i dream of being a comic artist

ACE in the SLEEVE!

So, yeah, that’s me!

  • Ace (as everyone know now on tumblr -except my mother)
  • 16
  • Love: Hugs! Music, Fangirling (is that even a word?) playing guitar, sing loudly when alone, dreaming of a future as comic artist, doing always the craziest shit in my mind.
  • Hate: when i broke my headphones, forcing other people to do something, being too modest, being misunderstood, hystory lessons, 

Stuff u shouldn’t touch if u don’t want to die:

  • my acustic guitar,
  • my Bill Chiper’s necklace, ( AND ALL THE OTHER NECKLACE)
  • my fedora
  • my secret notebook

 speedpaint is here

Answers for Page 3? Magic 8 Ball says: Very Likely

Quinn looks great in his glasses: Yeah he does! 

Is that Korean boy wearing a ‘Kiss me i’m Irish’ shirt?: Yes he is, and with no amount of irony.  Back in ye olde days of the 90s, Andrew Seong was working a tiring internship in Seattle Washington.  He managed to sneak a night off to see a local grunge concert, where the headlining act was a band called Knife Punch (nice).  The lead singer was a fiery Irish girl named Delia O’Shaughnessy, who managed to rock flannel AND a fiddle. After many weeks of being charming/embarrassing, Andrew managed to snag a date with Delia. Fast forward to a marriage in the countryside and a solid move down to Florida, and yay! Twins! And thus, Sorrel and Statice Seong are in fact mixed Korean/Irish.

What’s a Dream Map?: It’s how Dream Witches do what they do, without giving out nightmares or wet dreams on accident.  A dream map exists mentally, and it’s a way to locate dreams with certain meanings and connections to particular emotions.  Sorrel, being ever luminous, just made it visible.

That blush! Does Sorrel have a crush?: Quinn might think he has the market on pining, but he is so so wrong.  Sorrel has cornered, marked, and perfected pining afters ones best friend and then finding subtle ways to be affectionate/make it harder on himself. 

Thank you for hanging out with Quinn! I’ll have page four up before I go to Tampa Bay Comic Con, which is at the end of the month.  Come say hi to me on Artist Alley, my table is under Ink and Owl!!!  

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Do you have any prompts for a house or apartment full of artists/ art students?

  • Character A is coming home from a late night dance class, and after entering in their dark apartment, they’re ambushed by Character B, who is yelling and brandishing one of their calligraphy pens like a tiny knife. Turns out that Character B thought that Character A had been home all night and that their shared apartment was being broken into.
  • “Could you stop playing depressing music? I get that you like listening to morbid music while you work but please, put on some headphones or at least turn the music down.” AU
  • Character A is really into comic books and wants to become an artist in the future, but at the moment, Character A is going to school for a major that their parent(s) chose. Character B is Character A’s roommate, and Character B is very into writing, so when they learn that Character A has always dreamed of making their own comic book, Character B offers to help them.
  • In order to keep up with their thoughts, Character A tends to scribble cryptic, half-formed ideas on their hands and arms – “lovecraftian style Sherlock Holmes mystery”, “object head w/lemon slice”, “granite hearts refuse to break”, etc. – throughout the day. When they come home at night, Character B looks over Character A’s hands/arms and takes the ideas that they feel like they can do something with.
  • “Help it’s 2am and I need a last minute nude model so shuck off your clothes and start posing. ” AU
  • Character A has been trying to work through a really difficult writer’s block, but they just can’t get out of it. Characters B and C, Character A’s roommates, decide to take Character A out for a long hike so that Character A can hopefully work out whatever is holding them back.
  • Alternatively, Character A’s art is in direct connection with their feelings, so when Character A has a lot of repressed emotions, their art begins to suffer and the only thing that helps is a good crying session. This is usually set up by Character B with a night full of sad movies and both of them talking about their feelings.

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Can you do a ChloNath tropes, or maybe MariNath notes?

I’ll do ChloNath since you asked for that first. If you want me to do MariNath as well let me know :)

-When Chloe starts being nicer to people, she approaches Nath, and he mistakes her awkwardness for flirting and says he doesn’t like blondes.

-Chloe is instantly offended A. That he said that and B. that he would think she likes him.

-Thus begins a long sass-ship.

-Chloe doesn’t know why it gets to her so much, but now she really wants to impress Nathaniel. 

-When she finds out he likes Queen B, she smirks triumphantly.

