i downloaded interviews and that was there too

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It's a small thing, but can I just thank you for ALWAYS adding the source links to media that gifsets are based on? Very few people do, and I'm always...where is that interview from? Where can I watch? And then fall down the rabbit hole of google search instead of doing my work. So thank you for preventing my ass from getting fired!!!!!! Such a blessing to fandom!

iweofjwa you’re welcome; i don’t gif from media much because my ass is too lazy to download vids usually, but i try to always include a link bc i know a few weeks down the line i’m not gonna remember where the hell my own gifset came from either.

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Im laughing so hard bc in the interview where they were talking about porn namjoon said theres a computer in the studio filled w/ viruses and implied that if he downloaded porn all the other members probably watched it too so that anon is not wrong lmao yoongi probs does beat the meat at the studio 😂

i’m pretty sure the rapline does tbh including jimin frfr bc namjoon was like “hey whatever i look at , they look at too” so he outed them like hell 💀💀💀 that fr is my fav interview, they were so real on there n laid back, they need to go back on like fr sis


14/02/2017 || Happy Valentine’s Day! 💝 Today I decided to try read more of Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath so I can make some revision notes and so I just downloaded it in iBooks to highlight note-worthy quotations and commentary.

This afternoon I’m travelling to London again to check out a university offer-holders day which I’m really excited about and I think I’m seeing my brother too which will be really nice.

I bought some clothes for myself today from white stuff for my Edinburgh interview which is a shop I’m really into at the moment. Rose & Rosie’s merch store also opened earlier this morning which I was so excited for!! I confess that I spent my free period buying a hoodie from their online site and watching their Let’s Play Games channel! 🙈


my short and easy first time subtitle…I’m too lazy to download proper tools. So, just let youtube handle it hehheh

This is Jurina’s (very) short interview from Uta-tube Rena grad special last year…I see…R got angry when J flirts with her HAHAHAHA

PS. I might do the quiz part (with Churi, Masana, Aya, Suda and Godou-chan), too.

Learn from my mistakes and don't do this at a job interview:
  • Interviewer: So do you have experience downloading videos and music?
  • Me: Like how?
  • Interviewer: Like...downloading them...
  • Me: Oh yeah, lots! But I don't do it often anymore. Because it's illegal.
  • Interviewer: ................I meant like iTunes.
  • Me: Oh.............yeah......that too...