded that idea and wrote the story you have read now.

I still have the tiny hope that Horikoshi is going to give us a good outcome to this mess in the next chapter, even thought something tells me that he won’t let us fans of the hook that easily. But the hope dies last! XD