-Nath is really confused as to why Chloe keeps talking to him all the time. Are they friends now? What is happening?

-Cue Queen B popping by to sign autographs and making Nath blush by complimenting his art.

-Queen B visits Nath and she listens to him talk about his dreams of being a comic book artist, and dang it, he’s kinda cute, tf??

-The first time Chloe shows Nath Mr. Cuddly, he laughs for five minutes, and she threatens to break up with him, but he insists it’s cute.

-Nath thinks her LARPing is kinky, and “Ugh, nevermind, you don’t get it.”

-Nath doesn’t understand why Chloe needs 80 pairs of shoes.

-”My shoes are my life force, Nathaniel. The more I have, the more energy I have.” “I’m not sure that’s how that works.” “Honey, don’t pretend you know anything about fashion, okay?” 

-Nathaniel is super romantic, and Chloe is immensely embarrassed when he buys her flowers on their one month anniversary. 

-So much so that she runs away and locks herself in her suite for the entire afternoon and then she calls Nath over to make out in private.

-Everyone in the class thinks their relationship is cute, and Chloe is less terrible when she’s with Nath.

9 LINE Webtoon Comic Creators Celebrate Women's History Month

9 LINE Webtoon Comic Creators Celebrate Women’s History Month

Comics and Women’s History Month

To celebrate Women’s History Month, EW asked 9 comic creators from LINE Webtoon, a free online digital platform dedicated to comics, about what it means to them to be a woman working in the comics industry. Here’s what they had to say.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Madeleine Rosca (Rise From Ashes)

“A good comic is like a good movie - it takes you places and puts you in another’s shoes. Being able to present the opinions and actions of female characters in a manner that readers can enjoy regardless of their gender makes comics a very powerful medium for women creators.” Read it now

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Monica Gallagher (Assassin Roommate)

“Being a woman in comics can be a mixed bag - sometimes you feel like a novelty, sometimes you’re asked weird, invasive questions … and sometimes you inspire other women and girls to start doing comics themselves! Just in the last 10 years I’ve seen a lot of growth in comics for women and minorities and LGBTQ, but we still have a long way to go. The more diverse the comics and their creators are, the better the comics are for the creators and readers alike!” (Launching 2017)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Molly Brooks (Power Ballad)

“As an artist, I try to make comics that feel emotionally real for my readers-especially for female readers and queer readers who see themselves in media less often. I’ve always treasured those rare moments when I’ve felt understood by a work of fiction, and I feel super blessed to have the opportunity now to tell the stories that younger-me was always looking for.” (Launching 2017)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Megan Stevenson (Shard)

“As a woman, revealing that you’re a comic artist is akin to telling someone you’re a [Insert Predominantly Male Role Here]. You generally get one of two reactions – either a good old-fashioned polite ‘Oh really?’ and a brush to the side, or an actual genuine burst of interest with questions focusing on learning more about you, your interests and the worlds you create. I’m sure you can probably guess which ones are a bit more constructive, and most likely have a decent idea of which demographics they’re coming from. Representation in any industry is so, so important, and having women up front and center paves the way for others looking to break into the business but maybe didn’t think it was possible for them before. Women writing uncensored allows for a conflicting take on life and an influx of commentary on social issues that were never really touched by 'traditional’ comics before, offering validation to readers and their experience. Not everyone can relate to OP men in spandex and, really, they shouldn’t have to try.” Read it now

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Kathleen Meredith a.k.a. Lifelight (My Dear Cold Blooded King)

“Being anyone in comics is just mind-blowing, regardless of gender. I’m simply happy to be here and to be a part of this great big comic world!” Read it here

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Kaitlyn Narvaza a.k.a. instantmiso (Siren’s Lament)

“Being a woman in comics means that we can be our own heroes; that we can properly represent the true strengths and beauty women possess.” Read it here

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Julia Arostegi (Big Jo)

“People like to forget that women are a huge audience! Women are avid readers, moviegoers, videogame players, guys! You know, we are roughly half of the humans, after all, right? And we are slowly but surely conquering our space in yet another field historically dominated by men. And you know what? Maybe being a woman comic artist right now is actually an advantage, because I get to tell this narrative that didn’t get its share of space so far: a woman’s point of view. And there’s so much space out there… for everybody.” Read it here

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Sara Zimmerman (Illusions of Adulting)

