i draw terezi a lot why

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Trying to become more comfortable with posting unpolished and ‘imperfect’ stuff, so here are some warmups, train doodles, and other miscellaneous sketches. 

Click for captions they might not make a lot of sense I’m tired

People always tell me how much they like my chubby Terezis cause everyone seems to always draw her skinny and it helps to give them a lot more confidence to cosplay or just in general, which is great because that’s what I’m aiming to do!

I think body diversity is extreeeeemely important when it comes to homestuck fanart, because we’re given these blank slates we can add to, so why does everyone always stick to the same cookie cutter body type? 

So here’s a little project I’m proposing, any time you draw a character try to make the body type as diverse and realistic as possible, chubby, skinny, anything! And let’s not just stop at body shapes either! How about more diversity in skin tones? Or in hair textures? Moles or freckles? Everything! And heck if you can’t draw write some headcanons! or cosplay and let us see how beautiful you are!

If you do this please tag it with ‘hs body positivity’ so that can become a tag full of things people can look at and see bits of themselves reflected in their favorite characters and know that they are just as beautiful as anyone else 

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say I LOVED that Aradia and Vris (and Sol ushuash) thats basically my hdcn for them ;w; i love merstuck AUs and im glad you joined the team hehe btw, the first pic is Karezi right? Cause some people seem to think Terezi is Roxy and then im confused now. Love youu

ayy thanks a lot! <3 I like mermaids too ;v; it was fun to think of headcanons and stuff!

and yes it’s Karezi! most of my human Terezi are gingers and sometimes I draw Roxy with pink hair plus their hair from sideview looks kinda similar so I guess that’s why they’re confused eheh (and probably thinking Karkat is actually John)  even tho her tail is teal/torquise and Roxy’s would’ve been pink