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knight in shining armor || stuart twombly

word count: 2325

warnings: none, just fluff

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author’s note: enjoy this cute little imagine of stuart! thanks to @sarcasticallystilinski for letting me run the idea by her! 


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Headcanons: The Companions and Marriage

For Cait, marriage is something she never considered. In her youth, she knew of some slaves who got married, with the permission of her owners, but she always said she’d rather die than willingly sell herself to someone else. In her mind, that’s what marriage is - a contract, that begs to be broken. Assuming she ever fell in love or cared that deeply about someone, she’d resist the idea of marriage. “Don’t call me your fuckin’ wife,” she’d say. “Say you love me, say I’m your partner, say whatever. But I’m not your wife. I don’t belong to anybody but myself.”

Being a Mr. Handy, Codsworth would never think of getting married himself. “Oh, no, no,” he’d bluster. “That’s quite inappropriate. A human and any kind of machine - synths not withstanding, I suppose - shouldn’t be doing anything of that sort. And machines have no business - or interest, I should say! In anything like that.” If he had to choose, he’d rather marry other people. As in, be the officiant. Being the one to legally wed two people would make him very happy, and bring a metaphorical tear to his eyes.

Curie shared Codsworth’s opinion, for the most part, up until her switch into an organic body. After that, she explored relationships with other people, figuring out what sex felt like and if she felt attracted to other humans. “I do not think I will get married for a long time,” she’d say, tapping her chin. “There are still so many people to meet! Sexual intercourse is such a varied thing, and being married to someone makes experimentation a tad more difficult. I am not even sure yet of my own heart’s desires when it comes to romance. One day, perhaps, I will marry. Perhaps not. I feel no rush to find out either way.”

Paladin Danse blushes profusely whenever anyone asks him about his thoughts on it. “Marriage is an important union between two individuals,” he’d say, fidgeting. “Children grow up healthiest when they have two parents in their lives. And, yes, it can be a welcome expression of romantic attachment.” His eyes flicker away. “I… suppose I am not against such an idea. Being a soldier, I doubt it will happen for some time. A husband ought to be with his loved one, not out in the field. Still, I… I would not refuse, if a proposal came from the right person.”

Deacon would laugh. “Nah, I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s very many people in the wasteland with a fetish for compulsive liars with a plastic surgery addiction.” The humor hides a painful truth. Deacon has too many trust issues for an honest, healthy relationship, and he’s too unique to find someone who’d understand him enough to make him feel safe. A long time ago, he was married, but that didn’t exactly work out. Now, Deacon knows he’s too old for a long, happy marriage, for a house full of kids, for pets and game nights and family farms. He stopped looking for a happy ending a long time ago.

I guess the closest thing to marriage for Dogmeat would be finding a canine mate somewhere out in the wasteland. Dogmeat’s a good pup. Maybe, when he’s done with his adventuring and decides to retire, he can meet up with some old flame from his youth and have a litter or two of puppies.

Hancock’s never been the marrying type. He’s too much of a free spirit to align himself with a single person. He likes sensation. He likes drugs, he likes sex, he likes going out and meeting people and enjoying everything the world has to offer. “Look,” he’d rasp, sucking from a smoking joint and breathing smoke into the air. “I love you, or I don’t. Hoppin’ over a broom or exchanging cheap rings doesn’t make that any truer or not. I’ll love somebody the best I can ‘til I ain’t in love with them anymore. Getting ‘married’ just makes it harder if somebody ain’t feelin’ it anymore. Don’t try to hold shit together with rings and promises. Be together because you love each other. That’s all that should matter.”

Nick Valentine likes to think of himself as a romantic at heart. “I wanted to get married, once,” he says, staring out the window wistfully. “Guess I still could, if I really wanted to. Though I gotta wonder who’d accept a battered old man like me.” The trouble with Nick is that he’s not really sure who he is. He’s been grappling with his identity for decades - and you can’t really promise yourself to someone until you know what exactly you’re promising. Nick likes the idea of settling down someday. Having someone to bring him coffee as he pours over case files, someone to dance with to old songs. He’s just not ready to accept himself as he is.

If expensive Pre-War weddings were still around, MacCready would be staunchly against them. As it is, he doesn’t mind the idea of shacking up with someone and saying you’re husband and wife. He remembers some of the older kids, back in Little Lamplight, playing house and pretending to be couples. Then, of course, he remembers Lucy, but that’s a part of his life he prefers to drink away. Mac isn’t a romantic man. He’d like to get married, but whoever he’d end up marrying would have to be comfortable with a real low-budget wedding, and a man who’s really bad at reading sappy, romantic vows.

Piper doesn’t mind the idea of getting married. But in her mind, it’s something that happens… way off in the future. She might be a grown woman, but she still feels young. Getting married is something older people do. Even if people her age are married, you’re only really married when you’re living on a farm with four kids. Or, at least, that’s what Piper thinks. And that’s not something she’s interested in, at least not in the immediate future. She’d much rather play around and see what’s good, and she’s in no rush to have kids or settle down in one place. Piper has wanderlust - she needs to see the world before she can set down roots in it.

As you might expect, Preston has no problems with the idea of getting married. In fact, it’s something he always sort of expected he’d do. Join the Minutemen, help out for a few years, meet someone along the way and shack up with them after leaving the militia. Three kids and a farm, that’s what he wanted. And two brahmin. And a garden, out back, for flowers instead of food. Of course, his life hasn’t quite worked out that way, but he’s still got plenty of time. He’s not on the lookout for a spouse, or really dating anyone, but he’s happy to wait until the right person comes along. He just hopes it doesn’t take too long.

Strong… doesn’t really understand marriage. Super Mutants are made via infection of a virus, not through any kind of reproduction. They don’t have parents or families or couples. Just clans of “brothers.” Even if anyone wanted to marry him, he wouldn’t understand the different between being married and following someone around. Considering that Strong was once a different person before his infection with the FEV virus, and that he’s not completely mentally sound, it’s probably best no one try to make any moves on him. That’s borderline taking advantage.

Coursers do not have relationships. Therefore, X6-88 does not have relationships. Marriage suits no valid purpose. Synths and Coursers do not fall in love or get married. That is not a thing. Even if, even if he had some kind of great revelation, where he grew as a person, left the Institute, what have you - it would still take a long, long time before he considered marriage as an option, let alone something he’d be interested in. It would take a long time, and a lot of personal growth before he broke out of the Institute’s brainwashing.

Confession #39 /Transgender Equality

I will NEVER understand what the problem is with people and Transgenders… like since when did the word Trangender equate to pedophiles. Like not everything that happens in the LGTBA+ community has to interfere with everyone outside it. Whats the big deal on Transgender friendly bathroom bathrooms???? Like seriously I know some Transgenders that honestly I’d they would have NEVER known. And honestly im curious to how people are going to go about this. Like honestly enlighten me please. What are you going to do?? Have somebody stand in the door and ask everybody Hey were you born a man or woman? Like no I am a female I was born a female and that’s what I identify as, but you don’t have the right to ask me that. I can refuse to answer It. Then what? You gonna make me pee outside? I might just pee on you to spite you. Like thats a personal question. What if i just a manly looking woman. Then what? Am i forced to go into the mens bathroom based on what nothing but looks?

What about Transgender children since this debate seems to always go back to children in some way or some form. Will you send a MTF into a men’s bathroom all alone. Or better yet if were so damn worried about the kids what about the single mother who brings her son into the womens bathroom because he’s not old enough to go by himself yet? Why is it OK for that little boy to go into the bathroom with his mom but a transgender can’t. This makes no sense to me.

Like “transgenders are pedophiles ” excuse me… wait how? So you mean to tell me… imma play thousands many be even millions of dollars on surgery’s and enhancers. And blockers, and pills, and shots… to creep on your child in a bathroom??? Nobody even likes public bathrooms for real. I promise you 90% of human population if having the choice between using the bathroom in the house or the bathroom in a store are going to pick their house unless that just nasty af and don’t rake care of they bathroom at home.

So is the argument her only transgenders pedophiles then?? Because I can say without a shadow of doubt in my mind that we have some nontransgender pedophiles. A lot of them. Most of them probably still walking the streets unnoticed because someone decided to pay more attention to an innocent transgender to the man/women raping their child right in front of their face. I promise You, that your child is more likely to be abducted from a park than a public bathroom with one way out and in.

Please stop uneducating your children and downing Transgenders because honestly they don’t want you. They just want to pee and not touch the seat and fix their make up and hair and gossip like all girls do in the bathroom, or piss and wash their hands like any guy does in the bathroom.

