i dream of being a comic artist

“And here’s to the fools who dream
Crazy, as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that break”
_Lala Land_

Everyone is different, but artists will always be alone. Because they perceive the world differently, they feel love differently, they express it differently, perhaps thats why they will suffer being the odd one out.
In Vietnam, drawing comic is a pipe dream to chase, because it is still young and the public seems to hestitate about it. Why buy a book by Vietnamese artist which is much much expensive than same quality books from Japan? The comic industry in Japan has dominates Vietnamese comic since I was a child, I am not complaining about it because if it hasnt, I wont find my passion. But still, I wonder what am I doing here?
I know i do it because I love it, I know I have fans, I know I have something for it, but sometimes when watching my friend doing business all great and good, then I start questioning my purpose for all of this. Our generation still affects by the mindset from previous generation, in which case, you must survive before passion and money is everything. Perhaps I unconciously used money as a ruler for my life’s purpose for so long, I actually have to ask my passion “Why are you here? I like you, but you cant support me”.

Sometimes I feel I used drawing to run from reality, from the real world and from even people who know me. Yes, feel like a dreamer. When everyone is moving forward I feel I am standing still, watching life goes by, and striking for something I’m not sure I know. My heart breaks in the process, yes. My dream, I dont know what it really is. I am a fool. Just like the song, I really am the fool.

But perhaps its ok to be a fool, the world would be so boring without fools like me. Those who sing, who dance, who write, who act, who draw, who create, are always the fools. Because we see the world differently, we feel the love differently, we express it differently, and thats why people needs us.
Because only those fools can bring color to the world.

“Having just finished college, Lynette attempts to pursue her dream of being an artist. A few years and misunderstandings later, little devil Eliza partners up as they both do their best to get into the art business from nothing.”

An Original Web Comic Idea by DShou
4-Koma/Comic Mix, Slice-of-Life Comedy / Modern Fantasy

Shou got inspired by the multitudes of web-comic series Japanese comic artists tend to do. It’s not always about the quality of the work so long as the writing does well so I’ll be doing my best in that regard, and it’d be good practice for (anime-style) humans.

Projects are always hard to do, the hardest part is following through to the end. So I wanted to make a story about the hardships artists (of our caliber) tend to go through, but also in a fun little fantasy way while we’re at it.

I hope to have more news on this project idea later, but please tell me if you think the idea is interesting or not … !


Chapter one of COMET is done!! Here are the panels I had most fun with.

COMET is my comic - a space adventure about some anxious nerds who ran away from their homeworlds and ended up in a heap of trouble. It’s got tons of LGBT+ characters and an encyclopedia for worldbuilding nerds. It’s cool, so please check it out if you’re into that sort of thing! I’m a nobody, but being a comic artist has been my life’s Big Dream, so reblogs or other word-spreading would mean a whole lot to me. thanks 💕


“How can you expect them to love you for who you are when you’re not being your true self?”

Click thru the individual images so it makes sense sequentially. I’m not really a comic artist. I’m more familiar with film storyboard stuff, so that’s how I drew it. More babble under the cut.

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Going on a small hiatus

Heya guys. I’m taking a small 3 - 5 day hiatus from drawing and Tumblr in general. I’ll still be answering asks as I’ll be checking Rouges tumblr because I want Cray to be happy with Cotton and I won’t rest till he is. Life has just been… Really hard. One of my teacher called my beliefs and dreams stupid, and I’m falling behind because I’m sick. Honestly, Rouges comics and my feeble dreams of being a popular artist like Senpai and maybe get a character in NaJ is the only thing keeping my depression at bay. But my hope is slipping fast. Drawing just hasn’t been what it was recently, so I’m taking a break and coming back to try again. See ya soon…

Okay, upon prompting by @hotsam1​ I decided to write my strange dream from last night out as fully as I can remember (with a little bit of artistic license to fill the gaps because my memory is a little fuzzy in places).

