i doubt jesus would be pleased by all this

the walking dead starters ( s7ep11.)


  • “ please. please don’t.”
  • “ please, god, no.”
  • “ i hate this. please!”
  • “ welcome home, haircut.”
  • “ there’s more at the library. a lot more.”
  • “ you… you have a library?”
  • “ s/he escaped?”
  • “ you know where s/he is?”
  • “ no. i’d tell you if i did.”
  • “ th-this’ll be satisfactory.”
  • “ you hungry?”
  • “ i’ll get you something. what do you want?”
  • “ what do i want?”
  • “ anything? really, anything i want?”
  • “ sure, whatever.”
  • “ dude, yes, you can have anything. what do you want?”
  • “ can i have lobster?”
  • “ no, you can’t have lobster.”
  • “ what the hell do you think this is?”
  • “ do you have canned pasta and tomato sauce?”
  • “ you want orange-y or red?”
  • “ i like pickles.”
  • “ number 42 is a coding system for persons here?”
  • “ okay, i’ll be back in ten.
  • “ enjoy your new place.”
  • “ good mornin’ sunshine.”
  • “ is it just as cozy as you remember?”
  • “ you spent a long time at the wrong side of the door.”
  • “ so let’s talk about now.”
  • “ you know anything about that, ___?”
  • “ i gotta tell you, that is one hell of a coincidence.”
  • “ was it you?”
  • “ did it work the other way around? you were supposed to break him/her. did s/he break you?”
  • “ i mean, let’s face it. you’ve got some pretty legitimate grievances.”
  • “ you change your stripes on me, ___?”
  • “ you startin’ to see things different?”
  • “ after all this… before and after… hell, after everything… who are you, ___?”
  • “so, do you think you know where ___ went?”
  • “ bring him/her back. sort it out.”
  • “ stitch him/her up. fix what you can fix.”
  • “ you don’t think s/he did it?”
  • “ you think s/he did?”
  • “ you were just beaten and thrown in a cell. unfairly, if you ask me.”
  • “ i like to think that i do.”
  • “ that’s exactly the kind of person who really isn’t…. expected to be around anymore.”
  • “ just trying to help.”
  • “ barber. might be able to kill that thing on your head.”
  • “ you’re one of us now, not them.”
  • “ they eat shit, we eat good.”
  • “ must be your lucky day, ___.”
  • “ are these homemade?”
  • “ that’s some good diy stuff there.”
  • “ no – no thank you.”
  • “ you want something, you take it, ___.”
  • “ there s/he is! wo/man of the hour!”
  • “ come on over here, big fella.”
  • “ don’t be rude asshole. say hello.”
  • “ … h-h-hello.”
  • “ you got a name, asshole?”
  • “ you see this right here? you might have to get real close.”
  • “ now, under normal circumstances, i’d be showing you that real close over and over again.”
  • “ but, see, all i really want to know is if you are a smarty-pants.”
  • “ you know things?”
  • “ answer the question.”
  • “ i- i am indeed a smarty-pants.”
  • “ even though my memory is not considered eidetic, i don’t skim and i don’t scrimp.”
  • “ if knowledge is dropped, i do indeed pick it up.”
  • “ oh, you really are just some asshole.”
  • “ n-no, i’m not.”
  • “ fire, with uh… you know… fire.”
  • “ uh, huh. all right, then, dr. smarty-pants. you ought to be able to crack this without breaking a sweat.”
  • “ how do we keep them on their feet?”
  • “ you already possess the means to resolve your issue.”
  • “ god damn! if that ain’t the coolest thing i’ve ever heard in my life!”
  • “ not only is that practical, it is just bad-ass!”
  • “ look at you, dr. smarty-pants.”
  • “ oh, their loss, our gain.”
  • “ i feel like i need to give you some kind of signing bonus here.”
  • “ uh, w- well, i wa- i was gifted these pickles.”
  • “ now, i don’t think i have to worry about this, but who knows how truly smart you are?”
  • “ that is a grave no-no.”
  • “ i wouldn’t know anything about that.”
  • “ what does dr. smarty-pants say to his/her new bestest friend in the whole wide world?”
  • “ thank you. fully, completely, sincerely, seriously: thank you.”
  • “ why don’t you go have some fun?”
  • “ what the hell am i even looking at?”
  • “ maybe you should take it easy, ___?”
  • “ maybe i shouldn’t.”
  • “ uh, we could play something else. warlords? it’s four players and quite the hoot.”
  • “ whatever you want. this is your night.”
  • “ do you want a massage?”
  • “ while i appreciate the gesture, and your commitment to your assigned objective, i am fully aware that you are not here this evening of your own volition.”
  • “ video games are all about me showing you a fun time.”
  • “ would you care for more microwave popcorn?”
  • “ hey, just because this was ___’s idea doesn’t mean that i don’t want to be here.”
