i dreamt i was still there and i was so confused when i woke up

I Think I’m In Love With You

Author: ceruleanbucky

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

WARNINGS: SMUT, cursing, oral (male and female receiving), UNPROTECTED SEX, fingering, sexual tension, fluff, and overall sin.

A/N: guy’s I’ve updated twice in like a week and a half what is happening?!?! I mean, it’s not necessarily bad. Also, this fic is hella long, and I;m not going to lie, I’m really proud of it. Hope you guys like it! Part two of “Seven Minutes In Heaven” is coming next week.

You wake up with a start, breathing heavily and covered in a thin sheen of sweat. You tried to recall what it was you were dreaming about, but to no avail. You eventually give up, thinking that it was another nightmare.

You glance at your alarm clock, wondering about the time. Seeing that you have two more hours to sleep, you gladly roll over and go back to sleep.

When your alarm goes off, you feel even more tired than you were earlier. You still manage to drag yourself out of bed, and start your day. It’s then when you smell the bacon, and the coffee. Perking up at the idea of a good breakfast, you put on some more decent pyjamas, and head to the kitchen. Most people are still asleep, seeing as the sun is only just rising, so you wonder who is in the kitchen. You step in, and find Bucky cooking up a storm.

“Sad, or mad?” You ask as you walk in, knowing it’s one of the two. He looks at you with confusion, so you rephrase.

“Are you cooking because you’re sad, or because you’re pissed off? Because I know you, Bucky, and it’s only one of those two.” You smirk at your friend, earning a smirk back.

“Neither actually.” He side-eyes, adding to your curiosity.

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lurkeymclurker  asked:

What do you think it'd be like if one of the Rogue One members had survived? How would that effect the original trilogy and how would they cope with everything?

Cassian didn’t talk, at first. There didn’t seem anything else to say.


Mothma came at some point. Cassian woke up and she was at his bedside, sitting ramrod-straight, so very tall and white, even moreso washed out by the lights of the medbay. (She made him think of the columns on Imenthe—natural salt deposits like spires, like teeth ringing the great and violent sea. He killed a man there, got blood on all that white, white salt. And afterward he had sat in the sand, watched the tide come in and wash it all away.

Mon Mothma always made him think of Imenthe.)

She was studying his face now, and Cassian raised his eyebrows at her. She smiled a little. “Ah, Captain. I—have spent the last half-hour trying to decide what I would say.” 

She was quiet a moment, then the smile turned rueful. “I’m still not certain whether there is anything I could say.”

Cassian snorted, shut his eyes again. After a moment, he felt a very cool hand pressed to his forehead. “Cassian,” Mothma said, and there was something almost human in her voice, a thing like kindness. “Cassian, you saved us. How will we ever repay you?”

The meddroid had been very clear, he wasn’t supposed to move unassisted. Cassian risked it to turn his head away, screwing his eyes so tightly shut that he could see those little floating stars flare to life behind his eyelids.

Mothma drew her hand away. 

He heard her stand, the chair scraping a little as she did. “Bodhi Rook was released from bacta suspension last night,” she said, and her voice was cool again, impersonal. “He is expected to make a full recovery. The technicians are still working to fully recover K-2SO’s backup, but…I believe this means you were more than just successful in your mission, Captain. You brought everyone home.

“I thought you might be interested to know,” Mothma added after a moment. Her boots made a sharp, clipped noise on the stone floor, and then she was gone. 

Cassian went back to sleep.


(He only vaguely remembers what happened after Scarif. The adrenaline wore away quickly after Krennic was dead, and in its place came a rising pain, pain like the firestorm that engulfed Jedha. By the time they stumbled from the lifttube, Jyn was the only thing holding him upright; Jyn was telling him, cassian cassian c’mon, just a little farther, okay? just a little—it’ll be over soon, you can rest, I’ll let you rest, just—just—

But the rest is a scattered succession of images, half-memories: the sound of a ship’s engine overhead, and Jyn shouting here, we’re here!, a heavy weight on Cassian’s chest and screams he couldn’t make out (was that him screaming?) too much pain—he thinks he passed out once or twice; someone asking for his medical history and Cassian slurring, ask kaytoo, he keeps my records, before remembering—

I can’t feel my legs, he said at one point, he remembers that. Jyn’s face swimming into his vision, the red of blood streaked across her cheek. I can’t…that’s not good, is it, if I can’t…

Flickering lights, medical jargon he couldn’t understand. Someone saying spine, and spine again. (Every time he shut his eyes he could feel himself falling again, the whip-bang of the metal landing—) His spine again. Jyn’s voice, high and tight, saying yes, okay, yes. do whatever you have to.

When he woke up in the medbay on Yavin, he was alone.)


Cassian’s dreams were confused, a muddled haze of dead sentients clawing at his skin and his mother’s face—out of focus, distant and cold as a moon; he barely remembered enough of her to dream it anymore—and then suddenly, a cool pressure on his mind, rippling outwards. He was standing at the edge of a vast ocean, breathing in the cold tang of salt and the water. 

It was quiet.

He exhaled, and then he was lying in the medbay, and the sound of waves beating against the shore was just the thrum of blood in his ears.

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BTS reaction to you getting turned on by a BTS ship

ti kinda love this idea, thanks to @notmoose23 for requesting it :) here ya go ma lovely! basically the idea of this is that Y/N admits she gets turned on by her boyfriend (a member) getting down with another member. warning, it will probably contain mostly my preferenced ships heheh

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

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everyone is gay: the musical // magnus & even, t+

aka: magnus has an awakening and even is unfortunate enough to be near it.
(for ceecee aka @westiris, thank u for supporting my impulsiveness love u)

“I gotta ask you something.”

Magnus blurts it out over lunch one day when it’s just him and Even sitting at the table. Even doesn’t even have to look up from his phone to know that Magnus is staring intently at him, hands in his lap as he waits for Even to tell him, “go ahead, lay it on me, I’m a human search engine.”

“What’s up, Magnus,” he all but sighs instead, tossing his phone onto the table.

Magnus doesn’t even hesitate before beginning with “So you’re bisexual,” and Even’s patience is already compromised.

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Sweet Dreams

Request: Idk is you do smuts but if you do can you please write a tae from bts smut where you are both sleeping but your having an “interesting” dream, and when u wake up he makes you tell him what happened and then makes it real?? Idk yeah this is soooo embarrassing and I’m on anon wow TY

Requests are open!! (and yes I do smuts I’m a prime time hoe)

A/N:  I absolutely loved this idea and I hope you like it!!! I decided to leave it at face riding and not added sex afterwards since it felt complete this way. Also I only proofread this halfway through sorry if there are any mistakes remaining.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word count: 1.1 k

Taehyung stared at your sleeping body, you were laying on your back squirming around on the mattress. You both went to bed cuddling, but in the middle of the night you suddenly had started shifting around so much, that Taehyung woke up. Maybe you had some kind of bad nightmare, you weren’t supposed to wake people up if they’re in the middle of a nightmare, were you?

It wasn’t a nightmare. It was even worse than any kind of nightmare could be. You were dreaming of Tae’s hands and lips all over your body leaving marks. His fingers reached your core as he started to work expertly. His fingers were long and reached your spot perfectly. After you had almost reached your high he suddenly pulled away and smirked at you.

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Can I please have an angsty Johnny one using 33 and 21?? Thank You ^_^ !

“Fuck…I feel like I’ve been hit by a car.”
“You can’t break my heart like this!” 

Originally posted by cinnamonsynonyms

pairing: youngho & reader insert
includes: angst, alcohol mentions
wc: 2.1k
note: this might be on the cheesier side; nonetheless, i hope you enjoy! Sorry for the overused .gif by the way!

The third extensive week of waking up alone had passed by.

