i dress like a pokemon trainer

So since Mimikkyu uses its disguise to avoid the sun, I thought how cute would it be for trainers to stitch custom clothes for their Mimikkyus. 

Little Mimikkyus running around in patchwork blankets because their trainer’s just learning how to sew. 

Mimikkyus in hand knit sweaters with pretty colors and sparkly buttons so kids will be more likely to play with it. 

Mimikkyus dressed up the same as their trainers. 

And Mimikkyu loves everything its trainer makes for it, no matter how ugly or poor quality, because its trainer made this stuff out of love and that’s all Mimikkyu really wanted anyway. 

With the ability to buy and change clothes being introduced with the new update of Pokemon Go, i’m going to have to go kick ass and take names so i don’t have to walk around looking like some prep with a legging obsession that doesn’t know they live in washington 
and i blame all of y’all for this coming to mind because i never actually read My Immortal ok ff

“my name is Mok Frosty-depression Riverway and i have short pink hair with purple tips. I dress all in black, sometimes blue like Team Leader Blanche [If u dont know who that is get the heck outta here!!!] with a black and red hat. I’m the best trainer in all of the valley because my pokemon are totally cool and super strong! i walk to the gym everyday to school wimps with them. some Instinct preps looked at me. i tossed my pokeball at them” 

Things I want for Pokemon S&M

So with Pokemon Sun and Moon announced we are all thinking of what amazing things could await us (Or if you’re like me how they could screw it up) and I wanted to share what I want to see happen in this game. I mean we can all flare up with excitement but one reason just getting titles didn’t do anything for me is lately I keep seeing fan game after fan game do more interesting new things then the main series does. If the game does this stuff you can count me massively into the hype train. Happy Pokemon 20th everyone.

Ungendered Clothing/Return of Character Customization: I’ve wrote about both these things in great detail in the past.  You can read about trainer Customization here and here for gendering clothing. However, I’ll touch just a bit on all these again. A. Gendering clothing is dumb it splits the options in half, let the player dress and look like what they want. The code exists, it takes more code to make gendering clothing possible, save yourself work, don’t gender clothing. B. Let us customize our trainer, it was insanely important to several people that we could finally pick our skin tone. It wasn’t a huge selection but that should be expanded on not reduced. It takes again almost no work at all, the skin tones are in a color wheel, you just let us apply the color to Trainer Model B or G, bam. Changing clothes in a very similar fashion isn’t a huge amount of work, new clothing models sure they are harder but even if it was just all the clothing that all the other models in the game wore I would be exciting to dress up like a elite trainer.

Two Regions: This game should totally have two regions because it just makes sense. For the 20th anniversary being able to revisit another region  really just clicks. It throws us back to that exciting moment where we find out we can go back to Kanto in gold and silver. I mean the fact that Iwata made that possible is just so utterly amazing and I have never had that same feel of “I win, wait I have so much more to do” in a Pokemon game since then.

Post Game: A second region would work as a pretty damn good post game but if we didn’t get a whole second region I’d still want more content then we have gotten from the last two games. Delta episode was the only part of OR/AS I had real fun in but right after I finished that I was back to the boring grind. Battle Mansion is a freak plague. It’s a boring see how long you can go attack of Pokemon that you’re forced to go through to play competitively unless you hack or have very giving friends.

Let us transfer items: One of the most annoying things of swapping from generation to generation is losing all your items. I hate having to go and grab all these competitive items over and over and over again. Let me use what I have and make new items that are worth my time to hunt for in these games.

Harder Gyms or hard mode: One of my biggest complaints about OR/AS and X/Y were just how insanely easy everything is. I mean I wrote a ton about this in my in depth OR/AS review but there is no dramatic tension at all in this game. Like, in scenes where I “had to” let the evil teams go I was like “I beat this guys team all in one hit, I have plenty of time to catch the main baddy.”  I know people may say I can turn of the EXP share and stuff but I refuse to waste time grinding in return for maybe slightly more fun battles. EXP share existing makes sense, it makes the game waste less of your time but I also don’t want to just steam roll my way through the game.  There is a balance that should be stuck, I don’t like games that are unnecessarily hard but I also don’t really have a good time when everything means nothing in a game.

Returning Trainers: I want the return of the Pokemon World Tournament, I think that idea was amazing. However, if we don’t get the Pokemon World tournament I still want this region to the region where Pokemon masters go to chill. Let’s see Wally return now older and an even better trainer, lets see Blue finally back, let’s see what legends Cynthia has uncovered, let’s see how Silver’s life has gone from when he confronted his dad.