  • “ i’d be down with just having an intelligent conversation.”
  • “ well… i suppose a conversation would be acceptable under the current circumstance.”
  • “ what would you like to talk about?”
  • “ i could talk about that shit all night.”
  • “ in all likelihood, even if i could, it would probably escape your comprehension.”
  • “ did s/he just insult us?”
  • “ it was not a dis, it was simply a statement of fact.”
  • “ my intelligence has been objectively measured.”
  • “ so, what, are you one of those guys who can make a bomb out of bleach and a toothpick or something?”
  • “ serious as sepsis.”
  • “ so stupid.”
  • “ i’m hoping to illustrate the opposite.”
  • “ did you just make helium out of toilet stuff?”
  • “ it’s cool. we’re good.”
  • “ hey, relax. you’re one of us.”
  • “ can you please just show me some good shit?”
  • “ i’m gonna light this candle.”
  • “ no, i mean, i’m gonna light this candle.”
  • “ i was given to understand that last night’s shinny was supposed to be a singular incident.”
  • “ i need your help.”
  • “ you aren’t afforded any… mental-health services?”
  • “ that would be wildly irresponsible.”
  • “ we’ll handle that part.”
  • “ look, i know that this is crazy, and that you barely know me.”
  • “ i can tell that you are a good person. there’s not many of those left.”
  • “ truth of the matter is i’m not good. i’m not lawful, neutral or chaotic, none of the above.”
  • “ are you saying you can’t do it?”
  • “ lack of ability is not the problem here.”
  • “ you are good, ___. you have to be.”
  • “ you kidding?”
  • “ hey, the line’s a line. what, they don’t have ’em where you come from?”
  • “ you don’t know how they work?”
  • “ which means you report directly to my ass.”
  • “ i didn’t know. we just – we get so many new faces, i didn’t…”
  • “ i don’t even know what you call this. i’m gonna call it a gremblygunk.”
  • “ where is s/he?”
  • “ i killed her/him.”
  • “ s/he ran away from me right into a mess of dead ones so, i, uh… made it quick.”
  • “ it still hurts.”
  • “ feels better with a bandage.”
  • “ i wasn’t talking about that.”
  • “ oh, we’ve all done things.”
  • “ before we got here. before we understood, we were cowards about it.”
  • “ we don’t- we don’t get to have big hearts. remember that.”
  • “ wh- what is this?”
  • “ you are gonna want to pay close attention to this.”
  • “ i – i didn’t do anything.”
  • “ i found this little souvenir tucked away in your desk.”
  • “ i don- i don’t know what that is.”
  • “ you… left the door open and let my puppy out.”
  • “ that is some weaselly shit right there.”
  • “ oh, s/he ran? you know why s/he ran?! because s/he knew i would blame her/him, which i did.”
  • “ it’s not true. __, s/he’s lying about it. i would never do it.”
  • “ why? why? why would s/he do that?”
  • “ why would s/he intentionally try to hurt you?”
  • “ so, what’s s/he gonna get out of this?”
  • “ it worked before, and it worked now.”
  • “ ain’t that right, ___?”
  • “ please, please, please! oh, jesus, don’t burn me. please! no…!”
  • “ no, no, please! no! no!”
  • “ now, you know i hate this shit.”
  • “ just tell me you did it and that you’re sorry and i won’t have to do this.”
  • “ yes– yes, i did it. all of it. i’m sorry. i’m so sorry.”
  • “ please… i’m sorry. please. i’m sorry.”
  • “ that’s all you had to say.”
  • “ i trust you, ___. never should’ve doubted ya.”
  • “ i’m sorry.”
  • “ ice cold! i love it.”
  • “ are you all right?”
  • “ better than that.”
  • “ you can call next but it might be a while.”
  • “ i did. but you can’t have ‘em.”
  • “ do not insult my intelligence.”
  • “ said pills aren’t for __, said pills are for __. that’s why you wanted two.”
  • “ didn’t s/he kill your friends?”
  • “ turnabout and all that.”
  • “ you’re replaceable to him/her. i, on the other hand, am not.”
  • “ you’re a coward.”
  • “ that is a correct assessment.”
  • “ may i come in?”
  • “ so, how you liking it here?”
  • “ are we doing right by dr. smarty-pants?”
  • “ it’s all right. i get it.”
  • “ i know how hard it can be to accept change to get on the right team.”
  • “ i need you to understand something. i do not make this invitation to anyone. and i sure as shit do not make it lightly.”
  • “ hey… hey! you don’t need to be scared anymore.”
  • “ you don’t need to be scared. you just need to answer me one question. and it’s a big one.”
  • “ hey, be careful with that.”
  • “ hey, you want to get burnt by molten metal? ‘cause that’s exactly how you get burnt by molten metal.”
  • “ you on board?”
  • “ i am. just like you.”

