i doubt he'd like being there

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I just want to say, you seem like a glorious human being. I've read quite a few of your family lore stories and not realized they were the same person until recently. Though if you're fae, I claim extraterrestrial, cuz that honestly makes more sense than "human allergic to all organic beings on the home world". I confuse allergists; last one made sure to point out it wasn't that he doubted me, just that he'd never heard of some of my allergies

Sounds good! We can form the fae-alien (or faelien) alliance of people with allergies that real Humans don’t have.

I got booze, bananas and logdepole pine. You?

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Do you think Isshin/Souichirou ever told Ryuuko when her actual birthday was (or if her supposed birth date was real)? I figure he'd change it to prevent any paper trail that would link her to being a Kiryuuin, birth certificates would have been destroyed in the fire, and there's no proof Aikuro or Tsumugu would know where he stored documents like that if he did. I actually don't think he even celebrated Ryuuko's birthday, if her greatest desire showed her celebrating it (albeit with Ragyou).

…this ask is breaking my heart right now…

But as for the question: I don’t think Isshin/Soichiro would change Ryuko’s birthday, though he had to have fabricated a birth certificate. It seems doubtful Ryuko even had a real birth certificate in the first place when she wasn’t even named, and judging by her “death” scene, it doesn’t look like she gets a death certificate, either.

So, the birth date could certainly be changed to be extra safe—and Isshin/Soichiro is definitely the kind of person to go overboard in that department (breaking your back and completely altering your face for a disguise?)—but in a lot of ways, a fake birthday is probably even more unnecessary than an elaborate, fake disguise. It’s doubtful Ragyo would even remember when Ryuko was born, and Ryuko’s entire existence before being Ryuko is probably not documented anywhere, thereby eliminating any paper trail.

But personally? The thought of Isshin/Soichiro robbing Ryuko of her birthday feels… really cruel. He lied about so much, and the thought of lying about even that…

I mean, heck, Mother Gothel in Tangled even told Rapunzel her real birthday—which actually was super troublesome for her evil, selfish goals!

And if you consider character designer/animator Sushio’s drawing of Isshin and Ryuko celebrating Christmas together as more canon than “just for fun” animator art, I’d like to imagine that Isshin would celebrate Ryuko’s birthday, too… at least, before he sends her away.

If there’s one sequence from Kill la Kill that never fails to mess me up, it’s when Ryuko recounts her past in episode 8. When she describes being sent away to boarding school as a child, little Ryuko is shown in flashback, crying out for Isshin, and it’s abundantly clear that Ryuko desperately doesn’t want to be separated and left alone… but her father leaves her behind and doesn’t even look back. Ryuko is completely and utterly devastated.

And this moment is a sign that Ryuko—very potentially—was a securely-attached child. No matter her claim that she and her father “never got along,” the fact that she is so distressed here indicates separation anxiety, which, in infants and small children, can be representative of a very strong, secure bond with a guardian figure.

But regardless of the nitty-gritty psychology behind this moment, it’s clear that this is a girl who sincerely wants her father in her life and is horrified of being taken away from him. I think this is the moment that really hurts Ryuko more than anything: she was separated from the only family she knew.

In Ryuko’s fantasy, it doesn’t seem she’s sent off to boarding school—in fact, a lot of emphasis is placed on Ryuko’s “mother” being involved in her schooling. That’s what Ryuko wanted from Isshin, and if you look at the candles on the dream cake, there are six or seven, indicating that Ryuko’s “mother” had an active role in her life even when she became old enough for school. In my eyes, the fantasy and all the background information suggests that Isshin did celebrate Ryuko’s birthday once, but he stopped after he sent her away… and that breaks her apart. It’s just one more indication that he doesn’t love her and doesn’t want her.

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I find it hilarious that a certain group of shippers say Jonsa would never happen, in the show or in the books, cause *incest* when 1. incest is rampant in both anyway (Jaime/Cersei, virtually the entire Taegaryen line, etc) and 2. GRRM himself has said that he originally planned for Jon/Arya/Tyrion triangle. If he had no issues with Jon/Arya in the original concept, on top of all the already existing incest, then I doubt he'd bat an eye at Jonsa.

