i downloaded interviews and that was there too

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I have some odd requests, but someone said you might be able to help me. I am new to the Fandom and wondering if you have (to download) the last interviews Blake did with Jimmy K, Seth M, and Ellen. Also the last time Gwen was on Ellen? I know I Monday asking a lot, so if it is too much don't bother. Thank you for your time.

I can certainly try? The easiest thing for you might be to simply download from an awesome Vimeo run by a Blake fan. They’ve uploaded the following, and there’s a nifty little ‘download’ option for all of them.


And this the first link I could find for my upload of Gwen on Ellen. Can’t recall if it was the whole episode or just the interview, but hopefully it suffices. 

Gwen on Ellen


 my school does this really crappily made weekly update for the week’s events, lunch menus, etc. and there’s also a “spotlight” thing where they interview a teacher, and my friends were like “L was interviewed” and I didn’t see it but until today I couldn’t find the video,,, except I just found it because they told me the channel name and I’M??? I’M SO HAPPY IM READY TO FALL ONTO THE GROUND AND DIE I NOT ONLY HAVE A VIDEO OF L BUT HIS VOICE, TOO AHHHH H HH H

I WISH I could show you guys it and //HIM// but for obvious reasons I can’t but AHHHHH



my short and easy first time subtitle…I’m too lazy to download proper tools. So, just let youtube handle it hehheh

This is Jurina’s (very) short interview from Uta-tube Rena grad special last year…I see…R got angry when J flirts with her HAHAHAHA

PS. I might do the quiz part (with Churi, Masana, Aya, Suda and Godou-chan), too.

Learn from my mistakes and don't do this at a job interview:
  • Interviewer: So do you have experience downloading videos and music?
  • Me: Like how?
  • Interviewer: Like...downloading them...
  • Me: Oh yeah, lots! But I don't do it often anymore. Because it's illegal.
  • Interviewer: ................I meant like iTunes.
  • Me: Oh.............yeah......that too...