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Summary: Bucky and Steve will never let you know that they’re the heads of your booty’s fanclub.

Authors note: It was so hard to find old timey slang for butt. Like we have so many words now I was surprised lmao.

Warnings: None, Bucky and Steve appreciating that cake

  Your jeans only make it halfway up your thighs before they refuse to budge. You groan.

‘And this was my favorite pair too’

You sigh, before peeling off the jeans and rooting around in your dresser for something that you can wear. You never were the skinniest person, especially when it came to your hips and thighs. But then again you never were exactly bootylicious either. So when you became a SHEILD agent you thought your body would kinda slim down into a  svelte mass of lean, toned muscle like the other female agents.

 Boy were you wrong. 

You gained muscle, and a lot of it too. Every single inch of you had at least some definition and your thighs had bulked up considerably. As for your butt….You sneak a peek at it in the mirror ‘I swear it gets bigger every day’ . Since you had joined the Avengers last year and your training had gotten even more intense you swear your booty had doubled in size. Your body was very… in your face nowadays. Wanda kindly described you as ‘shapely’. You pull out a pair of denim shorts that have some slight stretch to them.

You look at yourself in the mirror sighing. ‘ If I get anymore shapely I’m gonna have to buy an entire new wardrobe.’ 

“Pal, why is ya oatmeal always so…” Steve makes a face “…Soggy?”

Bucky and Steve are sitting eating breakfast, at a table that’s situated slightly back and across from the kitchen, next to an open door. Bucky snorts.

“It’s oatmeal Steve, it’s supposed to be soggy.” Steve rolls his eyes but takes another bite of his oatmeal, making a mental note to make breakfast himself the next morning.

Bucky lets out a soft, low whistle. Steve turns his his head, slowly. He knows what that whistle means. He watches as you enter from the other side of the room, cross the kitchen and start rifling in the cabinets. Or rather he watches your ass cross the kitchen and start rifling in the cupboards. You Steve, and Bucky were pretty good friends. You had surprisingly befriended Bucky first, and then Steve. Bucky had been making a good recovery, but was still kind of shy, except around Steve and Sam, and then you. Your sense of humor and openness kind of disarmed him. The three of you would always hang out, watch movies, and talk about anything and everything. But the one thing that Bucky and Steve would never mention is that they both agreed that you by far had the best body they had ever seen. And they were low-key its fan club. The super soldier’s eyes track you as you gather your cup of tea and cheese danish in one hand and exit the room.

“Now ain’t that a beautiful sight to see in the morning?” Bucky says, smirking and sipping his coffee. 

“Yes,” Steve smirks back “As I always say,the lady is truly blessed.”

“Amen.” Bucky says raising his coffee mug. “I mean have you ever seen such beautiful gams on a dame?”

“No,”  Steve pushes back his bowl of soggy oatmeal and crosses his arms over his chest. A devious grin forms on his face. “But that’s not the only thing that’s beautiful.”

Bucky’s grin widens to epic shit eating proportions. “True, Y/N’s a bit broad in the beam, ain’t she?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

 Your voice coming from behind them nearly stops both super soldier’s hearts. They turn, mouths slack, to find you standing in the doorway behind their table, tea and cheese danish in one hand, the other perched on your hip.

“Ah-um-I-um” Steve splutters, unable to form words. Bucky, on the other hand, decides distraction is the best course of action.

“Y/N! Sugar, sweetheart, you look lovely today. How’s that cheese danish? I heard the weather’s going to be nice , maybe we should go to the park?” He exclaims, red slowly creeping up his neck until his whole face is scarlet. You silently look from Steve to Bucky. ‘Well if they’re not gonna spill, Google will’

You pull out your phone and look at it. “Well looks like I have somewhere to be so I’ll see you boys later.”

You turn, hearing twin goodbye’s being called out after you, with at least one voice cracking in the middle.

You retreat back your room and fire up your laptop. Bucky and Steve were always using obscure old timey slang that no one understood. ‘they better haven’t been throwing shade…’ you shake your head. It seemed like they were talking about something physical about you, and not in a bad way. You feel warm and kind of insecure at the same time. You couldn’t deny that the two super soldiers were very attractive.

You open google and type “gams meaning” into the search engine.




plural noun: gams

  1. a leg, especially in reference to the shapeliness of a woman’s leg.

A giggle escapes your mouth. ‘oh my’ you think.

You type the next phrase into Google, and click on the phrase dictionary that comes up.