Typically your boyfriend—well, ex-boyfriend now—would be cradling you to bed and wrapping his arms around you until the first morning light. Though, those typical occurrences had reached a standstill, and there appears to be no point for them to return.

The relationship you and Youngho shared was unlike any other; honestly, it was as if the pristine coming together of you and Youngho was ripped straight from an old-fashioned romance film. From the first fated encounter to the build up, and to the very end. Distance played a large element in the horribly mutual breakup, and the promise to remain friends only appeared to be getting further.

Walls were mistakingly built up between the two of you as the road to the breakup extended, and they were entirely out of your control. Pathetically, all you were able to do was watch as Youngho slipped from your hands, and, eventually, went out of your sight.

You went through a plethora of situations to get over Youngho: visiting vivacious clubs, sticking yourself in dense bars, or even taking a day out with a few friends. But all made you feel lonely. It was a feeling that was inescapable. Then again, what were you able to say? When a two year relationship fades away all someone can do is regret and blame.

When none of the above worked out, you locked yourself in your apartment and shut off your phone for a good while to focus on yourself, and the alcohol. With every glass you poured of potent, the solitude appeared to wash away—which was what you ached for the most. Despite your mind being lost in its twist, the jumbled puzzle pieces of thoughts, your heart was not. The feeling of longing stuck in your chest until you passed out on your bed, tears staining your pillows.

And last night was one of those nights.

You woke the following morning with a killer headache; once again, alone. Coming to think of it, it was the first time in a while you did not stay awake at night thinking of your ex-boyfriend and everything that went wrong. You groggily turned your head to the window and watched the scintillas of light seep past the folded blinds. It was a refreshing sight to see, and waking up, for once, did not feel as lonesome as it always did.

Well, aside the horrid headache accompanying you.

You pressed a hand to your head and let out a sigh. “Fuck… I feel like Ive been hit by a car.”

Lackadaisically, you raised yourself from your bed and began to trudge into the kitchen, slowly pouring yourself a glass of water. As you drank the refreshment, you eyed the environment outside. It was hard to tell what time it was, but judging from the sun and the heat at its peak it seemed to be a good early afternoon. You wondered how long you slept last night, pondered what you dreamt about, and finished your glass of water.

All was going well for your placid morning. There were no external disturbances, no outside distractions, and no intruding thoughts of Youngho that prodded at your mind. After three extensive weeks, everything was about to unfold in your life for the better.

Forcing a smile on your face, you took a deep breath. Though, as you were forcing the unfoldment in your life, everything appeared to wither down to square one once you heard a series of knocks on your door.

Curious, you began to walk to the entrance. You were not expecting any visitors, and you had not ordered any packages lately—so who could be at your door? Maybe it was one of your friends that attempted to reach you last night, but couldn’t, for your phone was turned off and chucked elsewhere in your apartment.

Humming, you swung open the door to greet your friend, “You know, you should have told me when we hanged out earlier that you were going to stop by—”

But it was not your friend. It took a while for your brain to register who was standing before you; a familiar face, of course, but a distasteful one.

“Youngho,” you spat out.

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Juvia woke up but didn’t open her eyes, just petted the spot next to her and she frowned when she found it empty. Finally opening her eyes, she looked around the bedroom and couldn’t find her boyfriend and her frown deepened when she glanced at the clock next to the bed, it was too early, but she heard noise coming from the kitchen so she assumed he was up for the day.

Weird, she thought, her Gray-sama was usually very lazy during mornings.

She quickly found her underwear, one of his shirts and put them on and went to the bathroom before she left the bedroom.

The scene she saw when she arrived at the kitchen was unusual to say the least.

Gray stood by the stove wearing only his underwear and an old green apron while he stirred something and after a sniff, Juvia realized he was making pancakes and he still hadn’t realized she was awake.

With a smile, Juvia walked in his direction and managed to wrap his arms around his middle, surprising him slightly.

“Good morning.” She told him and kissed his cheek when he looked over his shoulder to stare at her.

“Good morning. I didn’t hear you get up.” He said and his attention returned to the stove.

“Juvia was very quiet.” The Water Mage said and kissed his shoulder before releasing him. “You are up early.”

Gray shrugged. “I woke up and couldn’t sleep again so I thought I could make myself useful and make breakfast.” He flipped a pancake while she opened the refrigerator to get some juice. “Gotta be honest, I thought you would sleep more, you were exhausted last night.”

The blunette felt her cheeks get warmer and she put the juice on the counter. “That usually happens when you have just arrived from a mission and your boyfriend decides he has missed you so much he joins you in the shower and before we sleep.”

“Maybe.” He said and when Juvia looked his way, Gray seemed incredibly smug. Juvia wanted to roll her eyes at how much of a normal guy he was at that moment with his male pride. “In my defense, you’ve been away for three weeks.” He turned off the stove and turned around to look at her.

Juvia stepped closer to him and put her arms around his middle and Gray put his own arms around her and she basked on how wonderfully warm he was. “It was a long time, wasn’t it? It seems you missed Juvia.”

He shrugged, trying to be nonchalant about it but Juvia saw right through it and she kissed his lips slowly and Gray was quick to reciprocate and before she could register, he had lifted her and put her on the counter, her legs wrapped around his hips and his hand on her bare thigh while he moved his lips from hers and down her jaw and the side of her neck.

She giggled when she moved her hands from his shoulder to his lower back and Gray stopped to kiss her to ask: “What?”

“It just still amazes Juvia the fact she can touch you like this.” Juvia smiled and she trailed one finger up his spine and then down again.

Gray rolled his eyes. “It’s been a year.”

“I know.” She told him. “Even so, Juvia feels like she’s dreaming. She wanted to be like this with you for so long that now she is… she wonders if she’s dreaming.”

His expression softened for a moment before he raised an eyebrow in question. “What kind of dreams were you having?” Juvia frowned in confusion. “Look what we are doing. You said you dreamt about this, so-”

Her face became red and Gray fought a smile, but couldn’t hold it when she slapped his shoulder slightly, red as a tomato and clearly embarrassed. “Gray-sama!” She shrieked. “Juvia didn’t- It wasn’t- Nothing like this-”

“Oh, so there is something. Tell me.”

No!” She shook her head.

“Come on, tell me.”

“No, it’s embarrassing!” Juvia put her hands over her face and heard Gray laugh so she took a peek between her fingers and her heart leaped in happiness when she saw his expression so carefree, smiling, clearly happy.

Before, there was a tension in him all the time; sure, when they were together he was much at ease, but since Zeref was defeated and Fairy Tail was at peace again, Gray opened up to her like she only ever dreamed of. He was still his grumpy self sometimes, sure, but it was more because he was used to it other than how he felt before.

“I’ll figure it out, you know.” He told her and put her on the floor. “Your face gets all red when you think of it.”

“No it doesn’t!” She gasped. “And- and- if Juvia’s like that, you are too!”

“What? No, I’m not.” Gray grabbed the plate with the pancakes and Juvia grabbed the butter and jam.

Gray argued a little more on how he was much better at hiding his embarrassment and Juvia mostly argued back to humor him, just happy to see him so relaxed.

She promised herself to do her best to make him happy for as long as they lived.


AN: I just like to write Happy!Gray, without the weight of the world on his shoulders. :) Hope you liked it!

Battlefield Pt 1

Season 2 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,375

Warnings: Major Character Death

   My lungs and head felt like they were on fire as I gasped loudly, sitting up in… My bed? How did I get into my room? In fact, I didn’t even remember leaving the station.

   I felt my bed indent like someone sat down and then my hand was grabbed. When I finally had taken enough gulps of air to see who it was, I saw Stiles sitting in front of me. My parents burst through the door, relieved looks on their faces.

