i downloaded interviews and that was there too


I hate to see you cry like this.

This is from the movie “Okaasan, ore wa daijobu” (Mother, I’m fine).

After downloading, I stayed up until 2 am just to watch it cause I’m stupid like that and I don’t want to wait till tomorrow either.

Once you watch this movie, you’ll witness an extraordinary acting from Yamada Ryosuke.
I even cried so much, gomen ne.

I bet haters will cry too, haters can’t hate this !

Ryosuke did a good job with this one. If I’m not mistaken, he once said in an interview that he didn’t sleep for one night for a role in a movie, to be able to grasp the weak and tired kind of feeling. I think it was this movie.

Don’t hesitate, please watch it !! Cause it’s good like that !

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Hello Hello! Can you please tell me what interview is the one where Liam is wearing the red/white/blue star shirt and has cute ziam action and Zayn helping him off the ground after being kicked? Thank you!

Hi anon,

That’s the you  generation interview and it was deleted but found it here. ( i have it downloaded too)


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hello! this is very specific but do you by chance know if there's a way I can download thom's interview with alec baldwin? I love that interview so much I want it on my phone lol and it's not on youtube anymore!

What a shame, i love that interview so much, too. But HERE, i downloaded it and uploaded it if someone else wants to download it or listen to it.

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Did Mark ever talk about the process of writing? I know he prefers working in the morning and that research is key, but has he ever spoken about the software he uses, how he starts and structures his stories, the way he builds characters or anything like that?

Hello! An interesting question. I can point to a few times he’s talked about writing, people have asked him in Q&As or there have been videos/bts where they show him in the process of writing something, but I don’t know if he’s gone into that level of detail in general interviews etc. I didn’t attend the writer’s masterclass event he did before Christmas, since it seemed to be aimed at students/people trying to get into the industry - that might be the sort of thing you’re looking for.

First off don’t know about software, but he’s a classic two-finger typist on a laptop (she says, identically tapping away in an inefficient manner):

(gif via sherlockundercover)

From what I’ve read he generally writes in his ‘garret’ as he calls it (room at the top of the house), unless it’s for Sherlock and Sue has banished him somewhere or he’s on holiday/away filming and still working anyway because workaholic. He’s said the bonus of being an actor and a writer is that when you’re stuck in a trailer waiting to be called for a scene, you can still get stuff done.

In terms of how he develops a story - bit sketchier there. Whenever he’s asked how he comes up with ideas, he says he thinks best in the bath! And he’s talked about going for a run if he’s stuck on something. As I recall he’s said writing scripts either comes very easily and it all just pours out, or it’s painfully slow and tortuous. Classic Mark quote: “I put arse to chair, pen to paper. And then I stare at a blank sheet until my forehead bleeds.” He doesn’t generally think writing is fun. But he’s always very positive about how anyone who wants to be a writer should just write - start, write anything, if you have a pen you can do it; “The key is to just write, carry on and see what happens.”

In terms of video and articles with more info I’d say his video diary from writing The Unquiet Dead is very interesting as you can see him changing aspects of the plot and characters as time moves on. And there are videos from the League of Gentlemen days where you see him writing with Jeremy Dyson, and sat together as a four talking the series through; so they’re going through jokes and generally rambling on about all sorts. You can download those here if you haven’t seen them. He did an interview with Great Gay Reads about writing the Lucifer Box books, that’s a good one too. And this video here is a nice chat about the second Lucifer Box book; how he developed the character and the challenges of the different genre. He’s talked a bit recently about writing with Steven on Sherlock, since they did TAB and TFP together - I get the impression he quite likes working with a writing partner, since that’s how he started in the League days. There’s a bit about that in the s.4 bts videos.

And he’s said if you can write a pornographic novel you can do anything since it’s so difficult.

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Can i have an angst mark scenario? Like you arguing alot and then you runnin off and he gets worried and all? Thank u x

Hi there! Hope this is what you were looking for, enjoy! ✨

Listen: x


“What do you mean I’m being immature right now? It seems you forgot but I’m older than you.”

You finished wiping the last piano key and put the cover of the piano down.“

“Then start acting like it. You already know my schedule’s full and I don’t have much say when it comes to free time.”

