i dreamt that i ran out of food

Come get it bae

Requested by: @p-atiently


“Hey, whatcha doing?” my best friend Lauren asked the instant I answered my phone.

“Eating brownies and watching vlogs,” I shared, a mouth too full to be understood.

“Goood, you’re home,” she said over enthusiastically. “Now let me in, I’m outside,”

“What?” I asked rhetorically, getting up from the bed.

“I was in the hood, thought I’d drop by,” she said still on the phone as I walked towards the door.

“Right, good timing, I was just about to order dinner,”

“You’re eating brownies,”

“Yeah but does that count as dinner?” I laughed and twisted the door open, cutting off the phone.

“Hey, whoa, what the fuck?” she said and started laughing.

I rolled my eyes, “What? I’m cleansing my soul,” I said referring to the clay mask lacquered all over my face; my hair in a messy pile on my head.

“Y'say as you stuff your face with chocolate, bad for your skin,”

“A girl’s gotta live,” I shrugged.

As I went to shut the door; the one across from my apartment opened and out walked Roman, my dangerously good-looking neighbour and flirty neighbour. “Hey Roman,”

He paused for a second, looking at the mess I’d become and smiled, “Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, you? I mean don’t judge this look I have going on, the end result will be much better,”

“I wasn’t judging doll and I’m sure it’ll be.  I’m good, just going for a run,”

I immediately looked him up and down, admiring the way he filled out that vest. And those grey sweats. I was tempted to gaze down but I knew I’d be trapped there; y'kow what they say about men in grey sweats.

“Now?” it was almost past 7pm.

“Best time to go, I’ll have the paths to myself,”

“Fair enough, well run enough for the both of us, I’ve been pigging out all day,”

“You’re fine,” he said casually. I felt my face heat up. “If I could pig out and look the same, I’d never run a day in my life. But I’ll see you later?”

“Yuup,” I said and he started walking away. I finally gazed down at those problematic sweats. He had really a nice ass.

“I almost regurgitated my lunch at you two flirting,” Lauren laughed. “That man deserves everything good in this world, like, why is he that fine?”

“Tell me about it,” I sighed.

Lauren paused momentarily, “I still don’t know why you haven’t let him hit it yet,”

“Because he’s out of my league, clearly,”

“Really? You really are oblivious aren’t you? Or stupid,”

There was a knock at the door sometime later as Lauren and I were catching up on The Walking Dead. I got up to open it, to find a shirtless Roman stood there, in those damn grey weats.

“Hey,” I greeted him.

“Hi,” he bit his bottom lip nervously.

I couldn’t help it, I had to look; my eyes landed on his chiselled abs and my libido was immediately set on fire. I almost let out a  small moan that I covered by clearing my throat. My eyes returned to his face, a smile threatened to fill his features. Damnit he knew what he was doing.

“How was the run?” I finally spoke.

“Great,” he simply said and flashed me a knowing smile.

Why was he doing this? We stood there in silence for a few seconds, I didn’t know how to reply so I just nodded and pursed my lips.

“I have a little problem, I’ve ran out of shampoo and I gotta be somewhere. I totally forgot to pick up some on my run, and I’ve sweated out my hair, would you by any-”

I didn’t even think twice, “Yes,” I paused, embarrassed at how quickly and enthusiastically I answered that without even letting him finish.

He smiled probably laughing at me deep down.

“I mean yeah, sure, come in,”

He followed behind me and I walked back into my living room where Lauren was looking at her phone, The Walking Dead paused.

“Oh Roman this is my friend Lauren, Roman, Lauren,”

Lauren chortled the instant she gazed up at him, realising he was shirtless. She turned it into a cough. Oh this was beautiful, I thought watching her lose her composure. She couldn’t even greet the man normally and yet expected me to be all over him.

“Oh, hi,” she finally greeted with a shy wave, trying to seem so casual and unaffected but the damage was done already.

“How’re you doing?”

“Good, thank you,” her voice was getting higher.

“I’ll go grab the shampoo Roman, you can wait here,” I said quickly and caught Lauren’s eye as I disappeared.

She glared at me, begging for me not to leave her with him. How ironic.

