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hailee is publicly dating someone named cameron smoller as of last week so i don't think you need to be worried about THAT. She was also just nominated for a golden globe so her career doesn't need the same boost soup girl does lol

Hailee just made her public debut with her boyfriend like a week ago, so if you are thinking what I think you are thinking, then I don’t think that is the case. Unless she plans on dumping her boyfriend. But maybe that isn’t what you were thinking.

That is what I was thinking, so thank you very much for clarifying :)

Commissions Are Open

I have been asked to open commissions a couple times, so here it is.

Icon: $5.00


Colour + Shade: 10.00

Colour: $8.00

Line art: $6.00

Sketch: $2.00

Hips and up:

Colour + Shading: $15.00

Colour: $13.00

Line art: $11.00

Sketch: $8.00

Full Body:

Colour + Shading: $20.00

Colour: $18.00

Line Art: $16.00

Sketch: $13.00

i don’t know if i’ll have kids because i doubt i could ever love them as much as i love i wish you would the 7th track on taylor swift’s first official pop album 1989


Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is friends with Damian and the reader just fan girls/boys over Robin in front of Damian. Like they talk about his hoodie cape and his mask and his cool ninja moves, and Damian just smirks because his crush is gushing over him. I hope this makes sense! Thank you so much!

AN: I tried my best to make this gender-neutral

It was the end of the day and you were on your phone.  You were waiting for your friend Damian to walk out of his class.  Too busy on your phone, you didn’t him coming up behind you.  He scoffed and said “You are wasting away brain cells every second you use that.”  You jumped up in surprise and turned towards him.  Pulling him into a hug you exclaimed “Oh my gosh Damian I have the best news to tell you.  You’ll love it.”

He took your hand and walked you towards the car.  He scoffed “I doubt I will share the same reaction towards it.”  Damian knew he was lying.  The boy was practically in love with you and he would love anything you share with him.  

On the way to the mansion you had been rambling, and Damian had not payed any attention to your words, only to your face.  You had been saying “Ok so last night I was mugg-” Damian sat up, cut you off and yelled “You were what?  How could this be great news?!”  You laughed at him dismissing his comment and continued “No that’s not the best part.  I was mugged until Robin came in and stopped him.  See that’s the cool part.”

You waited for his reaction.  All he did was smirk and lean back into his seat.  He opened his mouth saying “This Robin sounds tolerable.”  You continued your babbling “Ok but you should’ve seen him.  He took out the guy with these ninja moves.  And his mask.  Oh my god don’t get me started out on how cool his cape is.”

Damian just sat in his seat smirking because he had just found out that his crush had basically been crushing on his vigilante persona; though he was jealous that it wasn’t exactly him.  Well, jealous was an understatement.  He hadn’t noticed that you stopped talking until put your head on his shoulder and said “Well he’s not as cute as you though.”

AN: This is really short yikes

inbox is closed for now. yesterday and today have been intense, and i need a break from the constant questions, doubts, fear and anger. see you soon

It is what it is

Emm, hello? 

Now that my anger has cooled I feel a bit of embarrassment for everything I’ve reblogged last night. I still do not understand a lot of things and I still think TFP was super strange, sometimes funny, funny in the way bizarre things can be. I agree that it has not been the best they have done and that there are too many things without explanation and that I cant believe that it have only been fucked up, but I want to focus on what I liked and not in what not, if they do not fix it I’ll read it in fanfics, I’m sure the most commonly used AO3 tag in the Sherlock fandom will be “Season 4 Fix it.” 

Ok, so, thing I liked: 

- Mycroft is alive and not the villain (I never doubted you Myc!), He’s just a very clever idiot, it’s been great the sword and pistol hidden in the umbrella, that little wink to the Mystrade has enchanted me too. 

- The Mycroft/Sherlock brotherhood scene.

- Badass John

- They left a open end, Sherlock and John at 221B with Rosie and Mrs. Hudson. Im sure there are sooo good writers that could do a lot with this. 

