i doubt anyone will do this anyway

  • Yuuri: I really like Victor but he's way out of my league. He probably doesn't even like me like that
  • Meanwhile Victor: Yakov! Chris! Yurio! Literally anyone who will listen! Yuuri Katsuki is sooo perfect and beautiful! I love him!! We are going to adopt so many dogs together! Do you want to hear me talk about his smile for an hour? No? Imma do it anyway!!!

I figured myself out a little after 5 beers last night. I have such problems with finding relationships and I always have. I always fall for people who don’t want me and have serious doubts that anyone would even want me at all—-and guess what? I think it’s because I have horrible social anxiety and it’s easier to want someone who doesn’t want me or to give up before I even begin because no one would want me anyway INSTEAD of doing what I actually fear—which is go out, talk to people, and really try to find someone who I match with. It’s more comfortable to just feel sad about no relationship at home than to go out and try. 

Another little evak moment I have stuck in my head is...

Isak and Even lying in bed one lazy afternoon. Even’s arms are wrapped around his golden haired sweetheart, while Isaks head is literally resting right on his man’s big beautiful heart (which of course belongs to Isak anyway) 

and as i’m sure they do in moments like this sometimes, they begin to reflect on everything they have been through, and reveal personal and deep things that they have felt or thought, that they could never tell anyone else but each other. 

and during this particular moment Isak reflects on That Night, the night that led him to doubt Even’s feelings for him and to hesitate at running to his side even though that was the only thing he wanted to do. He of course doesn’t tell Even everything Sonja said to him straight out. Because our baby is just not like that. He understands why Sonja said what she said and he just wants to forget about it. But the thing is he lets it slip. Somehow he’s just thinking and Even is talking about how he couldn’t believe that Isak would ever in his wildest dreams, like him back, and suddenly it just comes out. 

That Isak thought once that maybe Even’s feelings weren’t ever real and he was just a symptom of his illness. That it had to be true because for Even to love him back was just too good to be true. Even was too good to be true. 

Even of course is instantly annoyed at Sonja, but more than anything he is incredibly sad that the boy that means more to him than anything else in the world. The boy who gives him life in many forms, for one moment believed that Even’s feelings were not real. Even though it is too late, the only thing that becomes important to Even in this moment, is to make sure the man of his life never doubts the amount he loves, adores and worships him ever again. 

Gently, he brushes his fingertips across Isak’s cheek, and leans down to press a soft kiss against his forehead. Isak looks up at him, his green eyes sending shivers down Even’s spine and once again he wonders how this boy cannot know how deep his love truly is, how much he would do for him, how much he affects him from one look. he continues to gently stroke his beautiful handsome face as he tries to send everything he feels for this boy through his eyes. 

he then leans down to Isak’s ear and whispers “The way I feel about you, the things you make me feel; that is the only thing in my entire life that I have been sure about. You are my reason. You are my Life.” 

Isak responds by leaning up to wrap his arms around his neck and gently brush his nose against Even’s, before shrugging and saying “yeah you’re okay too I guess.” They both break out in giggles before wrapping themselves up in each other and letting their lips, hands and hearts fit where they belong, 

with each other. 

Avoiding Meth Mistakes

Calling all you amateurs!!!

Thinking back over the years, I have no doubt faltered from time to time when dealing with meth. I, for the most part, learned the hard way for a lot of these mistakes. This is simply because I didn’t really have anyone to show me the ropes. I taught everything to myself through trial and error, practically. The internet has no doubt been a great help to me.

I discovered Drugs Forum 2 years ago, and have been an active member about a year. By the time I found this goldmine, I had already taught myself the proper ways to do things, as well as the things to avoid. I would have loved to have found this site at the start of my addiction.

Anyway, I was thinking about a day ago about the a-many-mistake I would make near the beginning of my addiction, 4-5 years ago. Granted, with all the hits I take now days, I’m still bound to make stupid mistakes here and there. It’s like chewing… Humans are very experienced chewers, yet we still bite down on the fork every now and again. Fuck I hate that lol.

