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Hello Studyblr!

Hi everyone! My name is Justine and I’ve owned this blog for quite a while now, enjoying the studyblr community and its amazing and inspiring universe, and I’ve finally decided to create my own studyblr and join all of you guys! 

About me: 

  • I’m 18 and my birthday is on the 9th of February
  • I’m a college freshman in a medical university and an aspiring doctor (but you guessed that)
  • I’m French and live in Marseille (very South, with the sun you know)
  • I’m bilingal in French and English (and Spanish but it’s not that great)
  • I’m a proud Ravenclaw and my favourite colour is blue (is that a coincidence?)

My interest:

  • BIOLOGY! Well, it was quite necessary but ever since I was a kid I’ve always been interested in medical stuff, so I’m chasing my dream to be a doctor right now
  • BOOKS! I’m a literal bookworm and you’ll always find me with a book in my bag. My favourites are Harry Potter, Six of Crows, Percy Jackson, Rebel of the Sand and I’m currently reading the Night Circus and loving it!
  • Traveling! I’ve been to Scotland, Italy and Spain this Summer to relax before college started and I lived in Tahiti for two years when I was younger.
  • Ancient civilisations and their discoveries (in medicine especially)
  • The sound of rain and cozy sweaters (and tea!)
  • and last but certainly not least: COFFEE!!

My classes:

  • Organic chemistry 
  • Cell biology, histology and embryology
  • Physics in medecine
  • Maths
  • Anatomy
  • Pharmacology
  •  Human and social sciences and ethics of medicine
  • Speciality (will be determined later this year)

(Just so you know, the first year of medicine in France (PACES) is well-known for being one of the most difficult year of the medical studies but also in all the study fields because it’s a contest in which only 10% of the students get to second year, so wish me luck ^^ )

Why creating a studyblr?

  • More motivation and less procrastination! In this community, I’ve noticed how people inspire each other every day to become what they dream to be, and I hope I can be equal to the task!
  • Get a more disciplined way of studying
  • Achieve my dream
  • Meet nice and talented people from all around the world :)

Thanks to those amazing studyblrs for inspiring people (and me!):

@studydiaryofamedstudent @studyblr @studyquill @medicina @studyydiary @dr-dre-anatomy @academla @academiix @educatier @tbhstudying @way-to-study @potterstudy @delthenerd @obliviatestudies @universi-tea @procrastilate @intellectys @the-ravenclaw @focusign @studylustre @gomedorgohome @studyneurons and special thanks to @aestudyque who helped me figuring out how to make that damn introduction picture!

Do not hesitate to message me, I’ll be glad to make new friends :) 

And thanks for reading all that! *disappears into loads of work and sticky notes*





mugwort - happiness
lilac - first emotions of love 

sketches of my boy (Damien) that I’m uploading before 3 years pass and I improve too much to dig my past/present out like this