i draw him too old

I finished BBS the other day for the first time and I just want my blue-haired daughter to be happy

Our favourite Rune mage joins the disney crusade!

Disney Male: Jellal | Laxus | Gray

Disney Female: Erza | Juvia | Lucy | Mirajane | Cana | Levy

inktober (6)

“Hey, Edward, I’m really sorry–” Tyler began.
Edward lifted his hand to stop him.
“No blood, no foul,” he said, flashing his brilliant teeth.


I raised one hand to halt his apology. “No blood, no foul,” I said wryly. Without thinking, I smiled too widely at my private joke.

old friends


base on this comic by @the-vampire-inside-me

mob boss! Bendy © @thelostmoongazer

Abel the Angel  © @the-vampire-inside-me


Thought I’d bring this back in better colors since the real post-85 salt started. Featuring bonus Levi+Sinna. Companion to this little baby by @sibatrash.

Bless @pinesinthewoods for asking for Dipper and Stan headcanons cause they’re glorious and I needed to draw this one  

Stan is secretly proud of how strong Dipper has become, not that he would let anybody know about that of course he won’t lol

So I fell in love with this cute demon h e l p
I just had to draw him, his design is too nice! I love old cartoon characters oMG
Plus, I’ve seen some gameplays and the game is also amazing! I was surprised at first when I heard it was an horror game
I’m planning on drawing more of him for sure, he’s so fun to draw c’:

Hope you like it! ♡


Bendy (Bendy and The Ink Machine) © TheMeatly

Art © @wandakinkay


Hi. I wanted to introduce you guys to one of my favorite OCs, Gio. He’s part of this long time story I’ve been (lazily) working on for years lmaoo I figured since this is going to be an art/personal blog for me now, might as well share some personal artwork.