It started off with Ezra in the kitchen at stupid o’clock in the morning trying (and failing) to make himself breakfast in the form of space waffles.

Kallus, being the highly disciplined (and recently defected) military man he is, is also up early and smells the burning as he goes to the kitchen to make himself a cup of caf.

He stands there for a moment, vaguely horrified that the loth-rat can’t even make spacewaffles correctly before grapping the frilly white apron from the hook and entering Teacher ModeTM and is all like ‘Alright Jabba, time for you to learn to cook like a respectable citizen of the goddamn galaxy’

‘I don’t need your help ISBitch, I can look after myself’

*cue disapproving look*

‘Or maybe not. Go ahead, Sergeant Sideburns, teach this poor loth-rat how to produce edible goods.’ <Insert pompous flair and gesticulations here>

So Kallus teaches the blueberry to cook!

Hera’s the first one up, as usual. She just sort of stands in the door, watching in stunned silence as Ezra and Kallus work together flawlessly whilst tossing insults. She sort of thinks she’s still dreaming and that saying or doing anything will cause her to wake up.

Kanan’s the next one up. He’s kinda intrigued as to why Hera’s just standing there, but looks into the kitchen and just nopes back to bed. He’s convinced it’s some kind of nightmare.

Chopper comes in next and Ezra barely avoids electrocution whilst flipping pancakes. Chopper becomes a portable table within seconds.

Zeb walks in and does that strange instant acceptance thing that nobody was expecting and sat down at the table. He adds additional, more creative, insults every now and then and tries to pinch food before it’s all finished.

And poor Sabine just does that goldfish thing for about a minute before sitting down with a huff.

So last night I had this dream where I decided to buy a random manga without looking at what it was. When I got home and began reading, it was like this AU where Light Yagami from Death Note was a hentai artist.

Iris from Pokemon became his new, naive, but determined assistant, and it was a comical journey of Light being the experienced mentor artist while Iris tried her best but quite didn’t get how to draw hentai just right. Light would read her work to see if he would get boners and then call her to critique her work.

As I was reading it I ended up shipping them in my dream, and when I woke up, I sat their confused because I didn’t know if this manga was actually real or not.

A lot of people think that Prince Ali would be a cool Hawkmoth.

I agree prince ali would be good, but I know someone who would be better.


Here is why.

1. He is aware of how heroes act, (The kid draws comics, damn good ones too)

2. He would come up with the best designs for his champions (being an artist he is creative. His evilustrator design was how he saw himself and it was awesome.)

3. He would look kick ass in the hawkmoth get up.

4. It would be a dream for him.

5. He actually lives in paris and would be able to help protect it.


hello tumblr world, i took a quick break from making comics so i could move myself across the world from melbourne to montreal (to chase a sweetheart/dreams, etc).
 i left behind a lil cartoonist family that’s rly important to me- and it’s a hole i’m trying to fill here because being around other people who make these things feels important. 

cartoonists n writers of montreal (especially those queer and poc artists), drop me a line if you want to draw in some cafe together sometime! 

also here’s some shit in the editing process rn and a photo of my studio cuz, swoon look at those windows in the light. 

One year in the making

I used to be a school teacher. I used to teach art to 11 to 16 year olds. That’s what I used to. For the past year I’ve been drawing comics for a living..and I love it. 

I always wanted to be comic artist - when I was 8 or 9 I used to draw a comic called Captain Loo - about a young powerless young lad who would change into a superhero whilst using the toilet (read into that what you will). He would utter the call  ‘da-da-darrrrr’ and emerge from the cubicle transformed, ready for the good fight. 

Being a lad from Wolverhampton, though, comics were not a real thing.  Saying you wanted to be a comic book artist was the same as saying you wanted to be a rock star or a hollywood action hero or that you wanted to go to space. It was a good dream but not something that would eventually pay the bills. 

