i dream about your food


Brunch at the Top at California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.


you heard the man.

The Wrong Boy (part 2) - Hoseok

part 1

[Hoseok’s POV]

I was awake the entire time.

I woke up some time before, when the sun had pried my eyelids open with itsblazing rays. After making a mental note to buy better curtains, I yawned and stretched my arms. I didn’t get far in the stretch when I realized I wasn’t alone. Smirking, I pressed a kiss onto the top of her head. She didn’t stir and I wondered who in the world could sleep so soundly through my restlessness.

I must have really worn her out.

My gloating didn’t last long. I gently moved a veil of hair from her face and I realized the gravity of the situation. I was lying half-naked in my bed with you, my best friend, tucked under my arm.

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