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No One Knows Part 1

Pairing: Eggsy X Reader

Warning: swearing, sexual themes

A/N: here’s part 1 I hope everyone enjoys this!! Reader is 21 when she gets pregnant. Eggsy is canonically 22 in the first movie (WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY??



Originally posted by danniejgrayson

5 years later

It was an average night filled with gross men who thought they were better than everyone, ogling the dancers in ways that made Y/N never want to be with another man ever again in her life. With a deep sigh, Y/N clocked out before the bouncer left. He was a big red headed man with a broken nose and deep blue eyes. She waited patiently at the door for him, pulling her coat just a little tighter around her.

He made his way over to him before they left the club together, him simply walking her to the bus stop and hailing a cab for her, but that was as far as he went. She got into the cab, waving him goodbye as it drove away. She sunk into the seat after giving her address. The ride was slow, but not because there were things that were making it slow, but because she was tired and she couldn’t get home fast enough. Her mom would still be awake, waiting for her to come home. Her bean would be sleeping after spending the day at school. She got out of the cab when it pulled up to her apartment complex and trudged her way up the stairs barefoot with her heels in hand until she came to her door.

Y/N sighed heavily upon entering her home and went to the kitchen. Her mother was asleep on the couch and she couldn’t bring herself to wake the older woman up. Poor thing shouldn’t have to go home so late. Y/N placed all her things on the small table in the kitchen quietly before making her way to her bean’s room. A soft smile crossed her face when she saw him sleeping peacefully, tucked into his covers in the most unusual way. She made her way to her son and sat on the bed. Tomorrow he didn’t have to go to school, so she could spend the day with him.

Gently, Y/N pressed a kiss to his forehead and got up to let him sleep. She closed the door silently behind her before she went into her room to sleep as well. She looked at the clock that read 4 am as she stripped out of her work clothes and into her pajamas. She sighed and stared up at her ceiling, thinking about how much like his father her bean was starting to look like. Drifting off, she dreamt of Eggsy and what he was doing currently.

She woke with a start when her alarm went off. Sitting up, the clock read 7:30. She wasn’t exactly sure how much sleep she had gotten, but she jumped out of bed to make her bean some breakfast. Y/N bounced around kitchen with a smile as she made breakfast, sipping on a cup of coffee. She only stopped when she felt tiny arms wrapping around her leg and a face pressing into her leg. She looked down to see her son hugging her sleepily.

“Mummy, I’m sleepy.” She leaned down and lifted him into her arms with a soft grunt. Pressing kisses to his cheek, she continued to cook with him sitting on her hip.

“You’re up early, Bean.”

“Missed you,” her son mumbled into her shoulder.

“I missed you too.” She put down her spatula to sit him at the table before serving him breakfast. She sat next to him and watched him eat slowly. Eventually her mother came into the kitchen for breakfast as well. She offered Y/N a smile before moving towards the coffee pot.

“How’s school been?” She asked, turning back to her bean.

“S’okay… My uniform ripped.” Y/N frowned slightly.

“How did it rip?”

“Kebause I don’t have a dad,” Bean looked up at her with innocent eyes and her heart broke.

“What do you mean, baby?” she asked, touching his cheek in concern.

“The other boys said that kebause I don’t have a dad that they push me around,” he replied quietly. She frowned deeply. Her son was being picked on? Because his father wasn’t around? How stupid. A look passed between her and her mother, who was quietly watching.

“Bean… you have a dad. He’s just not here…”

“Why?” he asked. She patted down his hair.

“How about… I tell you all about your father while we go get you a new uniform?” she said, smiling despite the fact that it upset her that he was getting picked on for something so small.

“Okay, mummy.” She pressed a kiss to his head and got up to get dressed.


The stores that sold her son’s uniforms were a lot further uptown than her job, but she didn’t mind sitting on the bus, listening to her son talk about anything and everything. He could dress himself now and despite the fact that he liked vibrant colors, he still reminded her of Eggsy whenever he dressed casually and not in his school uniform. Y/N held his hand while they walked, passing several stores before going into the one she had found his school uniform in when he entered primary school.

Of course, Bean had to try things on as he was growing, but it still didn’t take them long to find some more outfits for his uniforms so he would have extras. It wasn’t exactly cheap either, but she never mentioned how much it made her cringe to look at the prices. She didn’t want her son to deal with the knowledge of them being tight with money. He had enough to worry about with his bullies and studies. They were walking back to the bus stop with bags in one hand while holding hands with their free ones, that someone was coming down the steps of the tailor’s shop and almost ran over her son with their long legs. Luckily, she pulled Bean out of the way on time, but it caused her son to drop his bag.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there,” the woman said, dressed in a smartly dressed suit. Y/N shook her head, not angry with the woman.

“It’s fine,” she replied quietly as she reached for the bag Bean had dropped. The woman bent to grab it as well, getting to it first. She handed it over and Y/N took it gently.

“I’m sorry about that. I should have been paying more attention,” the woman said, smiling down at Bean who was hiding behind her leg.

“It’s okay, really. I’m just glad no one got hurt,” Y/N said, not seeing as the door to the tailor’s opened again.

“Roxy, Merlin said to… oh… Y/N?” That voice had her blood running cold and her breath caught in her throat. Slowly she turned her eyes up to see who she just assumed was not in London at all anymore. There he was, wearing glasses that she never knew he would ever need, dressed in the nicest suit she had ever seen. Instinctively, she pulled Bean a little closer to her.

“Eggsy?” Suddenly, anger welled in her chest, but she pushed it down. She didn’t want Bean to see her angry.

“Fucking hell, Y/N it’s been what? Five years? You look fucking great!” He trotted down the steps to stand in front of her. She grimaced at him as he cussed in front of her son and moved her hand to press her palm to her child’s ear so he couldn’t hear the words.

“Eggsy, control your language,” the woman, Roxy, said. She even smacked his arm roughly to make him stop.

“Why? I know her. She’s heard me curse a lot before now.”

“I actually would prefer you not to. Bean doesn’t need to learn those words yet,” Y/N said, gently moving her hand away from Bean’s ears.

“Bean?” Eggsy inquired quietly while Roxy grinned at the cute nickname.

“How cute!” Y/N gently moved Bean forward so he wasn’t hiding behind her anymore. Eggsy’s eyebrows shot up in surprise and his mouth opened a bit as if to say something, but no sound came out. He stared down at the little boy, making Y/N uncomfortable.

“He’s a bit shy, but he’s very smart,” Y/N said, smiling down at her son proudly. Bean looked up at her confused before looking directly at Eggsy. Whom seemed to be trying to gather himself. Roxy bent down to her son’s level, smiling.

“Hello, Bean. I’m Roxy. That’s Eggsy. How old are you?” she asked, tilting her head. Y/N watched Roxy before suddenly it hit her. Had Eggsy left her for another woman? There was that anger again. She turned her face away, almost shaking in her rage. How dare he be excited to see her?

Eggsy seemed to get a hold of himself as he bent to shake the little boy’s hand. Bean seemed to pick up on her mood, looking up at Eggsy with a curiosity that he normally wouldn’t have towards any adult that he didn’t know well enough. Y/N turned to watch them, but instead of focusing on Eggsy at all, her attention was on Roxy, who was looking between Bean and Eggsy with a sharp look in her eye. Slowly, Roxy turned to look up at Y/N with a knowing look that made her feel very uncomfortable.

“I didn’t know you had a kid,” Eggsy said, standing up straight. Roxy followed him slowly, eyes narrowing at her partner in confusion. Then that knowing look came back.

“It was… certainly a surprise,” She murmured, not looking at him. Bean gently reached up to take the bag from her, only smiling when she allowed him to take it. He tugged on her hand after that.