These mistake vary, and all only meet one criteria: They are mistakes, that are related to meth. And also, keep in mind, I am a meth smoker… So I don’t know if any snorting/shooting tips will be listed. Hopefully I can help any new users avoid making some of these in the future:

1) Flickering Flame: This is funny, because a lot of people don’t actually notice this… I remember when I first started, sometimes hits would be easy, and the meth would release tons of smoke. Other times, it seemed as though my flame was half as hot, and the meth slowly, slowly melted and didn’t give off much smoke. After a while I found out why. When smoking meth, make sure that the air in your room is fairly static. By that I mean “still”. If you have any fans, or heaters, or an open window, or even a draft from an open door, I recommend you close em/shut em off. If that moving air hits your bic flame, it will start to make it flicker. The flicker, though small, actually effects how the flame heats your pipe dramatically. Make sure the flame is going straight up, and not moving at all, and bigger, better hits are easier to achieve.

2) Blackened Pipe: I remember my pipe used to get dirty as fuck. I always understood why the inside got dirty, obviously; because the drug melts and heats inside the pipe, and is expected to leave some marks. What I didn’t get, was why the fucking pipe would get that thin layer of black shit over it every time. It would wipe off easy, but is still very annoying and gets everywhere. I discovered that the black stuff is actually the product of foreign matter burning up on the pipe. The oil from your skin seems to be the biggest cause. So, if you want your pipe to not get black on the outside, simply don’t touch the bowl, or at least wipe it with a cloth before you take a hit. Then I wipe it with a damp cloth after my hits for extra cleanliness. I clean out the inside with Q-tips dipped in water and cigarette ashes. The ashes add friction and rubs the black shit off fairly easy.

3) Dusty-Stem Surprise: This happened to me a few times… Sometimes the carb (hole) on the bowl of your pipe is too small, or sometimes, for whatever other reason, you need to load your bowl through the stem of the pipe. I think some people even do this regularly, which is beyond me… But anyway… IF you’re going to load your pipe using the stem, be very careful if the meth you are putting down there isn’t too powdery. Dropping chunks down is no problem, but if it’s powdery or crushed up a bit be careful. Sometimes a bit of the powdery meth can stick to the inside of your pipes walls. The rest of your meth should fall in the bowl… You go to heat the bowl, the meth melts, and you’re ready to inhale. So you go to inhale and then all that meth that got caught in the stem, nice and dry and not melted, is going to be breathed straight into the back of your throat. Goddamn once I did this, and there was so much shit in the stem… My throat was so fuckin sore all night… Ugh it was pretty nasty too. Especially the powder… It shot everywhere… Lol I couldn’t figure out what happened. Also, make sure your meth is melted before inhaling, sometimes you can prematurely inhale, and if its still dry, you can suck back a chunk.

4) Breaking your Pipe: I still haven’t learned to conquer this mistake. Last year, in 2012, honestly I think I went through about 15-20 pipes. Crack, smash, shatter… I fell asleep on a couple lol, rolled over em and broke em. The main way, however, that I break my pipes is when cleaning em. I probably break close to 90% of my pipes during the cleaning process. Don’t scrub too hard with that Q-tip! lol… Also try not to put your pipe on your lap, so you can take a hit in a minute… Because you forget to take that hit, stand up… And physics.

5) Zippers Save Lives: Alright, this one I cannot stress enough. If you are going out somewhere, or are going to be walking around with meth on you, like I’m sure a lot of you… Make fucking sure you have zippers on your pockets. Put the meth in that pocket. Now you zip that pocket. Now keep your busy goddamn fiend hands out of there until you get home! Haha, I don’t know why but I always had such a bad habit of holding the meth in my hand, in my pocket. It was probably just so I could feel it, and know it’s there… There were a couple times meth has escaped my pockets. Once I was lucky. I backtracked, and found it! (luckily the dime bag was bright yellow haha), the other time… I was not so lucky. It was my last bit of cash too. That is not a fun feeling. Keep this is mind, and you will never have to endure that horrific scenario.

