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After the discourse yesterday, I realized that for every person calling me an apologist or a shitlord or an idiot, or for every person who told me or anyone who supported me that they should die, there were 30 people telling me that i was in the right and that they were overreacting and really reaching for something that wasnt there.

additionally, i lost a good chunk of followers yesterday, but as of right now ive gained all of them back, with an addition of 100+ more

so i want everyone to know that i learned nothing and everyone who said i was a bad person after my apology, or put more than an hour into thought into what went down, your efforts were in vain and if anything i am a worse, more bitter person because of it

thank u

All I have to say right now

I hope that SM and Only13s are happy

Henry is the purest thing ever and since before Super Junior M even debuted the boy’s been hated on for no fucking reason. He didn’t take ANYONE’s place in Super Junior, he earned it himself, as did Zhou Mi, and everyone who is or was in Super Junior. The members always say that SJM members = SJ members, and most fans say the same thing. I’m beyond pissed off right now to the point of me actually crying because of what Henry posted.

I’m scared. I don’t want Henry to suddenly leave. I doubt it, but you can never be too sure. The boys love Henry and Henry loves them, but there is so much we don’t know, and Henry crying for help now means he’s hit his limit of enduring whatever he’s been going through. Now’s the time for us all, as his fans, to show him undying and unconditional love and support. Even if you’re not an ELF, please show support towards Henry because he is struggling a lot from what we’ve just seen.


credence made the first move


why not?¯\_ ゚ᴥ ゚_/¯

ps: this is my first animation and i really doubted that itll be good so….please give me your opinion if ya can k ?ᕦ(´• ∀ •`)ᕥ

pps: can anyone do an after math of this?

i have a death appointment right now

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The way this article about the Kara/Mon-El kiss scene frustrates me. They make it sound like Kara went up and kissed him and that by doing so, she was saving him. Like NO, that is not what happened. HE KISSED HER… maybe I’m a bit biased for the fact that I love the idea of Supercorp but I’m not blind. If there’s anyone on this show right now that would best work with Kara, it’s Lena. There interactions and connection runs deep and so beautifully. If they don’t end up together then I’ll accept it, but there’s no doubt that there isn’t at least a deep and really strong friendship that can and is transporting between them. Lena told her she’s her only friend in National City. She has no one but Kara and Supergirl that actually show her that they believe in the good of her. On the other hand, Mon-El and Kara are friends. Obviously he likes her more than just friends, but Kara acts like a friend around him/mentor of a sort. Mon-El kissed Kara and at least in my interpretation, if Kara really wanted it to transpire more, she would have been more adamant to discuss the kiss rather than take his “I don’t remember kissing you” act as her escape to not have to deal with Mon-El having feelings for her. If Mon-El and Kara get together, I’m not going to lash out and be rude and disrespect anyone who ships them together. I will not bash the ship that way, but I personally if Kara really does like Mon-El as more than friends, then they need to build more on Kara’s side of affection and interest towards him. I think in the future, writers on articles on shows need to be a little more careful on how they explain a scene instead of making it sound like something else entirely. If anyone disagrees with my views on what was said in the article or my monologue because of it, I’m all ears and eyes to what you have to say about it.

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Okay. OkAy.

Peacock is supposedly a bad guy.

It is very obvious that this is a woman. She carries a resemblance to either-

Nathalie Sancoeur.


Adrien’s Mother.

Now, there could possibly be an entirely new character introduced. And obviously, this person does not currently have the miraculous. Because-

It’s in his safe.

So you see this thing right here? 

It could be possible, that he is serving his wife. Or potentially trying to save her from someone. 

Master Fu mentioned making a mistake with one miraculous, and the other was lost. 

The peacock might have been the mistake?

If the peacock is not currently in the hands of anyone, and since Nathalie is already there, I doubt it’s her. She would have gotten her hands on it by now, and would be bossing Hawkmoth around.

I think he gives it back to someone.

He gives it back to his wife.

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and then, there’s poor Adrien in the background.

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Do you think Jimine is dating that girl from RV?

If you want my honest answer: No.
Not just because I ship Jikook, but because the boys are SO busy right now, I highly doubt they have time for dating. Bighit has even said that they haven’t dated anyone, even though they could, because they work so hard. And between the comeback, the wings tour, and everything else…. dating someone is just very unlikely.
This is no hate towards Seulgi, in fact I love her and RV. I just don’t think it’s logical for an idol who has no time to sleep to date someone (yes im saying jikook is probably not real, too).


Eyyooo so my friends asked me to do ship reactions which I doubt anyone will read but I thought, why ever not? So as per the title I’m going to do KuroKen reaction…okay here goeesss.

Okay so, deep down I have this really great love for KuroKen. I don’t know why but I guess it’s because of their deep-rooted friendship, you know? (kinda like IwaOi but I’ll probs get to that later). So okay, I rlly love KuroKen because of the fact that they kind of depend on themselves and their closeness in the anime/manga really speak to me. 