You couldn’t believe you were having this conversation with Mark right now. The two of you already hardly get to see each other. The past couple times you spoke, it ended up in a fight and here you were, a face-to-face meeting in the music room after two months and a fight started barely even after ten minutes.

“Whatever then, don’t come to my recital. I honestly don’t care if you show up or not but shouldn’t you put more interest into what I care about?”

Mark ran a hand through his black hair showing his frustration. 

“Do you see how self-centered you are all the time? I hardly have any time to breathe, what makes you think I’ll have time to care about your interests?”

By now tears were starting to spew from the corner of your eyes. The two of you met at school while he walked in on you playing piano in the music room one day. He was trying to escape from his crazy fangirls and randomly hid in the room you were playing in. He was in awe of your talent and the two of you started to spend time together during breaks. 

That was then though, now was different. He never came to school anymore due to his busy schedule after debut. That was understandable but it was bringing pain and frustration to you. You would find yourself missing him too much, unable to focus on piano. Then when he did call he would usually sound tired and annoyed, he never put on the smile or funny personality he had in he media when he was with you. 

Him calling you self-centered was really taking things too far.

“Mark Lee. If I’m really as self-centered as you say I am, then I wouldn’t spend all my time downloading all your performances and interviews in my phone, watching them when I miss you. I wouldn’t spend my time replying to all the hate comments your group gets on articles. And lastly, I wouldn’t line up for long hours at music shows just to go in and catch a glimpse of you. If all this is causing hurt to the both of us, then I think we should stop seeing each other. Both of us have better things to focus on anyways.”

You couldn’t stop the tears from betraying your emotions but what you said was all true. Ever since you started seeing Mark it seems like your interest deviated from the piano to him. He also needed to focus on his music career, he can’t have you pulling him down.

You wiped your tears before they rolled off your cheeks and grabbed your coat and bag that was on top of the piano. You proceeded to leave the music room.

You heard Mark call your name but you closed your eyes and shut the door on him. You told yourself over and over that it was for the better.

Once you exited the school you got on the bus at the nearest stop and chose a seat at the back of the bus. You felt your vision blur from the tears that were starting to build up once again but kept your head held high, everything will pass sooner or later. But after a short while you had started to bawl and saw students on the bus start to whisper and point at you. Memories you spent with Mark filled your head again, times when he brought lunch into the practice room, when the two of you would hang out after school, and many others. You weren’t the type of girl who had many friends and because of that, Mark meant so much more to you than you let on.

A student that sat at the next seat leaned over to pass you a tissue but before you could grab it. you heard screams erupt from the front of the bus followed by the swerve of the wheel and a rough crash.

When you opened your eyes you were still in your seat but you felt your head spinning from the impact of the crash. The police was called and the driver and passengers were sent to the nearest hospital for a full check-up. 

After the check-up they led you to a bed to rest as they went to contact your parents. You knew everything was fine, they said there was nothing wrong with you at all, and that you were just a bit shocked. But now that the chaos was over and you had time to think through what happened, it made you shake in fear. There could have been a chance for you to get seriously injured. You could only think about one person that you wanted by your side at this moment, and that was…


You heard Mark’s voice as he stood at the doorway of the ER unit, sweat falling down his face and an expression full of fear and worry.


You stood up as Mark ran over to you and pulled you into a tight hug, lifting you off your feet before letting you back down. 

He began panicking and blabbering almost immediately.

“I’m so sorry…I saw the crash on the news and ran here immediately. I should have stopped you right away when you left the room… I shouldn’t have said that about you, I was wrong, what if you can’t play piano again…I-”


He looked up at you with wide eyes as you cupped his cheeks gently with your hands.

“It’s okay, Mark. I’m fine. See?”

He held onto both your hands gently and after he took a moment to calm down he asked you a question quietly.

“But ________, were you scared?”

You smiled at him gently and caressed his face as he stared at you intently.

“I was…but you’re here now.”

