i draw dinosaurs


Hi anon! Thank you so much for liking my sketchbook 💛
Anywho here are some of my drawings from 5-7 years ago 😂

Also when I advise against drawing anime first I’m saying it as someone who use to- and my art suffered for it.

I’ve posted more of my old “artworks” on my main blog @silveraspens under the “personal” tag haha

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Name: Dil
Age: 21
Country: United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Dil.

I’m fairly new to Tumblr, and I love it. I’m a university student, currently studying for my Masters. I’m not very social, due to a lot of issues in my past. I’ve been told to try and make more friends, and I think online would be a lot better. There’s a sense of anonymity online, where you can really be yourself, or at least the person you think you want to be. I think I’ve fallen into a gap on tumblr, where I’m just as lonely online as I am in real life.

I love films and I love/listen to a lot of music of all genres. I like to draw, take pictures, and read random wikipedia articles, as well as books. I don’t know what else to really add…. I’m a big fan of dinosaurs, Sam Neil and Paul Thomas Anderson. I’m pretty much open to talk about anything. I guess we’re all in a similar boat? I hope someone will be down to talk :). To be honest, I’m probably going to feel really anxious if this is put up.

Preferences: 18 and over. Nice people.

“That strange boy came in with an armful of chickens. You’re looking after him, right?“

for arcanehound :)


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Welp i said what i was going to do and so behold! Giraffes! Plesiosaurs! Giant Sea Turtles! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY A FAT PUG!!!! (to apologise for the giant arachnid. Have fun slaying that thing.) 

  • Mayura, (Peacock)
  • Gerfauntz, (Giraffe)
  • Niseag, (Plesiosaur)
  • Zaratan, (Sea Turtles/Archelon)
  • The Nope, (Whip Scorpion)
  • Grimble, (Pug)

There will be more (I know @shoddymoddy and @niklisson both want cat grimm). Honestly, I’d end up doing an entire post on prehistoric and deep sea grimm because that map of Remnant has a lot of water and many islands so naturally there would be grimm to reflect the animals in those environments. 

Who’s up for Jurassic Remnant >v> ?

Also check out @ask-team-clst and their Big Book of Grimm tag, as they’ve done bios for the first batch of grimm (x)


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 8.8.16

illustrated cards by idlewildco

i’ve been loving idlewildco’s creative, cute, unique designs — these cards make me smile :)