LET ME START OFF BY SAYING WOW. i never expected to find such a beautiful, wonderful and accepting community on tumblr? i was truly, truly growing disenchanted with it and the people in the rpc when i decided to make Dany, but coming here has reawakened my love of writing and I want to thank every single one of the people that have been a part of making me feel welcome and loved in this community. if i could i would honestly add every single person that follows me to this list and talk about them individually but alas i cannot so i will go by groups. i am a literal fucking goldfish when it comes to these things so if i forget anyone, i APOLOGIZE, know that i love you, and well continue loving you even if i’ve forgotten your name on this list. 

these are some of the sweetest people i have ever ever ever encountered and i feel honestly blessed to be able to interact with them and their muses, and that they like interacting with me. 

@foxofthe100 @kiingbuilt @mothertrgryen @yngwolfrobb @killthebxy @thcbull @reekcd @griffinshand @wineinthewidow @taintedblccd @zokliitsos @valyarys @forsakingonevow @watcherandshield @vallorous @illegitimatesnow @ladybcar @agirlofwinterfell @trueststeel @onlytwotalcnts @iksidaorvali @nivallis @wolfqueennamedstark @unchainedgiant @theusurper @freefolksflame @watchended @davcseaworth @honorended @jauntyreguim @oathbreakcr @moreastark @missandeiofnaath @qeldlie @wolfgiirl @wightking @moonofherlife @whisperspun @ulvmann @albiiis @tridentcrowned @tarthbeauty @silcntwolf @khaleesihandmaidcn @rhaegxr @vaedar

these lovelies are ones i stalk from afar hoping and praying that they will notice my vain attempts to attract their attention with my salt and crack posts and maybe me frantically waving my arms and screaming ‘write with me !!!’

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i have no doubt in my mind that i have forgotten some people, and honestly i would gush about all the special people that write with me but then this would be ten million miles long and i like to think i express how much i value every single one of my partners every day when i scream at them about how much i love our threads, if not please present yourself for head canon screaming. <3

Christmas Confessional

It’s the holidays (Christmas), and Narukami receives more texts in a row from Yosuke than usual, the last one asking him to call him right away.

Series: Persona 4

Pairing: Yu Narukami & Yosuke Hanamura

Rating: Safe. Nothing nsfw, just Yosuke’s mouth.