6) Keep a Candle: If you’re anything like me, you have poor planning skills lol. Every once in a while, I’m caught with my guard down, and have no lighter…

Oh noes t.t

But that’s okay! As long as you keep a backup candle. I’m sure you can muster at least one way to light it. Once you do, just use it like a lighter, obviously. These are good to have as backup because they are cheap, last a long time, and will always save your ass. I have relied on candle backups many times.

7) Patience: If you use water to smoke the resin from your pipe (which in my opinion is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way) be careful when boiling the water away with your lighter. That boiling water gets really fucking hot, really fucking fast. Lets it boil for a few seconds, then remove the flame. Move it around the pipe to distribute heating. Don’t just hold the flame under until the water boils away. Your pipe can break under all the heat. Happened to me once… I got a boiling hot meth covered shard of glass in my retina AND cornea… Well, no haha, I escaped without a scratch, but there goes my resin bowl t.t

8) Bowls get Hot: Alright, just a simple tip: After you hit the pipe, your bowl is going to be very hot, especially after a few hits. Just be mindful of this when setting it down. A damp cloth to cool the pipe is good to have (be careful not to put colder water on a really hot pipe, unless you prefer shattered pipes?). If you don’t use a damp cloth, just make sure to set your pipe down on a hard surface. Any soft surfaces it can melt that surface and then get stuck on the bottom of the pipe. Careful putting it in your pocket to! Burnt my thigh once… Oh, and this is real important. If you keep your pipe in something like a sunglasses baggie holder, and you keep your meth in there as well… Or if you keep your pipe and meth baggie anywhere near eachother, be very careful not to let the hot pipe bowl touch the baggie. It melts the baggie and if you’re unlucky enough, it will melt all into the meth and fuck it all up. Or it puts a whole in your baggie and you spill meth everywhere.

9) Always Hide that Stash: If you live with people who don’t know of your meth use, or have people randomly stopping by… Make sure you put your meth away every time. I don’t know how many fucking times I’ve been sitting there thinking “gosh I should really put that baggie and pipe in my dresser”…. Then I think “I’ll get to it in a few”… Then I never get to it… Then what do you know?? Someone suddenly is knocking on your door, or walking into your room or whatever… You’re scrambling like a fool trying to hide everything… Pipes a clankin n everything. I know putting of easy simple tasks like this is really hard to avoid on meth. But just force yourself, it might save you.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

If I think of more, which I’m sure I will, then I shall add them. In the meantime, if you think of anything to add, feel free. Notice however, I didn’t include common, obvious mistakes like “don’t overheat your meth”, because there is already mountains of information in threads that discuss common mistakes like these to the teeth. These are mistakes that one (especially newer users) might not have considered before.

Well, hope you’re all having a good long weekend. You’re all such talented, and impressif little creaturez xP
Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… :\ I’d do just about anything actually so that advice isn’t going to help anyone very much…

Don’t do anything a responsible person would do!


“It’s not only for you, my popularity has successfully risen.”

» everybody’s favourite tsundere idol Acchan

Just a friendly reminder, please do not get angry, aggressive, or confrontational with anyone who doesn’t use my preferred pronouns.

I’ve stated it many times that I’m not one to get offended if someone still uses “He/Him” to refer to me.

Yes, I do go by “She/Her”, but if I’m not angry about someone not using those, you shouldn’t be either.

And of course, when in doubt, just say “Kdin”, it’s more personal that way anyways!

“There are no exceptions.”

I was impressed by the way that Yeonhwa blocked So’s path in episode 13, and it made me curious as to how their marriage may turn out–So is rarely the one to give up once he has made up his mind, and Yeonhwa is the same. How would they compromise? (I was skimming through an article on Naver today, discussing how Gwangjong/Wang So would later make the law to free the slaves, and how Queen Daemok/Yeonhwa was against it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went head-to-head in their marriage; they will political partners, no doubt, but the way they approach and see the world are different).

While So turned back to the palace because it was the logical thing to do, I also would like to argue that Yeonhwa’s force was something that So noticed–and respected. Enough that he turned away. Had it been any of the princes or anyone else, I feel that So may have tried to push his way through, anyways.