Broad in the beam


Having wide hips or buttocks

You stare at the screen for a moment and then  recall the overheard conversation. Your mouth falls open as you choke out a laugh ‘Oh my god’

Later that day you find Bucky,Steve and Sam sitting outside. You join them, and they all greet you, but you notice Bucky isn’t looking you in the eye and Steve’s ears are pink. Sam doesn’t seem to notice the tension and dives into a story about sweeping a girl off her feet in the local coffee shop.

“…then she gave me her number.”

“That’s great!” Steve says “You gonna take her out soon?”

“Yeah this weekend”

“That is great,” Bucky smiles “What does she look like?” he asks curiously.

“Man she had the cutest laugh, and those dimples…” Sam pauses, smiling to himself. “She had short dark hair, and was so curvy…..like damn.” Everyone chuckles a bit at this, and after the chuckles stop you pipe up.

“Curvy? Sam get with the times, you don’t call women curvy anymore, its called being broad in the beam.” You say and smirk at the two super soldiers. They promptly turn bright red, Bucky choking a little bit. Sam whips his head back and forth between the three of you.

“Am I missing something?” he asks.

 Steve clears his throat, holding out his hands imploringly.

“Y/n, sugar, listen. I can explain”

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And just while I am apparently venting about personal shit with no mental filter, one of the things that has been really getting to me over the last few weeks is everyone complimenting me on my drastic weight loss, and whenever I try to articulate how god awful sick I was to lose 20lbs in six weeks, people either laugh and say “wow maybe I’ll try that diet” or “well you look better for it” like thanks Mabel, I hope you get sick enough to lose muscle mass too.

Today was the first day when we met up with friends, and when I was asked how I lost all the weight, the person responded with “oh my god, are you okay now?” 

Like that, that right there is the appropriate response to finding out your friend was throwing up everything except water for six weeks. Not “contgrats on being skinny”.

Healthy =/= thin. I’ve got friends who weigh double my current body weight who are healthier than me and will likely outlive my chronically sick ass by several years if not decades. Like God damn, y’all, tf is wrong with people.

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Request! How would the RFA react to an MC that looks delicate innocent and all that, but then shES A TOTAL MEMESTER *dabs* AND SWEARS LIKE A SAILOR 24/7

lololol this is so me except I’m neither delicate nor innocent looking I’m just abnormally quiet but look I will swear just to put emphasis on other swear words ok

also pretend that in the chats, MC acts ‘normally’ I guess, since she wanted to make a good impression. But now that she’s gotten more comfortable with the RFA, it’s time to let loose. 

also also sorry not sorry for my cringey memeing

also also also (really sorry) I think swearing like a sailor and knowing good insults are part of the same package so…tah



  • at first, he thinks you’re an actual angel
  • you’re sweet, and pure, and so incredibly precious, you’re probably the most gent-
  • “Ay it’s my bitch- I mean boy, Yoosung!”
  • Did she…did she just call me her bitch?
  • not that he really minds though whoops 
  • This boy is s hOOK
  • When he grew up, he was the kid that thought “heck” was a terrible word
  • and now the love of his life just said the big ‘b’ word/?//???
  • MC the boy will cry actually he’s kinda scared that his mom is going to jump out from beneath a table holding a bible
  • Without realizing it, he’ll cover your mouth with his hand to ‘prevent’ you from saying any other bad words
  • then he realizes what he’s done and just sort of goes ah I hate myself
  • proceeds to curl up into a ball of solid misery
  • you: ಠ_ಠ
  • telling him memes just freaks him the fuck out because who is this person????
  • Yoosung hates surprises tbh
  • He calms down a bit once you revert to your chat room self, but this is only to lessen the blow, and you’ll gradually release your own beast all in due time
  • he’s fine with memes, not fine with swearing
  • but seriously when you guys live together he has a heart attack every time you stub your toe because you just yell profanities at the top of your lungs
  • “o h  f O R THE LOVE OF SATAN’S FIERY BALLSACK10/10 for creativity
  • your neighbors are like uhm is she ok I don’t think she’s ok
  • meanwhile Yoosung is sobbing on the floor
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Actually with Zen, it’s a little while before you openly started to swear and meme-out in front of him, since you are a bit afraid of his fans’ reactions
  • But at some point, Zen is acting with a really shitty excuse of a human being
  • This guy has some sort of god-complex (also he wears khaki pants and keeps screaming about death and ruling the world) which just makes you want him in his pretty face
  • As they wrap up a scene, he begins to complain about everything that went ‘wrong’, and proceeds to storm away after his tantrum
  • He shoves people out of the way, and Zen tugs you to the side before the shit kid can touch you
  • But you can’t keep your cool, and just-
  • “Woah excUSE me, fucking douche canoe coming through.”
  • You feel Zen’s fingers just freeze around your arm
  • Did those words really come out of your sweet little mouth? 
  • Starts to wonder how else your mouth can amaze him *wink wonk* jfc this kinky piece of shit is too much for me
  • Basically after that incident, you don’t hold back anymore
  • Although Zen doesn’t get used to it for a while after-all your words and appearance are so completely different, he secretly loves it when you swear
  • Especially when you mention body parts 
  • Specifically when you mention his body parts
  • He thinks he could handle any other surprise you throw at him
  • You prove him wrong during an RFA get-together one day, where you all go to visit Jaehee’s cafe together since she just began to sell new things I like to believe they have their happy endings no matter what route you choose see sometimes I can be optimistic
  • You buy one of the fresh baguettes, eye it for a moment, then your tongue darts out and-
  • “Babe, just what are you doing?” you hear Zen’s concerned voice
  • Everyone is looking at you
  • Meekly, you reply “I lik the bred.”
  • Seven doubles up in laughter, since he’s basically the only one who gets it this nerd
  • Zen thinks you’re ill
  • You have to explain to him that it’s from a meme, and horror dawns on his face
  • “I’m dating a female version of Seven.”
  • But it’s fine, he loves you anyways, and insists you teach him about the world of memes so he can try to understand your references
  • Though it’s like teaching the average mom how to use a computer
  • No matter how many times you explain, he just doesn’t get it