I kind of think that Kuroo is the person who tends to give Kenma the support he needs especially during times when he feels anxious or feels worthless because it was implied in the anime/manga that Kenma had anxiety tendencies and it could be seen how Kuroo may or may not have brought him out of his shell since childhood. He did it, not too forceful to make him feel uncomfortable but just enough to give that slight push that he needs. He mentions Kenma a lot and spends much time with him too which is a plus for the canon-ness of this ship.

Kenma on the other hand is sort of the one who gives Kuroo strength? I don’t know. He seems like a person who cares a lot about Kuroo but does it in a very discreet and nonchalant way. The ‘Kuro’ nickname is a great example of how huge his fondness of Kuroo is. We all know that names are things in Japan and nicknames are almost equally so, except like ‘dadchi, sugamoma, pudding-head and so on’ srsly our fandom’s getting out of hand.

 I’m straying from the point here sorry, as I said earlier, they’re (Kuroo and Kenma) together almost all the time and they keep mentioning each other during times when they’re not. And again, they’ve always depended on each other ever since they were children up until now. 

Damn this sounds more like a brotp in my description but I think it’d be nice if their ship were to lean more to the intimate and beyond friendship type of relationship because come on they’re super cute nekos and two cute nekos together are better than one 

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imo you're right. people are entitled to their political opinions, and there's some very brilliant people who have shitty opinions and so what? they're still great artists or musicians or whatever. plus, at least mark's honest, and it takes guts in this industry. like, j2 know very well half their audience probably voted for trump and the other half hates him so they just keeps quiet, which I find a bit hypocritical - especially right now.

I think people have a right to be quiet about politics just as much as they have a right to speak about it. I have no problem when J2 keeping their opinions to themselves. There’s more than enough people talking politics nowadays, and no one should be criticized if it’s just not something they want to get into. I have no doubt they hate the cheeto as much as anyone with a brain, but whatever their reasons for not talking politics, I’m cool with that choice.

Hiatus/possible deactivation Notice

Yeah, I’m probably going to not use this blog anymore honestly. I’m tempted to completely delete this blog and most of my others but I think that’d be pushing it. I have muse for Oswald and Minnie but I can’t write anymore, not the way I used to, and I just don’t feel like anyone cares much for my blogs and I’m not a favorite blog to anyone so what’s the point?

I’m going through a rough patch right now, mentally, I have been for years. Some times are just harder than others; it’s been going on for ten years so I’m used to it. But when it gets worse it affects my ability to do anything. I doubt myself and my writing and my ability to grab anyone’s attention anymore, not in the way others can. There’s a lot of people better than me and I just don’t have the energy to try anymore. Maybe one day but I doubt it.

I do have a blog in mind I might do in hopes of starting over elsewhere with new people in that fandom, even if said fandom kinda scares me a little, but also because that’s where my muse is right now. Some people know who it is already, so I won’t bother going into it. If I do get a blog up I’ll reblog the promos here and on Minnie so you guys know where to find me.

If anyone wants to stay in touch, you can find me at my personal, @escapefromplanetwasteland

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Charging for the icons seems a bit much

Hello there! I feel like there is a bit of a stipulation on services.

It’s very true that anyone could make these (another anon I got), and I have no doubt that others may be able to make them better (and another!)! However, as it is, these are time consuming and those who buy something from me are doing so because they either 1.) can’t make it themselves, 2.) want to help support me, or 3.) like/enjoy what I create! I, personally, feel like my time is worth something and I view it just as an artist or a writer charging for their time. The way I have it set right now, I charge ~5$/hour (if that), which is less than minimum wage.

I’m disabled, I am unable to work, and any income I do get goes to bills and providing for my daughter. I have few luxuries (FFXIV♥) but if I can make a little extra, whether to go to emergencies, those luxuries, or just to set aside? You bet I’m going to try to do that! I’m not forcing anyone to buy from me. I’m not pandering for handouts, either. I want to work for whatever I’m given, so I’m definitely going to do that in whatever way that I am able! ^w^

A/N: So I’m going to make this for NCT 127 but if yall want the other members too, you can request the when the box is open P.S. I’m SO sorry that we’re taking so long, all of our schedules are busy right now!


Would cry, probably not in front of you but if you saw him later in the day it’d be very clear that he is or was crying. his poor heart would be broken but he’d try to understand you side, maybe becoming a little more quiet around you.

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I think would no doubt be the most emotional. he just doesn’t confess to anyone and if he does he’d have a whole book on why he thinks you feel the same. When you reject him he’d start seeing the flaws in his plan, probably feeling stupid wishing he would’ve had someone stop him. Of course, He’d try to not cry in front of you but if you turned out to be really rude about it (how dare you) he might just slip a few tears before breaking down and walking away crying.

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Would become cold towards you for a while. He’d go into a shell when ever you were around and he’d probably avoid you at all costs for about a week or so. After that he’d try to get over it, realizing he was being kind of dramatic and slowly hang out with you more.

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Would probably try to play it off cool. make no mistake though, he’s dying inside and would make an excuse to leave soon after.  He’d respect you decision though and try to still be friends with you, not wanting to lose you for good.

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Would become VERY awkward. He’d take a moment to process what you just said, his hopes crumbling around him as the words replayed over in his head. He wouldn’t be good at his hiding his emotions so be prepared for his eyes to be a little glassy as he chokes out a goodbye before he leaves.