Starting smaller scale: I think the evil team of this game should have smaller scale ambitions for the 20th anniversary I’d actually like to see the stakes drop in the regard of world ending events. Let’s see a more personal tale like the first few Pokemon games or even like Pokemon colosseum. I think if we’re going to span two regions like I want maybe the plot of returning to Kalos is once again saving the world while maybe uncovering things about AZ along the way.

Legends that serve a purpose: So many legends now simply exist, they have myths behind them, they are a plot device maybe, but what if legends really impacted the game in big ways. What if a legend let you access an area you couldn’t have accessed before, what a legend being in your party meant something to the plot, they gave you a reason to feel like you should use the legend instead of boxing it so you’re not too OP. Like how amazing would it be if like celebi took you back in time in places so you could see the same area but without as much urban development and find the Pokemon that had moved away from that area and stuff like that.  The movies always make legends so much more impressive than they are in the actual game where using one feels like a forbidden fruit to many.

Misc Stuff: I would love it if the game didn’t ask you if you were a boy or a girl, it just said “Pick one” then went onto the the next selections. I think Pokemon should follow us again, I mean come on. Expand the Eon Flute flying around mechanic to other Pokemon. No water at all, #IGNwasRight. We’ve seen all types of rivals but I do hope we get ones that have meaning no matter what role they take unlike many of the rivals in X/Y. I want a new Pokemon Minigame but with purpose like Pokeatholon and Pokemon contests. I hope they keep all the X/Y bottom screen features I feel like they are more or less staples now.  Let’s get the party started after night in this game, I mean it’s Pokemon S&M I wanna be a dominatrix.

I keep seeing Mimikkyu all over my dash and I want to protect them all so I’m making a headcanon post cause I love them and the posts keep making me sad and -

Headcanon that the little guy evolves when shown enough love and affection and doesn’t feel the need to hide under the disguise anymore. That’s all. I want there to be a brilliant moment when it feels safe and secure and loved. (Like for all I care, nothing happens in the evolution other than taking off the disguise)

Unless they like wearing it cause it makes them feel nice, cause you do you, little guy, I ain’t taking that away from you. (And I will gush at all the fanart I’ve seen of Mimikkyu dressing up as different pokemon because that’s also adorable) But if it’s purely for affection from trainers I want it to get the support it needs. 

…I’m sorry, I’ve grown attached to the little guy.

Trainer Jae wants to battle?

Nah, trainer Jae would rather grab a coffee in Lumiose City and gush about her Feraligatr (“Have you seen how shiny his scales are? Ooh, let me show you~!”)

So recently a few artists I admire drew themselves as Pokemon trainers, and it made me realise that even though I’ve drawn up some trainer OCs over the years (none of which will ever see the light of day ) and a pretty crappy sprite edit (that honestly looked nothing like me aha) I’ve never actually drawn a proper version of myself in the Pokemon world, which considering how much Pokemon means to me, is kinda sad haha.

I honestly have no idea what my career in the Pokemon world would be. I wouldn’t mind a battle or two, but it probably wouldn’t be my focus. I’d love to dress up my Pokemon to compete in contests, but would be far too shy to get on stage with them (if contests run the way they do in the anime) and I wouldn’t want to catch every Pokemon since I wouldn’t be able to bond with every single one and that thought makes me sad. I think if anything, I’d just travel the world, catching and raising my favourite Pokemon. Once I’d seen the world, I could see myself maybe settling down as a breeder if anything. Though I also wouldn’t say no to becoming a research assistant for a certain Professor ♥

omg so pokemon au 

lucy is a contest coordinator and when she competes, she dresses up in her star dresses for her different pokemon (who are the zodiacs of course). she’s trying to follow to her mother’s footsteps, one of the greatest coordinators in history. 

natsu is a fire type trainer in training to be a gym leader, just like igneel was. the charizard in the photo was a charmander that igneel gave to natsu to raise when he was younger. also, happy is a minun (its perf bc then carla can be a plusle mwahaha)

i’ll probably draw more of this in the future!!

Here we have the lovely Pack as beautiful children dressed up for Halloween.

Vik as a vampire, Lachlan as a Pokemon trainer, Preston as a lava ghost (“oh no it'sa ghost”), Rob as the flower King, Mitch as Katniss, and Jerome as Captain America.

Trick or Treat lovely people ;D

Okay but i can already see it. Pokemon go launches. Suddenly cosplayers everywhere are seen on the streets. Trainer classes become legit things. People start dressing according to their class. Large ass groups going on random adventures for rare pokemon. Legit pokemon gym leaders with real badges and shit. A pokemon selling group like team rocket. Like you think im playing but just you watch