“Being a female comic artist has been a great experience! It allows me to relay ideas from a female’s perspective and address and comment on problems, stereotypes and misconceptions faced by women by presenting new, creative solutions with a humorous twist. As a woman, artist, wife, mother, and business owner, I am grateful to have a venue to communicate my ideas to a broad audience and hope to inspire other women to take their own courageous steps towards their dreams.” Read it here

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Stephanie Quimco a.k.a. Quimchee (I Love Yoo )

“I am delighted to be able to create comics, but I honestly don’t think gender really matters in this industry, even though it is dominated by men. Being male or female does not define what kind of artist you are, let alone what kind of person you are. If I am able to inspire more women to create comics, then that’s wonderful!” Read it here

Source: Entertainment Weekly


(featuring my childhood sonic plush i’ve had since 1995)

i don’t make this known too often, but sonic holds one of the absolute dearest places in my heart. i’ve been a fan since playing sonic 2 at 7 years old.

sonic is the reason i began taking my drawing seriously, because i wanted to learn to draw him. i eventually aspired to work for archie being a penciler for the comics. (sadly i never achieved that dream.. but at least someone from my generation did -eyes tyson hesse-)

real talk, i owe this hedgehog my life as an artist. lol

Your monthly reminder that I have a Patreon! :D If you like my art, stories, livestreams, or just generally the content I put on this blog and would like to support it you can do it over there! :D It’s not necessary but it would be so much appreciated, I can’t even put it into words ♥ Being able to live off my art and stories has been a lifelong dream, and you could help me achive it! :D

In return you get some exclusive peeks behind the scenes of my art process and vote on what I should draw in the upcoming weeks and months! The current polls for November are still up and running and if you pledge until Halloween you get access to all the November rewards :D

Alright friends. Big-Ass News Time.

So you know how I said I had something huge to tell you all? Well, I did the art for a full length graphic novel for Dystopia Rising.

It’s not out just yet, but it’s extremely close to being finished. This is what I’ve been working my ass off for two years on.

I’ll be able to tell you guys a little more when the Kickstarter for finishing and printing it goes live in two weeks. But for now, I can say it’s about a hundred pages long, and follows three women through the post-apocalyptic world of Dystopia Rising.

I’m so excited for this whole thing, this is literally a life long dream of mine. I can finally put ‘Comic Book Artist’ in my resume.

I can’t wait to show you guys more.


Chapter one of COMET is done!! Here are the panels I had most fun with.

COMET is my comic - a space adventure about some anxious nerds who ran away from their homeworlds and ended up in a heap of trouble. It’s got tons of LGBT+ characters and an encyclopedia for worldbuilding nerds. It’s cool, so please check it out if you’re into that sort of thing! I’m a nobody, but being a comic artist has been my life’s Big Dream, so reblogs or other word-spreading would mean a whole lot to me. thanks 💕

anonymous asked:

Hey I've been following/reading your comic, and watching your channel for roughly 9 months now, and I just wanted to say keep up the good work, I can see that your dream on being a graphic novel artist/writer (Sorry if i'm using the terms wrong ,lol) will come true! I really belive in you! And yey :) 💖

glad to know that! thanks for your support <3

Ideas (yes im still obsessed with Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan)

There are so many ideas I want to make for the SaiPsi fandom.

Problem is, I have little time (I work on one thing for 2-3 days) and a LOT of ideas I seriously want to draw!!

Like, I can’t choose between wanting to draw cute wittle comics of Saiki and his precious friends, but at the same time I want to illustrate Saiki being awesome and hot and cool??

And I can’t seem to choose??

I want to draw a full one-shot dj about Saiki meeting his future daughter!!

I want to draw Saiki in a suit again this time HOTTER (it is my dream to draw ikemens ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

I want to draw more Saiki roasting Teruhashi!!

I want to draw a cute scene of Saiki and his friends!! (I have a rough idea but i can’t draw train things for the life of a noobie artist like me)

I want to draw a fashionable Teruhashi wearing dope-ass clothes with aesthethic screaming from her get-up!!

I want to draw Saiki and Teruhashi wearing couple shirts they would actually wear or just being a fashionable couple and Saiki being sooo against it he would cover his face in every instagram-worthy pic to spite her!!

I want to illustrate how Teruhashi’s imaginary babies came to be in a parallel universe where Saiki considers Teruhashi worthy and basically gave her a chance to be with him but he ends up appreciating all her efforts despite being with him already and he ends up thinking he doesn’t want it to end and MARRIES HER

I want to draw gyaru Teruhashi!!