No words were exchanged as he pulled you in close, holding you in his arms for a long time. It was clear that the two of you meant a lot to one another, and no amount of harsh words exchanged could change that fact.

gif cr: taesyong

Learn from my mistakes and don't do this at a job interview:
  • Interviewer: So do you have experience downloading videos and music?
  • Me: Like how?
  • Interviewer: Like...downloading them...
  • Me: Oh yeah, lots! But I don't do it often anymore. Because it's illegal.
  • Interviewer: ................I meant like iTunes.
  • Me: Oh.............yeah......that too...
  • Azealia Banks Fans: *listens to 212*
  • Society: ew, stop listening to that vulgar song it's gross.
  • Azealia Banks Fans: ...
  • Azealia Banks Fans: *buys 1991 EP*
  • Society: Why would you buy an album by a crazy bitch?
  • Azealia Banks Fans: ...
  • Azealia Banks Fans: *downloads Fantasea mixtape*
  • Society: Delete that album! That girl argues with producers too much.
  • Azealia Banks Fans: ...
  • Azealia Banks Fans: *watches Harlem Shake video*
  • Society: How dare this homophobic/transphobic girl steal from Baauer! She's a mess.
  • Azealia Banks Fans: ...
  • Azealia Banks Fans: *buys Broke With Expensive Taste*
  • Azealia Banks Fans:
  • Azealia Banks Fans: *watches Hot 97 interview and shares with friends who agrees with Banks' views, can finally open up about love of Azealia Banks and her music*
  • Society: I love how everyone is just forgetting that this is a homophobic, transphobic attention whore that you're appluading.

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Is there any way you can make your last phoebe tonkin gif hunt downloadable? My computer is too slow and can't load that many gifs at once :/

I don’t think my computer would be able to load all the gifs either and I dont have them saved, sorry hun. It was just my old gif hunts combined into one though, plus two other ones I’ve found. So heres a link to each of those which might be easier to load:

GIF Hunts that Aren’t Mine:

(Large gif hunt in question - #3200+ gifs)


my short and easy first time subtitle…I’m too lazy to download proper tools. So, just let youtube handle it hehheh

This is Jurina’s (very) short interview from Uta-tube Rena grad special last year…I see…R got angry when J flirts with her HAHAHAHA

PS. I might do the quiz part (with Churi, Masana, Aya, Suda and Godou-chan), too.

I’m tired of being called deluded, rabid and insane. I’m really tired of this situation, of being umiliated again and again.

But you really know what that means?

It means that I’ll be tired of following your twitts, I’ll be tired of spending time making graphics and edits and gifs.

I’ll be tired of spending money on dvds and soundtracks, and I’ll be tired of buying apps which cost like a lunch. 

I’ll be tired of reading interviews and downloading photos, I’ll be tired of defending the actors and writers when they’re saying something not so right.

I’ll be tired of finding subtexts and rewatching the episodes and talking about them with other people.

I’ll be tired of thinking about the show, no, I’ll be very pissed off thinking about the show.

Oh, what are you saying, it was better when I was deluded and annoying and shipping two men?

Too late.

Weird Al...fred.
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Weird Al...fred.

A recently-born headcanon of mine: Alfred F. Jones as played by Alfred Matthew Yankovic! Since Weird Al’s been at it since the 80s, perhaps this is a slightly older Alfred.

(feat. small snippets of avril lavigne, justin timberlake, doogtoons, and i think maybe a clip of paul mccartney sniffling)

Clips used from YouTube:

  • Doogtoons: Al’s Childhood (ITS #1), The Mystery of Meat (ITS #5), School Crushes (ITS #4), Spelling Bees and Accordions (ITS #2)
  • ERB: Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.
  • Weird Al: Interviews with Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Cher, and Paul McCartney, Don’t Download This Song

EDIT! It was originally too long; I had to cut out some pieces here and there. Sorry about that! Hopefully it’s perfect this time.


Dalton Rapattoni is one of the most outstanding people I have ever been able to meet. When you talk to him, he is kind, caring, genuine, funny, silly, intelligent, and more than what people see in interviews.

As Dalton has previously mentioned, he doesn’t give a rats ass about the “up sides” of fame. If he could make a living off of him playing small gigs with him and his guitar, he would. He would be content about his lifestyle. It’s rare, but it does happen when people just want to perform.