It’s definitely pretty hypocritical to use the incest card when you ship aunt and nephew together. I mean come on….you have no high ground to stand on here lmao. I had a friend tell me Jonsa was Nasty because incest and I was like…..but your username is deadass aunt and nephew 💀 I think people who bring up Jon and Sansa being raised as siblings, who were never close btw, are just insecure about their own incest and convincing themselves that it’s impossible for an asinine reason makes them feel more secure in their shipping. It makes them feel less threatened when they repeat over and over that Starks don’t do incest, even tho it’s not true judging from Ned’s parents and the originally planned Arya/Jon romance.

At the end of the day they are shook over Jonsa because they know it’s plausible, they know that it’s allowable in westeros, their is a foundation for it happening with the Starks, and it would be politically advantageous for Jon and Sansa. They also know that If GRRM had planned a Jon/Arya romance he would very well pull a Jon/Sansa one, especially since from what I’ve gathered several of Arya’s potential Arcs from the original outline were transferred to Sansa

They can stay pressed tho. Jonsa is lit and makes sense. That’s more than I can say for their bland ass ship

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Can you do headcanons for being Ponyboy's first girlfriend? Like how he'd ask you out and how he'd be romantic and crap :)


-his face gets sO red when he first asks you out

-prince of stuttering

-”i mean you can say no if you wanna”

-that boy does not know how to act at first

-he makes a lot of nervous, unfunny jokes

-gets you daisies on your first date

-one of those people that would turn their head around and mouth “OH MY GOD” if you say yes or kiss him

-no doubt he made you a mixtape

-would walk you home no matter what

-just being clueless in love 

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Theyve said that of all the boys, yoongi would be most obvious about being in a relationship. I think yoongi is serious with relationships because he has no time for anything less. Given that, hed treat her with as much affection as she desires because he's all in. He won't let her doubt him. I think he'd stay level headed, but makes sure she won't doubt him and let no one find anything to nitpick their relationship that would make her worry

You said it better than I could have said it myself.  Just like with his work – I could see him being completely committed in a relationship.  Yoongi doesn’t half-ass anything that is important to him and he doesn’t like to waste time on things or people who aren’t important to him.  

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I think tumblr ate my ask, but I've got a ZoSan headcanon for you. I think Zoro would be patience incarnate with Sanji. He'd still lose his temper all the time like in canon, but when it really matters (idk, Sanji being insecure about his place in the crew or him hurting his hands or doubting All Blue for example), he's totally patient!

this is what i live for actually….zoro being super patient and caring if it comes to serious matters is really imortant

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And the whistle is basically Finstock's version of someone using a rubber band to snap themselves when they get the urge to do something they're trying to quit. Like everytime he uses it not in a purely coaching purposes (which I doubt he's ever done) it's because he's having the urge to magick someone's ass to kingdom come. And Stiles...Stiles just manages to push every single on of his buttons so he gets whistled at A LOT or he'd be hanging upside down from the school roof or something

Omigod yes! That scene on the bus in Motel California. Stiles has no idea how close he came to being magicked into another dimension! 

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What would you say if in the teachers AU, if Stain was released and joined the faculty teaching Heroics Philosophy?

… I can imagine him being like Mr. Crocker from Fairly Odd Parents especially when the discussion about heroes becomes tOO PASSIONATE


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I don't mean any disrespect in saying this but if Louis was really forced to fake a baby with additional of being with a fake girlfriend and faking his whole life, wouldn't his mom dying be too much? I think that would be the end of it for Louis? I doubt he would put up with keeping that terrible charade up as his own mom was passing away? I don't think he'd bring his beard (wasn't she there for him?) while being there with his mom? I don't think he'd bring a fake baby there and in the obituary?

I mean this is not a subject I like to delve too deeply into, but at the same time conspiracy theorists benefit greatly from this because it enables them to pretend that Jay’s passing, that the depth of her relationship with Louis and the intensity of his protectiveness over her and his over him, had no impact on whether or not he could be forced to bring a child into her territory, to force his young sisters to spend time with this child, that this child could have been flown via emergency flight from the US to the UK if he wasn’t related to Jay, that a family photograph in which Louis is holding Freddie could be used in her obituary and continue to be displayed on the family mantelpiece and carried to their vacation home in France.

These are people who are comfortable asserting that in the latter half of 2016 they can safely assume that if they didn’t see Louis, he was in Jamaica with Harry as Harry recorded his album, instead of with Jay making the most of the time she had left or helping her tend to her affairs. So you can see what you’re dealing with, that they don’t …. CARE, at all, what Louis would be giving up in permitting this fraud to take up space in his life at this time and subsequently, while his young sisters mourn Jay without him.

