i draw very slowly!

New blog

Hi guys, going to start rebloging to my new sideblog. So, if you follow me for the awesome art/fics that I reblog, head on over to @elvyreblogs

I’m going to try and keep this one for my original stuff. So feel free to unfollow if you’re not interested in my MM fics, or my very amateur drawings, LOL

I will very slowly start moving reblogs over. Thank you everyone! Have a great day!

My mind felt a little static-y tonight so I did some pose drawing from references to calm myself down. it turned into voltron, as it so often does.

Very silly AU where GE!KouAo and BE!KouAo are neighbors. Still can’t decide whether to call this neighbours!AU or house-husbands!AU XD

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anonymous asked:

Can you bless us again with your sasunaru art ❤️ pretty please (of course please don't force yourself if you don't want to!) Have a nice daaay ❤️

HI THERE ANON im sorry i’ve been putting off this ask bcs i thought i could add more drawings to make up for my inactivity buT UrHgh im just a weak potato so might as well throw this one out here OTL 

but i promise i shall add more drawings as i (very) slowly work my way out of my slump!!! (ง •̀_•́)ง Have a nice day/night to you too!!!

anonymous asked:

Do you take collab or AT? QvQ

if you wanna collab/AT message me!

my arts isn’t as good as it could be. i draw very slowly ;-; (  . I wish I can draw faster but magic doesn’t working XD) 

anonymous asked:

Would we have more of lovechild Au??? I want to see Milo and Mamoru fall in love with a each others... 😔😔😔

i have exams during the next two weeks so i can draw very slowly but i can assure you something is coming and it’s 9 pages long!

you just have to wait patiently ;; here’s a wip!

I doodled a little Cas because I love him. ❤❤❤