  • Ok first off lemme just say rip Baehee
  • When she sees you for the first time, she is glad to see how sweet you look; your tender smile and innocent eyes wash away her stress and fatigue
  • That is, until you promptly grab her hand and say, “Damn, I’ve really hooked myself one bitchin’ fine-ass lady.”
  • Excuse me w h a t???????
  • Jaehee is physically unable to process what you just said
  • MC is that really you?!?!?!
  • “Jumin can really be a such dickhead sometimes. I’ve always wanted to say that to you,” you continue, scratching your head.
  • good job MC you just done gone and b r o k e the bae
  • How can someone so innocent-looking have such a foul vocabulary?
  • She thought the swearing was shocking enough
  • But boy was she not prepared for the memes
  • As soon as you two spot Seven, you just proceed to dab the fuck out and narrowly miss hitting Jaehee square in the face with your hand
  • oh no, she thinks
  • Seven reaches into his pocket and pulls out a few HB chips
  • seems like Dat Boi stashed a bag in big suit
  • “Bröther may i have some öats?” you say
  • on nO, she thinks again
  • “Sorry bröther, I’ve already begun eating the öats.”
  • “I have very few öats bröther, I must procure yours.”
  • Jaehee promptly collapses from the shock and let’s just say that it takes a while for her to recover 
  • She has you limit your swearing to when you’re alone together, if at all possible
  • But she cannot hold back your occasional meme streams while working at the coffee shop


  • When Jumin first hears you swearing, a puzzled look flashes across his face, but there’s no grand reaction
  • He just accepts it as part of who you are, and thinks it’s an interesting part of ‘commoner language’
  • There’s a business meeting with some dudes whom you despise, mostly because of their lewd comments directed towards you, which Jumin merely brushes away
  • You walk up to your babe during a break
  • “That guy is an absolute fucking asshole, it’s a pity that you have to do business with such an obnoxious smelly ballsack.”
  • “Um princess he’s still here.”
  • said obnoxious smelly ballsack is fuming, starts cussing right back at you
  • You summon up all your hate for him and hiss “Cash me outside, howbow dah?”
  • Everyone in the room: ?????????
  • “MC what language was that just now?”
  • “The language of memes.”
  • *asks Seven what this language is*
  • "Can you please teach me how to speak it?”
  • Jumin’s very first meme, hear me out, is not about his gayness
  • It’s the heavy breathing cat
  • and oh my god does he spam it
  • So much that Zen just basically stops taking part in any chat that involves Jumin
  • The Memeing Ways Part 2: How to Keep a Meme Relevant by Saeyoung Choi
  • and actually, surprisingly enough, Jumin also becomes a memer
  • also becomes a meme himself


  • Apart from the mutual memeing in the chats, Seven considered you to be more of a demure, down-to-fuck earth kind of girl, and this idea was only strengthened when he saw your sweet looking face
  • As soon as you spot the tomato in the crowd at the RFA party, you dart over to his side and say
  • “Well just fucking bend me over sideways and fuck me twice there are so many people?!”
  • Seven blinks at you
  • A slow grin spreads across his face as he realizes o h he’s been deceived
  • *pretends to be shot in the chest*
  • “Hmmmmmm watcha saayyy,” you sing, slowly backing away
  • Seven is gonna die he loves you so much???? like what she’s also into memes????
  • Adores your cussing, and y’all nerds start to make up your own insults, even if they really don’t make any sense to other people
  • His personal favorites are “white crayola” and “factory edition Vanderwood″
  • You guys order your very own none pizza with left beef, but it tastes to bad
  • #firstworldproblems
  • You start making memes of each other

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For some reason, you always caught Thorin at the wrong time. Well, wrong time for him and fun time for you.