When I returned they were laughing about something and I couldn’t help but feel left out.

“This is the only one I could find that doesn’t smell so girly,” I said handing him the bottle.

“Thanks,” he said. “I’ll bring it back on my way out, I owe you,”

“Oh don’t worry about it,” I waved a hand.

The next time I saw Roman was a few days later, in passing. I was rushing out and only managed a ‘good morning’. Another time was in the evening, he was going into his apartment with some woman. He had a girlfriend, I realised. And that was it; my little hope of him being interested in me, crushed.

The following day I was home early from work and heard a knock at the door. I assumed it was Lauren because she’d said she was coming over. It was Roman, this time in nothing but a towel wrapped around his lower half. I gulped, painfully and stared at him, nothing but the face. I was straining to look down, that smirk on his face didn’t help, he really was a dangerous flirt.

“So I told you I owe you,” he said casually as if he was dressed appropriately and there’s no problem here at all.

He passed me a full new bottle of my favourite shampoo.

“Oh,” I laughed nervously. “You didn’t have to,”

He shrugged, “Courtesy,”

“Thank you,” I said and silence fell over us and we stood there looking at each other, both of us suppressing smiles. “So do you ever wear clothes?”

He chuckled and put his hand on my
doorframe, only accentuating his bicep and waving his damn tattoos in my face. Fuck. I used this moment as a perfect opportunity to check him out; he was ripped to shreds. No wonder why he was so confident about flaunting his torso.

“I do, but see, I’ve figured now that clothes don’t get your attention much. Which is what I need for a problem I have that you might be able to help with,” he said.

“And what’s that?” I stuttered.

“So I ordered some Chinese  - probably way too much for one person and I was wondering if you’d like to join me for dinner?”

My face expressed my shock, eyes widening and mouth falling open, nothing coming out for a few seconds.

“I can’t, Lauren’s coming over,” I answered, feeling disappointed that it was the truth.

“Cancel it?” he asked confidently. “I mean if she’s a good friend, she’d want this for you. She’d want you to have a date with your hot neighbour,” he joked and I felt paranoid all of a sudden. Had he been eavesdropping? “C'mon, please? I barely see you. I’ve ran into her in the corridors more than I’ve seen you. Make it up to me, please?”

The old me (from a week and a half ago) dreamt of this kind of scenerio; being in his company, exchanging jokes and being in his place. I had my fantasy all panned out; scripted as to what I’d say if he asked me if I was hungry so I didn’t seem like a pig. But now here it was, offering my favourite things: food and the presence of a handsome company. But he had a girlfriend.

“Is your girlfriend not around?”

He kissed his teeth and grinned at me, “If I had one I’d be with her right now,” he said wriggling his brows and the cutest smile sweeping over his features.

“The woman from a couple of nights ago?”

“Date gone wrong, full story when you come over. Wait - are you jealous?”

“You’re not that cute. I’m in it for the food, I’m not concerned about your love life,” I teased back. “Plus, you have a nice body,”

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes,” I said downplaying my excitement. “Let me call Lauren quickly and I’ll come over, oh and please put clothes on, I can’t concentrate with you like that,”

“As you wish,”


“Hey,” he greeted as he opened the door for me a few minutes later. “Everything okay? What did Lauren say, does she hate you or me?”

“She said it’s cool, we’ve just postponed it until Friday,” I said casually, walking into his apartment.

Not exactly what she said. She screamed down the phone, way over excited, telling me to get my man, get my life and asked, well forced me to relay it all to her, word for word.

“Great, well, come in, I didn’t know what you liked, so help yourself to anything you want. It’s all on the table,”

Chilling with Roman proved to be as fun as I thought; he was such a laid back person, funny as well. I shoulda seen it coming because even our run-ins on the hallway or in the elevators tended to be us making fun of each other and laughing at something stupid.

“So about your date with your lady friend,” I said over a tub of ice cream.

We were sitting on the couch a while later, watching Sin City. Well, talking as it played in the background.

“Mhhh, it was boring as fuck. She was shy as hell, she couldn’t even eat her food, barely initiated any conversation and kept saying ‘I don’t mind’ whenever I asked her something about what she wanted,” he sighed. “Last time I do favours for anyone,”

“What do you mean?”