Word Count: 1764

AO3: link

Comment: This is a trade (kind of?) with lurvie, since she asked for a cute fanfic and motivated me with art. (I’m kind of easily motivated with art moreorless…) But yes. It’s kind of rushed at the end, but that’s because it’s late and I wanted her to at least read it before she went to bed.

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Diet Mountain Dew

Title inspired by Lana Del Rey

Summery: pastel!Dan and his boyfriend punk!Phil fuck to Diet Mountain Dew (top!Dan)

Word Count: 1,202

Warnings: SEX

A/N: I’ve been gone forever and I’m trying to make up for it with a smut. If you can’t read smut, I’m also working on some fluff and HOPEFULLY that’ll be out soon. 

I would love some feedback on this, good or bad.

If you haven’t heard the song and would like to, here (x) is the link

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“Rachel and Dylan knew each other. They were in a play together that ran just weeks before the shooting. She was an actress, he was a light guy. I can only assume that Dylan knew as much about Rachel’s faith as I did, which was not much, if anything.” – Sarah Bay

About a month ago, an anon asked whether Dylan worked on Rachel’s play ‘The Smoke in the Room’ and my original response was no, and it is correct in the sense that Dylan was no longer working sound design for theater production during the last quarter of Senior year according to his class schedule, see post here.  However, this new development, according to Sarah, is that Dylan was the ‘light guy’ for ‘The Smoke in the Room’ which played on April 2 - 3, 1999 only.  Sarah is a Columbine survivor that has been posting on the Facebook boycott page against the airing of the ‘I’m not Ashamed’ movie production.  Sarah would definitely have a good idea if Dylan worked lights (instead of his usual position working sound) since she was both a part of theater and debate class.  She worked with Devon Adams who also stared in this production; she also knew Brooks Brown, and of course Rachel, having worked with both in theater as well as debate. What is interesting about this is that Dylan some how helped them out with the lighting. Zack Heckler was typically the light guy, though. I ponder if maybe Zack was unable to volunteer helping them with this production so Dylan was asked to help with the lighting as an extra curricular activity in part due to his past, extensive stage crew experience..  Surely, Zack trained Dylan to also work the lighting from time to time or as an extra pair of hands so Dylan knew both sound as a primary and lighting as a backup gig.  It’s kind of eerily ironic to look at the spotlight on the above photos of Rachel, following her every movement, knowing that Dylan Klebold was very likely the one holding the spotlight for her during this two day long play, a mere 16-17 days before the massacre.

As I mentioned above, Sarah, posted this information recently in favor of the boycott against the Scott family’s account of Rachel Scott’s life and death which is being portrayed intentionally inaccurate  with their hope of further pushing ‘faith’  in conjunction to Rachel’s death and the christian agenda.  Supporters of this boycott are Brooks’ dad, Randy Brown, Richard Castaldo and Devon Adams - among many other Columbine survivors.

 If you’d like to read Sarah’s entire post (and a few others) click the cut.

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Lotus/Love’s Labours Lost

I’ve seen many excellent reviews about this episode already, so let’s jump right in, shall we? Dean is a mess, and Cas doesn’t understand what’s wrong.