Which brings me to my next point: Women in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo are not to be taken lightly. Countless times, many people in the fandom have commented that the women are the ones who are the active ones, the ones who are actually making things (Yeonhwa; Queen Yoo; Court Lady Oh) happen while the men are very passive, and are unable to make true change (Wang Wook; Taejo; Crown Prince Mu). It’s an interesting dynamic at play. 

Yeonhwa: There are no exceptions. Go back. 

And then I was also impressed by the way Hae Soo blocked So’s path this week. Of course, So is more willing to listen Soo than anyone else–but this was a critical situation where Jung was breaking the curfew, and thus, needed to be caught. But Soo stops him dead in his tracks. 

And she echoes the same words as Yeonhwa, and she takes it to another level she’s willing to slit her own throat if it means to stop So. Like, goddamn. And it isn’t just about Jung here; Hae Soo is also directing her own anger at So in a way that only he will understand. 

Soo: There are no exceptions for anyone. 

These are two powerful scenes, and I find it interesting that So shares it with two of the women who are and will be prominent in his life. So bends to the will of these women–again, they are not to be taken lightly–and it puts an interesting twist on the power dynamics of the time. While So technically is in a higher position and thus holds the more power, he’s the one who has to back down. He respects their power. 

sometimes I feel really bitter about the fact I don’t have anyone to date yet and I worry nobody will love me but then I remember I’m only a teenager and I really have more time than I act like I do

Major throwback to last year in the days leading up to O levels. Anyways to all of yall facing Os in less than a month, GOOD LUCK! I’d like to share what I’ve learnt from my O level experience, some last minute tips/reminders (I am very much a nag orz)

It’s about 2-3 weeks to the exam, so…

general rule: CLARIFY ALL CONCEPTUAL DOUBTS NOW. Ask friends, ask teachers, ask anyone! (I’m here too!)

STOP WRITING LENGTHY NOTES. (Unless you’re at your last chapter or so) You should use the time instead to do your TYS, or some alternatives to quickly finish going over content:

  • Write your notes on your textbook (What I did for SS), use highlighters and whatnot
  • Make flashcards for the most important info, it could be something you’d like to refer to while waiting to enter the exam hall* for sense of security or sth (*DO NOT CRAM NOR DO/DISCUSS STUFF. IT WILL MAKE YOU PANIC AND YOU WON’T WANT THAT)
  • Spontaneous mindmapping. Read and understand the topic/highlight/whatever works for you, then grab blank sheets of paper. Write the topic title in the middle and branch out whatever you can recall (good for Geog, good for Science), do it quickly without referring to anything, don’t worry about messiness and all. Afterwords grab another colour ink and your textbook and fill in what you’ve missed out and correct any errors
  • Topical TYS

Do your TYS. DO IT. I did not get As for the subjects I did only one TYS paper for. If you really don’t think you can finish all 10 years make sure you’ve done at least the past 4-5 years, IF YOUR SYLLABUS IS NEW BE CAREFUL

Go over your old papers/assignments. List down the issues, find where your marks get lost, take note of it!

Take about 10 minutes to take note of the secondary schools you’ll pass by on your way to school. In the event of emergencies (train breakdown, etc.) if you really cannot make it to your school in time for your paper you should be able to take it at the nearest school.

Weight your commitment to certain subjects if you have to (eg. if you have 3 sciences and don’t feel confident about one, focus more on the others or sth). Ultimately you cannot use all your subjects for L1R5 / L1R4 etc.