I want to draw a full body of Saiki wearing clothes that screams his taste in fashion!!!

I also want to draw young Saiki being fashionable!!

I also want to draw Kaidou being in his best possible outfit!! (HE WORE ONE DURING THAT AFTER PARTY AND IT JUST STUCK ON ME??)



My dear spawn,
Let me share my eyebrows with you on this special occasion.
I’m officially littering the dashboards of 1000 amazing Tumblr users! You are now my favorite people! Okay, my mom is my fav, then it’s you.

You might have noticed I recently dyed my hair, but this is just one of the major changes in my life.
This summer I also left my amazing job as Creative Director to pursue the dream of becoming a tattoo artist. If any of you are interested, I could start documenting the process of my learning (in the form of blog and comics) and share it with you. Why not, right?
I’m also packing my stuff and moving to another town. With my little brother. YEAH! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HOW THAT WILL END!

That’s it for now, thank you for being with me ❤️

Love you all!

And remember: it’s all fun and games until THE FIRE NATION ATTACKS!!!

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I think it's always important to follow whatever makes you happy. I had a dream to become a professional graphics designer something respectable. It took me half a year working as one to realise that it's not what I really wanted. Now I'm working on being a comic artist, I guess what I'm trying to say is uh do what you enjoy but don't put all your eggs in one basket kinda thing and well there's always time to find something else if it turns out it's not for you.

Thanks for the advice! And yeah, there’s always time to switch into others. I still have years to decide :0 (idontknowwhyiworrysomuch)


There are so many passionate artists online that are very amazing.  Some of my favorite art that I’ve seen have been sketches and speed paints and it’s all so very inspiring to see!!  Keep being awesome people! <3<3

After I saw that you said cross and dream are a disaster, I thought of a name for these two disaster friends…hahaha XD
So disaster sanses are now an offical thing for me.
At the beginning I just had that cooking with cross and dream thingy as an funny Idea but after seeing how many people enjoyed it, I decided to make more “Disaster Sanses” on my blog and wanted to thank you for being such an amazing model artist for me.
Thank you very much, your art is amazing!
(Sorry for my bad english)

A New Path - Chapter 4

Enjoy reading this~! >w< This one is longer than normal and I hope it’s also a good one. ;w;

C.1 | C.2 | C.3 |

Keep reading

perpetual-mourning  asked:

Hello Neil, I was just wondering how you feel about American Gods being translated to a comic. I myself would feel a little bit weird about it, unless I was the one actually translating the book to a comic book form. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you.

I trust P. Craig Russell. He adapted The Dream Hunters into comic form for Sandman, adapted Coraline and The Graveyard Book. His first adaption was my Elric story “One Life, Furnished in Early Moorcock.” He’s the best: one of the finest artists in comics, and one of the finest comics storytellers. I know I’m in safe hands.

“And here’s to the fools who dream
Crazy, as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that break”
_Lala Land_

Everyone is different, but artists will always be alone. Because they perceive the world differently, they feel love differently, they express it differently, perhaps thats why they will suffer being the odd one out.
In Vietnam, drawing comic is a pipe dream to chase, because it is still young and the public seems to hestitate about it. Why buy a book by Vietnamese artist which is much much expensive than same quality books from Japan? The comic industry in Japan has dominates Vietnamese comic since I was a child, I am not complaining about it because if it hasnt, I wont find my passion. But still, I wonder what am I doing here?
I know i do it because I love it, I know I have fans, I know I have something for it, but sometimes when watching my friend doing business all great and good, then I start questioning my purpose for all of this. Our generation still affects by the mindset from previous generation, in which case, you must survive before passion and money is everything. Perhaps I unconciously used money as a ruler for my life’s purpose for so long, I actually have to ask my passion “Why are you here? I like you, but you cant support me”.

Sometimes I feel I used drawing to run from reality, from the real world and from even people who know me. Yes, feel like a dreamer. When everyone is moving forward I feel I am standing still, watching life goes by, and striking for something I’m not sure I know. My heart breaks in the process, yes. My dream, I dont know what it really is. I am a fool. Just like the song, I really am the fool.

But perhaps its ok to be a fool, the world would be so boring without fools like me. Those who sing, who dance, who write, who act, who draw, who create, are always the fools. Because we see the world differently, we feel the love differently, we express it differently, and thats why people needs us.
Because only those fools can bring color to the world.