i draw myself way too much don't i


Lazy afternoons

I’m trying to get rid of art block by forcing myself to paint but it’s only making it worse x_x  rip.  Technically I like the sketch more but I spent way too much time trying to colour to not post that version too


mermaid swamp spam     “I want you to live..”

“I could tease you a little…like this.”

The sauce train has reached the finale that is V Sunday on MM Valentine’s Week, the event hosted by @mysticmessimagines​! WE MADE IT! OMGOSH I can go to bed now and sleep for a week XD Thank you so much for hosting this event. Originally I was only going to participate on the first day but then I thought, ‘Why not do all the days?? It would be good practice.” And it was. I felt myself improve a lot and I can now draw faster (a week ago something like this would take me a whole day but I even managed to do 3 crack posts, one of them being the infamous V chain lolol, as well as this V drawing) so I’m pretty proud of myself ^-^

Thank you everyone for liking, sharing and commenting in the tags about my art :3 It means a lot to me and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have other stuff planned for drawing but first I’mma take a nice break with Baehee (on her route atm <3)

Much love, D.Pigeon


Recent random froggy doodles bc i’m oh so productive!

I saw a comment about how big L’s eyes I draw sometimes and yeah, actually I like L with scary big eyes, but I just don’t want to break out of my usual proportion too much. I’m nowhere near realistic but I don’t want to be too anime either ^^; 

Not sure if it’s noticed but i like to put emphasis on L’s nose and cheekbones and jawline bc hngg.

dvastatedr  asked:

I just really want to say THANK YOU for drawing Ace!Shiro. I know Ace!Keith is somehow being accepted now but it's my first time seeing Ace!Shiro and you have no idea how incredibly happy that made me. Hopefully you made a lot of aces happy too! It's just so refreshing to see him as an asexual person. I LOVE ACE!SHIRO SO MUCH. The way you draw their hair and their expressions. I don't know how you do it but it looks so gorgeous and elegant. That's how I describe your art. THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU

Oh geez man this is just really sweet of you :(((( That Ace!Shiro I drew is becoming my favourite already (hence the icon hahaha). I really like to project myself on my fave characters for some apparent reason hahahahah I’m incredibly happy than you’re incredibly happy too! 

I haven’t seen Ace!Shiro somewhere as well (if there has been, unfortunately I haven’t stumbled upon it yet OTL). And thank you, it really makes me smile so wide when someone calls my art gorgeous or elegant i consider it such a high praise and it just makes me damn cold heart melt. ;n;

I’ve tried to mimic the EXE official art style ;v; It was pretty amusing! And also a big change for me– since my art style is usually more detailed. That art style is so cute though aaa 

I couldn’t decide which eye color, so i went with both weh

How fucking dare you
  • Yurio: when I was in Hasetsu people always asked me what to call me
  • Yurio: Yuri or Yuuri or even Yurio
  • Yurio: I always told them the same thing

fire-horizon  asked:

Hello Fia, I've a question for you! I've always really loved drawing, and I have been for a couple years now, but I've found myself frustrated because I've never been able to really find my art style. I was just wondering if maybe there is a certain way you figured out your style, or if you have any tips or anything? If there's nothing really at all, that's fine too. I've always really just looked up to you as an artist and you seem really nice, so I thought I'd ask...hopefully you don't mind!

Ohh my gosh I felt like I didn’t have a style for soo many years, I drew so much fanart of FMA and Hetalia and other shows and was hellbent on making it look identical to the show - although with Hetalia I started to stray a bit, but it’s only like the last couple years now I’ve felt my own style come forth.

That’s like 10 years of drawing the animus and mangas.

My tip is to not rush anything, that’s impossible. Find ways to draw a certain thing that appeals to you, for instance my eyes went from this:

To this:

–And this is like within last year. I love both, but the latter came easier to me, so I stuck with it. Let’s take a look at profiles as well, this is from 2011 I think:

And recently:

It’s mostly about skill there, like that 2011 one went through both sketch and lineart and it looks a little wonky (WHAT’S PERSPECTIVE??) while the 2016 one is a direct sketch.

So like I think styles evolve with both preference and skill. You probably already have a style but you don’t see it, I was told that a lot and was like ‘uh no’. But it’s there so take your time and it’ll come to you!