Honestly. Change is coming get with the program or don’t send your children to my house because I will tell them the truth

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Out of all your dearly-beloved fictional children, name your top 3 babies


Okay, well, if I have to, I guess I’ll have to go with Harry, obvs (Potter, in case there was any doubt).  

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Ummmmm….then Yuri, my beloved ice child.  

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Then…maybe Castiel?  I know he’s scary powerful and was literally God this one time, but he still needs love and cuddles.  

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The Valkyrie- Chapter 3

[Full Chapter List] – [Read Chapter 2] 

You stood high on the balcony overlooking the starlight-soaked city of Asgard as raucous revelry echoed through Valhalla behind you. The night was crisp, the air sweet with the scent of wine and smoke.

Your swords had their their fill of enemy blood, your limbs sang with the ache of a battle well-fought. Tonight belonged to you and your sisters, for you have brought Odin victory.

Your sisters had gathered the bravest of the fallen warriors from the ragged battlefield and escorted them into the legendary halls, where the wine was ever-flowing and the pits always crackling with meat. The men had been brave in the face of death, but it was your refusal to retreat when all hope was nearly lost, your rallying of the troops and sweeping the fields with your tactical precision that turned the tide.

Nothing could ruin such a wondrous night for you. Not even Loki, who had just minutes ago whirled a tender, blushing nymph out onto your balcony and pinned her against the railing not 5 feet from where you were standing.

“Lovely,” he murmured, conjuring a blossom of starlight in his palm and tucking it tenderly behind her ear. “From the moment I saw you, I knew there was none lovelier than you.”

“We’re not joining the celebrations?” The nymph giggled. “The men have just started singing battle songs in honor of the fallen.”

“Leave the warmongers to their self indulgence, and hollow victories,” he muttered, kissing the hollow of her throat, his hand wandering up her thigh. “There are far sweeter things I would rather preoccupy myself with.”

“…But we’re not alone!” She squeaked, peering at you from over his shoulder.

He smirked. “Let her watch. We’ll give her a show so thrilling that she’ll realize there are more wondrous things in life than murder.” He paused, then laughed cruelly. “Nevermind. Who am I kidding. She’s Valkyrie after all.”

You ground your teeth. How wrong you were. Loki had managed to ruin your night. You stomped off in your spiked boots towards the celebration, before he managed to ruin it even further.  

Your sisters welcomed you to their table with a cool jug of honey ale. Without a second thought, you grabbed the jug and downed it to their deafening cheers.

“Another!” You cried, and your sisters roared and obliged..

It was late into the night when Odin rose from his gilded throne, scepter in hand. All of Valhalla fell silent as he began to speak.

“Valor! Loyalty! Honor!” His voice boomed through the air like thunder. “The qualities of a true warrior! In the eyes of your fathers, your forefathers, your brothers. You all have proven yourself WORTHY!”

The air was thick with electricity, and you shouted with your sisters until your throat was hoarse.  

“Tonight, I wish to honor a very special warrior. A Valkyrie I have trained since before she knew how to walk. She was instrumental to our victory today, and there is no one prouder of her than I.” Odin beckoned to you, beaming. Your sisters thumped their fists against your armor as you made your way to the throne. Odin grasped your hand, and raised it high, and the hall roared, tens of thousand of fists and weapons plunged high in the air. The air was alive, and for the first time, you knew what it meant to be truly happy.

“For such exemplary valor, for your unparallelled deeds in battle, you will be granted the highest honor ever bestowed upon a Valkyrie. Come here, my son.”

Thor slammed down his chalice of ale, and leapt over the table towards his father.

“Thor. My pride and joy. You have lead many of my armies to victory, and will be king of Asgard someday. I give to you the hand of this most worthy of Valkyries, so that you shall have dauntless, warrior sons. May your progeny strike fear in our enemies’ hearts, and may their seed scatter and prosper!”

“…Wait. What?” You spluttered, all the buzz from the ale gone in an instant..

Odin clasped your hand in Thor’s, and the hall erupted in cheers.

Thor frowned in confusion. “… Are we getting married?”

You could have been Captain of his guards. Master of his army. Of all the honors Odin could have bestowed you, of all the titles and power he could have granted, he made you his daughter-in-law. So you could breed him grandsons.

You wrenched your hand from Thor and backed away.

“Fearless in the face of death, yet a shrinking violet when faced with matrimony! See how she pales like the bashful moon.” Odin laughed, grabbing your wrist and yanking you back towards Thor. “Tonight, we drink to to their union!”

“NO!” You shouted, and the hall fell silent. You felt the eyes of all in Asgard boring into you.

Odin’s voice was low, and deathly quiet. “…I beg your pardon?”

You swallowed hard, heart pounding in your chest. “…No.”

“…I know you only ever had eyes for my brother,” Thor murmured, eyes soft. “But I am sure, in time, those feelings could change-”

Odin silenced him with a raised hand. “…Very well,” he muttered. “The Valkyrie has spoken. I offered her my eldest son. My one greatest treasure. And she has rejected my goodwill. Shamed me and my son in front of all the warriors of Asgard.”

Thor’s eyes widened in alarm. “Father, please-”

“So be it,” Odin growled. “So be it!” He jabbed his scepter in your direction, eyes ablaze with fury. “If you refuse to play your part in the great history of Asgard, then you shall be stricken from it!”

In an instant, you were seized by his guards.

“Let her deeds, her name be forgotten. Erased from the books, the songs, the monuments. Tomorrow, she shall be executed, and no one will remember her name.”  

“You love war. He loves war. You love disemboweling people. He likes bashing skulls.” Loki leaned against the amber force field of your cell, eyeing you intently. “You and my brother were a match made in heaven, literally.”

You said nothing, staring listlessly at the wall in front of you. It had been three days since you were to be executed. Yet no executioner came.

“I must say, I am impressed with you. No one stands up to my father. I never saw you as the type. I am bewildered though, at why you balked at his offer. Think of all the superpowered nephews I’d have. Thor would expect at least a dozen mewling little babes, a menagerie raining lightning storms and death upon my father’s enemies-

“-Go away,” You whispered hoarsely. “Why are you even here?”

“Being my father’s second favorite person after my brother, you have been, by default, my second least favorite person. But now that you’ve fallen from his favor, I feel compelled to save you any way I can. In all honesty, the easiest way to be pardoned is to marry my brother and give my father what he wants.”

“…What of my legacy? Will my honors be restored?”

Loki shrugged. “The archivists have been deleting your records; it’s taken them some effort, as there were many. I doubt the records will be reinstated, even after your release. But all hope is not lost; there’s still a good chance you could be remembered – as the mother of Thor’s children.”

You leaped to your feet and slammed your fists against the force field. “I would rather die!”

Loki studied you, his eyes bright with calculation. “I think I’m starting to like you, Valkyrie. Perhaps I could offer a solution to your current predicament.”

Suddenly, the forcefield to your cell was gone. Loki extended a hand to you, a devilish grin wide across his face.

“Forget Asgard. There is a universe out there, waiting for us to conquer. Serve me, and I promise you, we will become more than battle songs and bedtime stories. You and I, we will mold the universe to our will. We will truly become gods.”


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Imagine being Juice's old lady

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“Juice where are you, listen hurry home okay? Jensen keeps asking where’s Dada and Tara’s funeral is tomorrow. Please Juicy come home." 

It was three days, 

three days since Juice disappeared, 

three days since Jax got arrested, 

three days since your best friend was found by your other best friend dead on their kitchen floor. 

 Gemma was the one to call you, tears were clear in her voice as she instructed you to come over with your sleeping toddler, to talk. 

When you got there Nero and her were seated at the large dining room table that you had know your whole life, from doing school work there with the boys, to dinners at the Morrow-Teller household, to now. 

"Hey baby, you can just put little man on the couch, Nero will fetch ya a spare blanket and pillow.” She said as Nero stood up and extended his arms, taking the toddler from you, “I can put him to bed [Y/N], I think you need to hear this more." 

"Oh okay, thank you.” You took a seat by Gemma, looking her in the eye, “Jax called, Tara…..Tara’s dead baby." 

 "What.” You hissed, tears starting to form as your hand flew to your mouth. 

“Apparently they took Jax in for questioning, and they want to send the kids to the next of kin which is me. However we both know Tara would never want that, and they claim she has a will, which will be read as soon as Jax is released. We both know what that will says." 

 As the tears fell from your eyes you looked at Gemma as though to throw daggers, "If anything is to happen to me or Jackson Teller, I request that my children be sent to reside with [Y/N] Telford and in the event that we both are deceased then custody is to be granted to [Y/N] Telford." 

