i dont....i dont even

other things that need to stop in the ST fandom in 2017

  • people asking charlie and natalia if theyre dating
  • people asking charlie and joe if theyre gay
  • people asking charlie natalia and joe any questions pertaining to their sex lives whatsoever
  • people calling david harbour daddy on instagram

“And don’t attempt to break me out.”

earlsleg  asked:

“I may have accidentally said something and now my whole family kind of thinks we’re dating. Oops.” Jimon pls

“Simon,” Jace says, appearing in Simon’s window sill. It has happened enough times now that Simon can suppress his scream of terror.

He clutches at his chest regardless, “A door, Jace. This house has a door. You might want to use it sometime.”

“You have vampire hearing,” Jace counters, frowning, “Shouldn’t you hear me coming?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Simon says, waving his hand around dismissively. “You’ve been invited to dinner tomorrow night, by the way.” He continues, swiftly changing the topic.

Jace’s frown deepens. “Dinner? Where? With who?”

“With my mother and sister,” Simon says, “Turns out you’re not as sneaky as you think you are. I may have panicked, and now my whole family thinks we’re dating.” Jace’s face goes through a series of emotions. “Whoops?” Simon adds, belatedly.

“You told my family we’re dating?” Jace says. His expression has landed on something quite unreadable.

Simon shrugs. “What else was I supposed to tell them? You sneak in through my window. Oh, no, that’s just Jace. He’s a Shadowhunter, and sometimes he likes to come to me for help. Also, I’m a vampire. Surprise!”

“Good point,” Jace says. “Am I going to have to kiss you?”

“What?” Simon asks, floundering. “No, I, what? Are you seriously considering going?”

Jace shrugs. “I have been invited, haven’t I?”

“I guess?” Simon squeaks. He wasn’t expecting Jace to actually take the invitation.

“Cool,” Jace says, “See you tomorrow.” He hesitates for a second, then jerkily moves forward to press a kiss on Simon’s forehead, and disappears out the window.

Simon watches him leave, utterly confused and slightly sexually frustrated. Sometimes, he really, really hates his life.

I had a chance to use my chosen name today (someone called my number by mistake) But I didnt. I just gave the lady my ‘legal’ name and right after the call I instantly regretted it and now im just mad at myself. >:(


  • [ listen on spotify
  • starts out kinda emo then ends up kinda happy. that’s it. that’s the entire description.


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I love that?? I guess I’ve just gotten to that point where people are constantly initiating conversation with me & I can’t tell if it’s a mutual or complete stranger anymore?

 Because literally anyone could be like ‘hey bby” and i’m just like “oh hey babe”

MADTOWN_GNI Twitter update:

[#이건] 5번째 릴레이채팅은 저 이건입니다! 많이 기다리셨죠? 빨리 들어와요💕#매드타운 #MADTOWN

Trans: [#LeeGeon] The 5th relay chatting is myself, Lee Geon! You’ve been waiting for a while right? Come in quickly💕 #MADTOWN

as a trans person i’ve never been comfortable using the bathroom that aligns with my gender identity, even though at this point i’m mostly considered to be ‘passing’ but now im terrified that i will in fact never be comfortable enough or feel safe enough to do so.