i draw very slowly!

Very silly AU where GE!KouAo and BE!KouAo are neighbors. Still can’t decide whether to call this neighbours!AU or house-husbands!AU XD

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So… yeah, this is my new comissions info. My style changed a bit over the last year so I felt the need for update. Contact via IM if you are interested? Reblog if you would like?

✧ I only use Paypal
✧ I take the pay first and then draw

✧ I do draw animals and plants; actually, I love drawing them, feel free to request them as elements of the background!
✧ I didn’t include price variety depending on color because by default I fully color every drawing but… yeah, you could save from $5 to $10 if you request the not-colored drawing

✦ I don’t know how to draw nsfw stuff so none of the shipping drawings will go detailed
✦ I draw very-very slowly due to being busy, you’d have to be patient. However, I would keep you updated and ask if I need to change something. Don’t hesitate to ask me to change things during the process: I want to be sure that your money were well spent!
✦ Fandoms from these examples are my priorities and I draw characters from them more gladly; however, I am not stuck to just them. I do draw OC, too!


Kind of a continuation of this thing, where Spock and Kirk end up as kids for whatever reason and poor Bones has to keep up with his childish superior officers who are…actually children this time :P

In the end it’s just horribly self indulgent fluff to make myself feel better X’’D

Please do not tag with any ships! Thank you!

I started drawing this just after Carrie Fisher passed, but I draw very slowly. I know I’m a little late to the party but Carrie Fisher was such a massive inspiration for me.As a mentally ill person and as a jewish person, truly she was an incredible role model for me.  This was the first drawing I ever completed in photoshop and I could not imagine a better subject for that. Goodbye space mom, may your memory be a blessing.

I just reached my first HUGE milestone of 10,000 followers! I literally couldn’t have done it without YOU. So, how about an update?

What’s Goin’ On 🎤

  • I just finished writing my first 5 part webcomic. This will be the longest story I’ve told and I’m looking forward to drawing it. Expect to see all 5 parts early next year.

  • It’s been a productive year. I use to draw my comics (very slowly) with Adobe Illustrator and a bamboo tablet. But this past year has been drawn on an iPad Pro with the Procreate app. Amazing combo that I would recommend to anyone.

  • I’ve been taking advantage of living in Los Angeles by attending character design, visual development, storyboarding, and perspective drawing classes. Hopefully, you’ll start to see this effort rub off on my comics. (Imagine my effort as parmesan cheese that’s falling onto my comics. The comics are ravioli or something. Does that make any sense?)

  • I recently invested in some really nice underwear. Like, each pair set me back $15. Wait… Why is it called “a pair” of underwear? It’s only one thing.

  • I’m all out of things.  ヽ(ー_ー )ノ  Don’t forget to vote next week!

(Thank you for following my comics. It honestly means the world to me.)

Yo fam!

I wanna try something I’m in art block right now which sucks. So I was wondering if you guys can give me a song any song you like then give me a ship or person to go with it and I will draw something for it. Sounds good? Idk I just think it would be fun. So please just go crazy, it can be any song sad or creepy or angsty or happy I don’t care I just need something. Also I wanna see what songs you guts listern to ^^

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