i drew a pencil

Rough pencil sketch of Roman in Wonder Woman’s clothing, because the urge was high and thus it needed to happen.

I’m not sure if I will do anything more with this, but I had fun with it. Photo taken with my phone, so may be a bit off.
But I hope you all enjoy! ^^

Close up on his face.


@bailci Asked for some Solangelo falling in love.

Consider, a situation where Nico mentions that the Hades cabin is really drab inside and doesn’t have much in the way of things to brighten it up.

Will, who has yet to tell anyone about his crush except Kayla and Austin, ends up leaving flowers for Nico in various places with his name on it. At first Nico thinks it’s some sort of joke, but the bouquets keep popping up all over. First on the Hades’ cabin picnic table, then in the training arena, next on the front step of his cabin. People start to catch on but Nico is still absolutely baffled. Soon all the people around camp are helping Will organize the secret admirer gifts and one morning Nico wake up to find the whole of Hades cabin covered in wreathes of Hyacinth, which only grow near and around the Apollo cabin.

The next morning Will find’s a little bouquet of poppies in his seat at breakfast, the only flowers that grow around Hades’ cabin.

The rest is history.

Marinette is probably rambling about how her crush on Adrien is gonna land her in jail while Alya just stares into the camera like she’s on the office.