"I figured baby, seeing how you both read those letters from JT. Still hate me?" 

"No Gemma I don’t, I never hated you for killing your husband and making your son fatherless, however if I find out you killed Tara, I just might start.” You said as you pushed up from the table, “Now I am taking Jensen and leaving." 

"Take Thomas and Abel while you’re at it, seeing how they are supposed to go with you anyway.” She snapped as you started towards the couch to see Nero standing with Thomas in his car seat on the floor and Abel in his arms sleeping, Jensen laid on the couch as you picked him up and the car seat with Thomas in it, and Nero carried Abel’s. 

“Just tell me one thing Telford.” Nero said as you buckled the three boys into your car. 

“What Nero?” You whispered with tears in your eyes still. 

“Just let her see her grandkids, I know you and Tara had some sorta beef with her, but all she wants is to see those grandkids." 

"Yea Nero, she can see ‘em.” You said as you shut the door, “now I have to go, have a funeral to arrange no doubt." 

 When you came in from the funeral you threw your keys on the table, Your father took Abel, Jensen and Thomas to the ice cream shop where the club was now meeting. 

You put your head in your hands and wept, for your best friend, for her children, for her husband, for your club, and your boyfriend. 

Your boyfriend who didn’t bother going to the funeral, the boyfriend your father hated now for being a rat, who the club was likely to kill, and all because of Eli Rossevelt. 

 As you cried you heard the creak of the floor boards and the chair scoot out, a hand was placed on your shoulder and a familiar warmth came from it. "Shhh baby, it’s okay." 

"Where have you been?” You said between tears, lifting your head to see the face you loved so much. 

“Hiding from the club." 


"If I tell ya, you can’t tell a soul understand?" 

"Yes Baby." 

 "When is Jensen and the boys coming back?" 

 "No idea." 

"Okay listen, I have been hiding in Wendy’s apartment, Gemma put me in there to help me, told me not to contact you or anyone in the club because they will either kill me, or interrogate you if they think you know." 

"Jax figures you went back to Queens, I told him I cam home and all your shit was gone, so you likely split. I hid everything in a storage unit.” You whispered. 

“That’s good that’s how it has to stay baby. There is something else you have to know, and you can never let Gemma know that you know okay?" 


"Gemma killed Tara, was scared she would ruin her whole family by ratting, get her and Jax sent to jail. Jax because he would go in Tara’s place, and Gemma because she would confess about JT. I shot Eli. For what he did to me, and because he was about to call the incident in, and get Gemma arrested." 

"That’s why she is helping you hide." 

 "Yea, and pretty soon Wendy’s gonna come home, and I’ll have to split, but listen I love you okay.”

 "Love you too.“ 

"I love Jensen too, can you tell him for me?" 

"Yea baby." 

"Listen, get a new burner, call me at this number.” He whispered handing you a torn piece of paper before kissing you deeply and then running out the back door, leaving you with a mess to process. 

It was weeks before you saw him again, and it was with your father no less. Juice for some reason had reached to the VP and told him to meet him at this diner, with his son and old lady. 

When you pulled in you could see him in the window, his hood was pulled up and he was looking down at the table, your father’s bike pulled next to your car, as Jensen said with excitement, “Is Dada here?" 

"Yea baby, lets go see Dada.” You said quietly as you exited the car to unbuckle the ball of energy. 

 When you entered the establishment it was quiet, a jukebox filled the diner with soft music as you approached the booth you had been observing in the window, when he heard the sound of the seats moving and felt the dipping of the bench he looked up, coming face to face with a piss off Chibs and your soft face on the other side of the table 

“Dada.” Your son screamed as he attached to his father’s side, Juice pulling him up so that he could cling to his neck and give him a full frontal hug. A tear slipped from his eyes as he clung to his son, and your heart broke. 

“Why did you call us here Juice?” Your father asked in a low, hushed voice, he sounded as though he might kill Juice right here at this very diner. 

“Thank you Chibs, for bringing my family here for me to see." 

"Answer the question Juice.” You said, as your heart broke. This was goodbye, you just knew it. 

“I needed to see my family, And ask for your forgiveness Chibs. I never meant to hurt this club, Eli gave me no choice." 

"Oh no you had a choice brother.” He hissed as his hand attached to yours, he knew this conversation was hard on you, especially with your son clinging to Juice like he would disappear at any moment. 

“And look what happened Daddy. He tried to hang himself from a tree, with a chain. He was scared to death…" 

”[Y/N] I don’t need your defense. You are right Chibs, I had a choice. These were my two choices, die because I am a rat and killed an innocent brother or die because my daddy was black.“ 

"We could have looked past it brother, but we can’t look past you being a rat." 

"I want to make a deal with Jax, find a way for him to spare me, or at least make it so my son doesn’t have to know that his father died because he betrayed his grandfather, and his club." 

"Juice. If it wasn’t for my daughter and grandson being here, I would kill you myself." 

"I know brother, and I understand.” He whispered as Chibs stood to leave, “I’ll be clubhouse if you need me [Y/N]." 

 "Okay Daddy.” You smiled at him as he left, turning to Juice, “Are you mental? Why would you call…" 

 "Because it was the only way to see you both. I’m tired of hiding babe, it is time." 

"So this is goodbye?" 

 "No baby, this is goodbye to my son, I am hoping to strike a deal with Jax. When that happens then I will say goodbye to you properly." 

"Juice you are making it sound like…" 

"The only way it ends for a rat is death.” He whispered as you covered your mouth, and let silent tears fall. 

“Hey Jensen.” Juice said, as he sat his son on table in front of him, he had not wanted to let go of that hug. 

“When are you coming home Dada?" 

"Well buddy, Dada has to go away for a while, and he might not be back for a long, long time. I need you to do something for me though buddy?" 

"Yea Dada?" 

"I need you to take care of Mommy okay? She might be sad for a while because I am gone, I need you though to help mommy be happy ok. The world needs to see her killer smile, and that twinkle in her beautiful eyes whenever she fills a room with her beautiful, contagious laugh. Think you can handle that for me?" 

"Yeah.” He said, as he leaned forward and attached to Juice again, “I love you dada." 

"I love you too buddy, and I always will.” He hugged his son for a long while, you sitting on the other side just silently crying. 

“Jensen I think it is time to go home now.” You tried to hide the crack in your voice, and the mass amount of heartbreak you felt, but you couldn’t hide it from Juice. 

He place a kiss on the bald side of your son’s mohawk which you and Juice agreed to give him before he disappeared and whispered, “I love you Jensen Juan Ortiz, and I always will." 

"I love you too Dada.” Your son smiled as Juice set him on the bench, you were already standing with your hand extended, waiting for the little hand to grip yours. 

“I love you too [Y/N] Telford. And I will love you till the earth implodes.” He said to you as your son took your hand and looked at his father for the last time. 

“I love you too Juan, and I will never stop.” And you left that place, without even a kiss. 

 It was weeks before you got another call regarding Juan “Juice” Ortiz, and when you did it was from prison. 

“Juan Ortiz is demanding a visit with you.” The guard said. 

“I’ll be there this afternoon. Thank you.” You said quickly before slamming the phone down. 

You dressed in a tank top, cardigan and skirt and called Chibs, “Hey can either you or Chucky watch Jensen for me?" 

"Yea darling, I’ll send him right over." 

"Thank you Daddy.” And then you hung up. 

 You left as soon as Chucky got there, saying you had forgot about a important parent-teacher conference with one of the parents of your preschoolers. You drove above the speed limit all the way to the prison and when you arrived the guards escorted you to a room, where he sat. 

His head was completely shaved, he was growing a small mustache and wearing a baggy denim jumpsuit. 

“Who ever knew that Juan Ortiz would be rocking a pedostache.” You said as the door closed. 

“The room is unmonitored, we can do whatever we want." 

"Juice why did you call?" 

"I told Jax all about Gemma, my guess is she will be dead by tomorrow, I am scheduled to die later today, staged prison fight." 

"So this is goodbye?” You said, sitting at the table, his hands were uncuffed and resting on the table top 

“I have a guy, he got me this room and uncuffed me, and made the guards call you." 

"Juice…” You whispered. 

“You were always the most beautiful woman at the club, the moment I saw you I knew I wanted you to be mine. When you agreed to even go on a date with me, I was shocked. You were so out of my league, and somehow I managed to get you, and have a beautiful son with you. My only regret is I never asked you to marry me." 