“My cousin kinda asked me to do it as a favour for his girlfriend, I should’ve listened to my intuitions and said no,”

I laughed, “Had you met her before?”


“But she came over, must have ended with a bang then?”

“We didn’t have sex,” he laughed at my suggestive comment. “The girl could barely eat her food, I wasn’t going to put pressure on her and ask her to get naked,”

“So what did you do then?”

He started yawning, it was fake, I could tell by how dramatic he was being. He started scooting closer to me, extending his arm so that it somehow went around my shoulder.

“Mhhh I’m tired, no more talking about the past,”

“Aaw, if you’re tired I can go home and let you sleep,” I played along.

“No,” he said too quickly, falling out of character with his act. “I mean I need a pillow,” he rested his head on my shoulder. “Stay? At least for a while,”

“What’s in it for me?” I asked innocently, and realised I should’ve really thought that through when he looked up, his eyes full of mischief.

“Maybe some hugs and kisses?” he offered, not giving me anytime to process it or respond before I felt his soft lips planted on mine.

Okay, fine. We can do that, I thought enjoying his soft plump lips on mine.

When he felt me responding, he pulled me underneath him and deepened the kiss. I loved how his beard grazed my chin and the way he smelled; very masculine but delicate. I moaned when he bit my bottom lip and he pulled away, smiling down at me.

“So uh, I have a more comfortable bed,” he said and I knew what was on offer.

I really wasn’t going to turn that down, it’d been a while and he was too hot to pass up on the first offer. He wasn’t an asshole either, well from what I’d seen so far. More than enough reason for me to do it, I reasoned with the rational part of the brain.

“That could work,” I responded.

Before I knew it, we were going at each other’s clothes, so fast and desperate. Maybe I needed it more than him though. I couldn’t imagine Roman being sex deprived; he was a walking sex God.

“Wow, I really like the view of the city from this angle,” I commented as I sat up on my elbows, starring out of the window in his bedroom. He did have a good view. “It’s nice, your room is beautiful too,”

“Oh really? Now? You wanna talk about this now?” he asked with a ridiculing laugh, whilst he rolled the condom on.

Good point.

“No,” I said laying back down as he lowered himself over me and kissed me again briefly before I felt him teasing at my entrance. I braced myself because I’d seen what I was about to deal with and it wasn’t a snack size.

I heard him let out a deep grunt the instant he entered me, just his head alone. I moaned, grabbing at him tightly because it felt so good. He’d filled me up within seconds and held it there for a second, letting me get accustomed to his size. Even he knew what he was dealing with.

“Fuck! You’re so big!” I exclaimed, lifting my legs to wrap around him so he could have deeper access.

He pulled back slowly in response, then pushed back in just as slow until he’s felt me stretch enough for him. Our bodies locked into desperate synchronised movements, he was very attentive and selfless. I wanted him to feel as good as he made me feel. And I think I got it; I saw it in his eyes, and in the way he occassionally lost his rhythm when I rolled my hips to meet his thrusts. Within seconds, our bodies contracted as our orgasm washed over both of us. He rolled off the condom and disposed of it in the nearby bin, then threw his body next to me.

“So you do this after every 'date’?” I turned to face him.

He chuckled, “Nah, only with hot neighbours, plus you said it wasn’t a date,”

“No, because I’m high maintenance you know,”

“Nothing wrong with a girl who wants the best, so you gon let me give that to you? Let me take you on a date?”

“Then you’ll bitch about me to the next girl?”

“No, the difference is I actually like you, I’ve been tryna show you but you’re always playing hard to get,”

“Playing hard to get? Maybe I just am and I wasn’t playing,”

“Well whatever it is, stop, because I want you,”

“Is this the part where I say 'yes, okay’?” He looked at me with an expression that said, 'well duh’. “Umm no, y'gotta work for me, aside for my body because well - you know, anyway, impress me,”

“I can do that,” he smiled, and hooked my leg over his, slipping his two fingers inside me. “I got a thing or two to please you with,”

“Aaah, fuck,” I whimpered. I had to give it to him. He wasn’t lying. “Okay, yes.”