When we first learned Mary was back, I had an absurd surge of optimism because, yeah, so I expected things would get even more complicated on the coming out front with one parent back in the game, but I had hoped Mary’s presence would unburden Dean, so to say, allowing him to finally be a brother to Sam, and not a parent. But, well: no such luck. Mary being unwilling or unable to ‘properly’ parent her adult children, Dean is even more of a mess; and, of course, he can’t take it out on Mary (because he knows what’s happening is not her fault) and he can’t take it out on Sam (he did in the past, and, Jesus, the guilt) and he can’t even take it out on himself (that’d be his first instinct, wouldn’t it - look at that flask Dean was carrying around in Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox), because now it’s not the time to lose control, not in front of his mother, not when Lucifer’s still out of the Cage and Sam needs him. And so, well, Dean takes it out on Cas. Cas who represents, more than anything ever could, the tragic irony that is Dean’s life - because Dean can never tell him that he loves him, can he, because Cas looks like a man, and Dean is not like that, and also because Cas wouldn’t understand (just look at him) and even if he did, what then? You think there’d be any kind of happy ending? 'What show have you been watching?’ Hunters are burned, and the sooner, the better. We know Dean never expected to get out, and he never expected to survive this long, and we know he’d convinced himself he didn’t mind - blast of glory, and all that bullshit. But now - now he’s got something he cares about. Not just his brother, who, Dean knows, and it both hurts and makes it better, would be perfectly fine without him, because Sam is a great kid and always was; and not even his mother, who doesn’t need him, anyway, and is going through the same stupid thing Dean is (she’s not suicidal, not exactly, but she knows she’s here on borrowed time, doesn’t she? and Sam doesn’t get it); no, the problem is Cas, and the problem has been Cas for some time. After all, that’s definitely who Dean was talking about two years ago, when he told some priest he wasn’t ready to die. And it was true, completely honest, what he’d said: Dean isn’t ready to die, and Cas is a very big part of the reason, and that’s why Dean resents him so much. And the more Cas proves he could, in fact, fit into Dean’s life - look at him with his stupid badge, getting in and out of morgues without raising suspicion - the more Dean resents him. And Cas, of course, doesn’t get it, which makes Dean resent him even more. Because Cas could read his thoughts, or his soul, or whatever the fuck, and this last episode reminded us of that; and, no doubt, Dean did wonder, many times, if that would be, in fact, easier: why should he agonize over the right words and the right moment, when Cas can simply - see those feelings inside him? But Cas is not like that, of course, and he wouldn’t look inside Dean without permission (or, even worse, Cas has looked inside him, deliberately or by accident, and he’s seen those things inside Dean, and - Jesus - either he didn’t understand what he was seeing, or he didn’t care at all). 

(Please excuse me while I breathe into a paper bag for a bit.)

So, yeah - all in all, I’m not surprised Dean’s being so distant. He tried opening up to Cas and Cas took a step back (fucking again). Dean told him he was afraid and insecure and had no clue what to say to his mother, and Cas almost hung the phone on him (“Don’t make things needlessly complicated, as you humans tend to do.” - emphasis mine). Because Cas is not human, and of course he doesn’t get it. And, even worse, Cas walked away. Dean told him outright he was part of their family - that he was a brother to them - and yet Cas got the hell out of Dodge the first fucking chance he got, precisely because he didn’t consider himself part of the family. And since then, Cas has been putting himself in mortal danger, over and over again, because he doesn’t get it, the stupid bastard, that his life matters - that Dean can’t -

(And it shouldn’t matter, all in all, that Cas is working with Crowley, and Dean’s surely ashamed of the stupid jealousy he’s feeling, especially because Crowley can see right through him, as fucking usual, but Dean can’t help it - look at the limey bastard, doing these things that Dean was supposed to do with Cas - working a case - interrogating suspects - and, no doubt, kicking back in some bar late in the evening, drinking and talking and laughing and what if - what if -

“Buddy boy, you’ve got what they call sex appeal.”

- because Crowley, yeah, the only reason he’s doing this is to annoy Dean - he can teleport and has no problem whatsoever torturing information out of anyone - he doesn’t care about those fake badges, and what they represent - a life where Dean can be someone real, can be respected and liked and trusted for who he is - no, all he cares about is himself. I mean, look at how protective Dean is towards those badges - “You should be proud of them,” he says, over and over, and Sam just rolls his eyes at him - and look at Crowley’s reaction when Dean takes one off him - “Armani!”.

And another thing: we know Crowley’s basically in love with Dean, and that they do share some kind of kinship, but when all’s said and done, Crowley is much more similar to Sam 'the end justifies the means’ Winchester, which is perhaps why they hate each other so much. And, well - if this show wasn’t so annoyingly hellbent into keeping the focus on Dean without actually telling us Dean’s story, this uneasy truce between Sam and Crowley would be the stuff of dreams. They are both such complex and interesting characters, and yet we still know so little about them.)

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