“Mummy, you promised…” her son murmured. The adults looked down at him, only one of them knowing what the kid was talking about.

“I know, bean. Do you want to wait until later since we’re talking to Ms Roxy and Mr Eggsy?” she gave her son a nervous smile that he immediately knew his mother was uncomfortable where she was. But he wanted to know and she had promised.

“No. I wanna know where dad is,” Bean pressed. Y/N bit her lip, wondering why her son was pressing this. Was it because he could tell Eggsy made her uncomfortable? She looked back up at the two professionally dressed people in front of her. Roxy glanced at Eggsy, but otherwise remained impassive while Eggsy, himself was looking at her confused.

“Y/N, love, is his dad at work or something?” the man himself asked. Y/N looked downright ready to cry at that, frustrated. Who did this stupid man think he is?

“He left us,” she growled, tense and angry and ready to just scream at him. Both their faces seemed to fall and even though she knew Eggsy didn’t know he had a child, but Roxy certainly picked it up pretty easily. Y/N had made it along fine on her own.

“You can’t be fuc-… serious?” Eggsy said, stopping himself from cursing. Bean had stopped pulling at her hand to frown at her.

“I am. I have to get him home. My mum should be waiting for babysit,” she said, grabbing Bean’s hand and moving to run away from the situation in front of her. Eggsy jumped in front of her, stopping them from leaving.

“Wait, I could drive you home. We could talk,” Eggsy said, face hopeful. Y/N wanted to curse his attractive face because she knew that she would love to have a ride home without forcing her son onto a crowded double-decker. She visually struggled, wanting to decline because she wanted nothing to do with this man who up and disappeared from her life after getting her pregnant. Not that Bean wasn’t the best thing in her life, but she certainly hadn’t expected her life to take this kind of turn at twenty-one.

“Fuck,” she whispered so Bean wouldn’t hear her (and he didn’t), “Fine. I live in the same apartment complex. You remember where that is right?” Eggsy moved to the car literally parking right next to them with the biggest grin on his stupid handsome face. He opened the door for Bean to crawl in and took their shopping bags to put in the trunk. She moved to open the passenger door, but he was already right there, opening it for her. She gave him a sour look.

“Yeah, I remember. I went there after I got my job here, but you weren’t there.” Y/N got in the car, crossing her arms defiantly. She waited until he was in the driver’s seat to reply to him.

“Same complex. Had to get a bigger apartment to make room for Bean.”

“You weren’t at your old job either,” Eggsy pressed, starting the car and waving to Roxy who was on her way back inside the tailor’s.

“They wouldn’t change my schedule. I found a different job. Not far from here.”

“Oh yeah? What do you do now?” he asked, pulling away from the shop and starting on the way towards her home.

“I’m an overnight waitress. Pays better.”

“You’re being real short with me, Y/N/N.”

“Eggsy, you left. You didn’t call or text me. Your mum didn’t know where you were. After five months, it wasn’t worth waiting around for you because I knew you probably weren’t coming back. It doesn’t matter now. I had to provide for my son and I had no help from my parents besides my mum babysitting while I’m at work,” Y/N retorted, trying to keep her tone even so Bean wouldn’t pay attention to them talking. But he was. He looked between them as he listened to them.

“I’m sorry… I couldn’t find you. It didn’t seem to stop you from moving on though. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be around for you. If I had known, I would have helped you.” Y/N rolled her eyes. If only he knew. Not that he deserved it.

“It’s fine. Water under the bridge, Eggsy. I’m just surprised to-” she stopped when her phone started to ring. She dug through her purse to find it and once she did, she picked up. Her mum’s voice came over the line, frantic and panicky. She soothed her mother enough to get her to explain what was happening, only to feel her heart stop. Slowly, she hung up and sighed, putting her head in her hands. Eggsy glanced at her briefly.

“Y/N/N, love? What’s wrong?”

“My dad has been sick for awhile, but… he had an episode and mom can’t watch Bean tonight. I can’t afford to call out,” she explained quietly. Eggsy reached over and touched her shoulder.

“Hey… I could watch him,” Eggsy offered.

“No, Eggsy… He’s just met you.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t. ‘Sides I’m a right gentleman now.”


“Y/N, I’m serious. I usually don’t work nights and even if I do get called in, I can talk to my boss,” he pressed. Y/N bit her lip as she thought about it. She turned to look a her son, who was looking out the window with the seat belt properly buckled.

“Baby?” she called. Bean looked at her immediately. “Would you… would you mind it if Eggsy were the one to watch you tonight?” Bean looked over at Eggsy, who couldn’t turn back to look at him.


“Are you sure, Bean?”

“Yeah. Kebause I like him,” Bean said quietly, little hands folding neatly in his lap. She couldn’t help but melt at his tone, wondering how she raised such a wonderful child. She turned to Eggsy.

“Then… I guess you can. Since he likes you,” She said, frowning at the self satisfied grin pulling at Eggsy’s face.

“I work from 6pm to 3am,” she said. Eggsy grinned at her, shifting a bit so he could look at Bean in the rearview mirror.

“We’re going to be right trouble, Bean. You and me. Right trouble.” Bean simply smiled back at Eggsy. Y/N was sure this was a mistake.

I don't like being told what to do.

I was in the middle of a very good dream and I mean very good. I was laying on a bed, watching as Theo took his shirt off. I slowly licked my lips, definatly approving of what I saw.

He looked over at me and laughed,“Liking the view?”

I nodded, eyeing him up and down,“Oh you have no idea.”

He smile, then looked to wear my shirt was still covering my body, “Your turn.”

I sighed and gave a slight shrug of my shoulders, “I don’t know. I think I might need some help taking it off.”

“You don’t gotta ask me twice.”, He said, making his way on the bed.

Once he was hovering over me, he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. I egarly kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He pulled away, looked me in the eye and said, “Y/N, it’s time to wake up.”

I looked at him extremly confused, “What?”

“Y/N, get up. I have a job for you.”

I opened my eyes and saw Theo standing in the doorway to my room. I groaned and rolled over. Maybe if I go back to sleep right now, I will be able to finish that dream.

Theo wasn’t on bored with that plan, “Seriously! Get up already. We have work that needs to be done.”

I rolled my eyes, gosh he was such a nag, “You are so much better in dream form.”

“What?”, He asked, not sure if he heard right.

“Forget it.”, I say, sitting up and streching, “So what’s on the agenda today?”

He shook his head, getting back to reason why he so rudly woke me up, “Right. I need you to spend the day with Stiles. Keep him away from Scott.”

I looked at him like he hd just spoken a different language,“Excuse me? You want me to babysit? I don’t think so. Get one of your little minnions to do it.”

He sighed, closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose, “Hayden is on Liam duty and Corey is on Mason duty. So that leaves you.”

I hummed and pretending to be thinking about it, then said,“ Yeah, I don’t think so.”

Theo’s eyes snapped open, “What do you mean you don’t think so? Did you forget who you’re talking to?”

I got up and walked over to him, looking him in the eye,“ Did you forget who you’re talking to? Do you not remember why I left my pack in the first place? I don’t like being told what to do.”, I paused, a sly smile aprearing on my face,“ That is, unless I’m naked.”

His jaw dropped open and eyes widend in shock, “What?”

I laughed at his reaction, then I got a brilliant idea, “You know what? I think I will pay Stiles a visit after all.”

That seemed to snap Theo out of it, he grabbed my arm and glared at me, “You’re not seriously thinking about sleeping with him are you?”

I pulled out of his grasp and walked over to my dresser, pulling out the shortest pair of shorts that I owned. Then I walked over to my closet and pulled out a black tank top. Once I was dressed I quickly put on my sneakers and left my room.

As I was walking towards the front door, Theo grabbed my wrist, “Answer me Y/N. Are you really thinking about sleeping with him.”