Some subject specific tips/reminders:

  • English - Perfect your editing. That 10 marks is really important. Expose yourself to the different types of situational writing (letter? brochure? speech?) literally pretend you are making that speech, writing to your aunt etc. BE GENUINE.
  • A/E Math - Practice a little everyday, try a couple of challenging sums but otherwise being extremely clear about the “standard” questions (especially for A math) is fairly substantial
  • Sciences - You gotta do your MCQ TYS, a lot of questions in the MCQ paper are repeated/very similar. Keywords are extremely important in your paper 2 answers. Bio: Many terms to spell!
  • Social Studies - Essay: You will be told not to spot. But remember that if you are really desperate you can forgo one chapter. At the end of the day it is how well you explain with your solid examples for that one set of questions you choose. SBQ: Practice! Expose yourself to decontextualised (non textbook case studies) SBQs, different types of questions (especially those evaluative stuff like “Are you surprised by this source?” etc.)
  • Geography - Try the questions in your textbook (All About Geography) as they are nicely arranged in topics for you. Practice drawing diagrams (formations of whatever, plate movement etc.) and remember they need to have titles, legends etc. Also, memorise specific examples (with stats, dates, facts and figures and all) for your 8 mark questions, you could try practicing how to integrate these examples into different explanations for different but similar questions
  • Literature - Pretend to be a fangirl about your set text if you aren’t. REMEMBER QUOTES. Essays and PBQ are marked similarly (How well you explain things/organise your thoughts, how well you use your quotes etc.) so choose wisely. Prose VS Poem: Every word in the poem is there for a reason, you gotta follow the progression of stuff in the prose. Sometimes it’s not the difficulty of understanding either, but the difficulty of the questions.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH (Physical, emotional, spiritual) please drink lots of water and think positive. Don’t overwork yourself. Encourage each other alright! You can do it. Believe in yourself and your 10 years of compulsory schooling. GO ACE THE PAPERS!!!

anonymous asked:

as a christian, what do you think of all the witchy aesthetics and actual witchcraft that many mori girls partake in? i love the aesthetics of it all but get uncomfortable with actual spells and stuff and i was wondering your opinion on it. i really love the pictures but sometimes i wonder if it's bad for me to be enjoying these things, if it's sinful.

(This anons question requires me to speak only to believers in Jesus Christ, so if that isn’t you than this post has nothing to do with your personal walk of life. But for those who are believers, I will try my best to speak God’s will, and I pray that is received how I intended it.)

First off, let me say that being someone who dresses in mori kei or enjoys aspects of the ‘mori lifestyle’ does not equal to being a practitioner of witchcraft, paganism, wicca, etc. I doubt that anyone actually thinks that, but I thought I’d state it anyways ;) Although mori does fit well into many different aesthetics and ideologies, and although some aspects of mori aesthetic and witchy aesthetic do overlap, they are not one in the same. Just thought I’d get that out there.

Next, I should also say that while I myself stay away from witchcraft and the witch aesthetic because of my beliefs, I respect that our ‘community’ (if you will) of mori folk is composed of many different and diverse viewpoints and walks of life. So while I tend to stay away from these specific aspects of some mori folks lives, I respect their right to believe and act the way they wish. That’s the beauty of free will! We all have a choice as to what we will and will not do, and what we will and will not believe. I am beyond grateful that we have a God who designed us with free will, and did not leave us to be mindless robots! 

All that being said, it’s hard for me to say where your specific boundaries should be when it comes to witchcraft, anon. The only thing that I can say for certain is that I personally think the bible gives us a pretty clear answer to the question if we as believers can be involved in the practice of witchcraft, and it only takes a quick google search for scriptures relate to witchcraft to figure that out for yourself. So if you are questioning this, I’d recommend doing the research yourself to see what His word says. I think it’s better for you to question and discover yourself, than it would be for me to spout my personal convictions at you. (If you’d really like to know where I stand and why, send me a non-anon message and I’d be happy to talk to you about it in private, but I still think it’s best for you to discover what His word has to say for yourself ^^) 

However, when it comes to boundaries, everyone is going to have a different answer. There are some god-fearing individuals I know who would say it is never okay to glance at things that are even remotely related to witchcraft, and others that would say it’s perfectly fine to look at it as long as you are not actually participating in it yourself. And that’s just two possible answers out of hundreds. There really is no one right answer or way to deal with it, in my opinion. So what I would suggest is that you take it to God, and see where He leads you. I know it is the typical answer, but I honestly believe it is the best one. I am a firm supporter in the idea that if you ask God to reveal His will to you, He will. Pray to Him, see what His word has to say about the issue, talk to different Godly people that you know and trust and see what they have to say about it, and listen for the conviction and/or guidance of the Holy Spirit. I guarantee you’ll receive an answer if you look!

