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If you ever feel low because your senpais dont notice you..
Because even if you are a Korean fan.. and you realize that “so yet but so far” has been proven..

Never forget Lee Mark..

In the loving memory of Lee Mark.. *no he aint dead.. I just love remembering him* Who died because his Ovaries deceived him..

Never forget that Lee Mark who truly understand us fans..
MP100 characters as Bath and Body Works products

Mob: Sea Island Cotton

Ritsu: Cool Coconut Surf (Sorry dude, tough break)

Reigen: Sensual Pumpkin Latte (With some Twilight Woods for some extra spice)

Teru: Strawberry Sparkler

Dimple: Cucumber Melon

Serizawa: Cup of Warmth

Shou: Wild Citrus Sunflower

Mogami: Sinful Vanilla

Tsubomi: Pretty as a Peach

Just had a dream I was reading excerpts from the Book of Mythicality and they were talking about all the recent changes to GMM, starting EB back etc. And then they were like, “now we’re going to change the wheel again, because a huge portion of your suggestions seemed to be trying to get us to kiss in various ways, and we’ve decided kissing is nbd, plus it’s pretty interesting, so now we’ll end every episode with some type of kiss suggestion from you.”

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I feel so horrible because I looked up to CJ...I can't believe they would say such things about Mark and then love Jack in a weird.way...I hate that I ever defended them too.

Hey man, it’s alright. Don’t beat yourself up over that. It happens. The important thing is that you know now, yeah?

Little bit of FK trivia

A follow up to my previous reblog about hide and seek…

I’d just like to add, that when I was in HS my *dream* was to someday conduct a giant game of hide and seek on a college campus. And when I went to Cal Art’s CSSSA summer school the summer between junior and senior year I achieved just that. I orchestrated 20 kids playing hide and seek on an upper floor of the main building one night, and in that moment I swear we were infinite.


・I’m so glad this thing exists. I have very high expectations for Lotor.