I rolled my eyes and laughed at him, “Hey, you’re the one that me to spend the day with him. You just never said doing what. So now you’ll get what you want and I’ll get to have a little fun while doing it.”

“I mean why would you even want to. He’s not even that cute.”, He mumbled, looking everywhere but me.

I eyed him for a second, then it hit me, “Theo why do you care so much?”

“Because…”, He started to say, but trailed off.

“Because why?” I asked, wanting for him to finish.

He sighed, then looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Because if anyone is sleeping with you, it’s going to be me.”

Before I even had a chance to respond, he crashed his lips to mine. It only took me a couple of seconds to start kissing him back. I mean it’s not like I hadn’t dreamt of this happening.

After we had been making out for about five minutes, I pulled back and whipsered in his ear, “So are we doing this or not? I mean I did have previous plans.”

He growled, then picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder. I laughed as he made his way back into my room. He layed me down on my bed, then climbed on top of me.

He kissed up and down my neck a couple of times, before reaching down to tug on the end of my shirt, “Off now.”

As much as I wanted to comply, I decided to give him a hard time, “I thought I told you. I don’t like being told what to do, unless I’m naked and from what I can see, not naked.”

“By the time I’m done. You will be.”, He said, voice low and ruff in my ear, causing shivers to run down my spine.

He pulled away and sat up to remove his shirt. Once he had thrown his shirt to some place on my floor, I reached up and ran my hands down his chest.

“Way better than my dream.” I say, not missing the amused smile that appeared on Theo’s face.

“So you were dreaming about me earlier.”, He teased, remembering what I said this morning.

I shrugged like it was no big deal, “Not the first time and probably not the last.”

“So what exactly did we do in this dream of yours?” Theo asked, leaning back down to kiss my neck.

It took me a couple of minutes to form a coherent sentence, “Sadly not much. Seeing as someone woke me up and just when it was starting to get good.”

He laughed and pulled back to look at me, “How about I make it up to you by really giving you something to dream about.”

“Sure you can do that?”, I ask, with a playfull smile.

“Don’t you worry about it.”, He said, crushing his lips to mine once again.

Alice, Oh Alice || Jisoo || Pt. 10 (Final)

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 //Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 // Pt. 10 (Final)

Word Count: 4315

Genre: fantasy, Alice in Wonderland based!au, based on a oneshot (rewritten)

Summary: With a missing princess, a desperate fiancé, and the craziness of Wonderland, you wondered if you would ever make it back home with your head still on your shoulders.

There was a rumor of a coup. An elaborately planned coup the required the disappearance of the princess and the loss of her memory. The rumor died out when the princess didn’t return but slowly, it was coming back. The whispers through the halls, the gossips of the dead; Songs being hummed and nursery rhymes being sang. The townspeople chattered and the servants of the castle ignored them. Their princess wouldn’t do that. Not their princess.

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RFA: MC w Sweet Voice

Hi i just recently followed your blog and i love it … is it ok to request a hc rfa+ minor trio reaction to a mc even though angry she still sounds sweet and affectionate (im an ilongga we are known for our accent that always sound sweet and affectionate even when we are angry) thank you

Hey hon! Thanks so much for the ask, I have a friend whose voice is always so soft and sweet no matter what she’s saying so I totally get it 😂 I also did a quick search on the word “Ilongga” and was so captivated by all the gorgeous colors and smiles!! Anyways, this was Lots of Fun to write, so enjoy the hc 😁    -Pancake

⁃ Yoosung Can Relate
⁃ Nobody /ever/ takes him seriously
⁃ He knows exactly how you feel
⁃ Even in spite of this though, he still finds it kinda hard not to smile at least a little when you’re angry
⁃ “I’m sorry, MC, you’re just too cute!”
⁃ One time you called his voice cute tho
⁃ And he got real defensive 😂
⁃ “My voice is /not/ cute! It’s manly!” He’d insist
⁃ Poor hon doesn’t realize he’s actually a fetus
⁃ Y'all cook together sometimes and he always has you read the recipes to him
⁃ And he’s pathetic about it too cause a few times he “misheard” what you said
⁃ So you’d have to repeat it
⁃ How lame is he
⁃ But.. you find it a bit endearing ^^;

⁃ Honey Bunny is SLAIN by your voice
⁃ Tries to convince you to go into voice acting all the time
⁃ “No, Zen!” You’d object, sometimes with a twinge of frustration
⁃ But he would just laugh it off cause the way you said that just convinced him even further that he was right
⁃ “See, that right there! That’s exactly my point”
⁃ Even the way you grumble in complaint is cute
⁃ Sometimes y'all have little shower concerts
⁃ One of you will walk into the bathroom and catch the other humming or singing a little bit while they wash up
⁃ So you’ll grab a hairbrush mic and really sell it
⁃ The day after your voices are a bit sore but it was worth it
⁃ Besides? Zen loves your raspy voice

⁃ Jaehee Knows That Feel™
⁃ For the first couple months at C&R she was struggling real bad
⁃ She was pretty low on the totem poll and honestly at that point in life her confidence wasn’t exactly up by any means
⁃ So /nobody/ listened to her
⁃ But she got particularly swamped and stressed one day
⁃ And none of her workers were helping
⁃ So she kind of snapped?
⁃ She like nearly yelled at them
⁃ And suddenly they were working?
⁃ It was like magic
⁃ Moral of the story is Jaehee knows how you feel
⁃ So she can totally tell when you’re being serious or when you’re mad or just talking casually
⁃ She loves when you talk to yourself
⁃ She does it too
⁃ Y'all quote all of Zen’s movies as they happen
⁃ Lots of Zen and Chill
⁃ Ya boi
⁃ But!
⁃ Plot twist??
⁃ Once somebody started hitting on you in the cafe
⁃ You tried to tell them you weren’t interested but they didn’t get the picture
⁃ So Jaehee Laid Down the Law
⁃ Wow what a show
⁃ I won’t go into too many details cause this one’s getting long but geeeeeeez
⁃ Long story short they’re no longer allowed within a block of the premises
⁃ You can always count on Jaehee 👍

⁃ This is;;
⁃ Not good
⁃ He’s just so bad at this
⁃ He thinks your voice is so soothing
⁃ Even when you’re yelling at him
⁃ He still takes you completely serious though, you’re too much of a queen for him not to
⁃ One time he woke up in the middle of the night to find that you weren’t in bed beside him
⁃ So he got up to look for you
⁃ After roaming the house he found you curled up with Elizabeth on your lap
⁃ You were singing to her and saying things about yourself and about Jumin and about anything in the world that could be on your mind
⁃ This boy actually had tears in his eyes what a dweeb

⁃ yes
⁃ Can’t y'all just picture him nuzzling his cheek into your head like do you guys know what I’m talking about
⁃ “Kawaiiiiiiiiiiii” and he’s all blushy and dazed
⁃ Sometimes you’ll try and throw him off on purpose
⁃ “Saeyoung, could you please get your dirty clothes of the floor dear? I might puke”
⁃ He’s Shook™
⁃ Works every time
⁃ Well for a while at least, then he starts catching on
⁃ “Of course, pumpkin. Would you like me to pick your attitude out of the garbage disposal while I’m at it?”
⁃ He always takes you serious if you’re being for real though
⁃ But if he can tell you’re not he might just respond with an impression of your voice
⁃ It’s;;really accurate
⁃ It’s kind of unsettling actually

[V and Unknown]

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whiskey lullaby

Mike is sitting with his shoulder slung around El at lunch. At first, the party thought it was gross how close they were, but they all got used to it.

Except Will.

Will sits quietly, and watches as El stares at Mike with such admiration right there, in the open.

Will wishes he could do the same.

