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Digimon Stage Play - Part One

Sorry, my friend introduced me to Tiger and Bunny, which is why this was delayed ;;; This is everything up until curtain for half time, rest will be up within the next 12 hours, sorry!!!

Aight, so tl;dr: great show, actors are perfect, Yamato is beautiful beyond belief, Mimi is UGHHHHHH in the good way and I’m bitter that the whole show isn’t sold out and whoever was in charge of promotion should be forced to eat nothing but the hottest of hot chillies for the rest of their life.

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Digimon Stage Play - Full

Aight, so tl;dr: great show, actors are perfect, Yamato is beautiful beyond belief, Mimi is UGHHHHHH in the good way and I’m bitter that the whole show isn’t sold out and whoever was in charge of promotion should be forced to eat nothing but the hottest of hot chillies for the rest of their life.

Timeline: It’s set after Koushirou creates the cyber space for them, but before the reboot. Clearly on/around August 1st ;p

Venue/Goods: a little out of the way, small. You couldn’t buy goods unless you had a ticket, which sucks. Goods were sold on the inside, line was small pre-play, massive after. My store clerk couldn’t count to save her life. People were trading, everybody hated that everything was random and there were so many types of things. Friend and I ordered dvd – no blu ray option, it’s being released in December (average wait time since Japan is very slow on physical releases). Had to downpay 2000 yen, which this and dvd only option has never happened before when I’ve seen other stage shows – not a good sign. No postal option, so my friend has to pick mine up for me – poor form again. (Pick up is only at animate – my nearest one is 2+ hours away :/)

Promotion/sold out: four shows sold out. Tickets reduced to 7000 yen, which is insulting for us who went through lottery. They advertised low prices at fes too. Promotion was done badly. Digimon isn’t massively popular, but Toei isn’t small either. Get a cast twitter, post rehearsal pics etc. Promotion doesn’t need to be costly. Fes advertisement (last weeks vid) was too little too late. Theres events with Miyazaki and AiM and seiyuus, which also seems last minute and an attempt to sell out. Again insulting to those of us to preordered. Shonichi didn’t sell out. Must be tough on actors. Promotion video (August 5th? 6th?) is kinda bad quality – the stage itself looks and sounds better than the video may lead you to believe.

Seating: nice, comfy. We were second row, left hand side, aisle. If we had been one or two more to the left it would have been really bad (same if you’re too overly right). The cast faces back/sideways too often, so we saw a lot of backs. Need to work on being diagonal, basic stage stuff there. However, pros of our seating were: Yamato being right in front of us when he sang, Jyou fishing in front of us and making eye contact with Etemon to the point where it was creepy lmao

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Greta Garbo (top, left) at age 17 with friend and unrequited love interest and actress Mimi Pollak (top, center), with whom she maintained a correspondence for the following 60 years.

Garbo to Mimi in 1924:

“The letter from you has aroused a storm of longing within me.”

Garbo to Mimi in 1928:

“I dream of seeing you and discovering whether you still care as much about your old bachelor. I love you, little Mimosa.”

Garbo to Mimi in 1930, regarding Mimi’s pregnancy:

“We cannot help our nature, as God has created it. But I have always thought you and I belonged together.”

Garbo to Mimi in 1930, regarding the birth of Mimi’s son:

“Incredibly proud to be a father.”


Ikemen Sengoku Hideyoshi Toyotomi Preview

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please advice and correct me for any mistakes *bow*


Nobunaga Oda
Masamune Date
Yukimura Sanada
Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Ieyasu Tokugawa
Shingen Takeda
Kenshin Uesugi
Mitsuhide Akechi
Mitsunari Ishida
Sasuke Sarutobi

『 秀吉との恋のあらすじ 』` Hideyoshi to no koi no arasuji

Summary of Love with Hideyoshi

The life in Sengoku which is thoroughly pampered and spoiled by the man who’s good at taking care of people and popular with women, BEGIN NOW! It starts with comfortable and pleasant relationship, like an older brother and younger sister. I wonder since when, this relationship became frustrating and irritating as it is… [Before I know it…I love you this much. I wanted to see you. I’m glad to be living.] This love opens up a new history……

Hideyoshi [ Could you listen properly on things I’m saying? I can’t leave someone like you alone. ]

The most popular man among women at Azuchi, Hideyoshi Toyotomi. The encounter with him is *the worst!?

*最低 (saitei) and 最悪 (saiaku), both of them means the same = the worst. Saitei also could mean the lowest. Saiaku usually used in a sense that something is malignant, mean or harmful. It put both coz wanna show the meeting is the lowest worst I guess? :3

Hideyoshi [ Being rude to Nobunaga-sama deserves certain death. ]

When I’m being misunderstood as an enemy, I end up being under constant supervision and guarded/inspected, but……

Hideyoshi [ You are obstinate person, aren’t you? Listen to things I’ve said, and go to bed like a good girl. ]

Since the day the misunderstanding being resolved, the (daily) days of me being spoiled and pampered to the core begin.

MC [ You have been holding my luggage to the end, you know? Instead of sorry…thank you. ] 

Hideyoshi [ Hmm, you did remember properly, my favorite word. Great, great. ]

A cozy distance as if like an overprotective older brother and younger sister.

But, I wonder since when? This relationship became irritating……

MC [ Hideyoshi-san, are you this gentle and kind….with anyone? ]

Hideyoshi [ ……No. ]

MC [ Why do you treat me kindly then? ]

Hideyoshi [ Do you need to have reason for being kind? ]

Every time we exchange words, each time our fingertips touch, my budding feeling accelerating more.

Even if I know that this love is destined not to come true from the beginning.

Hideyoshi [ I dedicated myself, this body of mine for Nobunaga-sama. His ambition is also my dearest wish. ]


Hideyoshi [ Even if I fall in the battlefield to make it comes true, I am satisfied. ]

To follow the depth of resolution without hesitation and smiling face, teach me that the world he lives is different from me.

And yet, we are not able to control our attracted heart as it is……

MC [ I wish I would always stay in this distance; in this way that I could touch you… ] 

Hideyoshi [ - I think so too. ]

Hideyoshi [ It’s the first time things like leaving behind a person this difficult. ]

At the end of the sweet kiss, the painful feeling is being sealed. However -

Severe wars and wicked schemes make the fate of the two person separated again.

(This will not stop the fierce battles quickly.)

(I won’t allow Hideyoshi-san’s dream and belief to be dirtied.)

Hideyoshi [ Mimi……! ]

MC [ Hideyoshi-san…… ]

Hideyoshi [ Don’t leave my side, not even a moment longer. Absolutely. ]

Hideyoshi [ - I’m holding on to you tightly. ]

When the long night clearing out and running through the sparkling battlefield, the two person’s will open up the future.

MC [ Hideyoshi-san. Can I say what I could not say in forever? ]

Hideyoshi [ You can’t. ]

MC [ Huh…… ]

Hideyoshi [ Let me the one who said it. ]

Hideyoshi [ -

`Itoshi teru.‘ 
I love you. ]

Hideyoshi [ I already have resolution to die. However, meeting you by chance……make me resolved myself to live through and survive. ]

Crossing over the time of 500 years, with fleeting life in turbulent time, I met you by chance and we touched each other.

This love is a miracle. However ordinary, it is irreplaceable, merely a miracle.

in the night when i’m dreaming
oh i know your body’s next to mine
in the dark i can feel it
don’t you tell me i’m dreaming