 "I told the guards we might need a few hours alone, and Jax gave me this.” He pulled a ring out of his pocket, “I had it at the club house for years, waiting for the right moment to propose. Better to die happy then with a regret." 

"Yes Juice.” You extended your hand as he slipped it on. 

“Now I must ask you something."He said as you observed the diamond on your hand, "I can’t die with having enjoyable sex one last time." 

"Have you become a catcher now?” You smiled as you got up and mounted him, unzipping his jumper. 

“How do you think I got this room?” He said as kissed your lips, neck and chest. 

“Gross.” You hummed as you reached down to pull off your underwear. 

 You went two rounds before the guard knocked on the door, “Times up Ortiz." 

"I love you baby. Never forget that.” Juice whispered as you disconnect from him, a shiver shooting up your spine as you did. 

“I love you too. I hope I see you again one day." 

"You will." 

"Here, kept this.” You said before placing your discarded underwear in his hands. 

“I am so glad I fell in love with you.” He whispered before pulling you in to a deep kiss as you zipped up his jumpsuit. 

“Me too." 

It had been two weeks since that day, since the sex, since the call confirming his death, since the funeral of both Juice and Jackson, since your father took over. 

You sat at the ice cream bar and looked at the box you had bought. He was the only one you had sex with, so if you were… You eye caught a glimpse of you engagement ring, your father laughed when he saw it. 

"Better late then never.” He said 

You smiled to yourself, and locked the bathroom door. You followed the directions and then waited. Four minutes later you looked down and saw it. 

You tossed it out and left the bathroom, you only needed that one test. As you walked out Jensen and your father had walked in, the two laughing as Chibs carried Jensen upon his shoulders. 

“Hey baby, did you have fun with grandpa today?" 

 "Yea, he said I could have whatever ice cream I wanted." 

Chibs set Jensen on the stool and looked at you with a big smile as your son ordered Chucky to make him a sundae. 

"Darling that is the first time I seen you smile in two weeks.” Your father said as you both leaned on the counter. 

“Well I have wonderful news." 

 "And that would be?" 

"Daddy, I’m pregnant.”

{I have too many feelings about Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader}

Lmao @ people who say Anakin Skywalker is “whiny” and “annoying”.

Like aight, let’s talk about Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin Skywalker was born a slave. If that isn’t score 1 to why he would be messed up to you then idk- are you human?

Since birth to the age of nine he was always somebody’s property. He was always being sold, always being bargained for.

And remember that line in Phantom Menace. Padme goes “You’re a slave?”

And Anakin’s reply? “I’m a person and my name is Anakin.” Like it’s something his mother has said to him, and he repeats to himself constantly.

Can you imagine, perhaps, a small five year old child going “Mum, we’re not really people are we? We’re just things? Property?” because he overheard one of their masters saying that, maybe even right to his face a scolding “you’re my property, not a person!”  

And Shmi’s answer would’ve been “You’re a person, and you’re name is Anakin. Always say that Ani, to yourself and others.”

Despite saying that to himself, Anakin always knew what he was. He was just a slave, he was nothing.

Until the Jedi came along. How he dreamed of being a saviour like a Jedi. And now was his chance. It was Anakin’s chance to be freed, it was Anakin’s chance to help the galaxy.

And then he is freed, and not only will he be just a Jedi, he’s the chosen one! He’s gone from slave boy, a piece of property, to being a powerful potential Jedi who has this destiny.

And don’t you think he’d become arrogant because of it?

But also, the change to becoming a Jedi isn’t easy. Anakin’s just been a slave, calling people “master” and the Jedi… well, they have Jedi Masters, who you call “master”. Now, I know the implication is different, but it can’t feel very good for a former slave who’s just been freed.

Although you could say I use ‘freed’ lightly. Because the Jedi have very strict rules, a lack of freedom. Freedom which Anakin desperately needs. But nah, he’s gotta follow the code, the council rules.

And oh lordy, what about the Padawans who are Anakin’s age? They would have grown up together at the temple and then this new guy comes along. This kid that nobody knows. And he’s powerful in the force, he’s to fulfil a prophecy.

There’s a chance the Jedi children could have, in some form, bullied Anakin since he’s the outcast. BUT even if they didn’t Anakin still would have felt very much left out. Because they all would have known each other, and he wouldn’t know any of them.

So far, you can tell it’s just setting up for a disaster.

I mean at this point the council should have put Anakin into some sort of therapy. But I doubt that seems to have even occurred to them.

So Anakin grows up, having to use the word “master” when addressing Obi-Wan and others, a word he would no doubt despise. He would be aware he’s supposed to be powerful. It would make him arrogant because, well, he was a child slave and needs something to cling to. And of course it would feel like the Jedi were holding him back- they have strict rules and he felt controlled.  

So really, Anakin grew up in two toxic environments.

And then he can’t save his mother. He’s supposed to be powerful, the chosen one, why couldn’t he save his mother? Of course it’s going to make him angry, having grown up in his pre-teen and teenage years thinking he could have the potential to really do anything. Hearing it all the time.

And his mother dies.

And then he gets married in secret, and a war’s started. He’s no more than twenty years old holy shit. I’m twenty-one and I couldn’t imagine being knee-deep in a war and secretly married and dear god idk.

But Anakin becomes a Jedi Knight out of necessity, rather than because he’s ready. He’s a great General in a war, he knows what to do. And sure Anakin must be overjoyed to be a Jedi Knight, but he knows was only made one because of the war.

Anakin thrives during war, during disaster.

Then he has visions of Padme dying. And he has to save her- he’s a powerful Jedi he should be able to save her! And the Jedi tell him he needs to learn to let go.

And while perhaps it’s good advice to someone who’s emotionally stable, Anakin is emotionally very unstable. And Anakin’s an emotional person, remember that, he’s emotional. But also very unstable, very fragile. Of course what the Jedi say about letting go he’s going to hate, loathe. It’s not good enough.

And he gets help elsewhere in the form of Chancellor Palpatine in all his evil sith lordliness. And Palpatine promises the power he always needed. Not power Anakin wanted, but needed. Needed to save his family, to save his friends, slaves, the galaxy. Power that Anakin – or so he believed, and maybe he did – was very capable of having.

And he takes it. He takes all of it.

And you can’t justify murder- but Anakin does. And he’s messed up, of course he’s going to. Sure he has to kill a few younglings, but if that saves Padme and the rest of the galaxy then who cares? And if those younglings were to grow up to be Jedi. The same Jedi that told him to let go. The same ones that told him he wasn’t allowed to feel his emotions. Well, then what does it matter?

But then the destruction of the Jedi turned out to be in vain. Padme died anyway. He ended up in the suit.

OH THE SUIT LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT. Sure the suit is badass, but Anakin – now Vader – is crippled. I believe it’s in the Revenge of the Sith novelization, where Vader compares it to being something along the lines of a painter going blind or a musician going deaf. He’s lost his power, which was an important part of himself. Not only that, he’s lost his friends, his wife and his unborn child.

Already being emotionally unstable and with a hell of a lot of issues you can imagine how much worse it is. Especially during that point in time where he’s just become Darth Vader.

He has so much power in the galaxy because he becomes the Emperor’s enforcer. And there are Imperial’s who hate him because this guy comes out of nowhere and has the Emperor’s favour. Vader’s the new kid again, like when joining the Jedi Order. Powerful (in a different sense) and unknown. This time, he’s so much more broken.

And he’s only twenty-three. Jfc he’s only twenty-three when he turns to the dark side. When he loses everything. And he’s a slave again- to Palpatine. To this suit he’s forced to wear.

Darth Vader justifies everything bad he does as necessary. And that’s how most villains really are, they think they’re justified. But at the same time, I think Darth Vader is very much aware of what he’s doing is classified as ‘evil’. With a mother like his, he would have learnt at a young age the difference between good and bad.

And I also want to mention his depression and hatred for himself. This is all Legends now, but I’m going to use these examples anyway because they’re powerful. In Lost Command Darth Vader attempts suicide. In Resurrection when fighting Darth Maul, Vader manages to kill him. Maul asks, “What could you hate enough to destroy me?” Vader’s answer?


Sith are fuelled by anger and hate. Vader hates himself enough to continue using the Dark Side of the Force. Sure, he also hates the Jedi because he believes the Jedi and his friends turned against him and betrayed him. They didn’t, really.

But Vader hates himself, everything he did, and has the attitude of ‘fuck it I’m just going to destroy everything’. Because Vader’s unstable, unbalanced, fragile. Just as he was as Anakin Skywalker. Because they’re the same person, we need to remember that.