(In which a 17 year old Will gets a little too drunk and a little too in love.)

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anonymous asked:

OK so I have a kinda fun one. Mihawk, Crocodile, Law and Ace's s/o have a nightmare so they wake them up. And they wake up all calm and stuff and ask why they were woken up and told they had a nightmare they can ether be confused or just be OK with it cuz they're used to not remembering their dreams (Mihawk on the second plz?) I litarly almost never remember my dreams so I just think this would be fun. Plz and thank you

I hope I did this alrighty! tbh I wish I didn’t remember my dreams; last night I dreamt an old dusty ass lady bought a pair of my socks with a counterfeit 25$ bill… I hope u enjoy that info


  • When Mihawk was a school aged child he used to remember his dreams. Though after time he just stopped, he’ll snap out of his sleep if he has a really peculiar dream, but never remembers what occurs.
  • So when you wake him up, he’s slightly grouchy. Unless you’re about to die, or the room is on fire he needs his beautysleep.
  • Once he hears it’s a nightmare he kinda just scoffs and rolls his eyes.
  • He’ll then roll back over, and attempt to fall asleep. Though you slide your hand near him, and cling to the covers.
  • He’ll sit up
  • When he sees your tinted face, and shakey breaths, he’ll shift a little closer to you, and wrap an arm pulling you near him.
  • ‘I’m sorry dear, it’s just a dream. Don’t be distressed, it’s nothing to be afraid of.’
  • Kinda slides you down, to lay with him.
  • He’ll stroke your hair until you’re a bit more calm
  • Quickly you fall back to sleep, he stays up for a bit, making sure you don’t wake up to him coldly sleeping


  • dreams are for the weak & children
  • So when you wake up from one - he kind of shrugs it off
  • He’s not being a douche on purpose, but kinda is
  • When you express how shaken/ fearful you are
  • He’ll pull you up on his lap, and kiss your sweaty forehead
  • Pushes you near his chest, and strokes your hair
  • Does his weird ass deep chuckle
  • Says something along the line of “If anything came near you love, I’d make sure they suffered the pain of a thousand deaths”
  • Or something edgy and poetic
  • Tries to make out with you over a bottle of a classy alcoholic beverage - or goes back to sleep holding you close


  • Ace is the kinda guy who doesn’t remember his dreams
  • Never has
  • He wakes up with like, a sense of the dream??
  • If it was a nightmare, he’d wake up feeling scared, or angry, happy, etc etc
  • But! He does remember when Luffy would get the occasional nightmare, and would have to comfort him
  • (by comfort I mean call him a baby, and throw him outside)
  • So when you woke him up he just would wing it
  • He’d pull you super close, and pepper you with a few lil kisses
  • ‘Do you wanna tell me about it?’
  • For as long as possible he’ll attempt to stay awake as you ramble about a large lava monster devoring the ship, and many of the members with it.
  • And how you remember Ace sobbing as he went down with it.
  • He’ll just laugh a little bit, and somehow manage to pull you closer. Wrapping his warm hand around yours and bringing it to his face
  • ‘It’ll take more then some lava monster to destroy the ship. And definitely more to take me away from you babe’
  • Then he gives your hand one last final smooch before you drift asleep in each other’s arms


  • Whenever he had dreams they were nightmares
  • Eventually he was able to block out the dream experience - but he’d still wake up with the fear and anxiety
  • He’s occasionally a light sleeper, so he’ll wake up as soon as he feels you toss and turn. Or you’ll have to stab him awake.
  • He doesn’t exactly know how to comfort you, he’ll just awkwardly pull you close and listen to your rabbles
  • Wants to call you silly for being afraid of such an event taking place - but he can’t bring himself to call you stupid for being afraid
  • Massages your scalp/ mangles up your hair in hope of solace
  • Law doesn’t really respond except with “Go back to sleep” or a deep “Hm”
  • low key waits for you to fall asleep first - though he might lay there all night holding you
AU!Soulmate Dream (Hoshi)

Originally posted by infinitblaq

  • Okay, this was really cute
  • He started to dream about you when he was only a child
  • And he was so confused because he didn’t understand why you appeared in every dream
  • Even if the dreams were different, the same person appeared 
  • Until someone explained him that it was his soulmate
  • Hoshi, being a little kid, would kind of pout and say something like: “but I nut want a su-mate! (But I don’t want a soulmate!)”
  • But the reality is that with the passing of time, he ended up joining your adventures through his dreams of you
  • As time passed, he started to grow attached to your image; the way you did everything in his dreams was just so magical for him

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anonymous asked:

How about the RFA (+ Saeran and V) reacting to their S/O having a dream that they cheated and waking up angry? Love your blog!!

Ok if I understood this correctly, MC had the dream and MC wakes up angry? 
If I messed it up just message me! 


  • Waking up holding to MC is just the best way to start the day
  • but when he wakes up and MC is sitting at the end of the bed 
  • he’s confused 
  • “Hey.. MC?” 
  • “What?” 
  • Their tone sounded really annoyed 
  • “Hey, Is something wrong?” 
  • MC sighed and ignored his question 
  • he scooched closer to them 
  • “You can tell me if somethings bothering you” 
  • MC sighed again 
  • “You cheated on me..” 
  • “WHAT?” 
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about? I never did that!” 
    “You did!….In my dream” 

  • Yoosung was already tearing up from the accusation 
  • now he was confused and almost crying 
  • “I’m.. I’m sorry” 
  • MC looked over at him since they heard his voice crack 
  • then MC realized it was sort of ridiculous to get mad at him over a dream 
  • They hugged him and apologized for getting mad 
  • They went back to cuddling 


  • He woke up to hear MC crying 
  • he right away went to over to hug MC 
  • “MC! What’s wrong?” 
  • MC pushed him away from them which got him really confused 
  • were they.. Upset with him? 
  • “Hey, Tell me what’s up” 
  • MC looked over at him 
  • “I.. Had a dream” 
  • Zen nodded as a sign that he’s listening 
  • “You.. Cheated on me” 
  • Zen takes dreams seriously 
  • I mean he has psychic dreams 
  • but even he laughed  at this 
  • he moved closer to MC and attempted to hug them again 
  • they let him this time 
  • “That would never happen, MC. I love you more than anything. Don’t worry about it~” 
  • “It just felt so real” 
  • “Hey, It will never happen. I’l show you how much I love you, Okay?~” 
  • He made sure that MC knows that they are the only one for him. 


  • Jaehee woke up before MC 
  • she made breakfast for them 
  • and when she woke MC up 
  • she lightly nudged them and told them it was time to wake up and eat 
  • MC grumbled and rolled over to the other side 
  • Jaehee nudged them again 
  • “go away” mc mumbled 
  • Jaehee was really confused 
  • MC sounded pretty angry 
  • “MC, Is something wrong?” 
  • “No.” 
  • “MC tell me” 
  • “uuuggghhh” 
  • “MC” 
  • “..I dreamt you were cheating on me and it felt really real and now when I woke up I wasn’t completely sure if it was a dream or a memory and-” 
  • “MC” 
  • “Yeah?” 
  • Jaehee leaned to MC and gave them a quick kiss 
  • “You have done so much for me, I’m so grateful for having you in my life and I would never betray you like that. I love you” 
  • MC could hear Jaehee was sincere 
  • they apologized to Jaehee and they enjoyed breakfast together
  • MC thought this day was gonna be bad but after hearing that they knew it was gonna be better 


  • it took him a little bit to notice that MC was mad at him 
  • but when he did he asked MC what was bothering them 
  • MC avoided the question at first 
  • but Jumin wouldn’t let them ignore his question
  •  “Would you ever cheat on me?” 
  • “What?” 
  • “Would you?” 
  • “Why would you ask that?” 
  • “..I had a dream where you cheated on me” 
  • “And?” 
  • “And it felt like you actually did” 
  • Jumin shook his head and held on to MC’s waist and kissed them 
  • “It’s irrational to believe a dream. I don’t want anyone else when I have you” 


