i doubt it though :c


The next update is going to take longer than usual because I’m not going to have much time to work on it, since I need to focus on college work until the end of term :’c Though, in all fairness I doubt it’ll be much longer than you guys usually have to wait for me to get my shit together and post something >>; so yeah.

I will be making a 300 follower comic though (I can’t believe I hit it so quickly… .-.), and feel free to still send character asks because those don’t take me long to draw at all.

It’s a real different take on the role; he brings a real good darkness to it…it’s very tragic. I love watching him in rehearsal. I respect him so much. I love his work, I love what he’s done, and it’s really exciting for me to work with him….He’s very different; they’ve all been very different, you know? So I’ve categorized them: Neil was the diva showgirl, Andrew was the really bubbly blond, and Michael is, like, tragic waif….Very different take–brand new show.
—  Lena Hall on Michael C. Hall’s portrayal of Hedwig