Darth Vader couldn’t be Darth Vader without having been Anakin Skywalker.

Darth Vader is more than a 2D villain.

Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker is a tragic hero.

Anakin Skywalker is so much more than “whiny” – sure, go ahead and say he’s whiny. But don’t say it in that tone that suggests it ruins the character and the movie series. It doesn’t.

Why saving the children for Nami was so important to Sanji

So, this will be a big post, and I still need to learn how to make undercut posts, so be warned. ^^

I always thought there was something more in that scene between Sanji and Nami in Punk Hazard, where he decides to help her save the children. Now I can see it:

Years ago, while Sanji was still a child:

Without knowing it, Nami made him remember what he suffered from his own father with such precision, like she was there. I have no doubts that Oda had already planned Sanji’s past at that point in Punk Hazard, so the fact he chose Nami to say those words to Sanji just makes me really happy, because the cook knows that she will never be like his father, and that’s one more reason to love her:

Oda’s talent is simply amazing, right?

But hey, this was not only important to Sanji. How many times did Oda remind us of Nami wanting to save the children to the point she would refuse to leave the island?

That’s why this overlooked scene is so underrated, look who brings the G-5 marines to help:

A little bit of context: a disaster is about to happen, because Mocha ate all the candy to prevent the other children to consume it. Sanji not only brings the reinforcement, but he also commands the operation:

And he keeps pushing them forward when they are about to falter:

In the end, the children are all safe and we can thank the Strawhats, all of them. But I have no doubts that this event was special to Sanji and Nami. The kindness of Nami’s heart moved Sanji in a very intimate way and, in return, he granted and secured her earnest wish to save the children.

Jessa stuff

Gotta keep the balance!

Hi Cassie! I loved all of your books, especially The Infernal Devices - I fell in love with Will *-*. I have a question about Jessa after CoHF: will they have children? I hope you’ll answer me :) Thank you for the amazing world you have created! — mrsherondale-eaton-waters 

Hello Cassie! I absolutely adore your books like many other people, but my boyfriend (who showed me your books) and I had one question, after Jem is no longer a silent brother, does he remain immortal like Tessa? Or will she end up losing him like she lost Will? Thank you for your time if you answer this, we’re both really curious. — sammy-mantha

Hello Cassie! I love your books!!!So… I finished to read Cohf and we know that Tessa is immortal and can have children, but I have a doubt. After so long, she can still have children? Or all these years, even with immortality, impair in any way? Thanks! — lightwoodparabatai

I love your books, and my favorite character is Jem, I just love it, then tell me we will see him next in the books of the shadowhunters? I loved him and Tessa on COHF. One more question, Jem and Tessa will have children ?? I’m so curious !!!! Please answer me !!! — anacarstairs

herondalectable said: Quick question: I know you’ve confirmed that the TMI characters will appear in future books, but what about Jem and Tessa? We know their story as far as the comic strip scene in CoHF, but what about beyond that? I’m not expecting anywhere near as much as we get of Will and Tessa’s married life (which I understand is not the main focus of TLH, but will be included as it was in TBC), but will we at least get a mention of how there doing and maybe of some Jessa babies?

gloriousburritos said: Hi Cassie! I just finished CoHF and I know this might sound weird but will Jem and Tessa ever appear in TDA since they were leaving for Los Angeles? Also, will they ever have children? I’m DYING to know because Jem is like my all-time fave character

Hey Cassie! I just had a little question about Tessa Gray. She’s immortal, but she was able to have children with Will. Is there any chance she can have one with Jem? Also, how does she put up with 130 years of periods? — 50shadesoftessagray

About Jem being mortal: Page 562 of Clockwork Princess:

Jem was mortal now. He would grow old like Will, and like Will he would die, and she did not know if she could bear it again. 

Page 711 of City of Heavenly Fire:

“So he is—Zachariah is mortal now?” Clary asked. “Just— an ordinary Shadowhunter?”
“Yes,” Tessa said. “He and I have known each other a long time. We had a standing meeting every year in early January. This year, when he arrived for it, to my shock, he was mortal.”
“And you didn’t know before he just showed up? I would have killed him.”
Tessa grinned. “Well, that would have somewhat defeated the point. And I think he wasn’t sure how I would receive him, mortal as he is, when I am not mortal.”

Jem is mortal. He has a human lifespan to live. That is a terrible thing for Tessa, but as I think you can probably tell by now, I’m not really a fan of “fixing” mortal-immortal relationships by making those who are mortal, immortal, or taking immortal characters’ immortality away. Immortality is a curse and a gift, and you undermine both aspects by taking it away easily; mortality is a curse and a gift and you undermine both aspects by taking it away easily. 

Jem and Tessa will have a lifetime together; Jem will cross over and see Will “on the other side of the river”; Tessa will be left to mourn him. I’ve always thought of all the characters in Clockwork Princess, in many ways Tessa’s is the saddest fate. Though:

About Tessa having kids: She can absolutely have kids! She doesn’t age out of that, because she doesn’t age. Cindy Pon has even been so kind as to help me with Chinese baby names so Jem’s family name, Ke, can be represented. I imagine Tessa and Jem would want to do some traveling and letting Jem adjust to life in the modern world (I think he would enjoy having an iPod filled with violin music) — and as I said, they have their own agenda in LA — before they have children, but they can certainly have them.

About 130 years of periods: I would guess this falls under the “not so great” aspect of being immortal. However, there are pretty easy ways to not have your period if you don’t want to (birth control pills) and I’d imagine Tessa has access to magical solutions as well. Boy, I never thought I’d be answering that question!

I know you’ve confirmed that the TMI characters will appear in future books, but what about Jem and Tessa? 

At the moment, they literally appear in the first chapter of Lady Midnight.

An Apriltello Biological child. Is it possible?

Like seriously, think about it and be honest. Do you think it’s really possible?  

I’ve been hearing that people are disgusted by the thought of April and Donnie having a biological child because first off the child would look odd and also that will mean they must have had intercourse at some point (or be disgusted by the fact they had intercourse in general). What I think about this? Meh, I don’t really care. I mean, I like the fact of Donnie and April having children, but a biological one? It doesn’t really matter to me. I think it’s possible since April is half mutant. It might be a risk since she’s also human. 

Here’s something I don’t get though. People say it’s better for April to be with Casey since he can give her children and Donnie can’t, BUT April is both mutant and human. So if she and Donnie are at risk, then shouldn’t her and Casey be too? I have to be honest though, I think it’s kind of more interesting to see a adopted child. I don’t know, it just warms my heart that Donnie and April would see the child as their own, that they still love each other without any kind of sexual acts.

Besides, even if it was possible for them to do that, I doubt that sort of thing with be mentioned or shown in the show. I don’t think it will go that far even if the creators decide to make Apriltello canon. 

A letter to remember - fluff ending of Memories

AO3 Link  | Previous chapter

Elysse sat on their bed, hands gripping Cullen’s journal until her fingers ached. She watched her husband as he blinked in the early morning light, waiting for him to look at her with baited breath. He frowned, the lines around his eyes deepening in confusion.

His cheeks flushed as he looked down at himself—naked with nothing but a sheet to protect his modesty—then to her, dressed in a silk shift stretched over her swollen belly.

“U-um…” Cullen cleared his throat, pulling the sheet further up his body. “Good morning?”

Elysse smiled, resisting the urge to tuck a silver-streaked curl of hair behind his ear.

“This is for you,” she said, holding the book out to him. “I’d suggest flipping through to the end.”

He hesitated a moment, settling on the bed, sitting cross-legged as he took the journal. Papers shifted haphazardly as he let it fall open. “This is my handwriting.”

“It is.”

“I think I would’ve remembered writing a book.”

“Just read it, Cullen.” She swatted his arm.

He frowned but didn’t shun away from the gesture. Muttering to himself under his breath, his eyes scanned over the first few pages—dark and worn around the edges from being touched so often. “This is… this is real?”

“Just keep reading.” Elysse settled in closer, her hand resting a few inches away from his arm. She sat and waited and watched. It was never exactly the same. At first, he rejected the idea whenever he woke. But as time passed, it’d become a ritual between them. Even on the days he remembered, he’d read through the old thing, reminiscing with her as she laid her head in his lap.

She smiled, admiring her husband from a distance as he began to turn through the book at a rate that threatened to tear the pages clean out. His fingers stilled near the end. He brought the journal closer to his face, eyes seem to pause at each word. At last, he looked up.


“That’s me.”

Cullen glanced down to the book before returning to stare at her. “Elysse Rutherford.”

“That’s right.”