  • He woke up before MC and was holding on to them cuddling
  • but when MC  woke up and pushed him away right away
  • he was confused
  • pls don’t push him away, he doesn’t deserve that 
  • “Hey… Mc?” 
  • MC ignored him and got out of bed 
  • Seven followed MC 
  • “Hey, What’s wrong?” 
  • MC looked at him 
  • “I dreamt you cheated on me.” 
  • Seven looked at them for a second
  • is that why they are mad? 
  • He dropped to his knees and grabbed on to MC’s hands 
  • “Oh! I’m so sorry!~ I can never forgive my dream self for doing this to you! How can I ever make you forgive me?~” 
  • ok Seven you don’t need to be so dramatic 
  • MC giggled at this 
  • “Hmm, Maybe a kiss will help~” 
  • “Of course! Anything for you!” 
  • It ended up being more than a kiss tbh 


  • He woke up MC with a kiss on the forehead 
  • MC opened their eyes and as soon as they saw V they grumbled 
  • “What do you want?” 
  • He was confused by the tone of their voice 
  • “I wanted to greet the person I love” 
  • “Yeah. Sure” 
  • Please don’t be mad at V. He doesn’t deserve this
  •  He asks MC what’s wrong
  • It takes a while until MC tells him about their dream 
  • after they explain he’s not sure what he should say 
  • he apologizes though because he does feel guilty over this 
  • then MC apologizes because really they shouldn’t be mad over this 
  • They will probably laugh about this later tbh
  • probably 


  • They have both been awake for a while 
  • and he still hasn’t noticed that MC is angry 
  • So MC has to straight up tell him 
  • “I’m a bit annoyed..” 
  • “Why.” 
  • “Because I had a dream” 
  • “Okay..” 
  • “And you cheated on me” 
  • “That’s stupid” 
  • “What?” 
  • “I wouldn’t do that. So it’s stupid to get mad over a dream” 
  • “I..Guess” 
  • He sighs and with a little hesitation he holds on to MC 
  • “Forget about that dream. Okay?” 
  • MC nods 
  • He’s not the best at showing emotions but MC can tell he does care about them 
Heaven Scent Chapter Four

Heaven Scent | Dan Howell rarely leaves the house unless he has too, too socially awkward to function normally around other people, and generally making his only friends through Louise, a sweet beta who took him under her wing a few years back when they were both still in college. It’s no surprise, then, that the omega has yet to find a mate, despite craving one rather a lot. It’s not until he attends Louise’s birthday party and gets accidentally-on-purpose set up with an attractive alpha named Phil Lester who smells absolutely heavenly that Dan starts to fall into a proper romance, complete with courting and scenting and the like. | Phan | Mature | A/B/O dynamics (Omegaverse fic), Fluff, Getting Together, Eventual Smut, Courting | 6,996 Words this chapter

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

(Ao3) (Previous)

Chapter Four

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anonymous asked:

are you still doing kakasaku stories? if so i'd love any soulmate theme stuff!

Thank you for the prompt, nonnie!

Dreams Are Made of This

Also on ao3 and ffn

               Kakashi dreams were soft and blurred around the edges. He caught a smile once in a while and the colors pink and green, but he couldn’t tell you more than that. He had no idea who his soulmate was. Everyone dreamt about their other half, but Kakashi’s dreams still hadn’t gotten around to giving him a face. Kurenai told him it was because he hadn’t met them yet. The dreams got clearer the closer your relationship got.

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How Would EXO React To Their S/O Having A Nightmare

Anon: Hello! Could you do exo’s reaction to you having a nightmare? Thank you!


Minseok isn’t a light sleeper, but you still managed to wake him up almost right away, when you threw yourself around on the bed. He was confused for a moment, but then he realized the reason. He got up on his elbow and slightly nudged you. When you didn’t respond, he sat up and called you name while placing his hands on your shoulder. You woke up with a gasp and sat up, almost headbutting Minseok. Your heart was racing and you were panting softly as you looked around in confusion. “Where am I?” you asked, unable to recognize the dark room. Minseok softly pulled you into a hug, and you immediately recognized your boyfriend. “You had a nightmare,” he said, as he laid back down, still with his arms around you. “You want to talk about it?” he said, and you nodded quietly.

“Don’t worry babe, I’m right here. Nothing will hurt you.”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi


Junmyeon was exhausted as he came home from a late night practice. He walked into your shared apartment and noticed the TV in the living room was still on. He found you sleeping, with a blanket on. Some random horror movie played on the screen, as the only light in the room. Junmyeon couldn’t help but chuckle. You refused to go to bed before he came home, and you always stayed up to wait for him. Today was no different. Just as he was about to go and wake you up, so you could sleep in your own bed, a jumpscare happened in the movie. The volume wasn’t high, but high enough for it to startle you, and your scream almost matched the main characters. You looked around and then you saw Junmyeon’s figure in the poorly lit room. It made you scream again, and Junmyeon turned around, thinking there was something behind him. When he realized it was him you were terrified of, he’d calmly announced that it was your boyfriend. When you realized it, you quickly got up from the couch and ran into his embrace. “Don’t scare me like that!” you scolded and started crying. “I was having a nightmare that someone broke into the house!” Junmyeon just comforted you and calmed you down. In minutes you were in bed, feeling very safe in the arms of your boyfriend.

”Awww, baby. Don’t be scared, it’s just me!”

Originally posted by qrishan


Yixing woke up in the middle of the night, at first he didn’t really know what woke him up, but he realized that your body was shaking slightly in his arms. He heard small whimpers, as he realized you were crying, “Y/N? Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked worriedly and forgot all about him being tired. When you didn’t respond he leaned over you to see your still sleeping face. Your face was scrunched up, and you were crying silently. He carefully turned you, before wiping away the tears, “babe?” he said, trying to wake you up gently. Your eyes fluttered slightly as you woke up, you were startled as you were starring right into Yixing’s worried face. “What is it?” you said confused, but then realized your tears. You quickly wiped your eyes and started to blush. “Was it a nightmare?” he asked, still worried, “no,” you said and shook your head. “it was a happy dream” Yixing looked relieved, “about?” he asked, “I dreamt that you came back from tour,” you admitted and blushed. Yixing couldn’t help but smile widely as he remembers the times he had been gone for more than a month and your smiling crying face greeting him at the airport when he came back. “oh,” he simply said and kissed your forehead, before going back to sleep.

*In his head* “SHE’S TOO ADORABLE”

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Baekhyun couldn’t sleep. He always get’s like this the weeks leading up to an album release.  After twisting and turning in the bed until 2 am, Baekhyun decided to leave your sleeping figure that always calmed him, and go for a midnight stroll. He quietly got up from the bed and got dressed before tip-toeing out the door. The cold winter air was refreshing as he aimlessly strolled around on the street. After about half an hour, he walked back. When he opened the door, to the apartment he could hear the sound of your footsteps, walking frantically back and forth, while you were sobbing loudly. Baekhyun hurried and found you in the middle of the hallway, with a tear-stained face. “What’s wrong?!” He asked worriedly. You froze for a moment, before running into his arms, “you idiot!” You yelled as you tried to pull him close and hit him in the chest. “What happened?!” he asked again. “I had a nightmare that you left me in the middle of the night, and then I wake up and you’re gone!” you said with an accusing voice. Baekhyun couldn’t hold back a chuckle, as you glared at him. “I’m sorry, Y/N” he said quietly, “I promise I won’t leave in the middle of the night,” he promised. You simply nodded, before wordlessly pulling him back in bed with you, and soon you were both asleep once again.

