i doodle at night

vaguelygenius replied to your photo “some doodles of old ocs, Annabelle and Samantha i did last night. ”

What happened to Samantha(?)’s shoulder? :0

Originally it was a grenade meant for her father but the story is currently on the backmost of burners and would need massive rewrites to be realized again, haha. 

Samantha had to have some internal organs/her heart replaced (with STEAMPUNCK BULLSHIT TECH) and ended up with some extreme scarring. Unfortunately the science is a little TOO shaky to be believed which is why theres no concrete “What happened” at the moment or if the injuries will be significantly altered.  I wrote this concept YEARS ago so as a result as ive gotten older Ive realized a lot of things just dont make sense or require WAY too much of a suspension of disbelief to work XD