He brought a hesitant hand up to her face before cupping her cheek. She leaned into his touch, smiling when he shifted closer on the bed. He licked his lips. His eyes dipped down and his free arm wrapped around her waist. She ran her fingers through his hair, grinning at the slight shudder of his spine.

“Can I—” he hesitated a moment, his bashfulness contrasting adorably with the grizzled look his grey hair had brought. “May I kiss you?”


Cullen’s lips jerked up in a smile before he closed the distance between them, with a soft sigh, pulling her up against him as she melted into his embrace. It lasted only a moment before he pulled away. He studied her face before a grin broke out over his features and he claimed her in a second kiss.

I know that you’re scared. Even reading all of this, you still have doubts. Is it a trick? How can this be real? You knew that lyrium might do this to your mind, Cullen. There are moments where you still remember, moments where you can recall everything. This book might summarize what you’ve missed through the years, but what’s important is that woman sitting next to you. Hair like fire, beautiful eyes. Her name’s Elysse and she’s your wife, you lucky bastard. If that weren’t enough, she’s also the mother of your children. Plural. She’s pregnant now with your third and I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that I was an ass to my own wife when she needed me. Treat her well.

The young woman with bright blonde curls and brushes stuck in her hair is Myra, your eldest. Next is Andrew—a plump little thing with red hair and redder cheeks. You haven’t decided on a name for the third yet.

If you’re still reading this, there are two rules you need to live by.

Rule one: believe whatever Elysse tells you. I don’t care if she says the sky is orange and there’s only one moon in the sky. Believe her. She hasn’t lied to you yet.

Rule two: love her. This is the easy part. You love Elysse more than you’ve ever loved anyone else in your life. I know you feel a stirring in your chest when you look at her, something that you can’t explain—a sensation that entices and scares you all at the same time. Don’t run away from it. Embrace her. Kiss her, Cullen. If you’re not madly in love with her all over again before your lips part, then walk away. But I promise you that won’t happen.

Now stop reading this and kiss your wife. She’s waiting for you.

anonymous asked:

why does everybody love fili so much? he seems like such a minor character, how can he be your favorite??


Fíli might seem like a minor character at first, especially next to Kíli. But once you take a closer look at our little prince you’ll see that there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.

Let’s take a look into my blissful childhood. When I was 8 years old, I read The Hobbit for the first time and I hope no one will judge me for not being able to grasp the deeper meaning or hidden messages from that story back then. I was a mere child!

For a children’s book, The Hobbit has a lot of characters and at that time, I didn’t even remember most of the company. I remembered Thorin, obviously. And Fíli and Kíli. And Fíli became my favorite character, for reasons that are very different from the reasons why I love him today.

So why did I love him so much, back then already? Because he and Kíli were the youngest of the company and while we didn’t really get much background information about them, it was pretty clear that they were always cheerful and in a bright mood. They’re two innocent boys who haven’t seen much of the world and seem excited to go on an adventure. That’s what I liked about them. We have this company of middle-aged grumpy dwarves, who are all constantly complaining and then we have Fíli and Kíli, who are so cheerful that as a kid, you just had to like them.

Another thing I remember I found quite funny was the fact that Fíli got stuck in a barrell full of apples and after being stuck in it for a long time, he said that he would never be able to eat apples again.

This is actually one of Fílis few solo-moments in the book and back then, I thought it was very funny. To be honest, I still think it’s hilarious and I would’ve LOVED to see this in the movie. [sigh]

Another thing we know about Fíli and Kíli in the book is that they’re Thorin’s nephews and that makes them princes, basically. And 8 year old girls just like princes. I don’t even need to explain this.

Even as a child, I was shocked about their deaths. I might have been young but the death of a favorite character is something that hurts,  no matter how old you are. But it did make me happy, in a way, that they died defending their uncle. I thought it was beautiful that they must’ve loved him so much that they were willing to die for him.

And those were my thought when I read The Hobbit  for the first time. And then I read The Lord of the Rings and I watched the movies and basically I learned a lot more about Middle-Earth and its races. And I think to really understand just how great of a character Fíli is, it’s important to understand his background and the nature of dwarves.

After reading The Hobbit a second time, I suddenly understood everything a lot better and I realized just how much I actually loved Fíli. Because even though at first glance it might seem like we don’t know much about Fíli and Kíli, we can still deduce a lot about their characters.

Fíli is young and he has never seen battle or much of the world. The only life he has ever known is the one in the Blue Mountains, where he and Kíli most likely grew up and spent their childhood and youth. They lost their father, probably at a very young age and I can only assume that Thorin tried to take his place as good as he could. I have no doubt that he loves them like they were his own children, but he was probably very strict about their upbringing and education. He saw not just his nephews, he saw the princes and heirs that they were. With Thorin as his uncle and lector, Fíli grew up burdened with the knowledge and responsibility that he would one day be king. He was also trained to be an excellent warrior, and he did all of this while caring and looking after his younger brother. Not exactly my definition of a blissful and careless childhood.

Fíli has felt the pressure of being second-in-line since early childhood. It’s not his birth right, it’s his duty. Kíli, on the other hand, had a lot less to worry about, being only third-in-line. I guess he also has the „bonus“ of being the youngest.

But when Thorin asks, Fíli agrees to come with him. He agrees to leave behind the only home he’s ever known to go on a dangerous journey to reclaim a homeland and a kingdom that he has never seen, only heard of. The kingdom he would one day rule. He knows that this quest could cost him his life, but he goes anyway, because he’s so loyal to Thorin and the last thing he wants to do is disappoint him.

These are all things I deduced after my second reading, and this is where I would like to bring in movie!Fíli. 

So often, people say that Fíli and Kíli have no character in the movies. Especially Fíli, which is probably because Kíli is being favored in the movies and gets more screen time and lines and a freaking love interest.

But Fíli does have some character depth. If you take his background into consideration and add what we know about him from the book, you already have a great deal of character background and developement.

Movie!Fíli is amazing and a great character. It starts with his little speech in Bag End. You can see the prince he is and how devoted he is to the quest and to Thorin.

Okay, he has this one obvious line that makes me crack up every single time, but other than that, he appears responsible and calm and determined to master the challenge. 

There’s a scene a little later, when Fíli and Kíli are supposed to be looking after the ponies, but get distracted. (Seriously though, what on earth could be anywhere near that interesting that they don’t notice a TROLL STEALING THEIR PONIES?!)

Bilbo suggests to tell Thorin about the incident, but Fíli says „No, let’s not worry him.“

It’s one sentence. One line, but it holds some great meaning. Fíli doesn’t want Thorin to know that he failed. He doesn’t want to disappoint Thorin and he especially doesn’t want to get his brother in trouble. Fíli doesn’t seem like a coward, I have no doubt that he would have stood up for his mistake, had it not been for the fact that his brother was involved as well. The whole thing doesn’t end well anyway, but that’s not the point. The point is that Fíli would rather handle a disaster like this on his own (Or let Bilbo handle it, for that matter), than let Thorin know that he failed. It says a lot about him and his respect and love for his uncle.

When Thorin is wounded at the end of the first movie, Fíli is one of the three to give up their safe hiding place and run to his uncle’s rescue. He’s an excellent fighter, I daresay the best, along with Thorin and maybe Dwalin. He’s skilled, he knows how to use weapons and he has a lot of them.

Fíli risks his life for Thorin in this scene, as he does more than once. He’s so brave and courageous. He throws himself at every enemy to protect those he loves.
As he calls out Thorin’s name after the eagles take them, you can see the concern and worry on his face. His love for Thorin knows no boundaries. Except for one. His brother.

I could write you a 100 page essay about Fíli and Kíli and their amazing relationship. There’s nothing in the world that Fíli loves as much as he loves Kíli. His brother IS his world and he would die and kill for him. They’re never seperated, not once, except by force, when they’re being taken into Thranduil’s dungeons. Fíli is always at his brother’s side and looks out for him and whenever Kíli says something, Fíli looks at him in approval. He’s proud of his baby brother.

It’s heartbreaking, in the first movie, when they’re being seperated by the stone giants. Fíli desperately calls out for Kíli to take his hand. He literally can’t stand the thought of leaving his side.

His brother is always his top priority and the first thing on his mind.

 Of course, the most relevant scene is the one in Lake Town. I can’t stress enough how much this shows just how very fucking much Fíli loves his brother. He travelled across the entire country and almost died several times to reach the mountain. And when their destination, Erebor, is within arms reach, Fíli abandones Thorin. Thorin, his father figure, his mentor, his king.

