i dreamed a queue in time gone by

Excuse me for a moment while I crawl out of nowhere. 

GUYS I’VE GONE THROUGH MY INBOX AND ANSWERED EVERYTHING THAT I CAN. I’ve put it all in a queue to come out in the next 24 hours. So like, if you want to opt out of this experience you are free to block the tag #replies. Or like, I suppose you could always unfollow for a day and refollow again later. Or maybe not at all? WHO KNOWS.  FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY. 

Either way, messages will begin rolling out shortly, so if you were waiting for a particular message to be answered NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU. 

And, of course, if I’ve missed anything feel free to just send it again. 

In the meantime I’m hyper conscious of the fact that my Tumblr theme isn’t working properly and looks extremely uncomfortable. I’m going to look into alternatives over the next few days to see if I can find one I like better, but if you have any suggestions feel free to send those to me as well. 

In the meantime I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Me waiting for a Clarkson’s Novella in order of getting any unresolved questions answered is basically this:

777. Cho Chang married a muggle boy who experienced the loss of his true love at a young age as well. The boy met the girl of his dreams at the age of 16 and at the age of 17 he watched her die in a mugging gone wrong. At least this boy got to say goodbye to his first love one last time, something Cho never could do. Cho and the muggle boy both understood that it was possible to love more than one person with all your heart because for the second time in each of their lives they said, "I love you."