This fandom has given me so much that I do not want to hate it for not giving me exactly what I wanted. Mofftiss did an excellent job of reviving Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, I still think that this is the best version of the last few decades, despite not having the best final. 

I will not stop being a fan, I will not stop loving this show and, much less, I will not stop shipping Johnlock despite being still a little disappointed by what I believe was the greatest chance to get Sherlock Holmes out of the closet, but at least they transformed the thinking machine into a human being who is full of feelings… It is what it is.

I want tag some friend I did here and I know not all of you think like me and its ok, but I meet you thanks to Sherlock and thats one of the best things this fandom gave me:

@monikakrasnorada @loveismyrevolution @isitandwonder @gosherlocked @ebaeschnbliah @tendergingergirl @longsnowsmoon5 @opttoremember @impatient14 @may-shepard @missmuffin221 @squashsplat @rominatrix @antisocial-otaku @thegildedbee @multivariate-madness @itiswhatitis-love @skulls-and-tea

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Prompt: Wedding vows for their second marriage. (You can give them five sentences each!)

“I can’t say I knew you were the one from the moment I laid eyes on you, but I knew on our fourth date that I was falling in love with you, and I knew six months later that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you… that I would. I knew then what I know now – what I’ve always known – that you are, without a doubt, the one I’m supposed to be with. I believe now more than ever that we will always find our way to each other – that we can never truly be apart – because yours is the heart I’m meant to love, and yours is the soul that mine has always been searching for. You are the last person I want to see before I fall asleep, and the first person I want to see when I wake up, the person I want to share all of life’s ups and downs with, and the person I always want holding my hand – you are the person I trust to hold my heart, and the person who always has.

And so I take you, Calliope, to be my wife – for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…now and forever more.”

“You…are a light in my life unlike any other, a light that shone brightly from the very beginning and that never truly went out, never truly left me – even through the darkest of times. I’ve loved you for almost longer than I can remember, and over this last year I have fallen more in love with you every single day, with every smile, every word, every time I looked into your eyes and saw the light shining there, shining for me. You are the person I’m meant to spend my life with, the person I’m meant to share every joy with, and every sorrow – the person I’m meant to love with all my heart and the person I trust with every bit of my body and soul. I want to spend our lives making you as happy as you make me, because together, we are extraordinary – together, we are…awesome.

And so I take you, Arizona, to be my wife – for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…now, and forever more.”

The Joker x Reader - “Catch and release”

You always want him and it’s not that he doesn’t like it, but sometimes he’s very tired and you don’t give him a break. Since when is The Joker allowed to have breaks?! Unheard of!

***He steps out of the shower, wraps the towel around him and cautiously sneaks out of the bathroom, heading towards the bedroom, trying to be quiet so you won’t hear him.

“Heeeeey, handsome,” J hears you behind him and he rolls his eyes when your hands go around his chest and he feels your lips on his back.  “Where are you going?”

“I have a meeting soon, I’m already late, Doll,” he tries to get out of your embrace but you squeeze him harder.

“I doubt it, you’re never late,” you seductively reply, moving your hands down his waist and he sighs, resigned.  “Come on, your girl needs you,” you slap his butt, yanking the towel away.

J takes a deep breath and tries to get out of it:
“We already had sex twice this morning, Pumpkin ,I’m tired.”

“Pfftttt,” you scoff, unimpressed, turning him towards you and caressing his soft skin. “Since when is the Joker saying no to this?!”

“Since I’m tired,” he complains, but still kisses you.

“That’s the spirit! Come on, let’s go,” you yank at his hand and drag him towards the bedroom.

“God, I feel like a piece of meat,” he whimpers, knowing there’s no escape.

“Did you Google stuff again?!”

“I did.”

“I told you to stop it, Google is not good for you, makes you talk crazy,” you shake your head, annoyed. “Just lay there, OK? I’ll take care of the rest.”