For example, you once walked into the throne room to catch him falling down the little stairs and landing in a heap with the bottom of his coat flung over his head. Another time, you had walked into the kitchen to speak to Bombur and you had witnessed him slip on a wet spot on the floor. Luckily no one had noticed, but Thorin sent you a glare that meant,“you will not utter a single word.”

Ever since then, every time you were in seeing distance of the king, he would majestically eat shit. Not literally of course and you would laugh at his pain.

You double over as he falls on his majestic bottom. You go over to help him up and he thanks you, embarrassed.

“What has gotten into you these days? Every time I see you, you fall over. Not like I don’t enjoy it, but it is getting old,” you tell him as he takes a seat on his throne.

“If I knew what was wrong I would’ve stopped it long ago,” he snaps and that makes you giggle. “You know, it’s not everyday I get to see a king fall on his ass. Oh wait, I do,” you say breaking into laughter.

He just glares at you, not understanding your humor.

“I hope you get to the BOTTOM of this soon,” you say straightening up. “Oh here we go again,” Thorin mutters and he’s cursing himself for not having anyone with him in the throne room. He had his guards, yes, but throwing you out was too much.

“You must be really bussing your ass to run the kingdom,” you say again, internally laughing at your own pun.

You had a knack for having these random spurts of punniness and all though it was quite funny in the beginning, the Company grew tired of it. It was quite sad that no one returned your puns and you grew bored of the Company easily. The only one who would make an effort was Bofur but he was not here right now and that makes you frown.

“Sorry. I forgot who I was talking to,” you apologize, bowing your head a bit making Thorin frown. He liked your puns quite a bit but he was never going to admit that.

“It’s quite alright. I suppose I’ve been tripping over nothing,” he says, watching you for a reaction. That makes you giggle and your giggle makes him smile.

“Or perhaps you’ve been falling for me,” you say with a smirk and he laughs. “Perhaps. You are an ASSet after all ,” he says and that causes you to smile. Who knew the king could be so punny?

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How about Bruce bonding with Dick when he was a kid? Nothing btter than a man bonding with his new son

“You’re quiet tonight,” Bruce says, looking over to where his eleven year old son is pushing around his dinner. Dick hums in confirmation, but doesn’t look up from his plate. Bruce raises an eyebrow. “Care to elaborate into something vaguely resembling English?”

“It’s Bat-speak,” Dick says, but the words are flat. Distant. Wrong.

“Bats don’t hum.”

Dick rolls his eyes, but he still doesn’t look at Bruce. “Not bat as in bat. Bat as in Batman.”

“I see,” Bruce says, a light frown pulling down his lips. “Bat-speak.”

“You don’t talk much with the cowl on,” Dick continues, shrugging. “Just make noises.”

Bruce surveys Dick again. Dick’s hair is limp, and there are shadows underneath his eyes, and that usual spark hidden in the blue is gone, replaced with some kind of weariness that makes Bruce’s stomach roil with some sort of guilt.

Of course, there’s no proof that this is his fault, but it’s more likely than not.

“I’m trying to scare criminals,” Bruce says, “not talk them to death. What’s wrong?”

Dick startles, finally looking up to Bruce with wide eyes. “What?”

Bruce’s frown deepens. “What’s wrong, Dick? Are you sick?”

Dick shrugs and looks down again. “Not sick. Just nightmares, for the most part.”

“I see,” Bruce says, the guilt doubling without his permission. He probably hadn’t helped any by dragging Dick out with him these past few nights, what with it being summer now. Usually Dick had a few days to recover from weekend patrols. But they’d been patrolling nonstop for the past four nights. That couldn’t have helped any. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Dick pauses, like he’s considering Bruce’s offer. “No,” he says after a moment. “Not right now, at least. We’re gonna patrol tonight, right?”

And then it’s Bruce hesitating. This—this is the part that Bruce has the most trouble with. He’s bad at this parent thing. About being strict with Dick when Dick’s so straightforward and talkative and happy, and sometimes Bruce forgets that he’s supposed to be doing things for Dick’s good as much as he supposed to be letting Dick finding an outlet for that anger of his.