He chooses Kíli over Thorin. Over Erebor, the company, the kingdom he would one day be king of. He gives up the entire quest just to stay with his brother.

And he doesn’t hesitate one second. When it becomes clear that Thorin will not let Kíli come, there’s no question is his mind that he will stay behind as well. It doesn’t even cross his mind to leave his brother. Not once. He belongs with his brother. It’s the only person, the only place he will ever belong to. Because for Fíli, home is wherever his brother is. And that’s where he belongs and where he will stay.

Because Fíli might be a prince, he’s a heir, he’s a warrior. But before any of that, he’s a brother.

Fíli would’ve been an amazing king. A better one than Thorin, I daresay. Something tells me that Fíli would not have succumbed to the gold sickness, his heart is too good, too pure. He doesn’t care about gold. I mean, when they enter the treasury in Erebor, Fíli and Kíli don’t even bother with the gold. They go straight for their instruments instead. They take more pleasure in music than in gold. I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH.

Fíli is kind, he has a good heart and he does everything to protect his loved ones. He’s willing to make good use of his countless weapons if his people are in danger.

And in the end, he sacrifices himself for Thorin. His uncle’s life is worth more to him than his own. He dies, defending a kingdom that has never been and would never be his. Tragic hero.

He’s burdened with the pressure of being Thorin’s heir, but he handled this pressure very well and doesn’t let that weigh down his good spirit.

He’s brave and sometimes a little reckless. But everything he does, he does out of loyalty and love, never out of greed or wrath or the desire for revenge.

He is strong, but gentle. He is brave, but responsible. He is young, but wise.

He’s a lionheart.

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Family Prompt: Chrom holds baby Morgan for the first time and reflects on father son relationships (can take place in either timeline). Bonus if little Lucina and Robin are doing something cute in the background like Lucina ordering the servants around on how to take care of her mom and new little brother.

(1st timeline, and because it’s first timeline, I fucked up and strayed from the cutesy implications gdi I’m sorry)

“I wanna see Morgan, too,” Lucina says, snuggling up next to her sweaty and tired mother.

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David was not happy. Surely he had better uses of his time. “Come on, why do I have to watch him! This is a privates job.” Hux just smiled at his baby brother. Patting his head like he had done when they were children. David rolled his eyes though he was fighting the smile on his lips.

Hux looked into the med bay where Kylo Ren was being treated. “Your the one most qualified because I know I can trust you. Just let me know if he does something idiotic.” He rested a hand on the others shoulder before walking away.

David just sighed and went into the med bay. “I hope you can still breath.” He said looking over the report the doctor handed him. “I doubt she could have done more damage.” He said trying his hardest not to be considering. But then again he was always that way.

And of course I’m a cynic about how many non abusive people exist. Because capitalism itself is an abusive systemic, and patriarchy is an abusive system, and heteronormalcy is an abusive system, and if you’re raised in a neo-Christian police state where you’re told to pledge allegiance to the flag every morning at school from the time you’re four, what ends up happening is that you don’t recognize emotional and mental abuse because it is literally everywhere, all day, in all corners of your life. And I’m not trying to be diminutive of intense forms of abuse, or the constant manipulation a person can inflict on a person, I just mean it doesn’t surprise me that so many people are uncomfortable with permission to leave a person, any person, any time for any reason. It is a terrifying thought because the cultural climate we are surrounded in, as Americans specifically but I have no doubt in other countries as well, is one where abusive behaviors are normalized and even celebrated. There is still a national debate about whether smacking children is ok, and it’s usually centered around “well, do parents have the right” instead of the fact that hitting people is abuse, regardless if you’re a child, and parents don’t fucking own their children! People are desensitized to so many red flags because too many people have stories of their parents removing their bedroom doors, or teachers mocking a student in class, or friends joining the military at 18 because they we’re “recruited” i.e. stalked, or police disrespecting someone for not immediately showing reverence, or employers implying that if you don’t work overtime hours who knooows what will happen, I mean…we are just really in the deep end right now. The political conversation about porn is about how much money it can make, while gonzo becomes increasingly popular, available, and normalized. Radical fundamentalism Christianity is rising at alarming rates, and the Duggars and the Bates get a tv show to basically televise their cult and abuse of their children.

Emotional, psychological, spiritual, mental abuse is normalized because our social values are ones in which people can own people, and country “freedom” comes before human lives, and parents are building a family legacy with their kids rather than raising a person, and pets are ornaments that need to obey for your enjoyment not enjoy to take care of, and honestly I could go on.
Things to learn from tonights episode of OUaT
  • Regina is always wrong
  • People should listen to Killian more.
  • Rumbelle is not true love
  • Captain Swan is true love.
    • suck it nay sayers
  • Wicked Hell is also true love
  • Hades can’t be trusted
    • Like hook said
      • seriously Regina listen to him.
  • David cares about Killian
  • Robin doesn’t trust Zelena
    • and is right not to but Regina thinks he should
      • rapists have to stick together after all
  • JMo and Colin can freaking act!
  • people in the river due Rumple drama 3
    • 1 for Charming but it was during a fight unlike rumple’s
  • Emma in the past was awesome and still wanting to give people happy endings.
  • Henry can use the Author powers now.
  • Apparently “Child Eater” is something to call people now.
    • She the BW did call out Regina sending children even if it only was about Hansel and Grettle.
  • Emma’s heart is a bright glowing red of purity despite being the Dark One and killing Creuella
    • should never have doubted that anyone.
  • Killian and Emma share true love
    • And they will find a way to get back to each other
      • because that is what true love does.
        • And they are
          • True love
            • captain Swan i mean
              • Hook and Emma
                • thought i would be clear.

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A few days have passed since AToTS and my thoughts regarding it have mostly coagulated, so I wanted to write this. When I first came to see the general reaction to the episode, I was surprised at the fandom’s tendency to lionize Stanley and demonize Stanford. One of my absolute favorite aspects of the episode was how both Stans made mistakes, both did right and wrong. Maybe part of the reason why fans are inclined to sympathize/side with Stanley is because he’s already a beloved character we’ve ‘known’ for a long time and because the episode was more about him than his brother. I wanted to address some of the rather unfair criticisms I’ve seen of Stanford.

The number of people who seem to place the blame squarely on Ford for his brother getting kicked out is remarkable. Why are we forgetting the guy you actually kicked him out? His own father, who doesn’t give a crap about his children unless they are useful to him? It’s not like he asked his pop to throw Stanley out! I’ve seen people say Ford should have intervened but:

1) He was a kid who was understandably upset because he thought his own brother had destroyed an invention he presumably worked very hard on, ruining his chance at a college he really wanted to go to. A perpetual motion machine is technically impossible, yet he somehow managed to make one - and he thought his brother intentionally broke it. Yes, the audience knows Stanley didn’t actually do it, but neither he nor even Stanley knew that. I can understand why he may not have felt like jumping to his brother’s defense when he was still angry himself.

2) What could he have done, exactly? His father was willing to kick his child out and leave him homeless just because he ~cost them millions~ (note how he didn’t really care about Ford’s feelings about the situation, just that Stan cost them money). This is a guy who values money over his own children, I doubt he could be reasoned with. 

Blaming Ford for his father being a tremendous ass is not cool, especially considering he was only 17/18 when this occurred. He wasn’t exactly in the best position to help his bro out when he was living at home, then going off to college for how many years. 

Another common criticism is how he didn’t try to help Stanley after he moved to Gravity Falls. Now, I do think he should have made some attempt to reach out but we need to consider a few things: there’s a good possibility Ford didn’t know what dire straits his brother was in in the first place, since neither Stanford nor Stanley seem to have tried to stay in regular contact with the other, and Stanley may not have wanted to admit he was in a bad place or ask for help (especially since he still felt guilty). Considering Stanley’s shock at his brother’s condition and the portal, and how he doesn’t seem to know about Bill, they have that trait in common.

Ford acted like a jerk to Stan upon exiting the portal, yes, but he has good reason to be angry??? like…the dude was in a probably horrible alternate dimension for decades. And it was partially his brother’s fault he ended up there. And he didn’t really want the portal to be reopened. Considering the circumstances and all the crap he’s gone through, Ford was actually shockingly calm and lucid. He is willing to let his brother stay and take care of the kids til the end of summer, but after that he wants his house and identity back. How is that unreasonable in any way?? 

To reiterate: Stan is partly responsible for his brother going through the portal, and it would have been a pretty dick move to not try to get him back. It wasn’t just a sacrifice - it was motivated by love and a sense of responsibility. He got to live in a nice house, found a job he was good at & enjoyed, basically got a second chance at life for the past 30 years, so it’s not as if he didn’t get good things out of it. Yes Ford should thank his bro and I hope he changes his mind about wanting him out but for now I think he has a right to be unhappy. Give him time, Stanley isn’t the only one who has had a rough life! 