You push him on the bed and he feels offended:
“I’m The Joker, I don’t just…lay there.”

“You can if you’re tired, I won’t tell anyone,” you wink. “But don’t make a habit out of it; I like it when you’re wild.”

Hmmm, he thinks, might as well. He really enjoys it and you get what you wanted, being super happy for the rest of the day. 

***You had to go to a meeting too and the whole time you just glare at him, biting your lips and J knows what it means. You didn’t hear a word on what it was said.

Dammit, this woman is killing me!  J messes around with all the maps and papers, pretending not to notice that devious smirk on your face. He likes to complain a lot lately, but in the same time he loves it that you are so infatuated with him. He wants you and he doesn’t. The hell with it: he does, but on his own terms and since for some reason he finds himself unable to say no to you, he creates such a fuss. The Joker is a complicated person.

“Jaaaaay,” you try to get his attention. “Baby !!! Hey!”

He has no choice but to look up.

“On the way home, let’s stop somewhere on a dark alley, hmm?” you whisper, leaning over so he can see your lacy bra under your shirt.

He snickers, grinning at the idea.

“Ohhh, we can do that.” He decided not to be a jerk this time.
Well, it was a lot of fun in the backseat of the purple Lamborghini and as soon as you get home after the drive:

“Heeeeey, handsome,” you unbutton his already not very buttoned shirt. “Why do you look so sexy all the time, hmm? Are you doing it on purpose?”

Are you kidding me right now?! He really thought he was done for the night, he’s too exhausted from everything he had to do, plus tending to your …needs. But duty calls, so, you know…you gotta do what you gotta do.

*** The Joker starts wearing baggy clothes around the penthouse, hoping that you will not care to see him like that. YEAH,NO! He wishes he was that lucky.

“Baby, what are you wearing?!” you ask, completely baffled when you see him with those huge sweatpants and a sweater that looks three times his size.

“Clothes,” he sits at his desk, avoiding looking at you.

“Where are your other clothes?”  Hmm, suspicious.

“The cleaner’s,” he shortly answers, getting on the laptop and trying not to pay attention to you.

“All of them?! You have, like, a million things.”

“Yeap, all of them,” he mutters, parting his green hair to the side without realizing it. You take it as a signal.

“Ahhhh, I seeeee,” you giggle, getting up from the couch, march to the desk and with a swift move all the papers, including the laptop and his gun, fly over to the floor, some even reaching the kitchen counter.

“Jesus, Y/N, WTF?!” he frowns, getting mad but doesn’t have time to have a temper tantrum because you land in his lap, pulling on his bottom lip with your finger.

“Sssstttt, don’t talk, I know you’re trying to get my attention.”


“You know, you’re so attractive you could wear a garbage bag and you would look hot as hell. I love your new attire. Are we playing roles? I can go change and we can pretend to be two trashy people getting it on,” you keep on yapping, already ripping off him everything you can. “Aren’t you happy you have a girlfriend that pays attention to you?” He doesn’t answer so you continue.” I know you’re always in the mood, stop pretending you’re not, it irritates me.” It irritates you?! “Yum, you’re soooo delicious! I know you’re doing on purpose, don’t deny it.” You kiss him all over, excited.

J wasn’t really aiming for that reaction at all.

“You know, Princess, my next choice to wear would have been a garbage bag and now I can’t do it because you would like it anyway,” he kind of tries to joke and be serious in the same time.

Your lips stop on his Jester tattoo; what he just said rubs you the wrong way.

“Why shouldn’t I like it?” you lift your head, looking him in the eyes.

“Well, I am an idea and ideas don’t…”
“You’re a what ??!!” you interrupt, wiggling in his lap.

I am an idea and…”

“Hold on, did you Goggle stuff again??!!” you inquire because you have a feeling about it.

“I did,” he admits, taking a deep breath.