If Dalton were to be a type of “famous” or the type of people he could bring in, I would guess more of the All Time Low side. Their fans and people are so chill. People don’t mob them, don’t go screaming in their faces as if they are some sort of alien. All Time Low basically travels and plays their music.

In interviews before, he’s given us permission to illegally download music. I know some artists say the same thing, but most pop cookie cutter boy bands usually wouldn’t say a thing like that and try to profit. HOW CAN ONE NOT SAY THAT HE’S IN IT FOR THE MONEY? He was content in his other band too. It doesn’t matter to him. He just wants to be able to continue with his passion.

I don’t know if you guys recall, but there are times when interviewers ask them about the fans and if you look at him, he looks baffled that people would get so overwhelmed over guys who perform.

I don’t blame Dalton for wanting to leave, I wouldn’t put it pass him. He’s had girls who forcedly kissed him. People invade his privacy, try to figure out where he lives and other things! One no one should force another person into a kiss! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW HIM!

I know Dalton signed up to be in a boy band. And the anon who messaged that: YES, BUT DO YOU KNOW HOW INVASIVE PEOPLE CAN GET. Today I literally heard these girls were going through this hotel to find this band, that they’ve been there for several days just to get a picture and meet them. They were disrupting others and the staff. People shouldn’t have to deal with that shit from people’s fans. It’s annoying not only for the fans, but the bands. It makes things uncomfortable.

Dalton knew what he was getting into yes, but did he want people whom he thought he could trust? NO! 

Also, this is more of my final note, stop over analyzing things about him. Like his URL, leave it alone. It is his blog and he could do whatever he wants with it. I know some people will agree, but he doesn’t tell you things about yours, so why must you question his?


On February 1st 2012 SBS ‘One night TV Entertainment’ broadcasted an interview of Yoon Do HyunJang HyukLee Min JungU-know Yunho, and Sohee who were all gathered for Good Downloader Campaign

On this day when asked what the first impressions of others were, Min Jung replied “I met everyone for the first time. Sohee in particular I always thought was cute and wanted to see her in person”. To which Sohee shyly replied “Me too”. 

Lee Min Jung asked her “I really think your face expression is cute. Can you please show us once?”, Sohee looked a little taken but quickly showed her famous face expression, making Lee Min Jung laugh.

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baekhyun don't like exercise but he keep forcing himself to, i really don't like the fact that he is doing it for fans not for himself, i hope he will do what he want.

He said that he sometimes exercise to relieve stress.This was from an interview x  I can’t read deep in to his mind so I can’t conclude what he thinks, but I don’t think he hates it or were forcing himself to do it? 

And I don’t think he’s doing it only for fans? From the Pathcode teaser BTS it was around the time when he start he said that he started to exercise to prevent himself from being inactive and he won’t make himself too huge it will only to the extent that his form would look pretty when he wear clothes. 

You can download the clip with subs here

[SOOMPI] 14/06/23 BEAST’s Yang Yoseob and Yong Junhyung Dish About Life Outside the Dorm

On the June 22 broadcast of MBC Section TV Entertainment News, the show visited BEAST at the filming location of their music video, “Good Luck,” where they also had a short interview revealing how Yong Junhyung and Yang Yoseob feel about living on their own.

Yang Yoseob, who is currently living alone and is seen on the MBC variety program “I Live Alone,” said, “When I first came out of the dorm, I was so worried but now that I’m out on my own, I think it’s a lot more comfortable now.” Yong Junhyung then jokingly revealed, “(Yoseob) doesn’t like living together with other people,” and Yoon Doojoon supported him. Yang Yoseob quickly denied it and clarified himself, “It’s not that.”

Yong Junhyung, on the other hand, revealed that he misses the dorm life. “I miss the dorm so much.” Yang Yoseob quietly said, “Me too,” but then Yoon Doojoon added, “Junhyung likes living together with people,” trying to imply that Yang Yoseob is the member who doesn’t care about the other members.

In the interview, Son Dongwoon also revealed how Lee Kikwang is known for being the member who’s bad with gadgets. “Lee Kikwang is really famous for not being very good with gadgets. He downloaded a smart phone application and he doesn’t even know how to register.” To his defense, Lee Kikwang explained, “It’s not that serious. It’s (only) been 3-4 years since I’ve started using smart phones. Even when everyone was already using smart phones, I used the ‘Go Ara’ clamshell phone.”