”I wouldn’t ever leave you in the middle of the night, babe!”

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Jongdae woke up after he hit the cold floor in his bedroom. He whined slightly as he sat up, and rubbed the part of his head that had bumped into the floor and looked around in confusion. His eyes landed on your sleeping figure, your usual peaceful sleeping face looked worried and uncomfortable. You were on his side of the bed, and you had probably pushed him down. He sighed heavily, as he carefully got back into the warmth of the bed. You often had nightmares, you had a vivid imagination, and combined with your love for horror movies you often found yourself in scary situations in your dreams. It had taken a while before you had agreed to sleep in the dorm, as you didn’t want to wake everyone. Jongdae had gotten used to it by now, and he low-key enjoyed it. Not in the way that he likes to watch you suffer, but because he saw a different side of you. The usually happy careless person he loved, was replaced by a person who was scared, and they only way you could calm down was feeling Jongdae wrap his arms around you. He never admitted it though, and he always complained when you had been sleeping uncomfortably, but he never mentioned his little secret on how to calm you down.

”Y/N! Do you know you pushed me off of the bed last night? I hit my head really hard…”

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You felt horrible, as you grabbed your phone with shaky hands. You didn’t want to bother Chanyeol, but when you had your forever returning nightmare. When you were twelve, you had someone break into your house. You were threatened with a knife to your throat, while they walked around your house grabbing the valuables. You often had the same nightmare, were the intruders returned. You were never able to calm yourself down from them, only Chanyeol could do that. With his soothing voice and worried look. Falling asleep wrapped in his familiar figure always calmed you down. Chanyeol was in China right now though, and it had been forever since you had the nightmare, but you just had it. It felt so real, even more, real than the previous nightmares. You felt selfish as you called Chanyeol. He answered the phone with a sleepy, but still worried voice, and you broke down in tears. You told him about the nightmare, and you changed to facetime. Chanyeol then continued to talk to you, for almost two hours before you calmed down enough that you fell asleep. Still on the phone with him. He felt bad that he wasn’t there with you, and he couldn’t wait to come home.

“You know what hyung did today?”

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You didn’t want to bother Kyungsoo, as you kept twisting and turning in the middle of the night. You had woken up from a nightmare, but you couldn’t remember what it was about. So, you quickly got up from the bed and tip-toed into the living room. You sat down on the couch and watched a random sit-com. You hoped that the low volume and the dim light would bring you back to sleep. After too long, your eyes hurt from the light from the TV. You wanted nothing more than to wake up Kyungsoo, but you knew he had an early schedule in the morning. You felt you shouldn’t wake him. Suddenly when you had decided to turn off the tv, you heard the door to the bedroom open. You looked at your boyfriend, with a messy bedhead looking around in confusion. “Hey,” you said, in a groggy voice. He looked at you and walked over to you, and let himself fall beside you on the couch, you couldn’t help but chuckle. “Why are you awake?” he asked, “I had a nightmare,” you answered, a few seconds passed and Kyungsoo began to hum softly. It started out a little rough, from the sleep but soon it became the angelic voice you knew. You fell asleep almost right away, and Kyungsoo softly carried you to the bedroom, where he fell asleep as well.

“I couldn’t sleep, when I realized that you weren’t in the bed with me”

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You always had very vivid dreams, and your nightmares were no different. Jongin was awoken from his peaceful sleep with a well-delivered kick to his stomach. He shot up from the bed, feeling the air leave his lungs. He was confused for a second, before thinking if he had done anything wrong, for you to be mad at him. You weren’t a violent person. When he concluded that he had done nothing wrong, he felt rather offended. But then he heard you shuffling slightly, “Babe? Why are you awake?” You asked confused, “because you kicked me in the stomach,” he said kinda offended. You held back a giggle as you sat up and wrapped your arms around him. “I’m sorry, I was having a bad dream…” You admitted, while pouting slightly, it was always something that made Jongin give in, and he never hid it. Jongin tried to remain mad, but his lips betrayed him as he broke into a huge smile, “how am I supposed to stay mad at you when you look like that?” he mumbled and pulled you back into the warm covers again.

”She’s too cute~~”

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You had been feeling horrible all day. You were pretty sure you had a fever, and you felt dizzy everytime you moved too fast. Sehun was going on tour soon, so he was out working on a solo dance he was going to perform. So he was coming home late. After making yourself some soup, you decided to call it a early night. You went to sleep basically fully dressed as you didn’t feel like taking off the cloths, and you were simply too cold. When Sehun came home a couple of hours later, he was confused for a moment. It was only 8pm, and being the night owl you were, the night had usually just begun in your eyes. He found you in your shared bed, face covered in sweat, and drained from color. You clung to the sheets as if you were cold, but you had turned up the heat in the room. Sehun became worried, and turned off the heat, before trying to wake you. You sat up, but you didn’t really look awake. He helped you out of your clothes and into your pj’s. When he had finished, he tried to put you back to bed so he could get ready for bed as well, but you wouldn’t let go of him. You started to whimper, and your breathing quickened. “the men will take me if you leave,” you mumbled, still with closed eyes. Sehun figured you were having a nightmare, “Okay… I’ll stay right here then, don’t worry, I won’t leave,” he said calming. It made you relax, and as soon as Sehun laid down next to you, you were completely calm again.

“This girl…”

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Prompt for Renperor! In one of your recent chapters, Kylo mentions how rey has "weasels" her way into his bed most nights... maybe a series of scenes/vignettes over time in which she ends up in his bed? Hehe

He had begun to wake up to a heat source more nights than not. Once used to sleeping spread out across his mattress, he was discovering he now slept in a ball, another body fitting neatly into his arms.

The first time it happened, it startled him into a panic. He woke ready to choke the life out of an intruder, only to be greeted by the sleepiness of her voice.

“Sorry,” she’d said, “but I had a nightmare. I figured you wouldn’t mind.”

With a relieved sigh, he slumped back into the pillows, too tired to argue with her or tell her off. He felt vulnerable and confused with her in his space, but he wanted to get closer to her, to know her, and maybe letting her stay would help. She was gone in the morning, however, and she didn’t bring up the visit over breakfast. Neither did he.

It was another two weeks before it happened again, three nights in succession. The first time she woke him to ask permission. The second time, he was still up and offered her the other side of the bed, promising he wouldn’t be reading much longer. The third, he was awakened by her curling up close to his chest, apologizing, her voice on the brink of tears.

He brought his arms around her, held her closer. His fingers ran softly through her hair until her fear subsided and she ceased to tremble. When she looked up at him, he moved to kiss her, having missed the sensation. “Is everything all right?”

“I dreamt I lost you,” she said softly before stealing a second kiss. “It’s always grueling, the way you get taken from me. This time there was so much blood.”

“I’m safe, and so are you.”

“Please don’t go with them on the campaign. I know you feel the need to prove you’re a tyrant in battle as well, but the Force has been showing my the consequences.”

“I shouldn’t stay here if my armies need me.”

“Kylo, please. I can’t lose you.”

She wouldn’t be calm if he said no, and it was possible there was truth to her visions. He didn’t want to lose her either. “I’ll stay, but you don’t have to sneak in at night. Why not just ask before bed?”

“I didn’t know I could.”

What sort of boundaries had he put up that she didn’t think she was allowed the regular comforts of a marriage?

Rey rolled her eyes, listening to his thoughts over their bond. “Your whole opening speech when you took me from Jakku make it clear you weren’t interested.”

“I’m changing my mind. Stay when you like, you have my permission. But you have to promise not to hog all the covers like you’ve been doing.”

With a small smile, she gave him a peck on the cheek. “I promise.”