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Would be surprised. I think he’d kind of be like Taeyong, guarding his heart until he was almost positive you felt the same way. After you said no he’d be awkward and apologize. He’d probably cry alone until someone else finds him.  He’d be frustrated with himself overall, wishing he could go back and not confess.

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Would be surprised as well. He’d start thinking of all the times you had flirted with each other and if you had liked someone else. he’d do this all while standing in front of you with his mouth open. After, he’d be in a funk for a while, not really seeing a point in anything, throwing a few fits because he was just generally confessed and frustrated.

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~Admin Aussie

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Wth, you're studying law! Why is anyone doubting your ability to think critically and analyse things 😂

My next blog is going to be me posting my case briefs.

I’m in a class on capital punishment right now, so they’re not even as boring as the ones from my Contracts class from 1L year.  Or, god forbid, marital property.  No one wants to read about people fighting over retirement funds while they’re divorcing.  And my con law case briefs are like really long b/c my professor was insane and made us memorize the cases.  (She liked me, though, so she called on me for abortion cases and let me spout my opinions, knowing they’d bug the conservatives in the class.)

Also, true story, I swear I got a good grade in Business Organizations because I actually referenced Hamilton a lot in my policy essay (see? my interests bleed!).

And, like, in general, you have no idea how many times I have to read “Alexander Hamilton in The Federalist Papers said” every day.

Taking a break

I’ve not been enjoying being on here for a while now and I’m thinking of maybe deleting my blog soon. There’s shit going on in my life right now and I keep seeing shit on here that just makes it worse so I don’t know if I want to keep my blog anymore. There’s literally one reason why I don’t want to delete it so I’m just going stay off here for a while, while I decide whether to delete it or not. I doubt anyone would notice but I thought I should say it anyway.

( Physical health isn’t so good and that’s making mental health really not so good, so I doubt my activity is going to improve much for the next week or so. I know the last thing anyone needs is more excuses/ooc complaining, but I still feel like you lovely people deserve a reason for the long wait between replies. I love you all and I love my muse but I just don’t have the energy for drafts right now. I might be around lurking though so feel free to send me messages or whatnot. Sorry again, I know I’m the worst. :( ) 

i doubt anyone cares but i’m sharing the fact that i’m really upset right now because i finally got some inspiration and i was writing something i really liked but then something went wrong and it,,, didn’t,, save,, like the first few paragraphs did, but that’s it. with how far i made it, i probably only had like four more paragraphs left and now it’s all gone. and so my motivation just got stomped all over and now idk if i’m even gonna be able to rewrite lol

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time travel AU. Either seeing other versions of Ladybug and Chat or meeting there older selves!

Ladybug had never felt quite so tiny in her entire life, and she’d grown up with Tom Dupain as her father.

Of course, Tom Dupain was an Adult, and was expected to be both very tall and very large; Chat, however, to the best of Ladybug’s knowledge, was around her age, and was expected to be neither tall nor large.

To find that, twenty years down the road, he would be both tall and large was a rather unpleasant shock.

He must’ve sensed her glare, because he grinned down at her. “Everything alright, mini ‘bug?”

She was going to kick his condescending ass.

“Don’t call me that,” she whined, hating the way it made her sound about five years old in comparison.

(It wasn’t at all the reaction she’d come to expect from Chat (that reaction included more lingering gazes and lovesick grins), and it was throwing her off. It was probably a good thing that those weren’t his reactions, seeing as she was fifteen and he was over twice her age at the moment, but still.

She missed her Chat.)

He looked like he was about to ruffle her hair.

She was going to kick his condescending ass.

Short facts:
I got fired, am on job hunt atm and Auto Assembly is ahead so I want to save up some GBP for that! Sunday I will go on vacation for a week and afterwards I open general commissions!

What I’m offering right now:
You tell me a TF character and continuity and I paint a merformer design of them, full body with very simple background. (Sorry not doing OC’s and am NOT selling the desgin as ‘adoptable’ to you, but I send you the full resolution of the picture for your personal use C:)

I’ll ask 40£ via Paypal that’s roughly 60$

Write me a fanmail with your email adress or alternatively an ask and I send you mine, so we can stay in contact properly!

[For now all slots are taken]



I seriously doubt anyone here remembers me anymore but anyways, I wanted to stop by BECAUSE I MISS THE SIMBLR COMMUNITY. 


So many of you reached out that this is totally happening!!:D If you would want me to draw your sim, here’s the post explaining how it’s gonna work!!:)

To be honest my interest for playing sims is at below 0 right now thanks to the poor decisions (in my opinion) that EA has made regarding the games.


So long story short my life has become all about art as I aspire to be a character designer, and today I had the idea that I COULD DRAW YOUR SIMSSSS! That is, if anyone wants me to of course lmao. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in it? I could use some practice with characters and I think it would be such a fun way to come back to the simblr community! Above are some examples of my sketches.


In turn, if no one wants me to draw their simmies I’ll just go back to practice drawing hands causethat’ssofunomg
Anyways YUS, let me know guys! It could be super duper cool!