And since the World Cup fever is on, BEAST who is also regarded as a “soccer idol” was asked a question regarding soccer. Yong Junhyung had to confirm with Yoon Doojoon about his position, asking whether he is a mid-fielder. “Where’s that place that I stood on?,” Yong Junhyung asked. Yoon Doojoon then burst into laughter and said, “The stadium.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Doojoon who was active as a soccer player when he was in middle school is currently active as an ambassador of K League. When asked where he would prefer to appear in between a soccer game or a variety program, he replied, “I’ll choose a variety program where I can play soccer.”

BEAST has recently made their comeback with their title song, “Good Luck.”

Source: soompi.com

If you were to look up the definition of the word “home”, you would come across the description, “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household”. When people talk of home, they bring up the house they grew up in, the family they shared that house with, or maybe they think of the four walls that make up the place where they sleep, the apartment they pay for that houses all of their shit. None of that has ever felt all that significant to me. And how do the people without that privilege describe “home”, or is the word just empty? Recently I’ve come to terms with the fact that a lot of people I know, myself included, can’t feel comfortable behind the walls that they have had to deem “home”.

 You can’t always feel vulnerable in the place that’s only there to give your material possessions a place to rest. You can’t always feel safe in the house that you spent your childhood in. You can’t always connect to homemade meals and a swing set in the backyard. Sometimes those memories are just empty. But does that leave you homeless? The answer is no. You learn to find home in other people, in other things. You learn to feel comfortable in other ways and in other places. That place for me is at a letlive. show. The men in this band are about as translucent as they can be, constantly responding to online messages from their fans, always hanging around long after the show has ended just to talk to whoever has waited around for them. 

What’s even more important than that is how open they let themselves be while on stage. Every emotion they feel at that moment is shown and shared with the crowd. There is nothing hidden. Vulnerability, weakness, and just flat out being emotional is not shamed, but accepted. What’s even more amazing is the crowd response, how the emotions are given right back to the band, how accepting every fan is of each other, and how easy it is to let yourself feel so intensely in such a public atmosphere. It was easy for me to find home in the men so willing to share their souls with the crowd that is there to see them, to find home in the people so dedicated and accepting of this band, and in the music that has become a safe haven for so many people. letlive. has given me a place to safely express my emotions, to move past my doubts and my fears and to embrace those struggles in order to move on from them and continue on in my life.

 It has introduced me to people that have become as close as family. letlive. has also has given me a glimpse of the person I want to be, and the person I’m allowed to be in those moments of intensity and understanding. This band has shown me what home truly is-inspiration, safety, comfort, acceptance, vulnerability, a place where I can truly show how I feel without the fear of judgment, a place I can turn to when the world is collapsing, a place to hide when I need a break. You can keep your four walls, the house you grew up in, the rented apartment where all of your stuff stays. I will continue to find home in everyone that makes up letlive., especially the ones willing to pour their hearts out because it is just as much their home as it is mine.

- Bree 

To add to what Bree is saying about finding a home in ll., as I said in the interview, seeing, listening and even being in the presence of letlive., the band, the fans and the music has given me a sense of self so to speak. It’s interesting to think that throughout my whole life, between all the people I’ve met or situation I’ve encountered, this music is what’s taught me the most, and has made me feel the most. 

I saw them live for the first time at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago a few years ago, and as soon as they started playing muther I got myself up on the corwd, got myself to the stage and gave him the biggest hug I could muster with my already exhausted body. Once back on the floor I couldn’t help but stand there, sing, and bawl my eyes out. Never have I ever been through such an emotional state in such a public setting, I knew it, and I didn’t care. 

 Although I haven’t had the pleasure of sitting down and having a lengthy conversation with all members, I know (and you should too) that the men in this band deserve all the fame, fans, support, and good vibes that they’ve been getting and much more. 

So if you havent already, take a moment of your time and listen to them, buy an album, download their discography, check out their instagram, facebook and tumblr, you most definitely will not regret it.

much ll.ove.

- Mikki

Photography By: @breecoephotography

Finding a Home - By: not-dead-yet101

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