“I told you not to, it makes you talk crazy.”
“I can’t help it, I love Google,” he lifts his shoulders up, amused.

“More than me?” you grumble, yanking his neck towards you.

“Nooo, nope, no way, Baby Doll, I love nothing more than you.”

“Jeez, that sounds so fake, put some passion into it,“ but you don’t let him answer because you crush your lips against his so he will stop talking nonsense. Stupid Google!

*** You finally commonly agreed J will get ONE free pass each week when he is very tired and can’t have fun with you. But that’s it, you can’t agree to more since you already feel you’re getting gypped.***

***You’re preparing for your mission tomorrow and J is just returning from his.

“Heeeeey, handsome,” you roar when you see him.

Free pass, Princess! Batsy almost got me, the jerk chased me for an hour, I’m beat!”

“Awwww,” you sharply inhale, disappointed. “My poor baby, com’ere.” You kiss him and hug him tight. “Are you OK?”

“Yeah, but he is such a pain in the ass. I’m gonna take a shower and crash.”

“So…you are really using your free pass? Just making sure,” you play with his gold chains, hoping to hear some good news.

“U-hum, I have to.”

“ ‘Kaaay, then I’ll go to Frost,” you giggle and he doesn’t think anything of it until 5 minutes into the shower when it hits him. “I’ll go to Frost.” Wait a second, for what?!  The Joker doesn’t even know when he got dressed and runs downstairs to find you laughing with Jonny, clinging to his arm as he continues his funny joke.

“Y/N! Get your ass here!” J yells.
“Why?” you turn towards him and of course he won’t put up with insubordination so he grabs your arm and forcefully pushes you in the elevator.

“God dammit, you better be naked by the time we get to the penthouse! The Joker’s woman doesn’t need to go to someone else to get what she wants!”

“Wha’…? Oh, wait, you though I would really go to Frost FOR THAT?! No way, baby, I like my too much, my sexy green haired stud,” you chuckle, but start undressing anyway. Wow, the ideas he gets. Even without Google.

“Don’t care, my pride is as stake!” he snarls, ignoring half of what you said. The Joker rips your t-shirt, which is your favorite one, by the way.

“Are you sure you don’t want to use your free pass?”

“Fuck, I’m sure, even if this is the last thing I do!!”
Oh, yeah, that’s right, his pride is as stake. Well, works for you.


*** He had other plans for tonight because you don’t always go together in the same missions. You blew up a few buildings, which was boring because they were empty, but Gotham is too quiet lately and you had to do something.

You went to bed and fell asleep waiting for J.

“Hi, Pumpkin,” he wakes you up, collapsing in your arms, pleased with himself. “Ohhh, boobies,” J smirks, placing his head on them. You smile with one eye opened and kiss his temple:

“How did it go, baby?”

“Waste of time, they only had 5 million in the seif.”

“No, way, really?”

“Yeap, so annoying. I was so fed up with it I kidnapped a senator. I would have tried to get Commissar Gordon again for that huge ransom, but somebody keeps on letting him go…yes?” he shoves you with his shoulder, grinding his silver teeth.

You just caress his hair and whisper:

“I can’t help it, he’s so cute with that moustache and all.”

SLAP! on your thigh.

“Auch! Stop it, that hurt!” J feels sorry for what he did, but only for a moment. “So baby, who did you kidnap?” you whine, rubbing the sore spot.

“Senator Michaels.”

Your heart is beating faster and he hears it since his head is resting on your cleavage.

“OMG, I have a thing for him! I need to go see him, is he in the basement?” you tease J, aware he won’t like it.

SLAP! and this time harder, followed by the lowest, freakiest growl you ever heard.

“Shut up, Princess!”

You pull his hair hard to get some revenge. He winces in pain:

“You, Baby Doll, don’t get to do that!” he gets on top of you, pinning your hands above your head. You bite his wrist and he immediately puts more pressure in his grip. “What did I just tell you, hmmm? Daddy will have to punish you!”
Free pass!!!” you blur out and he freezes.

