i doodled reyna

nohacksjusthomo-deactivated2017  asked:

I love your B99/PJO crossovers. So bare with me ... Reyna with some of Captain Holt's lines?

LEO: Why are you showing me this??

REYNA: Because no one will ever believe you.

A late night doodle of my MC (Me and not the default girl from the CGs) and 707/Luciel Choi! I had the urge to draw today, but I don’t know what, so I did this late night doodle XD

I swear I love this man so much, no other otome game has made me care so much for it’s characters!

Not sure if I should complete this or let it stay as a doodle forever, since I keep switching art styles XD

But I do fairly like this…