i dony deserve to be helped


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Anxiety: logan fck i rcewed up its alle my fauly

mr serious: Anxiety? Are you alright?

Anxiety: i dint fuxkinf know crap logic prinde hayes me i sctewed up

mr serious: Where are you? It’s five in morning, you’re obviously not okay. I’m coming to get you, and then you can explain.

Anxiety: ni just let mf fucking rot here okat i dony deserve yoi

mr serious: You’re worrying me. Tell me where you are or I’ll get the others to help me look.

Anxiety: im fune altight?? perfwctky fien. i jusy need you to use your dimb logic or whatevet to talk me out ot this dumh attack

mr serious: You’re having an attack?! If you don’t want to tell me where you are, can you call me?

Anxiety: ni too harf to breathe lrt alone tslk

mr serious: Alright. Then tell me how this happened. I think you mentioned Prince? Did Roman say something?

Anxiety: princet didnt ssy anything. i messed uo and didnt help him hwen he needed me and i dont even deserve your help right now

mr serious: What do you mean?

Anxiety: i got upsetbbevause he didnt want me as a friend and thsys stupud i know but then i was already freaking out and then he tells me hes been having nightmared and nust wanted to talk to me and logann i messed up

mr serious: Would it help you if I checked up on Roman, since you won’t tell me where you are? Also, I know I’m not the best with understanding and interpreting emotions but it’s easy to tell that Roman is fond of you.

Anxiety: yes please and why would he like me

Anxiety: i mesn im literally the worst person alive so like ??

mr serious: We talked about this, Anxiety. You need to learn that your negative thoughts aren’t based on fact.

Anxiety: im sorry.

mr serious: If it would make you feel better and ease your mind, we can check on him together?

Anxiety: what if he doesnt want to see me

mr serious: Then we’ll find out together.


logan!!: Anxiety and most likely Roman are in distress. I know it’s early but when you wake up, can you please make them breakfast? There are things they need to sort out.

Pat: of course!! I’ll get on it right away. what’s up with them?

logan!!: Anx texted me earlier saying that he screwed up, and I finally managed to get a little bit of the story out of him. He’s a bit incomprehensible right now. I’ll keep you updated.

Pat: thank you!!


Tie Guy: Anxiety and I are outside your door. I know I’m probably not the one you’d want knowing about your nightmares but Anxiety’s a mess. He needs you, Roman.