i dream myself alive


i’d also like cake chart to be a thing.

hanging out with dan and phil at playlist

So I’m not really sure how tumblr works but I had to share my Playlist Live experiences with Dan and Phil. I first saw them on their main stage performance on Saturday then they did a panel later that day. I met Phil’s brother that day as well at the Dan and Phil Shop booth he was so so nice. I got myself into their meetup on Sunday and all my dreams came alive. I then ran into Dan and Phil at Universal Sunday night and I talked to Cat a little while they were standing right there and they smiled and waved at me. THEN on Tuesday, I was still stuck in Florida because of all the snow back home and I weirdly knew that they were still in the hotel. My mom and I were just wandering the hotel because it was finally not infested with screaming fangirls and I LITERALLY ran smack into them as they were coming down from their room. I stopped and talked to them about playlist and how I was stuck there because of the snow. I found them later on by the pool bar and I sat down next to them with my mom and I talked to Phil about video editing since that’s what I’m going into for school and I had questions. They were both kinda busy on their laptops, Phil was answering emails and I’m pretty sure Dan was editing that “Vloggers vs. The Internet” video for Radio1 but they took the time to talk to me a little bit and it was just really nice and more personal than their meetup. I left them alone mostly because I didn’t want to seem like a crazy fangirl. I sat there next to them for about an hour before they got up to head to the airport and as they left they wished me a safe journey home and good luck with my video editing in school. I didn’t ask for a picture because I was kinda scared and I didn’t want to bother them. Sorry guys. And yes, they are as awkward in person as they claim but it’s awesome and they are just the most genuinely sweet and adorable people you will ever meet and I can’t wait to meet them again :)