As it was my, secondary school art teacher would shake his head at me only ever drawing comics. “Do something different. Stretch yourself.” he’d say. “ This IS different.” I’d reply. “Yesterday I drew Batman. THIS is Judge Dredd.”

This weirdly would be a frustration i’d encounter as a teacher myself years down the line when enchanting pupils would only ever draw manga. So for what it’s worth: Sorry I only drew comics Mr Bowen.

I transitioned to illustration at University, because that felt more real - more like a job, more like something real and responsible people do. I finished my studies and I moved to London, where all dreams can come true and I ended up working in retail because it turns out doing illustration for a living is just as hard as comics.  As a side bar, If you ever saw the Hamley’s Bear Factory bear between 2000 and 2002 odd’s are it was me you saw in that bear suit. 

All the while - I never forgot about drawing comics. 

Then teaching happened - I literally fell into it by accident and stayed there for 10 years because who knew I actually loved it and I can honestly those ten years made me the man i am today.

All the while - I never forgot about drawing comics. 

Then bit by bit, first just for fun the comics began to happen. A short for Atomic Robo , then Olympus, my first mini for Image with Nathan Edmondson and then Infinite Vacation at Image with Nick Spencer. Always though, each one I did after clocking off as teacher. Doing what so many do. I burnt the midnight oil. Turns out - you really can’t ever forget about comics.

Then along came Mr Matt Fraction.

I’d be an a fan of Matt’s since Casanova and still find it maddening and little unreal that it turned out he was a fan of me too. 

Working with Matt was the push I needed to make the jump and do it for real. To make it my all.  The ‘da-da-darrrrr’ emerge from the toilet transformed’ moment. I’d have found another way and done it eventually but ones thing for sure, without  Matt, without our ODY-C I’d still be teaching right now. 

So thank you Matt. Thank you Image. Thanks to Marvel. Thanks to every editor that’s commissioned a cover. Thank you to everyone whose bought ODY-C or a print or a commission or a piece of original art (or all four - Perlman I’m looking at you!) This last year has been amazing and I can’t wait to see where this journey goes.

I always wanted to be a comic artist…and now I am one and that is FUCKING amazing. 


There are so many passionate artists online that are very amazing.  Some of my favorite art that I’ve seen have been sketches and speed paints and it’s all so very inspiring to see!!  Keep being awesome people! <3<3


This year’s ornament!

For the past five years, give or take a year, I’ve been painting ornaments with things that represent whatever had the biggest influence on me that year, or whatever changed my life that year.

This year, we’ve got three things! Or, one thing and two people, rather.

Making those googly eyes comics for Undertale garnered me over twice as many followers as I had before, giving me a self-esteem boost and inspiring me to work harder at becoming to comic artist I dream of being. It’s introduced me to some great people and helped me find new ideas in myself as well.

Not to mention a video game hasn’t caught my eye (and my heart) like this in ages. I often feel like this game was tailor-made for me.

@therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier are both on here because I really, really enjoy their content and listening to them talk and knowing that there are two such kind, hilarious, and friendly people on this planet gives me, shall we say, determination :3c

I really feel like I’m becoming a better person lately, improving myself in ways I’d always wanted to.

And for those of you who know me, or who followed me before/during this recent bout of down time, you know what a difference this is for me.

We need to talk about Tomoe and Darren

Hello everyone, this is Monoscribbles, the author and artist of the Tomoe and Darren comics. I know, I should have talked about this a year ago (literally), but I wasn’t ready to discuss this stuff, so I waited. Recently, I came across a video that made me inspired to finally speak up on this, so here I am. Some of you got really mad at me (to the point of sending me threats and stuff), but some of you waited patiently, and for that, I’m thankful. Now let’s go straight to the point.

Short version: Tomoe and Darren is dead and I don’t plan on making more comics anytime soon.

Long version: When I started working on this comic, it was almost like a dream. People seemed to like it, leaving positive feedbacks and asking for more… it made me really happy. Artists love to see their art being recognized and cherished by their public so it was almost hard to believe the amount of positive feedback I got on that comic. Everything was amazing for a while: I kept updating it and you guys kept supporting it, but with time, I started to feel a disconnection with it.