“You…y-you don’t get one, Pumpkin,” he stutters, shocked you actually don’t want him for once.

Free pass!!!” you insist, arching your back seductively, enjoying seeing him antagonized.

“No, no way!”

“Why not? Only ideas get free passes?” you burst out laughing, throwing what he said the other day in his face.

“Ooohhh, you bad girl, making fun of Daddy, hmm? No free pass! I’m gonna punish you the worst way possible,” he lets you go for a few seconds so he can take his shirt off.

“All right, yeah, do it!” you playfully kick him with your knee. “I deserve it!” you lick your lips, excited your strategy worked. You did well: J really planned to use his free pass for the week tonight, but you made him forget all about it. Somehow, this always works in your favor. You are sooo good.

And you didn’t even have to use Google.

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Audrey, if you're still doing the flash fic thing..Dev and steph going grocery shopping

UM SO I AM A MONSTER. I got this and I was like “oh this will be fun and sweet” and well. It’s me, a monster. Also I spent way more than five minutes on this only because once I had the idea, I wanted to attempt to do it justice. 

Dev and Steph

Kiran Devabhaktuni turned the key in the ignition and the engine died down with a gentle hiss, and he bent over the steering wheel laughing.

“You plonker,” he accused, trying to catch his breath. “You nearly made us wreck.”

“I told you I knew all the words to the Gaston song,” Steph smirked, pressing pause on her phone. “You never should have doubted me.”

“I won’t again, bloody hell,” Dev said, climbing out of the car. “Right then, come on. Let’s get this over with.”

They walked toward the Whole Foods store together as a fall breeze blew across the car park. Steph pulled her hair back into a ponytail as they walked.

“What’s the list, then?” Dev asked as they stopped to get a cart.

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Please send my love out to Rebekah! You are amazing and valid and your work on TJLCE was phenomenal. In fact, all your work was and I know it will continue to be. You've been such a positive light in the TJLC community, and if you want to move on, I completely understand. But I don't doubt that you'll still be a light in the dark for any community you're in. You're wonderful and don't you dare ever think that you aren't the intelligent, wonderful person that you've always proven to be.

@quietlyprim 💗

No Turning Back 2.0 (feat. Uyama Hiroto)
  • No Turning Back 2.0 (feat. Uyama Hiroto)
  • Substantial
  • The Past Is Always Present in the Future

Watching these clowns bite your style and use your image
Meanwhile they barely gave you your props when you were living
I doubt your family’s getting a check, it got me livid
Mispronounce your name then act like they knew what you intended
This isn’t for the authentic it’s meant for the hypocritical
Who diss the dude who spit for you since the very beginning
Though our bond fractured, was still sought after
They want more classics, I want more laughter
And I could hit them with unreleased material
Since your so-called fans think my solo work is trivial
Unless it’s me & you but where’s the honor in that
When most of it was subpar or we thought it was wack
Probably be overjoyed if I bought a few tracks
You didn’t finished then distribute them all over the map
That’s what they’re hoping but I’ll never fuck you over like that
I’ll forever honor your memory but there’s no turning back

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Hey everyone! I want to get my boyfriend (ftm) a packer for Valentine's Day. I haven't heard the best things about freetom, what are some brand you guys would recommend? Thanks

I have a FreeTom, I’ve ordered several products from there and even had to make a cancellation because I ordered the wrong one. I never had any issues, they delievered my product on time (it does take about 60 days, so be patient) and I felt no disrespect at all from the company any of the times I’ve ordered.

If you have doubts with the company, contact them directly and ask questions. I wouldn’t listen to some of the things you’ve been hearing because if there is one thing I’ve learned recently is there is a lot of hate from within the trans community and I find it to be really unnecessary. 