This isn’t to say Ford did nothing wrong! There are plenty of legit criticisms to make of him (like how he can be quite callous towards others, for one). While I adore Grunkle Stan, I’m getting sick of some people acting like he has no flaws. His flaws are part of what makes him an amazing character, please stop acting like he’s a pure innocent angel. And stop blaming everything on Stanford when both of them made massive mistakes with each other. 

“Be still and know that I am God...”

Humans fear what they can’t see. Especially when it’s something they’re used to seeing. On June 5th, we experienced a new moon - the beginning of a new moon cycle, something pretty neat and very necessary. However I didn’t know it was supposed to be a new moon so when i looked up and couldn’t see the moon, I panicked a little; “Where is the moon? Is it gone? Are we all going to die? What is happening? Why is no one else freaking out?!“ 

God was good as always and calmed me down yet out of curiosity I had to ask Siri: “Where is the moon tonight?” To which the nice British man responded: “The moon is new.” 

At first I was irritated, thinking bitterly how that wasn’t what I asked, but it pulled up an article that rattled a few parts of my brain that hadn’t been touched since 7th grade science class. A new moon, the start to a new cycle isn’t view-able in the sky. The new moon is when the side that normally faces us is hidden, it’s present of course, just out of sight. I felt silly when this all clicked but then God used this moment to show me something.
I’ve been doubting myself a lot lately, “Have I fallen away? Do I still love Jesus? Am I still His? What can I do to fix this distance I feel?” And of course it’s put me into a state of quiet anxiety. The truth still resounds in me but the loud booms and crashes of anxiety make it hard to hear the truth. But God always makes a way to speak to His children; and tonight He reminded me, “I am never apart from you my child.“ 

The moon was present but I couldn’t see it and in my fear I doubted its presence. But the moon had not disappeared in fact the moon was preparing a brand new cycle of beauty and majesty to illuminate the dark sky. Much as God continues to work in our lives, ending old seasons and bringing about new ones; filled with beauty, grace, righteousness, disciple, and love.

- 31Women (Nan)

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I don't know how you do these so quickly?!? 😱 but since you do... Could I please request: No. 46 Are the only people in a movie theater together.. 💗💗


Anonymous asked: Sherlolly prompt (Star Wars spoiler: if you haven’t seen the force awakens don’t read) Sherlock and Molly go see the new Star Wars movie and for the rest of the night he just keeps bitching about the fact that Han Solo was killed and won’t shut up long enough to let Molly sleep.

Combining the two prompts cause they seemed pretty serendipitous to me!

Unexpected Force

Molly was thoroughly enjoying the fact that there was no one else in the theater with her.

At least, she was until she heard another person enter as the last of the previews started. Well, as long as they didn’t sit in front of her, she decided magnanimously, she wouldn’t complain.

But when the newcomer not only chose the same row she was in, but actually sat in the seat next to her…that, she wasn’t about to put up with. No pervert was going to ruin her enjoyment of her fifteenth viewing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Even if she had to get an usher in here to make the guy move - and it was definitely a guy even if all she’d glimpsed of him was a tall silhouette - she wasn’t going to let anyone spoil her evening.

“You’ve already seen this fourteen times, Molly, I really don’t understand why you felt compelled to see it again.”

Molly, who’d been about to unleash on her unwanted neighbor, sighed instead. Loudly. “Sherlock, what are you doing here? You hate going to the cinema!”

“Bored,” he said succinctly, and she rolled her eyes.

“Here,” she said, turning and thrusting the bag of jelly babies she’d purchased into his hands. “Eat these. Slowly. And when you’re done, no matter what happens on the screen, you are NOT to speak. Not until the end credits are rolling. Or else no morgue access for two months unless you’re with Lestrade or Dimmock. Got it?”

“Got it,” he replied, but only after a lengthy enough pause that she suspected he was going to argue with her.

He was, unbelievably, completely silent throughout the entire movie, although she heard him shifting about a few times once the jelly babies had been completely consumed. He remained silent, as per her instructions, all the way up until the end credit began rolling.

After that, however, all he did - on their way out of the cinema, in the cab ride back to her flat, up the stairs to her flat, after they’d entered her flat - was complain about the fact that Han Solo had been murdered by his own son. For no legitimate reason.

Molly let him carry on all that time, partially out of bemusement that he’d latched onto that one (admittedly devastating) plot point, and partially because she was curious to see how long it would take him to wind down. The answer, it would appear, was never; he didn’t stop even after she made them both mugs of tea, or when she disappeared into the bathroom to put her pyjamas and robe on, or when she carried an armful of bedding into the living room on the assumption that one of them (probably her) was going to be sleeping on the sofa tonight. 

When she started putting the sheets down, however, he finally shut up long enough to ask her what she was doing. “What does it look like I’m doing? I assume you came home with me because you plan to stay overnight, and since you can’t seem to stop ranting about Kylo Ren, I figured I’d just get things ready at the same time. Did you even notice I’d left the room and gotten changed?” she added, indicating her pyjama-and-robe-clad self.

“Of course I did,” he snapped, viewing her apparel with obvious disapproval.  “Honestly, Molly, how many pairs of kitten-patterned pyjamas do you own?”

“Not quite all of them,” she replied cheerfully, relieved he’d finally calmed down about the movie. “But that’s my goal, thanks for noticing, to own every pair of kitten-patterned pyjamas ever made.”

He rolled his eyes and she gave him a cheeky grin, quickly followed by a yawn she didn’t bother stifling. “All right, if you’re planning on a night of crap telly and pacing, the sofa is yours. If you actually want to sleep, I’d rather skip the cajoling and whining part of the evening; you can have my bed. Which is it?”

“Do you think our child would ever want to murder me in cold blood?”

Well, THAT had come out nowhere!

“Uh, what?”

“Our child, Molly,” he replied, beginning to pace. “Would our child ever want to murder me in cold blood? I mean, my best friend tried to throttle me once and has admitted to wanting to punch me almost every time I open my mouth, and you’ve been angry enough to slap me - not that I didn’t deserve it - so what about our child?”

“Sherlock, stop saying ‘our child’ like we’re in some kind of romantic relationship,” Molly practically begged him. Oh God, she’d gotten over him, she really thought she had, why was he doing this to her now? “If you ever have a child, then yes, at some point the kid will want to kill you, probably when they’re in their early teens going through a rebellious stage. All kids feel like murdering their parents at some point, at least in my experience.” This conversation was far too serious; time to interject a joke, if only to hear him tell her not to make them. “If it’s any comfort, I doubt it’ll be because they want to join the Dark Side of the Force …unless maybe it’s the dark side of the police force!”

Sherlock scowled, but instead of chastising her for her (admittedly terrible) sense of humor, he instead pivoted and stalked toward her, taking her arms in his hands and staring intently down at her. She tilted her head and stared up at him, still not quite sure what was going on. “I said our child because if I ever have any children you’re the only woman I can imagine being their mother. And what do you mean, we’re not in a relationship?” he asked, not taking a single breath between sentence and question. “We’re definitely the Han and Leia part of this equation; we might spend time apart but we always find our way back to each other.” He reached up and tenderly brushed her hair from her face. “I just…I’m rubbish at letting the people I care about know how I feel. And I can’t stop wondering if that’s the way Han Solo was, rubbish about letting his son know he loved him.” 

Molly watched him swallow, hard, and held her breath, feeling a growing sense of hope - a new hope, as it were - about what his next words might be.

“I love you.” She let out her breath in a whoosh as Sherlock quietly said those three little words, the ones she’d long since given up on ever hearing from him, at least directed toward herself. “Molly? Say something?”

She raised herself up on tiptoes, laid her hands on either side of his face in order to draw his head down, and kissed him. Slowly. The ways she’d wanted to do for years now. He wasted no time in returning the kiss, drawing her close until their bodies were pressed tightly together.

When the kiss ended, she grinned up at him. “I love you too, Sherlock, although I think you already knew that.”

“I suspected,” he said in a low voice, still holding her close. “Erm, Molly, do you think we could share your bed tonight?” He moved his hips suggestively, allowing her feel the hard ridge of his desire. “Let’s just say it wasn’t only the Force that was awakened tonight!”

Molly couldn’t help the laughter from bubbling up even as she started backing toward her bedroom.

She should have known his sense of humor was just as bad as her own!