Bruce has so much trouble finding the perfect balance. With school, at least, Alfred had put his foot down for them. No patrol on school nights unless it’s a special circumstance. But now that it’s summer again, Bruce hadn’t thought about the fact that he couldn’t sit Dick out with the excuse of it being a school night. And sitting him out for any other reason would be taken as a punishment.

“I have a meeting pretty early tomorrow,” Bruce finally says, just a beat too late, because Dick’s face has fallen into something like reluctance. Like he’d known that it was going to turn out this way. “And between you and me, I think Batman and Robin could use a movie night. What do you think?”

Dick’s lips twist into a mockery of his usual grin. “I don’t know about Batman and Robin, but maybe Bruce and Dick could do with a Star Wars marathon?”

Bruce groans, but it’s completely for show. “Dick, we just watched them all six of them.”

Dick blinks up at him, a hint of that spark back in his blue eyes. “Yeah. Last week.”

“Fine,” Bruce concedes. “We’ll watch Star Wars again.”

Dick finally manages a proper grin as he shouts an excited “Yes!” that has Bruce smiling, too, and then Dick’s racing from the dining room yelling for Alfred to start setting up the theatre room.

As soon as Dick’s out of the room, though, Bruce’s smile falls. He’s bad at this. He tries, but sometimes he wonders if he isn’t the reason that Dick’s got the melancholy look on his face sometimes. Dick brightens his life, but is he brightening Dick’s? Is Bruce enough to make Dick happy?

Sometimes—a lot of times—he doesn’t think so. But it doesn’t mean that he won’t stop trying. Dick is his son, after all, and no matter what, Bruce loves him.

Jessica’s proper legend chocolate cake recipe

Buckle your seat belts kids because we’re about to go on a Willy Wonka-style chocolate adventure.

This is a basic chocolate cake recipe that I’ve used for the past couple years, paired with a recently-discovered chocolate frosting recipe that you’re basically going to want to make by itself and eat the entire thing. And I won’t judge you.

And - get this. The cake recipe uses a premade cake mix. “SACRILEGE!” I hear you cry. “THATS CHEATING.” Well if you’d kindly get down off your high horse a minute, I’m going to teach you how to turn any bog-standard cake mix into the best bloody cake you’ve ever eaten. It takes less than ten minutes.

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Character Analysis: Huey Freeman-The Boondocks Franchise

Huey Freeman-The Boondocks Franchise

Originally posted by hueyfreemanonlyspeaksthetruth

This is one of the few author surrogates that’s entertaining to me. Most surrogates just preach the writer/creator’s agenda with no consideration for the opposite side. Either that, or their so wrapped up in their messages that they become annoying. See Bryan Griffin from Family Guy. 

Huey is an activist who believes in standing up for black rights in America. The catch is, he’s 10. 

Originally posted by chunli

On one hand, this is brilliant for the show & comic’s attitude and commentaries. You have someone who’s extremely young pointing out societies’ problems with race, class, and whatever the topic of the day is. Huey has the balls to look a grown adult in the eye and say, ‘this system is broken’ or, ‘I have evidence saying that you’re wrong.’ 

He interrupts a court hearing where a grown man had sexual activities with a 14 year old but everyone is treating it like it’s no big deal because the adult is a famous R&B singer and the teen gave consent. He stands in front of everyone calling them out on their horrible double standard.

Only to be told to sit down and shut up. 

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another thing to consider: combeferre + grantaire brothers, enjolras meeting grantaire thru combeferre, expecting basically combeferre 2.0, getting......a Bit of a Shock

“He’s the smartest guy I know honestly and I’m not saying that because he’s my brother.”
“So double the Ferre, got it.”
“Uuh, yeah, sure.”

Enjolras goes up to the wrong person at first and gets super embarrassed then he turns around to see another version of Ferre looking like he hadn’t showered in days, covered in paint, hair WILD as hell, and it takes him a second to compose himself, then again when Grantaire says “They call me big R, wink wonk.”

And it didn’t get much better from there honestly Especially when Enjolras brings up his political opinions and Grantaire plays devil’s advocate just because he’s bored, at least then Enjolras realized Combeferre wasn’t kidding when he said Grantaire is smart but still can’t believe they’re related. Every interaction from there on out gets simultaneously better and worse up until Enjolras ends up becoming Combeferre’s brother in law

Self Restraint (Jay Park Smut)

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Admin: Zion

POV: First (female x male)

Genre: Smut (soft and passionate)

I stole a glance at Jay, who was diligently working. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but it was most likely the same thing he had been doing for the past few hours. Occasionally his phone rang and he would answer it and speak in a slightly frustrated voice. He didn’t like being interrupted while he was working, it slowed him down.