I’m a story maker. I’ve always been, and probably will always be. I can create whole stories within minutes, and I love this ability, because it means I’ll never get bored. I’ll always have a small universe to dive in if I don’t have anything else to do. I’ve created over 80 stories, complete with plot and characters, yet not all of them keep up with me as I grow and my mind consequently changes. Some stories have a bond with me that is almost unbreakable; stories that have been with me for 8, 9 years, and I’ve changed it multiple times yet it’s still the same universe I created and fell in love with, and I think the biggest problem of T&D was that I didn’t really create a bond with the story. You see, I made one random comic one day because I thought the idea was cute, but I was not expecting people to like it that much, so I started to make more and more comics without really thinking about the plot, creating a billion characters without trying to bond with them, which resulted in a comic that was good for the people who read it, yet a burden for the artist.

With time, I started to become distant. I didn’t really want to keep working on a story I didn’t fully enjoy, so it really became a burden. I stopped making the comics for a while, but then came back with a reboot in a couple of months. I wanted to give it a second go, seeing as people really liked it and all that, but in the end, it just made me realize that my story really wasn’t going anywhere; at least not by my hands. The general idea and the characters were pretty good (in my opinion), but I felt like the story was its own entity, separated from my mind. I merely wrote it down. I didn’t want that, so I decided it was time to try new things, create new stories, new characters, and it cost me a handful of followers and countless messages asking me about it, but deep down I know it was the right thing to do. I’ve learned a lot during the last year (without the T&D series, that is), and I really don’t think I’ll come back to that comic anytime soon. I won’t say “never”, because I don’t know about my future; who knows, maybe it’ll come back on a different media or something. I can’t really say. But what I can say is that Tomoe and Darren will be removed from Tumblr. I’ll keep this blog (tndcomics) and the fanart blog (tomoeanddarren) open, yet no new posts will be made, nor I will reblog fanart/cosplays/anything. The blogs are, in theory, dead. I’ll keep them as an archive, but that’s all. The comics will also be deleted from my art blog (monoscribbles).

If you have any questions about this subject, something that hasn’t been explained on this post, send me an ask and I’ll do my best to answer you. Yet if you just want to thrown in my face the fact that I was inconsiderate and didn’t think about the fans when I decided to just drop the comic and move on with my life without telling anyone, don’t even bother, because deep down, I already know it.

Sorry for taking this long to say this; it’s much more complex to me than it seems. Thank you for waiting for this post, and a big thank you for those of you who kept supporting me regardless of everything that happened. It really means a lot.

Hope to see yall in the near future! If you like my art, I still draw a lot on my art blog, so maybe check it out if you want. 

And that’s it. It was fun, thank you.

Here’s One From The “Vault Of The Unseen.” 

In 2010, very early into our tenure with Disney, I was contacted by a division of the company as they were doing a very cool project were they were asking artist within the Disney to do different renditions of Mickey, perhaps even reflecting their own divisions, that would then be turned into T-shirts and possibly prints (my memory is sketchy at this point) to be sold within the parks and stores. This was my entry, Micky reading and being blown away by an Iron Man Comic and dreaming of being a super hero. The piece was ultimately rejected because the smaller Mickey with his ears blown back back was said to have been off model. While I was bummed, I was on a bunch of other crazy deadlines and didn’t have time to go back in and do a redraw and had to ultimately pass on the project. Maybe some day. I had blast doing it regardless.

I can’t begin to express my surprise and thanks to all of you on Tumblr. My account hasn’t even been open a full 24 hours and already I’ve received so many words of encouragement, likes, and follows! I can’t believe it! Thanks everybody for supporting this strange kids dream of being a comic strip artist! I’m excited for what’s to ahead for this page and for the comic strip as a whole. Thanks again everybody! You’re awesome.