Free Tom makes a good product, it gave me the confidence I needed. I can pack, pee, play and feel pleasure from the product which was a huge relief for my dysphoria.

That’s my two cents, I highly recommend. 


Ah, yes, anon, he actually said he was going to die in a few years and stuff, but I don’t think he mentioned suicide. I have him blocked on skype for now and I lost all the messages with this. ;v; ! Thank you, though ! ////

@xlankaart aaaah I am okay, yes, yes ! I am a bit scared still, that was too much for me, I really hate getting into such things, it is so scary…. ! Thank you a lot, you are so kind to me !! ///// *hug hug hug*  ♡♡

@ultragamerau Hnnng why you so nice !!♡ Thank you, I was still in doubt if what I did was the right thing but I really do not want anyone being threatened by him. And if I can do something about it, I will ! I want to protect my followers as much as I can, really . No one deserves this !!! A-Also, yes, that is me ! ///hhhhhh thank you for the compliment♡♡

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Please, enlighten me how you, or any one of your followers can "diagnose" a FICTIONAL CHARACTER with a MENTAL DISORDER? For one, I doubt you or any of your followers, have the "qualifications" to diagnose even real real people, let alone anime.

You sound really upset, here’s a book that can help you.

Friends, this person has a lot of gore on their blog so I would not recommend going there if you’re triggered by that. Stay safe!

-Mod Star

I’ve been tagged by @just-your-average-bookworm​! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I adore tags and no doubt you all want to aaaall the things about me. So here we go.

nickname(s): Cait which is also my screen name. #nice And I’ve also been called “hey you” and “that one” because I have 5 siblings and my parents can’t remember which names they attached to who. There is a 94% chance I’ll be called my sisters’ names tbh.

starsign: Capricorn


last thing i googled: I was googling if the actor that plays Sunny Baudelaire in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is a twin or not. BECAUSE I WANTED TO KNOW. (FYI she’s not. Which is pretty incredible because babies are known for being cantankerous.)

fave music artist: Fall Out Boy, Marianas Trench, Sia, Clean Bandit

song stuck in my head: Young Love by The Tide

last movie I watched: I basically never watch movies. I KNOW IT’S A SHAME. I think it was probably Deadpool???? Way back in August or something.


when did you create your blog?: Trying to conquer the world tbh.

what kind of stuff do I post?: Just photos of books! And occasionally I also post some of my tweets here.

do i have any other blogs: YES. paperfury.com which is my main blog and I upkeep it religiously with comedy posts about books.

do i get ask regularly: ASKED WHAT??? If it’s asked out for icecream: then no and it’s a dying shame.

why did i chose my url: It matches my wordpress blog. #clever

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

favourite colour: orange 

average hours of sleep: Basically 5 hours? If I’m lucky.

lucky number: 3, 10, 20, and 100

favourite characters: Ronan Lynch, Locke Lamora, Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows, Lada from And I Darken, Mister Kindly from Nevernight, Finch from All the Bright Places.

how many blankets do i sleep with: Depends on the season, doesn’t it?? Right now Australia is impersonating Mordor and likes to roast everyone’s eyeballs out of their skulls…so a very thin sheet is all I want. Winter = 94 quilts, a dog to cuddle, and a dragon sleeping at the end of my bed for heating.


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Hi! I was wondering how is it that you guys know so much stuff? You are able to keep up with their moves even when regular fans have no idea. Not that I expect you to release your sources. What I am trying to say is that the fact that you guys are so sure about damie from what we see but I do think that in doubt the fact that you know that it is a fact lifts our spirits up so thank you for that!

Hey:) We just were here from the start of the 50 fandom, and we paid attention. We do our own research, read the interviews, we do not get carried away by rumors or by comments online. What we believe, we believed it because we saw things with our own eyes and not because someone said it. Aside all that, love is something that shows no matter huh? You can’t hide it. And no we do not have sources. Just ourselves. If we happened to know a couple of things more, it was purely based on luck or observation.