I want you to remember this when you see the larries misery wanking about Louis’ TWITTER IMAGE and how his team is DESTROYING HIM; how they even consider that a punishment next to, idk, his grieving sisters having to play with a baby they’d fraudulently had brought into the country to make money for other people when their mum had just died, and perform being aunties.

They act like the loss of Jay had no impact at all except for depriving Louis of the opportunity to come out with his mum’s support, or to insist that Harry was sad too (recording an album in Jamaica, describing that as a great time). Meanwhile, Louis declares that when he’s most sad about her loss now, Eleanor has been fantastic for him (though she was not with him when Jay died - they reunited after). Larries can’t quote that, because it’s about him having Eleanor’s support. So to them, it’s as though he hasn’t spoken about his grief at all.

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(thinking about how bruce was force-chill about Alex's potential porn career) For sure he sometimes ends up at partied with porn stars sometimes. I dont picture him seeing much porn so i doubt he'd know anyone by name, but would he act the same (helpful and protective against creeps) or get too awkward trying not to be disrespectful while at the same time stopping /others/ from being disrespectful? i can see him being a massive dorkus by accident.

He is extra-respectful tbh, you’d think he was bodyguarding some nuns. It is extremely overcompensatory. They gotta be ready at all times to be like “no bruce this is fine this is a friend of mine and this is how we talk to each other turn off the glower”. He will turn the glower down slightly but it will remain. He trusts cishet male porn stars a lot less far then he can throw them because he can throw a person a pretty good distance when he puts his mind to it. Ladies keep inviting him to visit them on set because they know he doesn’t want to go and watching him figure out how to turn them down is great. He has a lot of free movies he doesn’t know what to do with. He keeps showing up in the background of Instagram selfies that give people the wrong idea and no one corrects them. Just, here’s some ladies making out half-naked and there in the background is Bruce reading a book about the history of salt. He took off his tie because it’s more comfortable and his hair is fucked up because they wouldn’t stop messing with it to annoy him but no one is ever going to believe any of that. ‘tfw you just want to read about minerals’ is the reddit headline on the front page. What was he supposed to do? Ask them to please stop kissing around him? That would be rude. They can kiss wherever they want. He’s not the PDA police. They are hard-working young women and if they want to put in some overtime that is their own business.

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I'm sad that Harry doesn't get to bond and create a relationship with Louis' siblings like tommy does :( he could have such a wonderful relationship with Lottie, fizzy and all the twins... look at those babies in particular :( he'd be great with them but I doubt they who he is or if they remember him when they see him

I think you’re 1. Projecting a touch, and 2. Being unrealistic. We’ve had evidence in the past that Harry does spend time with the twins. And we already know that when they were on tour, Harry and Lottie got along really well and had fun with each other.

And you’re also assuming that the 1% of their life that we do see is their entire life. I have 0 doubt in my mind that Harry has incredible relationships with all of Louis’ siblings. Just because they don’t snapchat it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

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Today on Howard Stern's radio talk show he was talking with Lady Gaga about the time she was raped as a teen by a 30-something guy she wouldn't name. She said when you're too paralyzed at first you can't say it,then when time passes no one believes you. When Stern seemed almost confused as to why she wouldn't name him she said she was afraid he'd get killed. I think it's safe to say no woman is afraid of their rapist being killed, we just know we'd be liable, especially if it was never reported.

It seems like that question is the one that comes up every time someone reveals that they were raped. Or some variation of it.

I think the best answer would be “well look around”.  But to understand that answer would require an awareness of rape culture that few are willing to admit.  Especially those, like Stern, who profit from it so often.  

I don’t doubt that she does believe he would be killed.  I would wager she’s probably not the only one.  If the rapist is someone close to you or someone you care about, it might feel necessary to protect them even if it means you have to suffer in silence. We all have our reasons for how, when and even if we choose to speak up.  They are all valid.


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remember when Grimmy interview them during MITAM promo and Liam said that he passed the sorting hat test, got Gryffindor and was "absolutely buzzing"?) so yeah, he'd go only there, no doubt

I feel like Liam would (incorrecty) view the Hufflepuff house as being for the losers/leftovers, hence why he wouldn’t want to be placed there. He sees himself as a Gryfindor through and through.