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He mixes his twin children up (EXO)

F/T/N: First twin’s name

S/T/N: second twin’s name

Xiumin: -your daughters got mad at him when he mixed their names up. He wouldn’t let it slip and then they wouldn’t want to play or talk to him- “daddy is very sorry don’t ignore him for being dumb”

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Suho: -he would be able to tell him apart one minute with no problem then a few moments would pass and he no longer knew who was who anymore- “could we label them? Or at least start dressing them different and getting different haircuts. My boys look too alike”

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Lay: -he always got embarrassed when he couldn’t tell them apart. It rarely happened but when he did he was red. He’d be able to tell who was who seconds before and then his mind went blank- “oh no it’s happening again”

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Baekhyun: -he would walk in the room after you tell him to bring one of them into the room but wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from behind so when he got closer he called out their name and when she turned he knew who to get- “F/T/N. You know mommy wants you”

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Chen: -he would be looking at one of them while they ate and then cutely say their name but then watch as your other son would pop his head up when he heard his name- “why can’t I get them right?”

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Chanyeol: -he could tell his children apart even though they were completely identical but he still had the habit from time to time to call the wrong twin. Having one of them in mind and saying the wrong name- “I meant to call your brother out S/T/N can you go get him please”

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D.O: -you two would argue about which twin is which often since they were still very small and still looked identical. So when you told him which was which and he still wouldn’t believe you until you yanked down a diaper and showed it was your son and not your daughter- “oh yeah that’s definitely not F/T/N”

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Kai: -he had the habit of going for a long time with calling them the wrong name because they never corrected him so often times you told him who was who- “what do you mean? I’ve been calling F/T/N, S/T/N all day and she hasn’t said a thing to me about it”

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Sehun: -you would have to do a double check when you saw your son wearing bright pink clothing for your daughter instead of the brown ones you laid out for him. He simply put the wrong pair on both of them and didn’t want to admit he did it wrong- “our boy looks good in pink. So I put him in the pink”

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Kris: -he was always mad when he mixed them up. He would pout and whine when he did about them being too alike- “why couldn’t they be fraternal? This would be easier if they were”

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Luhan: -he ended up combining their names so that when he would yell at one of the twins he wouldn’t mess up a name and you would end up lecturing him- “well I know I won’t mess up if I call them the same thing. I can tell them apart but it’s hard to remember who I’m lecturing sometimes”

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Tao: -he thought he had it down when he went to put the children in their car seats and then you told him that he switched them around again- “are you serious? I thought I put the blue cap on F/T/N, did you switch them?“

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I love your writings! Could you write something where harry comes home after a long day and he's complaining of feeling kinda sick to his stomach & his head hurts so you send him to lay down for a bit while you finish dinner cause maybe something in his stomach will make him feel better. During dinner it just makes harry worse & he gets really sick? Thanks!

Enjoy some fluffy Harry! :)


You furrowed your brows as you looked at the recipe sitting on the counter in front of you, to your phone, and back to the counter. This was proving to be more of a challenge than you’d first thought. Concentrating on cutting up the vegetables and sautéing the chicken, you were so focused that you didn’t notice Harry walk in the door or come up behind you in the kitchen.

The thud of his bag on the ground made you jump and nearly drop the knife you were holding, catching you off guard.

“Sorry, love,” he spoke slowly, “Didn’t mean to…”

He stopped talking, and when he didn’t pick back up, you turned to face him and were surprised to find him doubled over against the door frame.

“Harry?” you asked, kneeling down to his level and tried to catch his eyes, “what’s wrong?”

He clutched his stomach and took a few slow and even breaths before crouching down, “I think I’ve got a stomach bug, haven’t felt well all day.”

You lightly touched his forearm, rubbing reassuringly up and down, “Let’s get you laying down, then,” you suggested, “Won’t do you much good to be woozy standing up.”

Harry nodded weakly, standing up with your help and let you guide him down the hall to the living room where he nearly fell onto the couch. Eyes closed, he laid there with one hand over his head and continued to breath slowly. In, and out. In, and out.

“I’m going to get you some ginger ale,” you whispered and pressed a kiss to his head, “I’ll be back in a few.”

He hardly moved as you did this, focused mostly on keeping his stomach at ease and trying his best to not let the nausea get to him.

Back in the kitchen, you rushed to the stove, realizing that your dinner was quickly turning to charcoal. You swore under your breath as smoke began to billow from the pan and coat the air with a stale burnt smell.

“There goes that,” you whispered to yourself, staring at the blackened pan for a minute, and then tossing the food into the trash. Take away it is, you thought to yourself.

