i draw like a toddler

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Could a toddler Wheatley be done for Chell?

Looks like it’s time to whip out some draws that I did almost a year ago and never ever posted. 

A long while back during a stream someone asked for baby bots and  @morelovelyandmoretemperate​ started spewing up an entire babybot!AU and the idea just wouldn’t stop rollin. (it was a really fun AU idea and we might make an original story out of it someday who knows) 

So I guess I’ll finally post these before they collect more dust whomp enjoy!

And also everyone wanted to see Wheatley and Virgil in onesies so here’s a bonus~

Though I love soriel to death. When I see drawings of them and Sans is like the size of a toddler, I can’t help but laugh a lot. I mean I know Toriel is a boss monster so she has to be big and Sans is a shorty, but the exaggeration that I see not only in this pairing but like when they draw sans next to anyone makes me laugh and sometimes I can’t take seriously. (I don’t mean to say this in a mean way though)

Regardless, I saw another today and I had a random thought… What if sans is normal size, but Toriel was drawn like that cause she’s a giant!!! So I messed with it. It’s probably been done before, but I couldn’t help myself xD

Throwback to when I made a really bad parasnake comic when I was like 12.



day two of sasuhina month!

kia’s baby otp was the first thing i read for this day and i couldn’t get the image of bb sasuke crying out of my head even when i was hanging out with people xD i love the ending she put thouGH it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT

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how do you know your regression age? maybe it's a weird question but im not sure. i know i dont regress to like a baby or toddler. but i like plushies and drawing but that can be lots of ages. 🐶

It’s like a feeling. If you like really baby stuff, you probably age regress to 0-4, if you like some more kid stuff, probably 4-7… You could tell me what you like to do and I can help you with your regression age range!

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Oohh, you may regret that comment about qunari babies! I actually wrote a one shot kid fic of Dorian and Cullen trying to babysit my Inquisitor and Bull's little elf blooded qunari baby while he's teething. My obsession is intense. Dorian gets peed on and bitten, because I'm evil. Anyway! It just started raining here finally after a massive drought, so I'm imagining the bbs in little rain boots and rain coats with umbrellas (patterned with ducks and nugs of course, cause of their daddies.)

I don’t think regret is possible, in this case. I mean, when I get to draw things like rainy day muffins….


I came to the realization today that Nánná is the luckiest kid in the world. Imagine having not one, not TWO, but three parents who love you so much it’s nearly mathematically impossible.

1.) Another Toddler!Nanna because I like drawing cute chubby toddlers.

2.) Nánná was enraptured by her Papa’s tattoos from a young age, it’s no wonder she got her own as soon as she could!

3.) Astrid giving Nánná her first axe. Traditionally it should have happened months ago, but Astrid rejected the first four made because they weren’t up to her standards.

4.) Doesn’t really have a caption. Just a family outing.

Hiccup and Nánná piece: http://funkytoes.tumblr.com/post/117851423598/daddy-hiccup-and-his-little-tootsie-3-i-imagine because this photoset doesn’t show Hiccup alone with his daughter.

Donor Au by avannak

EDIT: forGOT Eret’s tattooes shame


Dark AU sketch dump #15!

Let’s play again! (≧◡≦)

…and from then on, Sou lost on purpose on every game–that is, until his pooch gets older… maybe… ( ̄︶ ̄)

Rinrin learning new fascinating things makes him extremely happy–specially when Sou is the one teaching him. Souchke is the best teacher ever according to Rinrin! He’s such a proud pooch~ (´。• ᵕ •。`)

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This is the best thing I can do for the little time left I have xD

Happy Halloween guys!! :D Hope you have/had lots of fun today! 

Baby Katniss and Peeta as Astrid and Hiccup :3 Peeta and Hiccup have a lot in common don’t they? (someone’s gonna kill me for that lol) 

Kinda part of my Toddler AU