i doubt it though :c

It’s a real different take on the role; he brings a real good darkness to it…it’s very tragic. I love watching him in rehearsal. I respect him so much. I love his work, I love what he’s done, and it’s really exciting for me to work with him….He’s very different; they’ve all been very different, you know? So I’ve categorized them: Neil was the diva showgirl, Andrew was the really bubbly blond, and Michael is, like, tragic waif….Very different take–brand new show.
—  Lena Hall on Michael C. Hall’s portrayal of Hedwig 
PSA: Runwiththeshapeshifters

I’ve tried to work this out with the admins by sending them polite, but strongly worded messages (under the read more) to let them know that what they are doing with this group is incredibly offensive, but they don’t seem to care.

So, this group is based off of the werewolves/shapeshifters from the Twilight series. If you know anything about the series, then you know that these creatures in the books are all Native American (specifically Quileute). And even though Stephanie Meyer has her own problematic tendencies with the way she portrays Native Americans, this series is one of the very, very few instances of Natives in pop culture. So, even though my Twilight phase ended long ago, I was actually excited when I saw this group because I was hoping that there would finally be Native recognition in the rpc.


While most of the fcs that this group uses are PoC, only 1 has any confirmed Native American heritage, and there is 1 who is Latina, so she’s likely Mestiza, which would also be Native American heritage, but it’s not confirmed. 

The receipts are under the cut as well as more pissed off rambling and responding to these people.

Also, as you are going through this, know that I, myself, am Native American, from the Comanche tribe which is a Plains Tribe, and Oklahoma (where part of this group is supposed to be from) is one of the places where Comanches are from.

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