i draw dinosaurs

“That strange boy came in with an armful of chickens. You’re looking after him, right?“

for arcanehound :)

Decided to go digital because ctrl+z.

For those who haven’t been around my blog for long (I recommend checking out my tags #the Herd and #dinosaur headworld for more info), I’ve been planning an art project, possibly a series of calendars, or an art book or something along those lines for a few years now. The idea is to follow the lives of a tribe of anthropomorphized troodons (as in sentient dinosaurs, not human-dinosaur hybrids) and their herd of domesticated einiosaurus cows. To explore their culture and everyday life as well as provide me an excuse to geek out over getting to draw dinosaurs.

I decided long ago to avoid using scientific species names in the dinosaur project thingy for immersion’s sake, as I’m considering having the little narration to be from the point of view of the dinosaurs themselves. The troodons call themselves “the singing people”. (And I totally drew them too big compared to that einio, dangit.)

I’m back from Sydnova and my lil holiday visiting a good friend near Newcastle for a week. It was great - we went to the zoo and saw long leg dogs maned wolves. SO ELEGANCE.

Anyway, back to cute dinos! Here is a plesiosaur. Pleasediosaur. haha