i dream in technicolour

Signs as Oh Wonder lyrics

Aries: “You with the wide eyes, don’t lose your courage
You swing your head high and don’t be worried
Your heart’s in a free ride, feel it beating
Caught in the headlights, climb to the ceiling

We’re all animals out in the dark
Got a feeling that we’re all believing in
Not waiting for daylight to start
We’re over the moon, over the midnight moon”
- Midnight Moon

Taurus: “In the night when I’m dreaming
Oh I know your body’s next to mine
In the dark I can feel it
Don’t you tell me I’m dreaming

Won’t you stay with me?”
- The Rain

Gemini: “I’ve been upside down
I don’t wanna be the right way round
Can’t find paradise on the ground

All we do is hide away
All we do is, all we do is hide away
All we do is chase the day
All we do is, all we do is chase the day”
- All We Do

Cancer: “Are you gonna be my love?
Are you gonna be mine?
I feel it falling from the skies above
Are you gonna be mine?
My wave, my shark, my demon in the dark
The blue tide pulling me under
Or are you my soul, my heart, pull everything apart?

Are you gonna, are you gonna be my love?”
- Shark

Leo: “Not in it for the money, just in it for the thrill
Living in the moment, paying for the kill
Golden grill of sadness, mid-life wasted youth
Always ends up like this, always gonna lose

Dazzle me, dazzle me, dazzle me with gold
You’ll never be what you wanna be with all that money, that money
Dazzle me, dazzle me, throw away your gold”
- Dazzle

Virgo: “And I feel life for the very first time
Love in my arms and the sun in my eyes
I feel safe in the 5am light
You carry my fears as the heavens set fire

Jump into the heat
Spinning on our feet
In a technicolour beat
You and me
Caught up in a dream
In a technicolour beat“
- Technicoulor beat

Libra: “All I do, all I do is get burnt Loving you,
loving you I cannot be loving you, loving you

Count stacks of the routine lies
Funny how easy you could see my blindside
Still the same songs with the same old beats
Sure I could stay but there’s a place I’d rather be

But I can’t help but drive away from all the mess you made
You sent this hurricane now it won’t go away“
- Drive

Scorpio: “Oh won’t you be my livewire
And make me feel like I’m set on afire
Your love will take me higher and higher
Oh won’t you be my livewire, my livewire

I’ve been pretending all my shots are blown
Cover my heart up never let it show
I’m shaking it have to find a higher low
So heavy the water falls
Where heavy the water falling down
Down deep down”
- Livewire

Sagittarius: “Find a place and lose it
You can do it
Won’t you dance with me?

Move your feet and feel it in the space between
You gotta give yourself a moment, let your body be
We gotta lose it
We gotta lose it”
- Lose It

Capricorn: “So when you’re caught in a landslide
I’ll be there for you, I’ll be there for you
And in the rain, give you sunshine
I’ll be there for you, I’ll be there for you

And every time that you’re lonely
Every time that you’re feeling low, you should know
I’ll be there for you, I’ll be there for you
I’ll be there for you, you know“
- Landslide

Aquarius: “Let it go, paint my body gold
Take our bodies higher and higher and higher
We can go until the morning glow
We can go higher and higher and higher

Before I was found I felt like I could drain the ocean
Before I was found I didn’t wanna breathe out
Now my soul beats a sound loud enough to quiet the thunder
A love with no doubt and now I’m never gonna slow down
Never gonna slow down“
- Body Gold

Pisces: “Said you’d always be my white blood
Circulate the right love
Giving me your white blood
I need you right here with me

Said you’d always be my white blood
Elevate my soul above
Giving me your white blood
I need you right here with me“
-White Blood

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Can you recommend me some angst taekook fics but with happy ending please:(

Sure thing anonnie (●´□`)♡ Check out our Happy Ending tag for a couple more fics.

Ce Monde Est Une Tempête They say that one should fall in love with their eyes open, but Jungkook keeps his closed, and Taehyung is afraid that they’ll fall in all the wrong places.

Give Me Your Hands (I Will Pick the Stars for You)  I miss you like the moon misses the sun, destined to chase you until the end of time.

(No, this kind of broke my heart but I love fairy tales and this is terribly beautiful. And like this totally has a happy ending, like they save the lives of like everyone soo…(•̥́_•ૅू˳) )

In Medias Res, I Dream in Technicolour Jeon Jungkook has always had the power to see into the future. He has dreams about his friends, sees visions of events in striking clarity before they occur. Jungkook doesn’t even know when was the last time he felt surprised. He suddenly remembers what that feeling is like when he meets Kim Taehyung - the boy he never sees in his dreams.

Distant Dreams  Jungkook is the sun. Taehyung is the moon.

(Anyone who hasn’t read this needs to get their priorities sorted out.)

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Taehyung is a lost college student. He falls in love with the radio DJ on Cool FM who comes on at midnight every day.

Our Own Little Infinity  I’ve said it from the beginning: fuck soulmates. I don’t care who my soulmate is gonna be. If it’s not you, I don’t care. I only want you.

Seasons (Waiting For You) He realises that summer nights are a bit like Taehyung. He’s always changing, never still; a fleeting presence that chases after everything and nothing, leaving fairy lights and broken hearts in his wake.The three times that Jeongguk meets Taehyung, and the one time he stays.

I’m Stuck in the Dark (But You’re My Flashlight)  It still baffles him, how Taehyung can smile like the sun shines out of his ass when the world is falling apart around them, but he cherishes every glimpse he gets of it.

Have fun crying your little heart out over these anonnie! ( •́દ•̩̥̀ )

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Celegorm’s amazing technicolour dream-oath! Originally I had another plan for the border, but I hated it and so did a ton of unpicking and redid it. Sooooo glad I did! I’m super mega happy with it :D

This is all done with one thread: Chameleon threads 79 (Spring Garden) which is like the silmaril of thread ahaha i love it SO MUCH

this is actually one of my favourite things i have ever stitched…