Grabbing a cup from the cabinet above the sink and a can of soda from the fridge, you walked back out to where Harry was laying.

Or, was laying.

Instead you hear someone groaning in the bathroom down the hall, and you cringed. Standing in the hall until you assumed it was okay to see him, you heard the toilet flush and the faucet turn on.

“Harry?” you called again, timidly approaching the door frame.

“Give me a mo’,” he sighed, and seconds later, “c’mere, please.”

He was sitting, legs sprawled out on the ground, head tipped back against the wall. His hair was pushed back by an old headband he used to have to wear to work out (it must’ve been tucked away in a drawer somewhere) and his cheeks were pale.

“M’sorry, love,” he whimpered, “Lookin’ pretty awful right now, not a great sight.”

“Why are you sorry, Harry?” you crouched down next to him, “No need to apologize.”

He chuckled and looked up to you, eyes half closed, “I know, jus’ feel bad.”

You slid down the wall and sat next to him, holding his hand in yours and let him rest against the wall again.

“Thought I was gonna be okay, really did,” Harry said after a moment, “But then yeh started cooking some rubber or something on the stove … smelled –,“ he stopped suddenly, his joke not seeming nearly as funny when he remembered the odor he was describing to you.

“How about we just take it easy, yeah?” you asked, “Jokes and all?”

He just nodded his head slowly, trying to regain his composure. You got up to leave and left the glass with ginger ale in it on the counter, “Just in case you want any of it,” and went to go clean up the kitchen.

“Thanks, love,” you heard him call from the bathroom floor.

You poked your head back into the small room and, with a smile, “Love you too,”.

So @leonawriter had this idea, and I wrote a thing

Canon-compliant kind of…. takes place before season two episode twelve.  Through a weird worm-holing accident, they end up in a part of the universe Allura and Coran have never seen before.  They’re too far for Zarkon to find them, trapped in the castle with two members of the Blade of Marmora, and they have plenty of time to get to know each other. 


Most of Keith’s discomfort with the Blade of Marmora had to be residual. Most of it.  At least 90%.  The other ten percent was because he kept catching them staring at him.  

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So I’ll expand on this in an upcoming article, but this mission was too damn real in spots. One of your group Horatio, the only other brother on the team has a legit day job where he’s also doubling up as a source of info for Deadsec. 

When they are walking in to the campus, there’s some dialogue and moment between them that a lot of us have had when working in corp life as the only, or one of few black people in our offices. Especially those of us in tech.

I am pleased to say that I was wrong about Watch Dogs 2. I went into it being bored because I didn’t get to know much about Marcus Holloway, but the way things are unraveling are giving me a reason to like WD2 and to love what Ubisoft has done with the game. Hoping this complete 180 from the trash fire and despicable protag of the first game is a sign of things to come.

This hotel room has such an awful WiFi, if you’re reading this then you’re witnessing a miracle…
Seriously now, Day 3 is 707’s day. So of course I went for digital.
So here’s White Chocolate Version.

Dark Chocolate Version.

Day 1 : Yoosung - Watercolors

Day 2 : Unknown - Charcoal

Day 3 : Seven - Digital

Please, don’t repost.
@mysticmessimagines (Thanks for reblogging ^^ I thought I used the wrong tags even tho I double checked ten times.)

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Scenario: Usually made up detective walks into their office without makeup on for the first time... and they're an absolute natural beauty. Can we hear some compliments from our favorite vamps? :)

Some compliments? Hmmm…

Guessing this the in-between crush and romance stage?

These are kinda quick, sorry. Haven’t had much time for writing or anything this week with work being so heavy! But I wanted to do something.

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The other girl

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A/N: Not really sure if i wrote what the request asked for, but i really hope so. 

You hated it. Seeing Jace kissing that girl every single day. Hearing them laughing and seeing them being so happy every day made you more and more miserable. You love him. More and more for every day there went by. “Listen to me honey, you need to get him out of your head. He is with Arden and honey I’m sorry to say but I don’t think they’ll break up soon.” You fiddled with the straw in you drink, and looked with a frown at Maia. “Are you sure? Maybe just a little doubt?”

