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A totally not two weeks late valentine’s day minicomic drawing with @sariannearies‘s characters Sarianne the human and Lukian the blue sylvari! And my Ita, who just runs everywhere around and hugs everyone because he loves them <3 Also apparently valentine’s day is Ita’s ingame birthday which made me burst out laughing the moment I realized it.


Viktor: When I was growing my hair out…. this happened and…. I THOUGHT IT WAS COOL OKAY?? I even had a photoshoot and everything…. Don’t let Yuuri see this, I’m cringing

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Dead cold hands.

A wild Adrinette appears!! 

For the sweet and wonderful @vanilla107!

- mod Levith

Ready or not here’s more headcanons.

Dealing with ‘Humanity’ and how soul consumption alters his physical appearance. More souls consumed = more humanity = more human/solid looking. Less? Well…