i doubt anyone loves this man more than i do


request: yes

plot/request:  Could I have an imagine where Jason’s s/o is almost like best friends with Damian and they hang out together and Jason doesn’t know this and he gets a little jealous? Thank you!


For a song imagine if its OK could you do one based on Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez please? Maybe with Damian feeling like he has to be perfect so Bruce will accept him? If not it’s OK thank you for all your writings each one is sooo good!

word count: 979


warning(s): jealousy, not feeling good enough

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Does anyone else just wake up with thoughts of Victor?

Like that poor sweet man who just wanted to love our Yuuri and didn’t understand and we all doubted him at times right up until the banquet reveal and now we know he’s just a poor precious baby who is devoted to Yuuri

I have seen meta saying he loves Yuuri more than Yuuri loves him but I don’t think that’s true. Yuuri loves Victor very deeply. He got there slower but he is devoted enough that he was prepared to give up his future career for Victor however misguided that was. He thought he was doing that FOR VICTOR he skated a world record breaking routine to show Victor how much he loves him and how devoted he is to that love (notice Victor may still have been unsure about Yuuri’s skating career but he was sure of Yuuri’s feeling after that skate)

He moved to Russia for Victor.

Yuuri’s anxiety gets in the way of him expressing his love effectively but he really really loves Victor guys. Like so much.

Anyway I still think about YOI too much

Reblog if you're a girl and you love professional wrestling.

Here’s a fun game. It seems like every time I glance at a wrestling blog and scroll a few times to see if I want to follow them, I either see the person who runs the blog say, or they’re reblogging someone else saying that girls don’t actually like pro wrestling.

Like, what does it mean to actually like pro wrestling? If a girl watches Raw and SmackDown, goes to shows (WWE, TNA, ROH, indie, etc.), posts on the internet about it, wears wrestling merchandise, but finds Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns or whoever else to be attractive, they don’t actually like wrestling? I mean, I find Paige, A.J., Alicia Fox, and several other Divas to be attractive, but I doubt anyone would argue that I actually like wrestling. That’s what it means to be a dude, other dudes just say, “yeah, man, you probably do like wrestling”. Meanwhile, I know a lot of girls who love pro wrestling, a lot of them even more than the guys I know, which is why I’m asking everyone to reblog this and spread some awareness:

Girls actually like pro wrestling. They love it. It’s awesome, and they’re going to love it because it’s fucking cool.

Dancing Daydreams

Part 2 of Dance with Me (x)

could you do a oneshot of george and the reader, where y/n is cleaning or just doing something in the house listening to old romantic music ex. La vie en rose, daydreaming and singing to herself

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

Here’s the link to the song!! (x)

Masterlists Here (x) (x)

Later that evening, you were still thinking about the earlier events of the day. You couldn’t get dancing out of your head no matter what you distracted yourself with. If you closed your eyes you could still smell his collogue that engulfed you earlier. After sitting for an hour trying and failing to write a paper for History of Magic  you decided the evening was a loss. Maybe if I could get a song stuck in my head I can drive the dancing out you thought to yourself as you placed one of your records on your record player. As the song La Vie en Rose began to play, you started spinning about the room closing your eyes.

No longer were you in your frumpy uniform. You wore your light blue gown that hugged your upper body while the skirt flared out in delicate waves that reached for the shore of the ground. In front of you stood a handsome ginger; there was no doubt in your mind that it was George. Your mind liked to play tricks on you, but this time you would allow it.

“It is a pleasure to be making your acquaintance sir,” you curtsied while he bowed.

“Believe me madam the pleasure is all mine. May I have this dance?” he asked offering you a hand. When you took it and he led you out onto the dance floor, you couldn’t hold back your squeal of delight. “You look ravishing Love. Tell me how did I get a girl like you to say yes to a man such as myself?”

“Oh you are selling yourself short,” you replied. “You are no doubt the most charming man in Scotland. I on the other hand…” The man who looked identical to George stopped dancing at once and met your eyes with his chocolate ones.

“Love, you are by far the most beautiful girl I have seen in this school. I want to do nothing more than to make you laugh, gosh how I love your laugh,” the man began. “Any guy would be lucky to take you to the yule ball this Friday, but I’m hoping you’ll go with me.” Your daydreams never became this emotional, usually anyone you dreamed of wouldn’t say much if anything at all. Not to mention his signature  scent was far too accurate. This was all too real.

You opened your eyes to see George holding you as he had earlier, his hand pressed tightly against the small of your back. His close proximity to you allowed his cologne to once again tease your nose with its alluring scent. You were also able to get another look at his beautiful eyes. Once again you were amazed with the color; his eyes were the sun shinning through the leaves on a cool autumn day. He was looking handsome as always whereas your cheeks were red with embarrassment. You panicked and hoped George hadn’t seen the entirety of your day dream.

“Hey welcome back to reality Y/N,” George smiled. You looked away; you couldn’t face him after your most embarrassing moment.

“H-hi George,” you gulped. “How long were you standing here?”

“I wasn’t really standing actually. I was dancing with you,” he answered calmly. “It’s surprising how good a dancer you are with your eyes closed Y/N. I’m impressed.”

“I wasn’t really intending it to be a public show, but thank you” you mumbled. You were confused as to why George was still holding onto you. In fact, it felt like he was drawing you closer.

“Y/N you haven’t answered my question . Will you go to the ball with me?”  George inquired. “I was serious about what I said Y/N.  There’s no other girl I’d want to take with me.”  You could feel your body growing warmer the longer his hand lingered on your back and the longer his eyes looked adoringly at yours.

“I’d love to go with you,” you answered a nervous smile forming on your lips.  George grinned back at you.

“Excellent. Now if you don’t mind I believe I owe you a dance for cutting your daydream short and you owe me a dance for cutting my dance short,” George insisted as he left you to flip the record. You couldn’t help but pout when his arm left your back. How was it that you were already so desperate for his touch when the two of you weren’t even together?

“But George the bell cut us off in class. Doesn’t that mean we finished the dance?” you inquired as he returned back to where you stood. At first George didn’t say anything allowing the two of you to  settle into the beat of the music. After a few moments his lips were against your ear again,

“Oh love, the bell did not stop your rapid heart beat. It didn’t subdue the goosebumps where my hands touched yours. Your breaths didn’t even. Nothing ended with the bell. It only just begun.”