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Don't think about Mickey still not being able to forgive himself for everything bad he's done to Oswald and Wasteland, but keeping it pent up so that no one can tell he's suffering inside with all that guilt building up more and more.

boi i could talk days about sad mickey headcanons because let me tell you

it cannot be easy living 90+ years as the mascot of a company as big as disney. there’s always the pressure of maintaining an image and pleasing everyone. to him, even the slightest, most common mistake is enough to make him go “welp time to throw myself into the void and never return” (not that he would ever say that out loud either; he’ll just bottle it up so at to not inconvenience anybody. He’s an actor, a performer; of course he’s perfected how to hide the feelings he doesn’t want to show)

and he probably can’t take criticism either. like anybody could say “look at mickey mouse who can never do any wrong he’s such a pompous douche” and even though that’s 0% true it will still probably double guess himself like “what if i’m really a jerk and i haven’t even noticed it”. During his worst days he probably can’t help but think that everybody secretly hates him, even his best friends.

and Walt, oooooh boy. being his creator and all, mickey probably placed his trust in him 100%, and was especially worried about making him proud of all people, so of course finding out about oswald like 90 years later hurts like a bitch because why didn’t walt tell me about him

and oswald…..poor oswald, who in his eyes had everything taken away from him by mickey, and whatever he managed to gain in Wasteland was taken from him by mickey again, how can he not be bitter towards him when they first meet? how can he not hate him after everything he went through thanks to him? Even before knowing that mickey caused the thinner disaster, he had more than enough bitterness towards him

and meanwhile mickey is a mess because he’s confused and upset and betrayed and guilty all at once, and the one thing he wants to do right now is fix things before he makes more of a mess. but oswald keeps tearing him down; he keeps jeering at him, blaming him for taking everything from him even though it’s not even his fault, criticizing every little move he makes out of spite.

And mickey wants to be angry because he ain’t gonna let this guy he barely knows talk to him like that, because he’s trapped in this place that has no business looking so much like his home with people that have no business looking so familiar and he’s exhausted, but a part of him blames himself not just for the thinner disaster, but for not knowing about oswald earlier, for not asking walt about it even though there was no way he could’ve known but he should’ve known because he’s not supposed to make mistakes he’s not supposed to let everyone down he’s not supposed to fail-

so yeah, even after they fix wasteland and he and oswald make up he still worries that his brother still secretly hates him and that he’s just gonna ruin things all over again without being able to fix them this time around

Hello Kitty

Wade Wilson x reader

warnings: blood and wade

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“Fuck!” You yelled when a knife grazed your arm. Your opponent was about to strike you again, but froze and tumbled to the ground before you could be injured again. Behind him you say the infamous Deadpool, petting his gun and telling it “good job.”

“I had that handled, Wade.” You told him. He put his gun back in its holster and laughed.

“I don’t think getting sliced up by the bad guys counts as ‘handled.’” You rolled your eyes and checked your wounds. When you began to walk, there was a sharp pain in your leg. Oh, and a bullet.

Wade grabbed your arm and lead you to the location a taxi would meet him. With every step, you mumbled “ow,” so Wade just picked you up. You didn’t really even fight it. You were pretty wiped out.

He brought you to Blind Al’s place and made you sit on the couch while he grabbed what he needed to fix your cuts.

“Now let’s see what we have in stock.” Wade opened his medicine cabinet. “Alcohol, tweezers, pain meds, and since you’ve been such a good kiddo,” he paused for effect and picked up a pink box. “Hello Kitty band-aids!”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Wade.” you mumbled.

“Hey these are my best band-aids! Now do you want me to fix your boo-boos or what?!” he shouted.

“As long as you wash those tweezers beforehand.” you rolled your eyes.

“Don’t count on it.” He crouched next to you and began to remove the bullet. You winced in pain.

“After this you can have a popsicle.” He set the bullet on the table and started disinfecting the cuts.

“Hello Kitty time!” He grabbed the box and dumped all of them out. He grabbed 4 and doubled them up on each wound.

“That should do it.” He got up and walked the the freezer. “Blue or red?” He asked.

“Blue!” You shouted from across the room.

“Wrong answer!” He threw the red one at you and it hit you in the arm.

“You’re so mean.” You told him.

“Yeah, yeah. Now get out of my house, freeloader.”

“Whatever.” You grabbed the door handle and stepped outside.

“And don’t go trying to kill anymore bad guys until I tell you you can!” He yelled from the door.

“‘Don’t count on it.’” You remarked.

“Damn sarcastic kids these days.” He shut his door and grabbed the blue popsicle.



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Could you do an imagine Being married to Leonard McCoy, The Original Series. Thanks :) 

Requested by Anon~

“Leonard, you already fixed my wrist…”

“There’s nothing wrong with checking.” He replied firmly. “If I somehow missed something important, it could caused significant damage. Do you want a busted up wrist for the rest of your life?”

Your rolled your eyes at his little rant. “You didn’t miss anything. You’re too good a doctor.”

Leonard glanced up, his hands still carefully cradling the wrist you had broken earlier that day. He gave a small smile and shrugged his shoulders. “I know I am, but it never hurts to double check.”