(Also, a bit of a sidenote, but it’s important to remember when creating boundaries that it isn’t about how far we can toe the line before God gets mad at us, but rather what is the best thing we could possibly do to please God out of our love for Him and His love for us. Don’t place your boundaries out of fear, but rather out of love.)

I hope my answer could help you somewhat, and I hope you spend some time exploring where you stand on this issue. I will be praying that God reveals His good and perfect will to you when you ask, and that whatever conclusion you come too will be one that God has blessed. I have no doubt that God will show you how to deal with this issue if you ask Him. Blessings and Peace anon! :)

Beta Reader?

Sooo with all the excitement about the boueibu OVA I guess it’s time to get off my lazy ass and finish my rewatch of the series and finally start on that monster fic I want to write which would essentially be s3 wish fulfillment. I had an idea that I wanted to finish it before an actual s3 or something started but I highly doubt I could pump out a work to the scale I want before the OVA comes out so it’ll probably be alternate canon…

But Anyway! I wanted to ask the fandom if anyone would be interested in beta reading/brainstorming/giving me fucking deadlines because if left to my own devices I am a lazy ass and I never finish everything. I don’t want to do that with this project- because ever since I saw the thread surrounding @magiccatprincess “Boys turn into monsters for s3” idea I have been obsessed with writing a fic with that concept as a gift to the fandom.

I want to get in depth with character interactions. I want to develop some lore. I want to take our silly little show and give it my twist on more mature themes because I love this fandom so much and I think we all deserve something like this. I figure no better time while we’re all freaking out about the OVA and whether or not we’re even getting a s3- I’d love to make this a collaborative effort. If anyone’s willing.

So hit up my inbox/messages if you want to squeal about fic with me because I need all the help I can get to actually get started


so for awhile now I’ve had this otgw au in my head but i never got around to doing anything with it, so I’ll do my best to explain it.

it’s explained that basically if you give up hope in the unknown, you’ll be turned into an edelwood tree to be used for oil for the beasts’s lantern, but as we saw both with wirt and greg on the show that the process isnt immediate and actually takes quite awhile. so if thats the case, what would happen if wirt had taken just a little while longer when he fell asleep and parts of his body actually started to become wood? i feel like normally at this stage, there would be no hope for the lost soul, but in this scenario beatrice would have come and knocked wirt out of it before he had been lost completely. past this point the story would remain more or less the same (save for some trouble walking for wirt) until greg and wirt escaped the unknown.

since its implied that the beast takes your soul when you become an edelwood tree, if you were only partly turned, the “soul” from that part of your body would be taken, essentially killing that part of the body. so, following their escape from the unknown, the base of wirts leg and most of his arm, which had become wood, were amputated due to what the doctors assumed was complications due to hypothermia or something along those lines, although in actuality those parts of him had been taken by the unknown. it would also leave some curious scars on his cheek from where some branches had tried to take hold.

and thats more or less the basics, but if the story were to continue it would probably result in sara volunteering to guide wirt around school until he manages to either get prosthetics or find a wheelchair that works with only one arm. they’d become much better friends during this time.

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Honestly its time to admit harry keeps connected to the ppl who are doing this shit to louis lol i mean after the whole savan thing we cant deny thats the person he is, huh? #picksomeonesupportive cant say harry didnt follow his own advice though. Louis following this p*ers m*rgan and jodie marsh lady has me :( bc it means hes keeping up with whats being said and... Well. Anyways he could unfollow those who didnt step up for him since hes online anyways :) unfortunately hes too forgiving.

see, i could easily give h the benefit of the doubt and say ‘oh, maybe he didn’t know savan’s opinions on louis’ or ‘well, he did do that interview after they co-wrote on happily and maybe harry’s dropped him since then,’ but well, this isn’t the first time is it? nick grimshaw for starters. i’m just keeping my eye out…………… because after what happened recently, i’m Not Fucking Here for anyone less than 200% supportive of louis.